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How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last? | Tips to Enhance Their Lifespan 

If you have purchased a new gaming laptop recently, you may be wondering how long the gaming laptop will last.

Gaming laptops are an expensive investment. The high price of gaming laptops is due to the enhanced cooling system and powerful components.

The assumption is that the higher the price tag, the better the gaming laptop. But is the price the only factor to consider while looking for a durable gaming laptop?

In this guide, we'll find out how long laptops last and what determines their durability.

How Long Gaming Monitors Last and Tips To Enhance Their Lifespan 

A gaming laptop's lifespan depends on various factors, the top of which is build quality. The better the build quality, the longer the gaming laptop lasts.

Some aspects of build quality that you should look out for include:


A  Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is essential for a gaming laptop's lifespan. The unit manages your gaming laptop's graphic and video performance and ensures smooth gameplay.

A graphics card in a gaming laptop is essential as it helps render high-resolution images, map textures, and process 3D graphics.

As you look for the best graphics card for a gaming laptop, consider its FPS (frames per rate). FPS refers to the number of frames the GPU can process. A high frame rate ensures a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

The most common FPS is 30 FPS, and it's the minimum you should get for your gaming monitor. A 60 or 120 FPS GPU is better and will ensure a smoother gaming experience.

NVIDIA and AMD are the popular manufacturers of graphics cards. Higher-end graphics cards are more expensive, but they're also more long-lasting.

laptop on the desk


The central processing unit (CPU) is the part that processes the data in your laptop. It helps in carrying out various tasks from your programs and applications.

It instructs the other parts of your laptop on what to do depending on the running program.

The CPU in a gaming monitor helps process the inputs from your mouse or keyboard and sends the graphical data to the GPU to process images.

As games advance, they have enhanced features that need a more advanced and faster processor to ensure a smooth gaming experience. The higher the core of your processor, the faster it is.

Additionally, a quad-core processor is better for a gaming monitor than a dual-core processor. The dual-core processor can limit your GPU from performing optimally.

It'll be best to invest in a high-end CPU to ensure your gaming laptop performs better and also lasts longer.


The hardware specifications of your gaming laptop will also determine its durability. High-quality hardware components can last for years, depending on how well you take care of them.

The hardware components of a gaming monitor include things that you can see, such as an external keyboard, trackpad, mouse, and monitor. You also have internal components such as storage.

Gaming laptops feature a stronger build since they handle more demanding tasks. Therefore, a gaming laptop will last longer than a laptop meant for work or everyday tasks.

However, gaming laptops may not last longer than a video game console. A gaming console's role is only gaming. On the other hand, most gaming laptops are used for other purposes, including watching YouTube videos.

Gaming laptop in use


Random Access Memory (RAM) is the short memory of your laptop, useful for data storage and transfer.

It is responsible for the tasks running on your computer, including browsing the internet, multitasking, and playing games. RAM helps reduce lag, and it's faster than an SSD (Solid State Drive) and a hard drive.

Most laptops come with 8GB as the minimum RAM. On the other end, a budget gaming laptop can have a RAM of less than 8GB. It'll be best to upgrade the RAM to ensure better speed as you play games.

It can even be better if you go for a monitor with 16GB RAM. Thus, it'll be possible to deal with the high demands of modern games.

Gaming Laptop Cooling System 

As you play graphically-intensive games, your gaming laptops generate a lot of heat. If you are in a place with limited airflow, the temperature levels can become very high.

Extreme temperatures can affect your gaming laptop's longevity. Besides hardware failure, the temperatures can also lead to CPU throttling, making you start experiencing latency during gameplay.

Various gaming laptops come with multiple designs to help deal with the laptop temperature. For instance, some manufacturers use multiple high-speed fans and metallic casings that dissipate heat faster than plastic ones.

a gaming laptop and a mouse

Chassis Quality

Your laptop's chassis is essential in ensuring the gaming laptop's lifespan. The chassis is responsible for holding and protecting the internal hardware of your laptop from dust and water.

The chassis material determines how well your laptop can withstand abuse and absorb shock if it accidentally falls, though you may be surprised how even the thinnest laptops can be solid and sturdy.

How you treat your laptop will also determine its longevity. If you don't take care of your gaming laptop properly, it'll have a shorter lifespan.

Some things that can shorten the life of your gaming laptop include:

  • Mishandling or dropping the gaming laptop

  • Accidentally spilling drinks on it

  • Causing it to overheat by denying it air circulation

Can Your Gaming Laptop Last for 5 Years? 

Your gaming monitor can last for five years or more, depending on how you take care of it.

Here are tips you can use to ensure a longer lifespan for your gaming laptop:

Buy a Laptop With the Best Hardware That You Can Afford 

Depending on your budget, you decide whether to go for budget, mid-range laptops, or high-end gaming laptops. It'll be best to avoid low-budget gaming laptops as they mostly feature older hardware that becomes outdated fast.

You should opt for a gaming monitor with a more powerful graphics card and CPU over RAM and storage. The CPU and graphics card will ensure faster processing of data and a smooth gaming experience.

Additionally, you can check online reviews on what other users say about the hardware quality. If there are several complaints, you should be cautious. Issues like overheating can lead to premature hardware failure.

Clean the Gaming Laptop After Six Months

It is vital that you clean your laptop every six months, especially if you live in a dusty environment.

Dust particles in a laptop tend to collect around internal motherboard components, fans, and vents. The dust particles restrict airflow leading to overheating.

Ensure you don't keep your laptop plugged in to a power source as you clean it. You should also check what your warranty says. Opening the laptop can void the warranty in some instances.

Keep the Laptop Battery Plugged In

Most gaming and normal laptops use lithium-ion batteries with a limited charge cycle.

Thus, when playing your PC games, it'll be best to keep the laptop plugged in instead of charging and discharging it. Keeping your laptop plugged in helps in managing the laptop battery life and also enhances the laptop's performance. Gaming laptop batteries can last for 1-2 years before you can replace them.

Update Your Operating System and Antivirus Software 

An updated antivirus and operating system use the latest security features. The features help to prevent malware that'd cause the system to overheat.

Use Your Laptop on a Flat Surface

Avoid using your laptop in bed as materials such as a duvet can restrict airflow leading to overheating. If you have to use the laptop in bed, use a cooling pad or a portable laptop stand. Using the laptop on a flat surface enhances airflow.

Does a Gaming Laptop Last Longer Than a Normal Laptop?

Gaming laptops tend to be more long-lasting than their normal counterparts. However, durability is dependent on various factors, such as the tasks you use the laptop for, how you take care of it, and the hardware quality.

Gaming laptops come with a more effective cooling system and powerful CPU and GPU that make them more durable.

Why Do Gaming Laptops Die so Fast?

Besides using the gaming laptop to play demanding games, you can also use the laptop for other tasks, including, video calling, streaming YouTube videos. As such, gaming laptops perform more demanding tasks than their normal counterparts.

The demanding tasks lead to more generation of heat. If you don't take care of the laptop properly, it'll have a shorter lifespan.

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Gaming laptops are more expensive than the normal laptops used for everyday use.

But is the extra investment worth it?

If you are an avid gamer, you need a laptop to handle modern demanding games. Normal laptops are ideal for someone looking for casual gaming. But if you want to participate in modern competitive games, a gaming laptop is a worthy investment.

Furthermore, these laptops are portable, enabling you to play your games wherever you are.

laptop and gaming equipment


Gaming laptops can last for several years, depending on how you take care of the laptop and the tasks you use it for. You can extend the laptop's lifespan by cleaning it after every six months, keeping it plugged in as you play your games, and updating the operating system and antivirus software.

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