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Dell SE2417HGR Review | Quality and Affordable Full HD Gaming Monitor

Delivering the ultimate in “swift & seamless performance” - or so writes its manufacturer - the Dell SE2417HG monitor brings quality full HD gaming down to a rock-bottom price. Rated as the best buy among critics and a genuine customer favorite, this quality monitor has been designed to please pretty much everyone.

Thanks to its low price (see the more expensive Dell Ultrasharp 24.0), outstanding performance, and impeccable picture quality, it has earned wall-to-wall positive reviews since its launch last year. Gamers, in particular, recommend it as a better choice than many comparable panels and even one or two more expensive options.

At the risk of jumping to the conclusion, the answer is basically yes - the Dell SE2417HG monitor comes with more than enough points of appeal for you to go out and buy it without a second thought. Get one at its current price and it is highly unlikely you will be anything but delighted. In addition, check out other top picks from Dell.

Dell SE2417HGR: Key Facts at a Glance

A brief overview of some of the primary performance specifications and features of the Dell SE2417HGR monitor (see also other quality 24 inch monitor reviews), before we get started:

Dell SE2417HGR FULL HD Specifications

Screen Size

23.6 (24 1080p)


1920×1080 (Full HD)

Panel Type


Aspect Ratio

16:9 (Widescreen)

Refresh Rate


Response Time

2ms (GtG)


2x HDMI 1.4, VGA

Other Ports

Audio Line-Out


300 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio

1000:1 (static)


16.7 million (true 8-bit)

Power Consumption

 25 watts

dell monitor

As usual, we’ll first be taking a quick look at what Dell itself has to say about the Dell SE2417HG FULL HD monitor, prior to getting into the more detailed information in our review. Dell rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to high-quality screens for gaming (we reviewed best gaming monitors here), but can they really deliver the goods with a true 1080p display of such quality at this kind of price?

Let’s find out….

Dell SE2417HGR Review

Smooth and Lively Visuals

Under this header, Dell outlines three primary claims to fame for its SE2417HG monitor- quality visuals, smooth gameplay, and redefining fast performance. The Dell SE2417HG monitor is an AMD Radeon FreeSync compatible monitor that features a 60Hz refresh rate, which should translate to consistently smooth performance and tear-free visuals.

For added convenience, they also talk up the useful dual HDMI connectors, making it quick and easy to switch back to business when you’re trying to pretend you’re working. You’re switched from pleasure to pain at the touch of a button, rather than having to keep swapping cables around.

In both instances, the stunning 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution makes the panel an absolute joy to spend time with.

Timeless Gaming Monitor Design

A somewhat ambiguous claim, but one that more or less makes sense when you think about it. Dell hasn’t attempted to reinvent the wheel with this gorgeous gaming monitor, which has all the same visual appeal you’d expect from any other great monitor.

The exterior design of the Dell SE2417HG is elegant and understated front and back, in order to ensure this product looks the part in any home office or anywhere else. They also claim it’s easy to adjust, has been designed to reduce eye fatigue, and is durable enough to go the distance.

A Brand You Can Rely On - Probably Dell’s most important claim to fame, which if nothing else is enshrined in the warranty that accompanies the display. Helpful information is always available on the Dell website, from the good positive reviews from the users who bought this monitor, or from the firm’s customer support team can be contacted more or less 24/7 from most regions worldwide.

Our Independent Dell SE2417HG Review

All of the above sounds promising, but how does the Dell SE2417HG perform when put to the test? Does it really have what it takes to satisfy the demands of gamers, or is it all too much to ask for this kind of price?

Dell SE2417HG: Image Quality

There’s much about the Dell SE2417HG that makes it closely comparable to a wide variety of other standard TN panels. 300-nit peak brightness, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 8-bit color depth, and so on, along with viewing angles of 160° vertically and 170° horizontally - all relatively standard.

The screen itself is 23.6 inches in diameter, which with its 1080p HD resolution adds up to a pixel density of 93.34 PPI. 
This means excellent picture quality just about perfect for this screen size, making for crisp visuals and extremely vivid color reproduction.

At a glance, the SE2417HG doesn’t immediately come across as a low-cost monitor - image quality gives the impression of something much more premium in nature.

Dell SE2417HG: Performance

The Dell SE2417HG has a response time speed of 2ms (GtG).  While this has been brought down to an average of around 1ms with most purpose-built gaming monitors around today, it’s not really enough to make much of a noticeable difference.

