How to Improve Gaming Performance on Laptop? | Make It Run Faster With Our Tips!

woman in the dark with her laptop

Desktop PCs are great for gaming. But let’s face it, many of us prefer the cool, compact portability of laptops. If you use the latter to play games, you’ve likely pondered how to improve gaming performance on your laptop.Well, ponder no more. There are actually several quick and effortless ways in which you can see …

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What Kind of Laptop Do I Have? | Learn How to Find Your Brand, Model and Number

laptop with a bridge as a wallpaper

If you’ve ever needed to download or install a new program or game, you’ve likely asked the question, “What kind of laptop do I have?” It’s necessary information if you want to make sure that something is going to run properly on your system, and we’re about to make your life a whole lot easier.We’ve …

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How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last? | Tips to Enhance Their Lifespan 

laptop for gaming

If you have purchased a new gaming laptop recently, you may be wondering how long the gaming laptop will last.Gaming laptops are an expensive investment. The high price of gaming laptops is due to the enhanced cooling system and powerful components.The assumption is that the higher the price tag, the better the gaming laptop. But …

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How to Invert Colors on Chromebook | Application of High Contrast Mode

a person typing on laptop

The Chrome OS on your Chromebook is armed with a reliable quantity of accessibility features designed to simplify screen activity for the visually impaired. One of these popular traits is the “High Contrast Mode” created to invert your screen colors to a more suitable setting.However, only a handful of users are aware of these Chrome …

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How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use? | How Does the Wattage Vary Depending on the Purpose?

laptops on the desk

In an age where you can’t seem to avoid technology, many people have found themselves asking this question. These days it seems as though everyone is hooked on their laptops. Whether a person uses a laptop for business or fun, they always ask the same question: “How many watts does a laptop use?” Many people …

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How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor | Our Full Guide In Simple Steps

monitor and laptop on the desk

Laptops are impressive, with slim and weightless designs for portability. However, the laptop alone cannot be ideal when multitasking or other production assignments. Having said so, you’ll need to connect your laptop, in our case, a Dell laptop, to an external monitor.Dell laptops allow you to connect it with other monitors. You can use several …

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How to Measure Laptop Size | Why Is it Important Before Purchase?

a laptop, a cup, mobile phone and a plant on the table

Laptop size is the next important feature after model and make when buying a new laptop. It is also essential when purchasing a bag for your laptop. The nature of your needs may dictate what size your laptop should be. For instance, art students, freelance writers, and professional persons prefer thin and small-sized laptops that usually …

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Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? | Pros and Cons of Buying One

Closeup of gaming headphones over the laptop keyboard

Although a gaming PC is the most viable option, gaming laptops come with some benefits, with the major one being portability. Its ability to withstand heat and deliver a similar gaming experience to consoles and desktop gaming PCs makes it outstanding. But is a gaming laptop worth it? Key TakeawaysA gaming laptop is the only, …

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