How to Access My Router? | Don’t Fret: We Have an Easy to Follow Guide

access to my router

Your wireless internet router stores the settings for your home or office Wi-Fi network. In order to change something on your Wi-Fi network, you must access the router by logging into your router’s software, also called router’s firmware.Once you are logged in, you can then customize and change settings to your wireless network account. You …

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Desktop Window Manager High CPU | Troubleshooting Guide To Solving Problems With Your System Configuration or Hardware

the graphics card

What is Dwm.exe, why does it cause high CPU usage, and how can you fix it?System processes are an integral part of the operating system, and they have various responsibilities. The system processes control everything whether you use Linux, Mac, or a Windows device. They control the device processes, including coming up with a user …

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Your Computer Is Low On Memory | Our Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve This Issue

Microsoft Windows notice on the screen

Have you ever received a low memory message on your computer?Computers make our day-to-day life effortless and straightforward. However, they sometimes have issues that can be frustrating for the user, including the inability to connect to the internet.Besides the inability to connect to the internet, another common issue you can encounter with computers is low …

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Headphones Not Working Windows 10 | No Sound Troubleshooting Guide In Simple Steps

black headphones

Headphones not working is a common issue encountered by Windows 10 users, which often occurs completely out of the blue. All of a sudden, your headphones simply stop working, sound video and game audio quit completely and there’s output but stone-cold silence. You give your headphone jack the usual waggle (a good way of breaking your …

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Audio Services Not Responding | Sound Troubleshooting for You Laptop or Desktop Computer

big black speaker

Audio services not responding is a surprisingly common audio-related issue with Windows 10, which can also be incredibly infuriating. It can also be somewhat tricky to detect and address, as you do not get any immediate error message to communicate that the service is not running, or that there is anything wrong with your sound …

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Internet Drops Every Hour | What Causes This Issue & How to Fix It?

Photo of Modem Router Combo

Does the Internet drop every hour? This is a pretty sad and annoying thing that can happen to you.With the common internet drop, you risk losing progress and data which can be very unfortunate for most computer users. Also, when this happens, you wouldn’t be able to pull up your emails, access many websites, or …

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Backlight Bleed Test | How to Fix Light Leaks Around the Edges of the Display Frame

read our post and find out what is flashlightning

The last thing you want on your monitor is light leaking around its edges. This is referred to as backlight bleeding.  The backlight bleed test will help you determine if your monitor has this defect or no.  Key TakeawaysBacklight bleeding affects image and video clarity and can spoil your computing experienceBacklight bleeding manifests as flash …

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What Is Anti-aliasing? | Guide to Fixing Jaggies on Your Favorite PC Game

two men with headphones

If you are a gamer, perhaps you are familiar with PC gaming and all the options menu graphics. If that is the case, then you must have heard of anti-aliasing. At some point, you might have come across a graphics card that doesn’t have enough GPU processing power and doesn’t match your favorite games during …

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