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Is Avast Antivirus Safe? | Can You Rely On It For Total Protection From PC Viruses?

Our recommendation: McAfee

Before we talk about the following product, there is an antivirus that continues to skillfully take care of new threats everyday! That antivirus program is McAfee! McAfee is an extensive antivirus program that has a dedicated database of over 49 billion threat queries, making this well-versed in dealing with all sorts of threats! No wonder over millions of devices are protected with this program everyday. Check out their line-up of security programs here!

Are you looking for an antivirus for your computer or mobile device? If that’s the case, you should ensure that your final choice will do the job.

There is no shortage of antiviruses in the market today. Some promise to offer the best protection to get rid of the viruses and other malware, but they don't live up to their expectations. This leaves your devices exposed and susceptible to attacks. Among the numerous options you can pick the best antivirus for Mac, or the one to protect your Android.

Thus, as you settle for an antivirus, ensure that it's perfect for the job.

Avast antivirus is one of the most popular and reputable antiviruses in the market today. Avast boasts of offering top-notch security that protects your location, user data, passwords, online activities, etc. Additionally, free version of Avast provides the most security features you'd get in other paid versions of antivirus software. We give you a detailed Avast review, to boot.

But do the advanced features make it safe? Our Avast antivirus review has all the answers you are looking for.

Avast Security

Avast antivirus is available in two versions, which include the Avast free version and the Avast premium version.

Should you go for the free or the premium version of Avast antivirus?

Your choice between the two options may depend on what you want to use the antivirus for. For instance, if you want an antivirus for personal use, you can opt for the Avast free version.

avast will keep you safe

If you want the Avast antivirus for business purposes, you should upgrade to the Avast premium edition.

To come up with this Avast antivirus review, we conducted lab tests and used the antivirus in real-time to check the Avast online security effectiveness and offers. The test labs were proof that the Avast antivirus offers excellent internet security, full virus scan, malware protection, smart scan, among other functions. The advanced features and functions make the Avast antivirus among the best antiviruses that you can find in the market.

Features of the Avast Antivirus 

Avast antivirus is available in different tiers. You can go for the free version, the premium, or the Avast business security to protect your computer.

So what features does each tier offer?

Avast Free Antivirus 

As mentioned earlier, Avast antivirus software outdid itself in coming up with the Avast free antivirus version. You would expect that Avast free version would only offer the basic protection with the advanced functions reserved for premium users.

However, Avast free antivirus offers you all the features that you can only get in other commercial versions of competing antiviruses.

Apart from scanning for viruses and malware, the free versions also enable you to detect malicious browser extensions and add-ons, weak passwords and unprotected and sensitive data and documents. Plus, it also detects out-of-date and unwanted software and network issues.

The sensitive documents scan of the Avast antivirus is highly effective. When you full scan your device, Avast will find all the sensitive documents, including financial statements, tax records, and employment documents.

Avast also helps you manage and sort the documents in different categories, e.g., payroll, taxes, employment, etc.

The Avast free antivirus version of the antivirus also performs a boot-time scan, which is crucial in protecting your device. Nowadays, there are types of malware that can persist even after deleting them from your primary operating system. The malware that exists outside the primary system reinstall itself when you boot your device.

avast awards

The Avast scan restarts your device and checks for any malicious software that may try to install on the computer. The Avast anti-virus stops it before it can reinstall itself.

Additionally, the version features a Wi-Fi scanner that acts as a shield for your devices when you are at home or on the go. The antivirus will identify all the connected documents when you connect them, and it will shield them from harm, giving you safe and secure web browsing on the internet.

The Avast free antivirus version is versatile as it offers real-time malware protection across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can also use it with various browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, among others. You can install it as a Chrome browser extension to offer real-time browser protection with malware detection.

One interesting feature of the Avast free antivirus is the Behavior Shield. The feature helps the anti-virus to scan the behavior of individual programs. With that, it can identify any fishy behavior with the program. You also enjoy the CyberCapture that detects any suspicious program and file and then sends it to Avast cloud for inspection.

Avast Premium Security

Unlike the Avast free antivirus version, the premium security version comes with licenses for single and multiple devices.

Avast is an excellent choice for home users, and it offers malware threat protection over a wide range of threats, including spyware, phishing sites, viruses, and other types of malware.

The Avast premium version is also famous as it offers a robust firewall. This gives you control of your incoming traffic, including the outgoing and incoming traffic.

great protection

What's more?

The premium version features an advanced ransomware shield. Ransomware is malware that steals and holds your files and data and then asks for a ransom to release the files. The ransomware shield scans the behavior of your programs and sites to detect any fishy behavior and threats. It also comes in handy in protecting unauthorized modification of core files.

Plus, it allows you to test files for any threats virtually without worry. With the sandboxing feature, you can test a file virtually without fear that will malware infects other files on the device.

The feature makes it possible to run operations separately. As such, if there is a malicious code, it is restricted in the sandbox and cannot leave, and it will disappear when you close the tab.

