Experian IdentityWorks Review | Reliable Fraud Monitoring and ID Theft Protection

Are you searching for a great solution for fraud monitoring and ID theft identification? You might be looking for a reliable credit monitoring service that delivers all the best at a very affordable cost.  Everyone will enjoy dark web observation, social network monitoring, one-touch credit freeze, and a $500,000 ID theft insurance in the Plus Plan. The Experian IdentityWorks sounds great, right?! This feature-rich service includes everything you might be expecting, making it a more compelling choice over its competitors. We tried it ourselves, and to help you out; we’re going to reveal both the good and bad sides of the program in this comprehensive Experian IdentityWorks review.

Experian IdentityWorks Review

Experian IdentityWorks is the latest credit monitoring & identity theft security service provided by a famous credit bureau – Experian. Aside from a wide range of credit monitoring inclusions or features, this particular service offers general identity monitoring as well as fraud resolution support.

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By being a budget-friendly service, we think no one will go wrong from choosing this solid option. As we availed the service, we learned that it is available in 2 plan options, which are both offered with attractive price tags. These 2 plan choices are the Premium and Plus Plans. Experian IdentityWorks is truly good for providing each one of us the privilege to settle for the most favorable plan based on our situations and needs.

Is Experian IdentityWorks the Right Service for You?

This Experian identity theft solution offers two services designed for identity theft security. These are the IdentityWorks and IDnotify. Between these two, IdentityWorks is the company’s major identity theft security service.

IdentityWorks provides 2 identity protection levels for 3 audiences:

  • One adult
  • One adult and 10 children (maximum)
  • Two adults and 10 children (maximum)

The Plus Plan provides bureau monitoring by Experian, social security number monitoring, and dark web observation. The premium plan, however, is more comprehensive as it provides 3-bureau credit reports plus Experian fraud alert for any fraudulent activities associated with payday loans, court records, social networks, and sex offender archives. All of the plans offered include a free trial good for 30 days.

Experian IdentityWorks focuses mainly on credit scores and reports. If you go for the Plus Plan, you will get access to your daily Experian FICO score. However, you will get 3-bureau credit scores if you settle for the Premium Plan.

What is Included With Identity Theft Protection Plans From Experian IdentityWorks?

The protection plans offered by Experian IdentityWorks are truly useful for everyone. We love the fact that the system is allowing every subscriber to choose who he wants to protect: it can be yourself, your partner or spouse, or your entire family.

The Premium and Plus Plans are available for one adult, one adult and children, and 2 adults and children. Each option comes with certain features that aim to set it apart from the rest. Which plan you think is best suitable for your needs and situation? Below are the inclusions of the Premium and Plus Plans for those 3 options.             

Protecting One Adult     

The Plus Plan designed for one adult is priced at $9.99 every month. It comes with lost-wallet support, dark web observation, SS number monitoring address change confirmation that notifies you when your mail has been redirected by the US Postal Service.

Those who subscribed to Plus Plan get the privilege to monitor new credit questions, big account balance modifications, new accounts, positive activity or dormant accounts, and credit utilization. In our experience, the system allows us to access and view our Experian data-based FICO scores.

The Plus Plan provides as much as $500,000 for ID theft insurance. Our subscription to Plus Plan allows us to obtain alerts for credit card and bank account takeovers, payday loans, identity endorsements, court records & bookings, and sex offender archives.

Social media monitoring and file-sharing system monitoring are also included in the package, too. 3-bureau FICO scores will be kept updated every day and accessible for all members for easy viewing. The Premium Plan for one adult is priced at $19.99/month.

Protecting One Adult and Children

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The family plans provide similar features as individual Premium and Plus plans. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of the original Premium and Plus Plans for one adult. However, more inclusions come along with these plans for one adult and children. Its extensive coverage is good for up to 10 children.

Both Premium and Plus plans include the basics and other extras that you will surely enjoy. Additionally, you obtain child identity security, including SS number tracing, social media monitoring, and dark web observation. The Plus Plan designed for one adult and children comes with a $14.99 monthly charge. The Premium Plan has a $24.99 monthly fee.

Protecting Two Adults and Children

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If you want protection for your whole family, then you should go for this one. Experian IdentityWorks provides similar Premium and Plus Plan advantages at a higher cost. The plans, whether Premium or Plus, will be enough for protecting 2 adults and your children.

The benefits included in these plans include alerts, monitoring, recovery, and other enjoyable benefits that mimic the Experian’s family plan. We’re happy that the plans for adults and kids are so affordable. The Premium Plan for you, your wife, and up to 10 kids will cost $19.99 every month. The Plus Plan for 2 adults and children costs $29.99 per month.

IdentityWorks Customer Service

The support section of Experian IdentityWorks includes more information regarding the different features and in-depth guide to both credit disagreements and informative education articles talking about credit and identity theft and related ideas.

The concerned department is open for inquiries from Mondays to Fridays from 6 AM to 6 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM to 5 PM. Online chat is unavailable, but when we called, we didn’t experience any inconveniences because the phone menu is easy to understand.

Also, the waiting time is minimal. Of course, the person we talked to was polite and knowledgeable. His answers and suggestions were so helpful.

Experian IdentityWorks uses dedicated scam resolution agents. In case something happens, just call, and you will be redirected with the main contact point. The agent you’ll talk to help you in navigating the lengthy procedure of reporting a case of identity theft and fixing your name.

How Much is Identity Theft Insurance and What Does it Cover?

The ID theft insurance coverage may vary from plan to plan, so we checked each one deeply to find the best option for us. For those who switched to Plus plan, they will get as much as $500,000 to the expenditures obtained while you argue about fraud. It can range from lawyer’s fees to lost time in work or child care.

