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Identity Guard Review | All the Credit & ID Security and Monitoring You Need

Established in 2001 by Intersections Inc, Identity Guard was around the table and named as one of the top-rated credit monitoring services. Lately, however, iSubscribed obtained the Intersections Inc., and both unfolded toward the merged company entity Aura. iSubscribed was the discovery of HariRavichandran. He seized the status of CEO following the strategic partnership, with Ravichandran in charge of Aura, the fate of Identity Guard is vague.

Though, it appears the gist assistance is yet unscathed. More remarkably, nonetheless, that gist assistance is deserving of a place on our best identity theft protection record. Sa El from Simply Insurance says "When you look at how online shopping is becoming the norm, Identity theft insurance is crucial and going without it can cost you financially and harm your credit score." With that mind, we created our complete Identity Guard review to go over all of its pros and cons.

Identity Guard Review

Using Identity Guard extends manifold access to identity theft protection services that is created to suffice a person's safety requirements. It is a result of Intersections, Inc. and was designed to allow all users to gain the advanced facility and assurance that was formerly solely given to business organizations. It is a prime benefactor of user and business identity public relations services. Notwithstanding a current acquisition, Identity Guard appears to have clung on to its previous individuality and is giving compelling identity theft protection services and assistance.

With this in mind, it doesn’t distinctly incorporate legal support or credit repair to restore your poached identification in its settings. While your case administrator must be equipped to lead you within these procedures, it’s befitting of a recording that they won’t arrange the job for you.

However, though, whether you’re seeking for a means to guarantee no one begins utilizing your data without you identifying regarding it, Identity Guard is a reliable alternative to guard yourself or your household.

Identity Guard’s Services and Features

Whether you desire to relax simply, recognizing that somebody is observing all of the several bits of data that comprise your identification, Identity Guard has you concealed. The firm will observe the hidden net, examine constantly with IBM’s sturdy AI, and present 24/7 notifs.

Plus, they can serve you protect not merely your own identification, though your whole family. You can append any grown-ups residing at your residence place with its family plan. It transfers them a message to create their biography, so arranging them establish is a breeze. Additionally, Identity Guard monitors the hidden net for your kid's private data, and will even inform you of any possible cyberharassment.

If Identity Guard does encounter any problems, it will allocate you a committed case handler who is stationed in the U.S. to assist you in it. Though they don’t extend legal support or credit repair, so consider that.

Credit bureau monitoring

Those who decide for the premier or total plans will likewise obtain 3-bureau credit changes, which suggest they’ll acquire announcements of specific alterations to their credit statements, such as public records information, new credit inquiries, and extras. This is a fundamental accessory for assisting to guard your identification since frequently identity criminals will attempt to initiate new credit records under your name to exploit and drain your credit.


You’ll need to get a Total or Premier to plan to abuse Identity Guard’s credit monitoring subscriptions. By way of both, you receive a once-a-month Vantage 3.0 credit score, and you receive alarms of some revisions to your credit biography over the three agencies. That implies that if there are some new credit requests, you receive an alarm practically that minute, guaranteeing you can respond quickly to guard your identification and your credit record.

Dark web monitoring

Coming up with is dark web monitoring, which is a necessity in the time of information breaches. Namely considering when a crucial infringement or phish transpires, one of the prime sites perpetrators set personal information, financial, and some other taken data is the dark web (or black market), where identity thieves obtain the data and apply it to take humans' identifications.


Each three Identity Guard plan guides grant dark web monitoring. That implies that if they attain your health insurance details, other financial details, banking information or credit card, social security number, credit reports or any other private information on the hidden net, you’ll receive a warning. Plus, when you pick a family program, Identity Guard monitors the dark web for your kids' data likewise.

Address change monitoring

As Identity Guard doesn’t state whether it expressly watches for change of address anyplace apart from your savings accounts, it does continually browse for menaces to your identification with Watson AI. Supposing some changes of address appear inappropriate, you’ll feasibly receive a warning about them. And you’ll unquestionably become informed if someone attempts to change the address appended to your savings or checking accounts.


