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Identity Force Review | Monitoring, ID Assurance and Scam Tracking

IdentityForce, founded in 1978, provides extensive identity theft safeguard assistance to people, companies, and state businesses. The firm aims to give spontaneous consumer experience, smooth registration, and a U.S.-based customer service crewed by kind and compassionate agents who converse several languages.

IdentityForce delivers ages of identity protection to the board and gives the best credit monitoring service. The inexpensive assistance covers all things from identity recovery and social security number tracking to lost wallet security and brochures quitclaim. Deal with valuable development. Still, IdentityForce is a secure wager for ID assurance and scam tracking. View what our specialists say in our IdentityForce review.

IdentityForce Review

IdentityForce allows you to select and pick the identity protection assistance you require while still giving comprehensive scope barely at the most fundamental level. With two programs to choose from, you can exploit several monitoring settings and further protect identity theft support. IdentityForce likewise gives extra programs that incorporate account tracking and youth scam security.

There’s no choice merely for account monitoring, though the primary ensemble provides you merely about all things you might desire when tracing your account reports and scores. And with youth identity scam on the inflation, appending that additional tier of protection can defend your kids' financial path. Each program is reasonably inexpensive though, for those who are prepared to invest in an annual agreement, you can conserve even more wealth by spending yearly.

Study more regarding how IdentityForce acts and which project and extras best match your necessities.

Services and Features

Identity Theft  Protection Insurance

Both IdentityForce projects appear with identity theft protection estimated at $1 million. It aids you to retrieve some of your business expenditures acquired due to identity theft. The identity theft insurance protection system even includes lost earnings if suitable. A gratuity point is that it likewise supports control of your individuality recovery procedure. Their organization of authentic specialists does the dirty work associated with shifting scam plots, like accomplishing documents and giving someone a call on your subscription. It’ll spare you adequate time in case you want to apply this setting. Additionally, it protects against malware and phishing, enables you to initiate a credit freeze right from the interface, and includes a $1 million identity theft insurance policy.

Family Plans

You can register for Identityforce family plan, though you’ll want to ask their costless number to study more concerning your choices. You can likewise register in their ChildWatch plan, which watches your kid's Social Security number and other private data. Similar to the conventional systems, this extra highlight covers a $1 million identity theft protection system and recovery control in case your kid's data is endangered.


It watches a broad array of private data and pointers. Its monitoring is more extensive than any other that I’ve encountered so far.

Like practically entire of its opponents, IdentityForce states it will watch the hidden net for some indication of private data, like your social security number, is transmitted or donated for purchase. Relying on your project (higher on that in a period), it will likewise watch your identity force account and provide you statements and records hence that you can view for yourself how you’re arranging on that aspect. IdentityForce will likewise overlook for a scam, such as mortgages counting risky bonus and payday loans) acquired in your name.

Along with this comparatively simple controlling assistance, it checks some items that several rivals make. It pursues sex offender records for individuals illegally utilizing your name, enables you to establish alarms for huge events toward and of your credit card, bank account, and loan records, and restraints government agencies reports for violations perpetrated in your name. (A few rivals more examine for violations done in your name, and it’s essential to heed that IdentityForce’s expressing — “government documents controlling” — is more anticipated than the common “violations done in your name” expressing. In most events, FBI records are not federal documents by default.

Court records are the sole items that these kinds of firms can control to “expose violations done under your name,” therefore it’s not the way some of these groups are working on letting you perceive in a subject of moments if anyone in a distant country acts to be you following crashing within a finance company. You’d presumably discover when adjurations are recorded, at the earliest.


Its programs grant a comprehensive amount of notifications. It helps get near actual warning of conceivably false venture in an array of fields. The scam alarms pursue your account biography. Any chance somebody attempts to initiate a new account plan under your name, you’ll be informed so you can place a halt to it before it accelerates into a greater problem.

