What Monitor Do I Have? | How to Tell the Brand, Model and Specs

a monitor detail

Most tech manufacturers use model numbers for different tech devices with various specs. For instance, phone manufacturers have a name for a line of phones and then a model number for different phones with various specifications within the line.When you purchase a monitor, you might want to know various monitor specifications, including the monitor model …

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How to Use an iPad as a Second Monitor | For Windows and Incompatible Macs

Ipad on the Macbook keyboard

Two monitors are much better than one primary monitor. This connection will only happen if you have a second monitor, but you can use your iPad as a second monitor if you don’t have one.   Key TakeawaysBefore doing anything, ensure your iPad and Mac PC are compatible with the Sidecar system requirements. Sign in to …

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Windows 10 Dual Monitor | Easy Steps to Configure This Setup

two monitors on the working desk

The dual monitor setup is excellent; there is no doubt about this fact. This setup gives you the expansive real estate you need for multitasking, which immensely boosts your productivity. Windows 10 allows you to connect your PC to two or more monitors.Despite Windows 10 supporting a dual monitor setup, you need to configure it …

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How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor | Our Full Guide In Simple Steps

monitor and laptop on the desk

Laptops are impressive, with slim and weightless designs for portability. However, the laptop alone cannot be ideal when multitasking or other production assignments. Having said so, you’ll need to connect your laptop, in our case, a Dell laptop, to an external monitor.Dell laptops allow you to connect it with other monitors. You can use several …

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How Often Should You Replace Your Computer Monitor? | Signs That It’s Time for an Upgrade

monitor and keyboard on the desk

Computer monitor replacement should be more of a necessity than a desire. Although we can’t rule out that some computer monitor users get carried away by the new exciting features that come with new technology monitors. But how often should you replace your computer monitor? Key TakeawaysComputer monitors need replacement after an average of four …

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