The Most Secure Browsers of 2021 | Is your Information Safe & Private?

9 web browsers old and new

With cybersecurity and threats an evergrowing concern, it’s important to know if you’re being as secure as possible. Understanding which browsers are the most secure is important so that you can consider using the best and safest and can even impact internet speed. Although there are some awesome browsers, you’ll want to make sure you …

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BitDefender vs McAfee – Which Anti-Virus Software is Better for Security?

bitdefender vs mcafee

In our previous articles, we’ve compared a number of antivirus security products head on. In this article, we’ll be reviewing Mcafee vs BitDefender. Like our previous article, this head-to-head comparison was created so that you can easily make up your mind. It’s very important for you to choose the right one for the ultimate safety of your …

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Cell Phone Privacy Issues – Why It’s Impossible to Be Anonymous and Private on Cellular Networks

business man holding cell phone

This post will talk about using mobile cell phones and cellular networks for security, privacy & anonymity and why that can’t really happen. It is unfortunate that serious privacy and anonymity with modern smartphones using one of the popular operating systems on a mobile network is pretty much unattainable. The problem is everyone wants to …

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How To Remove Adware | Our Guide to Getting Rid of Ads In Simple Steps

learn more about adware

Have you ever had a frustrating ordeal with adware on your computer or mobile device? This is how it usually happens. You start to browse the internet to look for information, shop online, conduct a meeting, or for any other purpose using your trusted web browser. Then, out of nowhere and frustrating so, ads start …

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Is McAfee Safe? | Can You Trust This Antivirus Protection Efficiency?

desktop setup

McAfee has lent its name to some of the most popular computer security software suites over the years.  Combining all the usual ransomware protection essentials with outstanding McAfee support team and a competitive subscription price, McAfee is the virus protection package of choice for millions. But to what extent does McAfee’s Total Protection genuinely provide …

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Chrome Proxy Settings | Extra Privacy and Security While Browsing Online


If you are reading this, probably you are looking for the extra privacy and security needed while browsing online. Chrome proxy settings will make your browsing a lot more secure and private. Key Takeaways Google Chrome proxy server is a network tool that allows you to access websites that are geo-restricted Use a proxy server …

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Chromebook Security | How Do You Make Sure That Your Chrome OS Is Secure?

acer chromebook

Are the updates from your current operating system annoying and disruptive? Can you breathe easy while using your current OS, knowing that your personal information and online activities are safe? Every time you browse the internet, there are tons of hungry hackers, spyware, and other types of virus seeking to steal your personal identity, passwords, …

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What Does a Firewall Do? | Learn How to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Network or Individual Devices

use of the firewall

You have come to the right place if you were asking yourself this question, “what does a Firewall do?”.  Simply put, it provides security against malicious people or traffic from attacking your network or stealing company information. For more understanding of the main functions of a firewall, read the entire guide. I will discuss why …

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