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Disk Drill 5 Review | Up to 30% Higher Data Recovery Rates!

Data recovery is a trick every computer user wants to learn. This is because people lose data daily and go through uncertain processes of attempting to recover the lost files. This can only be so easy with backup or good data recovery software. Disk Drill developed by Cleverfiles, is one such recovery software you should think of in case you lose data. 

Disk Drill undergoes continuous updates to improve usability and user experiences with versatile recovery features. Users, therefore, take into account some of the primary and extra features, the recovery process, and many other aspects that come with Disk Drill 5 CleverFiles Data Recovery. If you want to learn more about this software, this article is for you.

However, if you use Windows often, you probably have heard about Disk Drill recovery software. It has been the go-to data recovery tool for many. Due to the progressive upgrades, CleverFiles developers have released Disk Drill 5, the latest version and best data recovery software.

Key Takeaways

  • Every computer user wants to learn how to restore lost or deleted data.
  • If you lose data, you should consider using the recovery software Disk Drill, created by Cleverfiles.
  • Regardless of the circumstances behind the loss, this tool's sophisticated scanning algorithms carry out in-depth scans to recover all of your lost file formats.
  • It is necessary to have more than just a 30% improvement in the likelihood that erased files can be recovered. You ought to be able to safeguard recoverable files. Data protection tools are therefore crucial components of every data recovery program.
Disk Drill 5

Disk Drill 5

This new version of Disk Drill comes with additional features. It has an improved user interface and more powerful scanning and recovery capabilities. If you have a previous experience with the earlier version, it will be much easier to understand and utilize the new features. We will describe the features in detail.

Before choosing any software for whichever purpose, users give more consideration to the features. This is because the features determine the usability of any tool for the purpose they are built. 

Disk Drill 5 offers a powerful and intuitive platform for restoring lost files from any storage device. In addition, it comes with free data protection features to help keep your data safe. Let’s take a much closer look at these features. 

Powerful Recovery 

Recovery is the main reason you would install this tool. However, you do not just need the basics. Follow the link if you want to see the different ways to restore deleted files on Mac. This tool comes with advanced scanning algorithms that perform deep scans to restore all your lost file formats regardless of the loss situation.

It offered more flexibility in the scan process. Some of these include pausing and resuming scans or scanning in the background while performing other tasks. 

The data recovery for Mac and Windows also offers cross-platform scanning capability that allows you to start the scanning on a Windows device, save results, and continue on a Mac later without having to start afresh. 

Other features include loading scan results as a virtual disk, fine-tune scanning, and predicting recovery chances. Best of all is the ability to filter previews in terms of recovery chances and only select files with acceptable recovery chances. 

Recovery loading on a laptop


Disk Drill 4 introduced a whole new face of the user interface for this software. Disk Drill 5 builds on this development and makes it more intuitive, polished, and cohesive. The design takes the Windows 11 guidelines that make it easy to use by anyone, even those using it for the first time. 

Looking at the left pane, you notice that it is split into two sections: one for data recovery and another for all the extra tools. 

If you want to access the storage devices on your computer, you can easily do it from the data recovery section. You can also see the most recent recovery sessions and recover data from RAID arrays. 

Disc Drill interface

The data recovery process is, however, simple. You need to choose the storage device from which you lost the files and tap “Search for lost files.” At the end of every search or scanning process, this data recovery software displays a more comprehensive summary of the results. This makes it easier to see the exact number and type of files you can recover. 

And, like the previous versions, this version can recover a wide range of file formats, including pictures, audio files, documents, videos, and many more file types.

But it sometimes becomes more difficult to locate the specific files to be recovered due to the versatility of this application. This new version of Disk Drill comes with new scan results filters that make it easier to narrow down the recoverable files from the preview. This filter allows you to categorize your files by size, type, recovery chances, and date modified. 

If the files you lost were some of the largest, you would need to filter the results by size to get them quickly. On the other hand, if you lost photos only, you can filter by type and choose to recover the photos only, and so on. 

The PC disc

More impressive is the support for dark mode. The new features are built with the backing for dark recovery, as data loss can happen any time of the day or night. This feature helps you recover data in low-ambient-light conditions.

Additional Data Protection Tools

More than the increased ability to recover deleted files with up to 30% higher data recovery chances are required. You should be able to recover and protect recovered files. That is why data protection tools are essential in every data recovery software. 

Data recovery tab on a keyboard

The recovery vault helps store the files securely, while byte-level backups help you secure data from disks with signs of imminent failure. Additionally, the S.M.A.R.T. monitoring tool enables you to determine hard drive reliability by showing when the hard drive is nearing its end of life. You, therefore, have an adequate warning to transfer your files to safe storage. 

Up To 30% Higher Data Recovery Rate

Disk Drill 5 is a big step for data recovery. Up to 30% data recovery rate is not a mean achievement for the CleverFiles team. Let’s see some of the main improvements you should be able to explore on Disk Drill 5. 

  • Up to 8 times faster-scanning speed
  • Upgraded recovery from Ext4 and EXT3 Linux file systems
  • Lost NTFS partitions scanning and recovery 
  • Bad sector detection, notification, and recovery
Disc Drill interface on a laptop

The Data Recovery Process

Has anything changed in the way you can recover files with this software? No, the process remains the same. Here are the main steps.

  • Download and install the software from the official Cleverfile store
  • Configure and launch the software
  • Select the storage device where you lost your files from
  • Initiate the scanning process and preview the files at the end of the search
  • Choose the files to restore by manual selection or filter by type, size, or date
  • Restore the files 

Final Thought 

This new version is a must-use software for data recovery. If you use Windows or Mac, install this new software version today and take your data security to the next level. 

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