However, the insurance doesn’t directly include the financial losses to its coverage when your credit card has been stolen or damaged. The Premium plan members are assured that they will get as much as $1 million in ID theft insurance.

Does IdentityWorks Offer a Family Plan?

So, you might be asking for total protection for the entire family. For that, Experian is providing 2 kinds of IdentityWorks family plans that include 2 service levels, which are for one adult with up to 10 kids and 2 adults with up to 10 kids.

The ID theft security services for kids include social media networking, SS number tracing, dark web observation, fraud resolution, and as much as $500,000 to $1 million ID theft insurance. The amount, however, may depend on your plan of choice: Premium or Plus. This particular insurance will be in addition to the coverage for the adults in the plan.

More About IdentityWorks Identity Theft Protection Services

Experian IdentityWorks has so much more to offer every subscriber. Whether you opt to Plus or Premium plan, you will enjoy good offerings for the following:

Credit Monitoring

For credit monitoring, the function of Premium Plans will be different from what comes with the Plus Plan. The ID theft security service from Experian will monitor one’s credit by using Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This will be exclusive for the premium accounts. That makes the Premium Plan a bit expensive than the Plus version.

If you want the other way around, consider the Plus Plan. Those who went for the Plus Plan will also get credit monitoring. However, this will be only through Experian. Experian credit monitoring includes signals for the new accounts, big account balance modifications, positive activity, credit utilization, dormant accounts, including FICO score reports.

Credit Scores

All members of IdentityWorks have instant access to Experian FICO scores for Plus Plans or 3-bureau FICO scores for Premium plans. This access will be available to members every quarter. Likewise, the FICO scores are based on the data generated by Experian and available daily.

The credit score tracing shows the members’ progress in the long run. The credit score emulator will predict what may happen to credit. This includes assessing how it will be affected by your financial decisions or choices.

For instance, you preferred to pay for a bill after the due date, or you decided to close your credit card account. Moreover, the Experian IdentityWorks offers home, auto, bank, and home FICO scores.

Experian CreditLock

This one is a remarkable tool that Experian IdentityWorks is offering to all members, whether Plus or Premium Plan holders. It lets the members lock or unlock their credit files. At the same time, it allows them to get real-time signals of attempted credit questions.

Forget about something like Experian unfreeze credit or Experian credit freeze. You can easily block your Experian credit in no time with the use of this tool. It works faster compared to putting a credit freeze. We like much this feature as it adds more convenience to members, regardless of the plan or level they have chosen.

Social Network Monitoring

Now, we feel much safer when we use our accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Thanks to this superb feature included in Experian IdentityWorks’ Plus and Premium Plans. The social media networking feature of Experian IdentityWorks is so easy to use.

In our experience, we learned that this feature is designed to allow you to set signals and get instant notifications in case of risky words. These may put your name and reputation in danger have been flagged on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. This will add more to your overall security as a credit card owner within the risky internet world.

Social Security Number Monitoring

The SS number monitoring function of Experian IdentityWorks is also a good thing. At first, we don’t understand how it works and its purpose. We called the customer support, and he explained that the SS number monitoring is meant to keep your social security number safe and sound.

It will let you find out whether some addresses or aliases are connected to your social security number. This feature is so useful, especially in ensuring that your SS number is safe by any danger that these malicious aliases or addresses may bring. Experian IdentityWorks has made it available for both Plus and Premium accounts.

Address Change Verification

The address change verification is available to both Plus and Premium accounts. In case mail has been redirected by the Postal Service of the United States, the Experian IdentityWorks will send alerts that prompt you to change your address as soon as possible to prevent any possible malicious activities from occurring in case you didn’t change your address.

These alerts can also be about an attempted change of your address. Thus, the address change verification of Experian IdentityWorks helps a lot in preventing any form of fraudulent activities that can potentially harm your good name as a borrower and your good credit score.

Bank Account and Credit Card Takeovers

Experian IdentityWorks also comes with this special feature that further ensures your credit score. This one helps a lot in detecting any possible attempt to take over your account.

Also, it works great in detecting those attempts to open another account and name it to you. This will even be helpful in case you become a victim of identity theft. This will help you avoid incurring further damage when someone steals your personal details.

We also learned that the Premium and Plus Plans include as much as $1 million for ID theft insurance coverage that may serve to pay for stolen funds related to unauthorized access to your account, lost wages, and 3rd party assistance like legal defense.

Payday Loan Monitoring

Identity thieves may also use your personal information to apply for a payday loan. If their attempt turns to success, they will get the money and make you unconsciously responsible for the borrowed amount. The payday loan monitoring is also available to both Premium and Plus accounts. This will notify you of a fraudulent attempt to use your name when applying for payday loans. It will also be useful in other non-credit loans that identity thieves may try avail but by using your name.


  • Allows all Premium and Plus account holders to lock or unlock their Experian credit report. This will be a very effective way to avoid fraud.
  • Includes 2 products for various service levels.
  • With ID theft insurance
  • Monitors more websites include the dark web
  • With a 30-day free trial period. If you are not happy with the system, don’t hesitate to quite and ask for a full refund. No questions to answer.
  • Access to recent updates on FICO score
  • 3-bureau credit monitoring and FICO scores
  • Social media networking
  • SS number tracing
  • Payday loan monitoring
  • Address change confirmation
  • Court records and bookings
  • File-share network checking


  • The system requires your credit card for the 30-day free trial
  • Upper-tier plan options are more expensive
  • 3-bureau FICO scores undergo the update system for just once in every quarter. FICO scores based only on Experian are updated every day.
  • Customer support is easy to obtain but not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agents are available every day, but not within 24 hours.
  • The system does not include computer protection tools.

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