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Beyond Competitive Pay | What To Do To Attract And Retain Top Tech Talent

In 2020, the game rules have changed because of the pandemic. Tech workers’ demands are now higher, and offering an exceptional salary is not enough to convince them. World-class companies like Google and Netflix are implementing new strategies and are providing great on-site perks to make workers feel comfortable. However, staying in the competition requires more than just increasing your benefits. In that case, if you’re wondering what to do to attract and keep top tech talent, here are a few tips that will help you meet tech employees’ needs. 

Let Workers Develop Their Skills

Letting tech workers develop their soft and hard skills is an excellent way to make them feel motivated. Every tech worker is looking for professional development. And if you give them what they need, they won’t hesitate to join your team. You can offer on-site training or online courses to help them level up their skills. Otherwise, you can provide them with tuition reimbursement benefits.

Most tech workers look for companies that offer professional development since updating and upgrading their skills is crucial for staying relevant. If you provide them with tuition reimbursement benefits, they can enroll in coding bootcamps like Coding Dojo to get equipped with in-demand programming tools. When employees keep their skills up-to-date, they work harder to help your company innovate the market. You can also provide them with free coding resources to help them stay updated. Build strong relationships with education companies and make your organization the best place to learn.    

Build a Teamwork Culture

Tech professionals often have to work with other experts during projects. Given that, building a teamwork culture will help you to attract and keep top tech talent. When tech employees work in groups, they can learn how to use in-demand tools and learn new techniques. Also, they can develop their soft skills, which are vital to getting senior roles over time.

If you promote teamwork, workers won’t feel abandoned and will feel comfortable in the workplace. For a front end developer, for example, it’s indispensable to work in groups. So, if you don’t support them and don’t allow them to do their job as well as possible, they won’t give you what you need. 

coworkers sharing ideas
You also have to remember that employees are not machines, and they need time to build relationships with other workers. 

Make Employees Feel Unique

If you’re looking to increase employees’ job satisfaction, you have to make them feel unique. Be more personal, and ask them how they feel. Identifying what they need will help you to meet their demands. Also, you should provide feedback and let them know when they have done an excellent job. Give direct feedback if possible, and don’t forget to say “thank you.” It’s an effective way to make them feel valued.

Recognize Workers’ Efforts

When employees feel that their efforts are not enough, they feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Communicate frequently with your workers and let them know their efforts are valued. You can provide public recognition or even celebrate work anniversaries. Even workers with a long career at your company need some feedback to stay motivated. Demonstrating that you appreciate employees’ hard work will allow you to build a brand and attract skilled candidates’ attention.

show your workers opinion matters

Show Workers Their Opinion Matters

When workers feel their opinion matters, they won’t hesitate to express their thoughts and help your company remain competitive. But, when they feel their job affects their personality, they might think about looking for a new job. When making important decisions, ask for their opinion, and let them show you what they would do. This will help you make workers feel engaged and even realize if you’re not making the right decision. 

Provide Schedule Flexibility

Because of COVID-19, remote work became the new standard, and tech employees are now asking for flexible schedules. Providing workers with flexible schedules will allow you to increase their job satisfaction and even your company’s productivity. Several studies have proven that remote workers are more productive and enable companies to reduce costs. As organizations need less office space, they can save money on rent. Also, when employees can work from home, they can spend more time with their family members and have a better work-life balance.

This is not to say that you shouldn't be using the top-rated time tracking software for your needs as well as the best employee monitoring software to keep the productivity at the optimal level.

Let Tech Workers Interview Potential Hirings

If you are looking to attract the attention of qualified candidates, you should let tech workers do the interviews. Tech employees know what the job requires, and they’ll make the right decision when hiring new workers. Also, they can speak tech with potential hirings and will help them feel more comfortable. As a result, aspirants will be able to show off during interviews, and you will identify if they meet your company’s needs. 

If you involve tech employees in the hiring process, you’ll be able to provide a good first impression, and skilled candidates will be eager to work with you. Given that, improving your employee attraction strategies won’t be a challenge.

Use Digital Platforms to Attract Top Tech Talent

Nowadays, people are spending more time online. Because of the digital transition, job seekers are now using digital platforms to increase their chances of getting hired. In that case, you can take advantage of it and use social networks like Instagram to find potential hirings. Some tech professionals, like digital marketers and web designers, use their Instagram profiles as a portfolio. You’ll see their actual abilities and recognize if they have what it takes to get the job done. Using social networks makes you seem more spontaneous and will help you to increase potential hirings’ trust. Still, don’t forget to be professional. That’s what will make them feel engaged.


Becoming an attractive employer can be challenging. But, if you consider these tips, you’ll stand out from the competition. Keep in mind that employees’ requirements are increasing as days pass. Consequently, keep an open mind and embrace changes. This will allow you to implement new strategies and convince any tech worker.

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