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iBeesoft Data Recovery Review | A Trusted Service To Retrieve and Save Your Files

You have just deleted some important data by accident. You could be in a panic and wondering how you will get those files back. Nowadays, there are many file recovery software available but they don’t offer much help. So what to do in such cases?

Don’t worry, as iBeesoft Data Recovery can help you recover all lost files on your computer and from external hard drives (see 'How to Install Windows 10 on External Hard Drive', too).

Should you trust your important files and data with iBeesoft Data Recovery? This review aims to find out if this product lives up to its claims, and whether or not it will help you recover the data your company needs.

What is a Data Recovery Software?

Data recovery software is software that helps users to recover lost data from hard drives, memory cards, and other storage devices.

Because of different kinds of the data loss incidents like virus infection, formatted hard drives accidentally, etc, it is always important to have a tool that makes it possible to recover some precious data before the complete data loss on your computer. As for managing big data, there are dedicated tools.

Scans your Storage Devices

It will scan your current hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, camera memory card, and removable storage device. These programs scan all deleted files and locate any deleted files to restore them back to your computer.

When your hard disk is corrupted or inaccessible, iBeesoft Data Recovery software is your best bet.

When testing it, I was able to retrieve lost files from hard disks and other storage devices. It worked fine on almost all Windows operating systems, such as Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP(both 32 and 64 bit).

hard disk storage

Common Recoveries

We use the hard drive on our computers to store everything from our family photos, documents, and data. As a matter of fact, the most essential computer parts are the hard drive and memory unit.

However, they are susceptible to data loss due to various reasons. You can perform data recovery from these common scenarios;

Fatal Errors; the number 1 cause of data loss is FATAL ERRORS. When trying to correct a damaged partition, it can result in data loss.

Dead Hard Drive; another cause of data loss is a dead hard drive. The chances that your entire hard drive will actually die overnight are slim, but it does happen. If a hard drive is going to fail, there are usually warning signs that can be seen in advance, such as an increase in the number of bad sectors or your hard drive suddenly becomes very loud.

Hardware defects; data loss can often be attributed to hardware defects in the hard drive or external enclosure.

File fragmentation; can cause performance problems to your computer by slowing down file access and application response times. What’s more, files which are overwritten or otherwise damaged are often unrecoverable.

Malware infection; In some cases, the problem may also be due to software bugs, viruses or worm infections.

I have tested many data recovery software and I found iBeesoft Data Recovery software to be the best. The program is able to recover files deleted from recycle bin or permanently lost from damaged partition.

IBeesoft Data Recovery Features

   This software will help you recover all lost or missing files. It will scan and preview files, and restore files in an easier way.

·         Helps to recover files from hard drives, memory cards, USBs, raw drives, and other storage devices

·         It recovers ordinary files such as graphics, documents, videos, emails, photos, audios, and other files with extensions such FAT, NTFS, exFAT, NTFS5, etc

·         Works on most operating systems such as Windows, and iOS. You can recover files from iPhone, Mac, and Windows PC

·         It comes with a duplicate file remover which will remove duplicate items and find redundant items

·         It has various packages to choose from; for family, personal and Company

·         Has a backup tool to store your files

·         Has a cleaner for Mac to improve its performance

·         It has a straightforward user interface, simple and fast to use.

·         It has a file shredder to permanently delete your files.

·         Recover contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, etc. from iTunes backup file.

·          It can repair the corrupt or damaged iTunes backup files and restore them to your device directly.

Data Recovery

No need to be anxious if you have lost valuable data causing you great inconvenience. iBeesoft Data Recovery software is able to recover photos, videos, audios, and documents that were permanently deleted.

The best thing about this data recovery software is that it can recover your files from different storage media like memory cards, USB drives, internal hard drives, and external hard drives.

The Process of Data recovery

After downloading the software, by default, all file types are selected. However, you have an option of selecting the type of files that you want recovered such as documents, audios, videos, archives, or other files.

  • Click the start button
Start on the screen
  • Next step is choosing the location that you want your files recovered. You can select Local Disk C, Local Disk D or System reserved.
scanning feature
  • Click the orange scan button and iBeesoft will begin the scanning process
iBeesoft Data Recovery screen capture
  • After the scan is complete, your lost files will be found
  • If some of your files will not be found, click deep scan
clicking recover
  • Next step is clicking recover. Here you will be required to put your license key if you had purchased it.
iBeesoft Data Recovery screenshot
  • Hit the recovery button and you will be able to get your files

iBeesoft Data Recovery is a reliable data recovery application for most operating systems to help you fix all kinds of data loss issues, including deleted files, formatted or corrupted disks/partitions, software errors and virus attack that stops PC from accessing lost files.

It works on the hard drive, USB, SD card.

random files stored in My Documents


The quick and deep scan modes allow you to recover your lost files with ease. The software can search over the drive-by content or file types and preview the files before restoring them.

Quick Scan – Scan your disk drives fast to locate lost files; Advance Deep Scan – recover lost data with a thorough scan in case the quick scan fails to find the data you want. It won’t stop until all lost files are found. For example, it can scan through a whole raw partition which is formatted.

iBeesoft Data Recovery will undelete/recover deleted/lost/damaged files from FAT, FAT32, NTFS partition hard drive, SD card, USB drive, and more storage devices that were marked for deletion.

iBeesoft Data Recovery Pricing Plans for Windows

The Company offers 3 pricing packages to choose from depending on your needs and they include;

  • iBeesoft data recovery Family License
  • iBeesoft data recovery Personal License
  • iBeesoft Data recovery Company License

Family license costs $89.95. You can download the software on up to 5 PCs/servers for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Personal License costs $45.95 and supports the only 1PC/server download. You can download it on any Windows PC.

The company license costs $299.95 and you can download it on unlimited PCs for Windows.

windows blue logo

Pricing Plans for Mac

There are also 3 packages to choose from; family, personal, and company plans.

Family license costs $89.95 and you can install up to 5 Mac computers. Personal License costs $55.95 for just 1 Mac computer. The price for a personal license of a Mac computer is higher compared to a personal license for Windows.

Company License costs $299.95 and you can download this software on unlimited Mac computers.

All these pricing plans come with 60 days money-back guarantee. Other products from this company include iPhone data recovery, file shredder, and iBeesoft Backup.

iPhone Data recovery costs $39.95 for 1 PC/server. Use this software to recover lost data from your iPad, iPhone, and iPhone touch.

File shredder costs $9.9 for 1 PC/Server. iBeesoft Backup costs $19.99 for 1 PC/server.

apple mac logo

Our Verdict

iBeesoft is undoubtedly one of the best data recovery software. It recovered all the data that I had permanently deleted. I was satisfied with the quality that it offers hence I can recommend it 100%.

It recovers different file types from many storage devices such as USB, hard drive, etc.

It comes with other tools that you will find useful such as a file shredder and a backup tool.

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