Identity Guard affiliates who support their plans are inevitably enlisted to obtain Change of Address Alerts. Notices are transmitted through webmail and likewise accessible through text messages as promptly as an alteration of residence is recorded. If you are relocating, modify your address, and get a warning, you can merely disregard the notice considering you identify you performed the switch. Though, if you obtain an alarm unexpectedly and you have not transferred, or you have no intention to leave any moment shortly, you’ll perceive something faulty is happening.

Identity theft insurance

When your private data is divulged, identity thieves will strive to achieve several matters, counting though not restricted to securing your savings accounts, cell phone services, utility service accounts, or registering for payday loans and closing wire transfers. Because of that, Identity Guard informs all plan affiliates of any perilous activities that issue in their name so you don;t become a victim of identity theft.


The identity theft security highlights are what separates the Identity Guard from the match. Notwithstanding you choose for the Value Plan (most economical plan), you’re still receiving a bunch of safeguards for your earnings.

Recognizing how widespread identity theft assurance is, you feasibly don’t want to fret concerning identity theft support, though if an extreme situation occurs and you fall prey to identity theft, Identity Guard took an act of revenge. Namely, since all Identity Guard affiliates are guarded with $1 million identity theft coverage and taken assets compensation — both aids in treating financial damages because of identity theft. They will likewise privately watch your claim for a month after the issue has been settled, a particular interest granting unforeseen problems might emerge at any moment.

Banking alerts

Plan affiliates likewise obtain a few sorts of bank account monitoring alarms and data breach notifications. Initially, they will receive alarms when an alteration to their email address, name, or residence is created, or a new account owner is appended to their savings accounts. Furthermore, you’ll be informed when Identity Guard catches that your data has been applied in an application to initiate new savings accounts at credit unions, local banks, regional banks, and national banks across the United States. Both of these points are extremely valuable, as bank accounts are another goal of identity thieves that users must recognize.

That suggests that if some alterations are done to some of your bank accounts — comprising savings and checking certainly, though including any other financial accounts such as your IRA — you receive an alarm. Assume to get ringed if anyone attempts to alter the contact information, name, or address on your account. So bank account monitoring is important.

Anti-Phishing Mobile App

Our days are on cellular these eras, and identity thieves understand that. To further guard your passwords, information, and everything else saved on your cellular from exploiting credit card fraud, it possesses an anti-phishing mobile app for IOS and Android. It will hinder discovered hacking spots when you open webmail routes or utilize a congruent portal. The app likewise arrives with a hacking news feed to inform you of the most current credit card exploiting fraud.

Allow warnings to be advised of new alarms and stay up-to-date.


  • Automatic admission and configuration guidance
  • Electronic updates for preventing recently detected phishing sites
  • In-app Test switch for measuring security innovations
  • Security toward identified phishing sites in Safari
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User Experience

Generally, Identity Guard is extensive identity theft total protection assistance. Its moderately costlier quotation and credit monitoring hallmarks are not excellent, though the assistance more than implements for it with its comprehensive identity monitoring highlights and accessories. Combine to that the compensation you’ll obtain if you fall prey to identity fraud as an Identity Guard affiliate, and you certainly can’t fall flat with each Identity Guard program.

It is supreme if you’re seeking for a means to guarantee that all of the pieces of your data drifting throughout the World Wide Web don’t conclude in the evil hands. It keeps you informed, 24/7 alerts, monitoring the dark web, and continuous scanning with AI-driven.

The firm is likewise there to attend if anything does fall apart, though don’t assume legal support or credit repair assistance. Yet, with an offset amount of $7.50 a month, Identity Guard is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to guard their identification.

Plans and Pricing

Identity Guard is on the costlier side; however, it possesses proper identity scam security. All programs give up to $1 million in compensation with identity theft protection, approach to your risk management record, and dark web monitoring and Social Security number.

