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Dell u3818dw Review | A Great Curved Monitor With Speakers

Dell has always been known for its quality hardware, and Dell u3818dw curved monitor is no exception.

This is a large monitor designed for photo editors, graphic designers, professional photographers, entertainment enthusiasts, or anyone else who works with high-quality images on a regular basis. 

Read this Dell u3818w review to determine if this monitor is the right choice for you (also make sure to check out other similar picks).  Then, I will be testing it, and the areas that I will be focusing on are its resolution, color accuracy, viewing angles, refresh rate, color gamut, contrast ratio, response time, etc.

Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor (U3818DW), Black

Dell's latest monitor is worth your time and money. After testing it, I categorized it as one of the best monitors on the market due to its quality features. Starting from the design, it has an elegant look that would definitely match any setup. And, before you proceed, why not find out more about other top monitors from Dell, too.

The next aspect I also love about this display is its color accuracy. You can be assured that everything you will watch or edit will have accurate color.

The other good thing about this Dell u3818dw curved monitor is that it has a very high-resolution level of 3840 x 1600 pixels. This is not only good for multimedia purposes but for professional users as well since there's no "zoom in" effect while editing images and videos.

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Dell UltraSharp u3818dw Specifications


3840 x 1600 pixels


38 inches

Refresh Rate

60 Hz

VESA Compatibility


Aspect Ratio


Panel Type

In-Plane Switching (IPS)


DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, HDMI 2.0 x 2, USB-C 3.1 x 1, USB 3. x 6, 3.5mm

Audio Output

2 x 9W speakers

Dell Brand

Dell is a famous brand in information technology. It has gained plenty of recognition all around the world with its unique and innovative design. The Dell brand products, such as Dell laptop, Dell tablet pc, Dell monitor, Dell TV, etc., are commonly used by many IT experts or business owners who need high performance.

Nowadays, Dell is making so many changes in their products to be high-quality products. Not only that, recently, Dell introduced u3818dw 38 inches ultrawide monitor with 3840x1600 resolution, which is totally a new monitor that is so amazing for us to use.

A Gorgeous Display

I had to order the monitor to test all of its features, and one feature that stood out is its high resolution of 3840x1600.

The dell ultraSharp monitor is a high-resolution screen designed for the professional workspace. It features a stunning Ultra HD 3840x2160 resolution, which provides four times the resolution of Full HD.

Whether you are watching movies, reading email, or working on your next presentation, the Dell UltraSharp 38" U3818DW Monitor brings your content to life with stunning clarity.

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Dell UltraSharp u3818dw Color Accuracy

It has a color accuracy of 99% Adobe RGB and a wide color gamut. Dell u3818dw is perfect for graphic designers, photographers, video editors, or anyone who needs to see their work in amazing detail.

With the ability to display over 100% of sRGB coverage and 96% of DCI P3 coverage, you will enjoy vibrant colors on this high-performance screen.

Ultra-wide Curved Display

The Dell U3818DW UltraSharp, 38 inch display, is ideal for creating an immersive experience with incredible viewing comfort. The large, ultra-widescreen has a 21:9 aspect ratio so you can enjoy 35% more content than a 34 inch 21:9 monitor.

Size 38 inches provides a large enough viewing area for multiple windows at once, as well as being great for watching movies or playing games because you have greater peripheral vision.

 There are also many advantages for gamers because they get great graphics and colors without any tearing or blurriness caused by running two monitors next to each other.

The adjustable height stand enables tilt, swivel, pivot, and portrait mode adjustments so you can sit comfortably while working or playing games.

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Is 38 Ultrawide too Big for Gaming?

No, u3818dw 38 monitor is not too big for gaming. Every gamer wants to have the best gaming experience possible, and for some gamers, that means having a large screen (see also our best ultrawide monitors review).

Dell Ultrasharp monitor is perfect for gaming because of its size of 38 inches. In addition, it offers a 27% larger viewable area than the average monitor, and it has an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio to give you more room to work with on either side of your screen.

The resolution is fantastic, which makes any game feel like you're playing it in real life. You'll be able to see every detail from up close or far away with its wide viewing angle. So not only does this monitor provide excellent performance for games, but also for productivity and entertainment too.

Whether you're riddling enemy soldiers in Call of Duty, racing your friends in Forza Motorsport, or exploring your new world in Destiny, this Dell’s ultrawide monitor is perfect for you.

