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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be Using an Antivirus | Online Protection is a Must!

Even as new web browsers and operating systems have a better ability to stop viruses, cybercriminals have equally devised new forms of attacks. Cybercriminals currently use sophisticated malware to counter advanced browsers and exploit undiscovered vulnerabilities. As such, your business isn’t safe with the basic protection offered by web browsers and operating systems without the best antivirus for business also in action. Below are some reasons why you should use antivirus and you can also read our earlier ‘Enterprise Data Security‘ article.

1. Protection from Viruses

Antivirus basically provides prophylactic protection from virus attacks, specifically ransomware, which is the most insidious form of modern viruses. Without an antivirus, like AVG or McAfee, detecting ransomware is almost difficult, has the most damaging effects, and eliminating it is almost impossible. Ransomware is known to freeze access to files stored on hard drives or completely blocks access to your computer systems.

In most cases, the only solution to ransomware is formatting the disk, which obviously leads to total loss of information. This explains why most affected businesses prefer paying huge ransom to hackers in exchange for their compromised data.

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2. Protects Sensitive Data

Businesses handling their clients’ personal and financial data should protect them with an antivirus. Credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and passwords are valuable information that hackers always search for. Cybercriminals often deploy sophisticated and difficult-to-detect malware or spyware to steal such sensitive data. To avoid such losses, it is prudent to acquire an antivirus such as AVG or Panda among others, than subject your company to legal risks.

3. Protect Emails

The increasing use of digital platforms, including emails and other remote collaboration tools, has subjected businesses to high risks. Cybercriminals currently send Trojans and viruses through emails disguised as a link, text files, or images, a technique known as phishing. Once downloaded into your PC, Trojans infect and damage important files. It also allows the criminals access to your system. A good antivirus can scan emails automatically, checking the safety of their contents (see AVG antivirus safety guide).

4. Improved Online Security

Ecommerce businesses should use antivirus to improve their online security. If you run an online store, the chances are that you use online payments and store vital client data online. In such a situation, a premium antivirus is important to create a safe shopping environment and provide the highest level of online security. An antivirus provides timely detection of fraudulent sites and encrypts your financial transactions.

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5. Extra Useful Features

While the primary functions of antivirus are to regularly scan, detect and neutralize malware, most antiviruses come with a host of many other features. Among them include;

  • Password managers
  • File shredders
  • Anti-spam folder
  • Scans USB devices
  • Ad blockers
  • Built-in VPNs
  • Strong firewalls
  • Search advisors

6. Eliminates Manual Computer Scans

If you think spending money on antivirus is a waste since you scan your computer systems manually, consider the time and effort that goes into completing manual scans. Handling computer malware is time-consuming, as you should scan the computer, delete any infected files, and re-install the OS afresh. All this can be avoided by installing an antivirus.

7. Server Safety

Established businesses with file and mail servers should also consider using an antivirus, bearing in mind that these servers host crucial business information. While not all antivirus providers offer server protection, established companies like Kaspersky and BitDefender offer these extra security features to medium and large businesses.

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8. Regular Background Scanning

Continuous background scanning is important for the timely detection and elimination of malware from your systems. A good antivirus can conduct regular scans on your systems without affecting your systems’ operations. However, note that low-level antivirus options can affect your systems when running these background scans. Opt for premium options, which have minimal impact on the systems’ performance.

9. Protecting Others

It is generally responsible to install an antivirus on your PCs (see also how to uninstall AVG). Businesses that don’t use antiviruses or security software expose other computer users to imminent risks, especially if you communicate with customers and other people through your computers. Be it through instant messaging or email; you can unknowingly send a Trojan or malware to your co-workers or friends.

10. More Value for Your Money

The cost of losing valuable information cannot be compared to the cost of purchasing an antivirus package. Even better, unlike home packages that protect only 3 or 5 devices, antivirus products targeting businesses have affordable packages (see AVG and AVG Protection plans).

For instance, most premium versions offer protection from 10000 to unlimited users. This is convenient for businesses looking to protect multiple devices under one license.

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Bottom Line

Installing an antivirus is essential in the current digital age. While there are other options of protecting your business from malware attacks, using an antivirus provides 99% credibility. Businesses should also encourage their employees to practice safe cybersecurity measures to avoid being predisposed to these viruses. You can take advantage of the GI Bill Benefits to enroll in a cybersecurity class.

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