Value Plan

Identity Guard’s Value Plan extends some great, fundamental identity fraud restriction, $14.99/month for a family, or $8.99/month for a single. It’ll take you a $1 million identity protection policy in the event of identity fraud, and it will scan the hidden net to examine if it identifies items such as your credit card numbers and driver’s license.

Total Plan

The Total plan gets $16/period. It covers all of the security given by the Value plan and knocks stuff up a tad with a regularly Vantage 3.0 credit score derived from TransUnion data; bank account signal claim applications to open savings or checking accounts with your data and alarms; public report alterations and more; and warnings of 3-bureau credit innovations that give you with near concurrent notif of new credit requests.

Premier Plan

The Premier Plan, $34.99/month for households and $24.99/month for singles, isn’t extremely distinct from its Total Plan, though it appends a yearly credit statement on-demand from the entire three main credit agencies and a social insight statement. That statement explains your Facebook outline to evaluate your web-based picture and suggest steps to develop it, assisting you or your children in being a little smarter online.


  • It grants extensive identity fraud security assistance and combinations, which comprise fraud alert notifications, address change monitoring, dark web monitoring, and credit monitoring services.
  • Since Identity Guard offers several watching assistance, it is a lot more reasonable that identity fraud will be detected and cease activity before it occurs.
  • Its web-based Resource Center equips customers with data that serve them fully realize what identity fraud is and gives pointers to better guard your household and yourself against turning into a prey. Some issues they report comprise:
  • The Collateral Damage of ID Theft
  • Stats on Identity Theft
  • Online Security Issues and Protection
  • How to Protect Your Identity on Online Marketplaces
  • Child Identity Theft and Protection
    • It enables companies to prepare for information infringements by equipping them with an approved Data Breach Readiness Guide, as well as data breach notifications, employee protection awareness exercise, data monitoring, network scans, and other identity fraud assurance devices in addition to web-based instructional means/devices that companies can utilize to prepare their systems equipped to shield versus inevitable information infringements.


    • As much as Identity Guard does give illegal and fiscal identity recovery assistance, the firm does not help with tax identity or medical restoration.
    • Furthermore, it does not run with antecedent identity requirements (for somebody who previously has a liberated identification) neither does it give insufficient authority. For the moment, several other firms in the identity theft business do grant various or the entire assistance.
    • Even if consumers can withdraw their affiliation/assistance with Identity Guard at any moment, the firm does not give a full refund assurance system.
    • Consumers are "not authorized to some credit, credit reports, repayment or payment for early revocation or any partial-use, price settlement, reimbursement, or any other deduction." Reimbursement merely appears to be possible for specific incidents.
    • Several of the general consumer charges dwell on debiting issues and problems signing into records. This might become irritating in your search for relaxing identity theft assurance.


    1. Is Identity Guard any good?

    In general, Identity Guard is a good value for individuals and families, but you should compare it to other leading identity theft protection companies before making a decision.

    2. Which is better LifeLock or Identity Guard?

    While Identity Guard, Experian, and LifeLock all offer a variety of similar services, each is better suited to specific situations. LifeLock's 24/7 assistance is a significant benefit, while Identity Guard's all-inclusive plans include high risk transaction monitoring alerts and risk management to a credit score. LifeLock is an excellent choice for technologically savvy consumers.

    3. Does Identity Guard have an app?

    Yes, Identity guard have an app. Accessing your Identity Guard®account via your smartphone is simple and convenient. Install our Mobile App for convenient and secure access to your monitoring alerts, current credit scores, credit reports and more. Available on iOS and Android platforms.

    4. Does Identity Guard Protect your Social Security number?

    Yes, identity guard can protect your social security number. Identity Guard® Essentials provides much more than basic identity protection. Not only will we monitor your SSN, but we'll also be scanning the internet on a regular basis to see if your personal information or financial account information is being shared illegally.

    5. How do I cancel my identity Guard account?

    At any time, you may cancel your service by calling 1-855-443-7748 or logging into your member area. Cancellations will be processed at the end of the billing cycle for the current month.

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