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INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor Review | More Screen Space With Great Performance!

Are you looking for a multipurpose monitor that can switch between gaming and work? The INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor is an excellent pick.

When I thought of changing my monitor and getting an ultrawide one, my mind was on the standard 34-inch screens. Until I came across the INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor, with a 40-inch screen real estate that is 18% more than the standard ultrawide monitor size.

However, before the order arrived, I was worried sick about its panel. Ordinarily, ultrawide monitors have a curved screen to offer a more immersive experience. Even with the increased screen real estate, the INNOCN monitor features a flat panel.

Would that cause problems with accessing the contents at the edges?

Is this a monitor that you should consider buying?

Let's find out.

INNOCN Monitor Review

You can use the display as a gaming monitor or for work. For instance, it has a split-screen feature that enhances multitasking. The IPS panel technology and 178-degree viewing angle bring smooth images at various angles. So, what features does the INNOCN monitor offer?

High-quality Display

monitor on the table

When looking for an ultrawide monitor, I wanted one that'd offer the best combination of brightness, screen resolution, and color accuracy for the most realistic images. Eye care technology was also a consideration, as I spend a lot of time in front of my screen.

The INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor didn't disappoint in many aspects.

One thing that stood out for me was that the monitor's default brightness was set too low, at 60%, probably to save energy. Trying to change the brightness upwards resulted in a warning of more power consumption. However, the increased energy use was worth it was getting the brightness to 100% resulted in clearer and crispier images.

Overall, the monitor offers incredible performance with its basic factory settings. You'll enjoy the professional color gamut, smooth images, and uniformity with no dead pixels.

I feel INNOCN 40c1r would do better with a higher refresh rate. Windows 11 sets the default at 60Hz. However, it may not be a big deal since the display allows you to change it manually to 144Hz.

Additionally, you can use the game settings to change the response time to ultrafast and reduce lag during gaming.

Although it's a great gaming monitor, the INNOCN display requires you to have a dedicated video card to achieve solid frame rates. You can use the AMD Freesync Premium technology if you have an AMD GPU. It's also NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible.

The monitor enhances multitasking, which helps boost productivity. You can split the screen or open multiple windows to help you compare. The professional color gamut and high dynamic range (HDR) technology offer great color performance, making smooth images ideal for watching movies.

Besides the high-quality IPS display, the low blue light technology was also a welcome feature for me. Since I spend extended periods in front of the screen, the technology ensures my eyes' comfort. INNOCN monitors are also TÜV Rheinland certified.


I was happy with the monitor's various connectivity options that enhance its versatility. They allow you to connect to other devices, including your gaming console.

The options include powerful USB-C connectivity. You can connect your USB-C devices to the USB-C port. It also comes with two HDMI ports and an audio jack to enable you to connect your headphones during gaming for an immersive gaming experience.

All the connectivity ports, including the audio out ports, are clustered under the display. It features an in-built power supply with the AC power cable plugged to the left. I'd recommend plugging in all the cables before mounting the monitor.

Although the monitor doesn't come with a cable management system, it has a dedicated hole on the stand where you can put your cables and cluster them.

The single DisplayPort can support most of the monitor's features, including a 144Hz refresh rate and a maximum resolution of 3440 × 1440. The USB-C port offers 90W of charging power to your devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The built-in speakers are not of the best quality, and I had to invest in some quality headphones or external speakers to connect via the audio output.

It also supports Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP), allowing you to use multiple devices. With PBP, you split the display in half and display content from two devices side-by-side.

With PIP, you can separate the screen into two parts, with one device on the main display and the second in an adjustable window.


monitor on the desk

The 40-inch display is massive, which made it a challenge for me to unbox. I had to get help unboxing it.

The package includes a color calibration report, a power cable, a USB-C cable, a DisplayPort, and a user manual.

The monitor comes with a stand that you can use to place it on your desk. However, it's also wall-mountable. If you don't want to use the stand, the monitor comes with four hexagonal mounting screws that you can use with the VESA mount.

monitor bird view

I preferred the VESA mount option since it secures the display firmly on the wall and reduces the chances of it falling off. It also saves me a lot of space on my desk, allowing me to use other devices easily.

The user manual comes in handy in explaining how to install the monitor. The stand is also adjustable to your comfort. You can swivel and tilt it to achieve a comfortable viewing angle. You can also adjust the height to your ideal position to make it possible to work even while standing.

While thinner monitors are available on the market, the INNOCN monitor is thicker. However, the black-on-black design doesn't draw a lot of attention.

User Interface

monitor display front view

You'll come face-to-face with the user interface when you connect a device and power on the monitor.

It'll first require you to select your default language. Use the buttons under the up/down arrow icons to choose your preferred language. The button under the home icon will help you to confirm.

After selecting the language, you'll see some icons on the bottom right of the monitor. These include the power ON/OFF symbol, the main menu (home icon), adjusting volume (up arrow), and a down arrow to adjust the brightness. You'll find the buttons for each respective icon underneath the monitor. The interface changes depending on the button you press.

For instance, the menu button opens various settings, such as the game settings, picture settings, OSD settings, professional settings, and PIP/PBP settings.

The professional settings allow you to adjust the color mode, brightness, sharpness, and other display settings. You can choose the high contrast ratio, aspect ratio, brightness, and HDR with the picture settings.

I'd use the game settings to turn the adaptive sync on or off. Additionally, they could help me display an in-game crosshair and set the proper refresh rate and response time to avoid screen tearing, stuttering, and input lag while gaming.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Pros

  • Vesa compatible, allowing you to mount it on the wall
  • Enhances productivity by allowing you to multitask
  • It's versatile
  • Offers life-like images


  • You'll have black bars on the sides with consoles that may not support widescreen gaming
  • The USB-C display is at 60Hz

How Do I Choose the Right Ultrawide Monitor?

If you want to pick the best ultrawide monitor, look out for the following features:


Ultrawide monitors are available in various sizes, including 34 and 40-inch monitors. Your choice should depend on how much screen real estate you want. Most ultrawide monitors also feature a curved design. It's beneficial for gaming monitors as you can easily capture game details at the edges.

The monitor size can also depend on the size of your desk. You may have to buy a new desk to accommodate the new monitor.


Most ultrawide monitors aren't cheap. However, you can still get some less expensive options that compromise on features such as the refresh rate and connectivity ports.

You can also look for various offers and discounts to help you get the monitors at a lower price.

Although the INNOCN monitor has incredible features, it comes at a surprisingly affordable price.


The resolution is an essential factor to consider as it determines the quality of images you get.

A 3440 × 1440 resolution or higher is ideal if you want a gaming monitor. It enables you to have a crispier view of all the details.


Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth the Investment?

Ultrawide monitors are a worthwhile investment when you want to upgrade. Most have advanced features that boost your productivity, gaming, and watching experience.

For instance, it allows you to open multiple windows that enhance multitasking. The high refresh rate ensures you enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

What Are Some Tips for Using Ultrawide Monitors?

Ultrawide monitors can make a lot of difference in how you work or perform other tasks. To get the most out of the monitor, consider opening fewer apps, familiarize yourself with the monitor, and use a compatible graphics card.

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