Windows Defender Vs Avast: Who Wins and Why?

who will win

The world is crowded with loads of Antivirus software and therefore, it can be a lot of work to make an informed decision for the best-fit antivirus for the data protection of their highly valuable (or sensitive) information residing on their system (devices). After all, there are dozens of choices – fortunately for you we’re …

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Norton VPN Reviews | All-in-One Identity Protection While Browsing

check out norton vpn

It is never too late to be reading up on Norton Secure reviews. If you’re just deciding now that you need additional security for transacting and surfing on the web, you’ve come to the right place. With my search to maintain the most secure and encrypted connections for work or home, I have tried tested …

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How to Monitor Router Traffic | Analyze Your Network With These Tools & Tips

monitoring router traffic

One of the first things a system or network administrator needs to learn is how to monitor router traffic – whether you just want to better understand the traffic or increase the network speed. This task is relatively easy these days thanks to the preponderance of available tools and network monitoring software, but you still …

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BitDefender Vs Trend Micro – Antivirus Reviews and Comparison

Bitdefender vs Trend Micro

Is BitDefender better than Trend Micro? Or is it the other way around? Have you considered the ins and outs of both of antivirus software before you make your final purchase? Here’s an article where we reviewed Trend Micro Maximum Security on its own. It can be difficult to choose between these two antivirus programs, but reading …

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Spectrum Internet Review | Get To Know Their Packages, Deals and Fees

Spectrum internet review

If you have ever wondered where Time Warner Cable went then look no further. Spectrum is the combination of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks combined under Charter Communications and is now called Spectrum. It is currently the United States’ second-largest Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you are looking for internet services and you aren’t …

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Is Avast Antivirus Safe? | Can You Rely On It For Total Protection From PC Viruses?

avast review

Our recommendation: McAfeeBefore we talk about the following product, there is an antivirus that continues to skillfully take care of new threats everyday! That antivirus program is McAfee! McAfee is an extensive antivirus program that has a dedicated database of over 49 billion threat queries, making this well-versed in dealing with all sorts of threats! …

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BitDefender vs Webroot – Which Antivirus Software is Better?

bitdefender vs webroot

BitDefender or Webroot. Which antivirus is the ultimate choice for you? We created this ultimate guide on Bitdefender vs Webroot to help you make an informed decision on which is a better fit for your personal security and data protection.Malware Attack TrendsAccording to this report, malware attacks spiked by 34 percent to 10.5 billion which …

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Webroot Antivirus Review | What Level Of Protection Can You Expect?

woman with mobile phone and laptop

Webroot holds a unique position in the consumer antivirus market. It comes with a decent antivirus set of features at a competitive price that undercuts all the big names in the antivirus space. However, for everything good Webroot delivers, there is some roughness around the edges, which caused it to not make our list of …

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AVG Secure VPN Review | What Level of Anonymity and Safety When Browsing Can You Expect?

check out our review about avg vpn

This AVG Secure VPN review discusses everything you need to know about the VPN plans offered by AVG Technologies, another renowned name in antivirus and cyber security technologies. This is the same Avast subsidiary that has been providing premium antivirus software for Windows operating system, macOS and Android since the late 90s. If you’re trying to …

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DSL vs Cable Internet | Most Popular Internet Options Compared in Detail


One of the most common dilemmas people have is choosing DSL vs cable internet. They’re two of the widely available broadband internet types with budget-friendly pricing, flexible plans, and there’s a good chance they’re available in your area.If you want high-speed internet and you’re down to comparing between cable vs DSL, this post should help …

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