Windows Defender Vs AVG: Which Anti-Virus Software is Better?

windows defender vs avg

Who do you think is going to be the front-runner in this highly comprehensive battle? Is it Windows Defender or AVG for this year? Key TakeawaysIf you’re using the internet for anything more than the occasional Google search, you’ll want stronger protection than Windows Defender.AVG AntiVirus FREE outfits your computer with comprehensive anti-malware protection that …

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Avira vs Avast Antivirus – Free & Premium: Which is better in 2021?

avira vs avast

Between Avira or Avast which software should you purchase for the best antivirus software protection of your device? We know it is hard to choose between two antivirus software when they both deliver good features like real-time protection and support. That’s why we developed all-inclusive article that details the difference of each software and we …

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McAfee LiveSafe vs Total Protection | Antivirus Features Compared In Detail

desktop setup

McAfee antivirus is one of the renowned names in the market of computer security. The Company provides amazing digital space security tailored to your needs.McAfee Livesafe and Total Protection; there is little noticeable difference between these 2 products, which I will discuss in this article. ‘ Price DifferenceMcAfee Total Protection is cheaper when compared to …

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PC Matic Reviews | Reliable and Cost-Effective Antivirus US Service

check put our review about pc matic

I am really excited to review PC Matic. PC Matic is one of the few American made antiviruses. It is reliable defense and cost-effective. PC Matic delivers proactive cyber security and keeps thousands of homes and businesses safe. PC Matic has received many awards for providing leading security solutions. The awards include Cyber Security Excellence …

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How to Fix Unable to Connect to the Proxy Server | Our Super-Easy Troubleshooting Guide

Two persons in front of the laptop

It is very distressing to get an error proxy server message like this when you’re trying to access the internet. If your web browsers will display “unable to connect to the proxy server”, any website that you will try to access will also bring the same error proxy server message.   Key Takeaways Reasons that …

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Storm Proxies Review | Are Their Residential, Reverse Rotating, and Datacenter Proxies Really the Best?

storm proxy on the screen

Storm Proxies have only been around since 2016, but there has been a buzz in the SEO world about its residential proxies, reverse rotating proxies, and datacenter proxies for a while now. Is there any truth to the word-of-mouth that Storm Proxies are the best? This Storm review should clear this up for you. Read …

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BitDefender vs ESET – Who’s the Front Runner in 2023?

bitdefender vs eset

Does BitDefender beat ESET? Or is it the other way around? In this detailed article, we’ll go over the “BitDefender vs. ESET battle and lay the ins and outs of both Eset and Bitdefender.   Having unique software programs can be difficult to maintain as competition in the antivirus market is extreme. Therefore choosing a …

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Spybot Review | An Antivirus That Offers Robust Protection

a person working on laptop

If you are looking for a dedicated antivirus solution, choose Spybot. Through my research, Spybot has been recommended many times in many forums as an anti malware that offers robust real time antivirus protection, and it is on par with other top antiviruses we reviewed here. I also tested it and saw that it uses …

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Cylance Review | What To Expect In Terms of Antivirus and Antimalware Protection?

check out our cylance review

The need for cybersecurity is becoming a necessity even for a casual online surfer. Cybercriminals are employing sophisticated methods to circumvent traditional security tools. This is why an antivirus for business purposes, antivirus which includes VPN or a specialized antivirus for Mac users or a Windows 10 antivirus is a must. Therefore, having reliable antivirus protection …

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