The paid version of Avast anti virus also comes with a utility that comes in handy when you want to clean your hard drive. But do you need the paid version when you can access CCleaner for free? The feature offers a secure erase function that helps you erase any sensitive material by writing over it several times, removing all its traces from your device.

Plus, it comes with a VPN option that you can pay for. The Avast VPN comes in handy when you want to hide your location as you are browsing the internet. That can help you to access content that is geographically restricted in your area but allowed in others. The VPN helps you to set a virtual location such that it will appear you are surfing from that location.

However, the VPN option by Avast is a bit more expensive compared to other VPN providers. Its competitors offer the same features and more at a reduced cost. So, check out what the best antivirus that includes VPN is.

The premium security version of Avast is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

The excellent premium protection & security option doesn't offer so much as compared to the free version. The paid version features come in handy, but they don't make you more secure than the free version.

be the plus one

Avast Business Version 

If you run an organization with multiple computers, the Avast business version will be a perfect choice as anti-virus software. Avast also offers business antivirus programs in three types, including Avast Business Antivirus, Business Antivirus Pro, and Business Antivirus Pro Plus.

The Avast Business Antivirus is available for Windows, Android, and Mac.

Additionally, the Business Antivirus Pro and the Business Antivirus Pro Plus are only available for Windows users.

With the Avast Business Antivirus, you can expect tons of features avast is offering that gets rid of antiviruses and malware in your computer. They also form a protective firewall and sensitive files protection.

For instance, the version comes with a CyberCapture feature. With this feature, you can detect and send potentially harmful files to the Threat Lab for testing.

If your computer is infected and you want to clean it, you risk losing your data and files in the process. But the business version of Avast comes with a Rescue Disk that helps you save your files on an infected computer.

Business Antivirus Pro comes with more features. For instance, it offers the Data Shredder feature, which comes in handy for many Windows users. The feature enables you to erase your data, files, and drives, which is an irreversible process. As such, nobody can misuse or restore the data.

As a Windows user, you also enjoy Exchange Server Protection and Sharepoint Server Protection.

The Business Antivirus Pro Plus adds a Webcam Shield to blocks webcam spying, SecureLine VPN for more security, and password protection.

Avast secure browser setup capture


Avast offers four pricing tiers, which include Avast free, Avast Internet Security, Avast Premier, and Avast Ultimate.

This feature to secure your internet is an excellent option for home users who don't want to use the free version. It comes with several advanced features, including protecting you from fake sites, advanced firewall, a ransomware shield, and anti-spam features.

The tier also contains the sandbox feature, which is vital in preventing malware spread.

The more expensive tiers are available from third parties, and they come with nice software such as password manager, disk cleanup, browser cleanup, data shredder, and VPN.


When installing Avast, it offers to install Avast secure browser because it is fast, secure, and private. There is also a full-page explaining how Avast will use your non-personal data, and it also explains how you can opt-out if you want to.

The most significant part of the Avast window is a gray rectangle with a status icon in the middle and a "Run Smart Scan" button.

On the left side of the window is a left-rail menu that enables you to switch from the main menu to protection, performance, or privacy.

You’ll also get a welcome gift at the bottom. When you unwrap the virtual gift, you get a discounted upgrade to Avast Premium.

Avast antivirus features

Our recommendation: McAfee

While the antivirus products we mentioned in this article may be good, there is an antivirus program that is continuing to be a leading force in its market. That anti-virus program is McAfee! McAfee customers range from home users to government agencies, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the leading security giants that has protected over millions of devices. This antivirus’ customer support comes unmatched as it has a 24/7 tech line available to all it’s users! It’s approach to cybersecurity is what created the standard in it’s own competition pool. Check out their security programs here!

Bottom Line on Avast Antivirus Review 

Avast products are safe that will keep your computer and mobile devices secure. It comes in different payment tiers, and you can choose your favorite. The free version offers you tons of features that make sure your device is secure, though you have to upgrade to the paid versions to enjoy some advanced features.


1. Is Avast Safe for Windows 10?

Yes. Avast's free antivirus software for Windows 10 protects you against all types of malware. Utilize our VPN for Windows 10 to ensure complete online privacy.

2. Is McAfee better than Avast?

As you can see, both programs performed admirably in terms of security, performance, and usability. Additionally, both Avast and McAfee avoided false positives and detected 100% of zero-day malware attacks, which is significantly more than the industry average. McAfee, on the other hand, is the performance leader.

3. Is Avast good antivirus?

Yes, in general. Avast is good antivirus software that offers a reasonable level of security protection. The free version includes a plethora of features but does not include ransomware protection. Virus definitions are updated on a regular basis to keep abreast of emerging threats. The free version, on the other hand, provides just a rudimentary level of security.

4. Is Avast bad for your computer?

Avast scans a computer slowly and causes the system to slow down during scans, and the program provides mediocre malware protection that is arguably worse than that provided by the built-in Microsoft Windows Defender. It's one of our top recommendations for free anti-virus software.

5. Will Avast remove malware?

Yes. Avast Free Edition Antivirus detects and eliminates hidden malware, blocks future malware, and protects against malicious viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

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