Roughly translated, fast-moving objects are not affected by motion blur and there’s no discernible trailing, ghosting, or other similar issues. Even when things get pretty fast-paced, it does the business keeping up just fine.

Of course, many gamers would not get their hopes up over a budget monitor with a 60 Hz refresh rate.  This might not be enough to satisfy the more demanding customer, but a budget screen is all you can realistically expect.

And in any case, it still performs pretty great when put to the test.

Dell SE2417HG: Features

Altering the settings of the Dell SE2417HG is as quick and easy as you would expect with any other Dell monitor. There are five keys on the monitor which provide access to the On-Screen Display, which allows you to adjust things like hue, saturation, color format (RGB and YPbPr), aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, and 5:4), sharpness, and response time.

Though playing around a tremendous deal isn’t normally necessary, as the preset settings are good enough for most purposes. Either way, it is simple to take control of these and other settings, even if you don’t really know your way around a gaming monitor.

Dell SE2417HG: Design & Connectivity

As promised by Dell, it is a sleek, elegant and timeless tale where the panel’s exterior design is concerned. There is that dual HDMI port which is great for convenient switching, along with a VGA port, and an audio line-out.

The monitor is lightweight in its design and this product has fairly thin bezels, and looks way more expensive than it actually is. This is always a bonus - especially when spending such a tiny amount of money on a gaming monitor.

war games

In Summary…

Truth is, the Dell SE2417HG is a display that needs to be considered on the basis of value for money.  Are there better budget options currently available for high-performance gaming? Yes. But do any of these budget options deliver the same kind of performance as the Dell SE2417HG for this kind of money? Not many.

The performance to price ratio with the Dell SE2417HG comes as nothing but a pleasant surprise.  In terms of sharpness, pixel density, overall design, size, resolution, and all-around picture quality, it is spot on. Just the thing for console gaming and home office use alike, with the added benefits of low power consumption and an elegant design.

Of course, if you simply cannot bear the idea of living with a 60Hz display, you will need to set your sights on something else. But if you’d simply like a good deal on a workhorse gaming monitor you can count on to get the job done right, it is impossible not to recommend this thing.

Specifications from Dell:

Diagonal Viewing Size

59.9 cm

23.6 inches

Panel Type



300 cd/m² (typ)

Contrast Ratio

1,000:1 (typical)

Aspect Ratio


Maximum Preset  Resolution

1920x1080, at 60 Hz (VGA) and up to 75 Hz (HDMI)

Color Gamut

84% NTSC (CIE1976), 72% NTSC (CIE1931)

Color Depth

16.7 million

Response Time

1ms gray to gray (extreme)

2ms gray to gray (fast)

5ms gray to gray (normal)

Adaptive sync technology

AMD Radeon FreeSync™ technology


Arsenic-free glass and mercury-free panel

Display Screen Coating

Anti-glare with 3H hardness

Backlight Technology

LED light bar system

Viewing Angles

160° vertical / 170° horizontal

Active Viewing Area (HxV)

521.28 mm x  293.22 mm

20.52" x 11.54"

Viewable screen area (HxV)

152,850 mm2

236.80 inches2

Pixel Pitch

0.2715 mm x 0.2715 mm

Dell Display Manager Compatibility

Yes, and with Dell Easy Arrange

Tilt Angles

-5° to 21°


Yes, Dell ComfortView and Flicker-free


2x HDMI 1.4

1x VGA

1x Audio line-out (headphone not supported)

HDCP support

Yes, HDCP 1.4 (HDMI)

Security lock slot


monitor review


  • Surprisingly great overall picture quality
  • Vibrant colors and solid overall performance
  • Twin HDMI ports for added convenience
  • Handles high-performance games very well


  • 60Hz will put off the more demanding gamer
  • Tilt-only design


1. Is Dell SE2417HGX good for gaming?

Dell's SE2417HGX 23.6" 16:9 FreeSync TN Monitor offers a top-notch, quick gaming experience. It has a 1920 x 1080 native resolution and covers 84% of the CIE 1976 and 72% of the CIE 1931 color gamuts.

2. Why is my Dell monitor not detecting HDMI?

Examine the attached VGA or HDMI cable for damage. If a known-good VGA or HMDI cable is available, replace it. Try reconnecting the PC and monitor's VGA or HDMI cables. Switch the VGA or HDMI cable's ends on the computer and monitor.

3. Does SE2417HGR have speakers?

Unfortunately, for music enjoyment, there are no built-in speakers, but there is a 3.5mm pass-through port for speakers or headphones.

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