Spybot Review | An Antivirus That Offers Robust Protection

a person working on laptop

If you are looking for a dedicated antivirus solution, choose Spybot.Through my research, Spybot has been recommended many times in many forums as an anti malware that offers robust real time antivirus protection, and it is on par with other top antiviruses we reviewed here.I also tested it and saw that it uses a unique …

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BitDefender Vs Windows Defender: Which software & security suite is better?

bitdefender vs windows defender

Which antivirus protection do you think deserves to live on your Personal Computer (PC)? Does it have to be BitDefender or you think that should be Windows Defender? If you’re not sure, you aren’t the only person on earth who is going through this situation. Fortunately, we created this head-to-head comparison between “BitDefender Vs Windows …

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BitDefender Vs Comodo: Which Provides Better Internet Security & Antivirus?

BitDefender Vs Comodo

Today’s battle is about “BitDefender vs Comodo” – two antivirus software that are well-known in the technology market. We’ll need to look at all aspects that are a part of each software ranging from features, performance, user-interface, and pricing point. It’s recommended that you buy a paid version of antivirus software as free antivirus programs …

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How To Set Up A Proxy Server | Learn to Hide IP Address and Browse Anonymously and Safely!

best proxy provider

How secure are you as you surf the internet? The internet is full of hackers and other cybercriminals who target your data and online activities. These cybercriminals proceed to use the information they steal from you to commit cybercrime. They can also steal your files, hold them and ask for a ransom to release the …

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McAfee Vs Trend Micro: Who wins this All-inclusive Antivirus Battle?

mcafee vs trend micro

Do you crave for the out-of-this-world features and quality protection in an antivirus software? Should your ultimate choice be McAfee or Trend Micro based on the features and the ability to carry into action? Check out our Trend Micro Maximum Security review, to boot. Get The Winner, McAfee Well, that’s what this editorial is all about …

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Windows Defender Review | Is It Enough Or Do You Need More Antivirus and Malware Protection?

windows defender logo

People usually install an Antivirus on their operating systems, and they always look for the best one out there. But they typically ignore the fact that Windows does have a built-in virus threat protection already: the Windows Defender. Key TakeawaysWindows Defender is a good, basic antivirus, but it’s not as comprehensive as some of the …

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McAfee Vs ESET: A Comprehensive Antivirus Comparison for 2020

Mcafee vs Eset

In this head-to-head comparison on “McAfee Vs ESET”, which antivirus is going to be declared as the “Front-runner”? It could be a hard-to-do task for you to get your head around the ins and outs of both McAfee and ESET in an attempt to make a well-informed decision. The judgment can only take place if you’re …

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Do I Need Antivirus for Mac? | Up to Date Apple Protection Tips

check put best monitor for mac mini

    Ask 100 people whether Macs need antivirus and you’ll be looking at close to 100 different answers.  The subject of third party antivirus software and Mac security is one of heavy debate. Millions are totally convinced that the standalone Mac antivirus embedded in the operating system itself is more than enough (see this article dedicated …

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Webroot Antivirus Review | What Level Of Protection Can You Expect?

woman with mobile phone and laptop

Webroot holds a unique position in the consumer antivirus market. It comes with a decent antivirus set of features at a competitive price that undercuts all the big names in the antivirus space. However, for everything good Webroot delivers, there is some roughness around the edges, which caused it to not make our list of …

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What Antivirus Do I Have? | Identifying, Testing and Setting it for Optimal PC Protection

protect your computer

Make no mistake about it – you need an antivirus to protect your system from a world of threats. These days, simply running an app, installing software, or even connecting to the internet can put your computer operating system in harm’s way. Viruses and malware are becoming more sophisticated all the time, making them more …

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