It holds you refreshed on main information violations, identity fraud events, and new individuality theft legislation. For instance, if a market has a violation because of crime, your data can be applied to unlock account cards, register for investments, and more serious. Prompt information is a solution to preventing the loss in its records.

Banking Alerts

You can create cautions for your lender and account cards, loan records, identity menaces, credit card activity alerts and scam either via e-dress or SMS messages (or the two). You’re equipped to establish your scope as to what provokes an alarm, like a savings statement withdrawal beyond a particular value. For loan records, you will receive informed at any moment there is a deposit or other activity on your statements. Alarms can be established for your retirement, commission account, or different fiscal record. All of these trading alarms points inevitably appear with both IdentityForce programs.

Features symbol

Other Features and Services

Identity Force’s record of assistance also covers numerous high-level watching aids on both systems. For instance, short-term loan monitoring transfers you note at any moment a bonus or other kind of payday loan is initiated against your name. Sex offender monitoring likewise includes dual interests. It makes certain a sex convict doesn’t utilize your private data when signing and likewise hints you if listed convict transit to your community. Ultimately, other Identity theft protection features watch your social network records for improper columns or other pursuits.

Similar to most firms of its nature, it is essentially centered on individuality monitoring and alerts. Though it likewise gives any other benefits, counting a mailshot quitclaim and support with mislaid wallets (whether you’ve ever misplaced a purse, you understand that contacting the entire lender and account card corporations that want to be informed with it is authentic torture).

It likewise gives a series of PC assurance devices. It’s pretty much the Norton 360 agreement that arrives with rival LifeLock, though it’s a bit.

Assistance arrives in the figure of a receiver and webmail. Whether you possess broad inquiries concerning the goods, you should contact on days throughout business appointments. For affiliates, ID recovery specialists are on support 24/7.

The network additionally covers FAQS, an appendix of articles, and the overall advice and suggests mechanisms to defend you. Numerous calculators are likewise accessible for investment identification, account card matching, mechanical booking contrast purchasing, debt merger, and others. These are beneficial, though not a section of the central security given.

Plans and Pricing

IdentityForce holds the most suitable amount for the value. It proposes two plans: UltraSecure+ Credit for $20 per month and UltraSecure for $13 per month. The distinction separating the two is the extension of subscription monitoring, which elaborates on the range and provides you more protection. Opposed to other firms, it isn’t the most costly to any extent, and the assistances are more widespread.

UltraSecure Plan

As claimed by the IdentityForce network, the UltraSecure program comprises the subsequent individuality monitoring assistance:

  • Social media accounts monitoring
  • Sex offender monitoring
  • Payday loan monitoring
  • Court records monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Change of address monitoring
  • Advanced fraud monitoring

Along with identity theft protection, monitoring assistance, the IdentityForceUltraSecure plan likewise gives command protection and tools (comprising PC protection tools, medical fraud protection, two-factor authentication, and lost wallet protection) and fraud alerts in addition to the entire restoration options.

UltraSEcure+ Credit Plan

The identityforce ultrasecure credit plan covers all of the corresponding points as the UltraSecure plan in addition to credit score simulator, credit score tracker, credit scores, credit score reports and three credit reports updates, and three credit bureaus credit monitoring. All estimation is simple and can be quickly seen on the IdentityForce network.


(Childwatch should be appended to an Ultrasecure + Credit plan or Ultrasecure)

It is individuality monitoring for your kids.

The point suite here is awesome generally, though it’s difficult to get the get-go bundle too severely without any kind of subscription monitoring. Credit monitoring is amongst the major causes that these varieties of assistance live before anything else.

User Experience

Contrary to some rivals, IdentityForce doesn’t demand personal information such as your social security number until subsequent you’ve cleared off. They assumed that might create subjects with unaware buyers who could be confused to discover that they have to accord this personal data, though some desired it this process. A few don’t covet firms to be equipped to acquire their social security number from a left network purchasing cart.