A Lot of Connectivity Options

The Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor has a lot of connectivity options. For example, the monitor can be used with two HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and USB 3.0 connections to connect to different devices like computers or laptops.

There are 4 USB ports, including USB C, USB 3.0, USB upstream ports on the backside of the monitor for connecting other peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse and attaching things like flash drives for easy access without having to reach behind your computer desk.

all ports


I also found a USB type C port on this dell u3818dw display. The USB-C port is a revolutionary tool in today's technological world because it not only allows you to transfer video, audio, and files from one device such as your laptop or phone but also allows you to charge if needed.

This means no more hunting around for an extra charger when both your computer battery dies out of its own accord and so do all other chargers at home.

If you're looking for an affordable ultrawide screen monitor that is compatible with many types of connectors, then this might be worth checking out.

usb port

Has an Anti-Glare Feature

It features anti-glare and flicker-free features to help reduce eye strain which can be great for people who spend long hours at their desks.

The colors are vivid and crisp, making it ideal for watching movies or playing games on your computer. In addition, this monitor also features built-in speakers, similar to the ones we also wrote about, so you do not have to purchase separate ones.


The U3818DW's frame conceals two 9-watt speakers. Because of the size of the screen, there is more space than usual, which improves the monitor's sound quality. In the majority of the volume range of the monitor, we saw clear quality.

But keep in mind, there is no subwoofer. For watching movies or having a dance party over your lunch break, you'll need extra speakers.

Dell UltraSharp u3818dw Refresh Rate

In a world where the competition is fierce, Dell has been able to stay on top with their u3818dw 38-inch screen display. With an impressive refresh rate of 60Hz, this screen will not disappoint those who demand high quality and performance.

An ideal screen such as dell u3818dw should display images with a refresh rate of at least 60Hz. This means the screen will display 60 full frames per second, thus creating a seamless image with no information being displayed in duplicate or triplicate. It is this feature that helps gamers discern the most accurate gaming experience (see other top curved monitors for gaming here).

Is Dell U3818DW 4K?

You might be wondering if this monitor is 4K. The answer is yes. It displays 3840x1600 pixels, which is the standard for 4K technology.  As a result, it's much easier to work on large files and stay organized with various windows side by side without any stretching or distortion in the picture quality.

 And because of its sharpness, colors are richer and more vibrant than ever before. So whether you're working from home or at an office space, this Dell monitor will make your life so much easier.

It is also great for gaming and viewing high-definition content.  Dells monitors are known worldwide as one of the best in quality, large real estate, low response time, perfect contrast ratio, high resolution, and refresh rates, so you can be sure this monitor will cater to your needs.

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Does Dell U3818DW have HDR?

Dell claims that its newest flagship gaming display features "HDR" capabilities, yet there are no specifications listed.

However, this is not a big issue since this monitor displays a broader spectrum of colors, and one can see clearly dark and light scenes.

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  • This 38-inch curved screen is great for those who want an immersive experience and are looking for something bigger than the average flat screen
  • It also delivers incredible color reproduction, so photos come alive before your eyes.
  •  It has LED backlighting for enhanced color accuracy, minimal light leakage, and higher contrast ratio.
  • The U3818DW monitor has a high resolution. Whether you're watching a movie or playing games, you'll see the detail you never noticed before.
  • This display has nice bonuses like dual HDMI ports and USB 3.0 ports that make it easy to plug in all your devices at once without needing extra adapters. 
  •  Dell’s monitors are known worldwide as one of the best in quality so you can be sure this monitor will last you many years before you need another upgrade.


  • Dell claims that this monitor supports HDR, but the specs sheet does not mention anything about it. This is not an issue to worry about since this monitor displays a broader spectrum of colors and is also 4k.


1. How much time will it last?

A monitor can survive for years. They have tested technology within, and there is little chance of accidently damaging them. With outstanding out-of-the-box specs, a robust design, and VESA support, the Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW increases its durability.

It has the potential to last for more than ten years before it breaks, and because of the great image quality, it will be spectacular for the majority of that time.

2. Should you buy it?

Yes. A 38-inch ultrawide display is fantastic for both work and leisure. With cheaper pricing and a better guarantee, Dell's product edges out LG while still holding its own against HP's.

3. Is 3440x1440 considered 4K?

No, 3440x1440 is not considered a 4K. 3440x1440 is regarded as 2K resolution. The first 4K resolution is 3840x2160. Having said that, the final product is excellent for games that support 3440x1440.

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