What is Mbps? | How Many Mega Bits per Second Is Enough for Fast Surfing and Downloading?

internet speed in mbps

What is Mbps? Many have seen this abbreviation when selecting internet plans or comparing speeds, but I’m sure many are curious to know what it actually means. How are you supposed to figure out which internet plan is best for you if speeds are listed in a measurement you don’t understand? More is better, yes, …

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How to Check Internet Speed | For Quality Performance of Your Connection

a person working on laptop

Internet speeds tend to be a controversial subject. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like to advertise speeds that they can get in a narrow area under specific circumstances and then guarantee that they can deliver that speed anywhere without actually being capable of backing that up. Providers are known to deliberately slowing your speed down, as …

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How to Reduce Latency on Satellite Internet | Actionable Tips to Speed Up Your Connection

what does slow down satellite internet

Gamer’s on PC and consoles to a lesser extent, will be very familiar with computer latency. Below I’ll explain satellite internet and how to reduce latency on satellite internet in detail. One of the best ways to reduce latency is to ensure you are using the most reliable internet providers.How to Reduce Latency on Satellite …

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Spectrum vs ATT | Internet, TV, Mobile, You Name It, We Reviewed It!

Spectrum and ATT logos

If you live in certain parts of Florida, Texas, or California then it is possible the only two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are available to you are Charter Spectrum and AT&T. That being the case, you probably want to know which of the two internet providers is the better deal and has the faster …

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Wireless Network Security | How To Secure Your WiFi

wireless network security

Practicing safe home wireless network security is important for protecting you and your information as well as your wireless access point from those who would take advantage of it. Your most basic home wireless network involves an internet access point, probably some kind of cable, provided by your Internet Service Provider that is then connected …

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18 Tips to Make Your Internet Faster | Increase Network Speed ASAP

make your internet faster now

One of the biggest questions that tech-savvy people get asked all the time is, “Do you know how to make my internet faster?” The question is tricky because there are a lot of possible reasons your internet may be performing slower than your expectations. If you’ve already tried the best network monitoring tools and software, …

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