It gives a firm claim for holding the extremely most useful of the individuality monitoring assistance. Its monitoring is comprehensive, its alarms are readily programmable, and its app is too easy to work. Setup is straightforward, and the value, if not entirely a filch, is a reasonable one to require. Whether you’re querying for an individuality monitoring assistance, you must actively recognize IdentityForce in overall and the Ultrasecure + Credit plan to be specific.

IdentityForce has made headway in surveys, and you can append our view to the theme. This is undoubtedly amongst the pretty most suitable integrity monitoring assistance on the exchange.


  • In regards to individuality theft protection operates, IdentityForce performs an awesome work of giving numerous monitoring assistance to better guard consumer's individualities from fraud.
  • The firm grants payday loan monitoring, social security number monitoring, financial accounts monitoring, triple-bureau credit monitoring from three major credit bureaus, 14-day free test, and then some. Data breaches and identity theft incidents have shown that possessing identity assurance can be beneficial.
  • It gives numerous comprehensive-package recovery assistance, including criminal, medical, and financial identity restoration to affiliates who turn out to bean identity theft preys. Furthermore, IdentityForce will assist buyers in discarding cards and renewing records in the case of a taken or misplaced purse.
  • Its clients can put confidence that they will be comprised of whether they turn into a prey of individuality fraud; the firm grants up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage that compensates clients lost wages for charges linked to the crime.
  • It gives valuable educational support on its webpages such as a blog, ebooks, quizzes, white papers, product comparisons, brochures, videos, and a lot more.
  • It holds a portable app that credit affiliates can work while dashing-about to have mental freedom. This portable app can assist consumers in remaining notified while they are roaming in or out of the country. Based on the firm's network, "affiliates performed a crucial part in the scheme and progress of IdentityForce Mobile app.". IdentityForce's mobile application has a VPN (virtual private network) mobile device protection.
  • It has a Mobile Attack Control included in the app, which monitors threats such as malware, open Wi-Fi hotspots, and rogue applications.


  • Sadly, IdentityForce does not give restoration service to customers with antecedent individuality theft circumstances, while several other firms in the individuality theft assurance business do give this assistance.
  • Those with antecedent individuality theft requirements might need to think of other choices in connection with redemption and recovery. The shortage of support with antecedent circumstances might steer consumers distant from applying for the firm's assistance.
  • It does not render any anti-phishing software or anti-virus software that numerous other individuality security firms propose. Its clients should attempt outside software and acquire it by themselves.
  • The absence of anti-phishing and anti-virus software bequeaths consumers with any vulnerability when it arrives at their private workstations.


1. Is IdentityForce worth the money?

Unlike other identity theft protection companies, we had an excellent experience with IdentityForce and would suggest it to anyone. We're hard-pressed to find a more complete identity monitoring service, and with the addition of additional digital security measures, it was well worth its starting price of $17.99 a month.

2. Is IdentityForce a good service?

IdentityForce is an excellent Identity Theft Protection service that ranks No. 2 on our list of the Best Identity Theft Protection Services in 2021. Identityforce is among the identity theft protection providers that provide comprehensive identity protection against data breach alerts and other data theft efforts.

3. Which is better IdentityForce vs Identity Guard?

Our endorsement. Both IdentityForce and Identity Guard provide adequate credit monitoring features and credit protection against identity theft. We believe IdentityForce is the superior alternative. It provides complete identity monitoring and superior credit coverage at a low price, making it an exceptional bargain.

4. Does IdentityForce have a family plan?

Yes, IdentityForce have a family plan. If you require additional monitoring, Identity theft protection plans offer family monitoring services for $24.90 for UltraSecure and $35.90 for UltraSecure + Credit. Additionally, you can phone to chat with an agent about cost and availability. They'll assist you in determining the greatest security for your loved ones depending on your unique circumstances.

5. How do I cancel Identityforce?

A member may discontinue their membership at any time by notifying IdentityForce. If you are a resident of the United States, you may cancel your membership by calling (877) 694-3367 or by accessing the Manage Account area of your member dashboard if you purchased your membership at www.identityforce.com.

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