Kaspersky Vs ESET: Who’s the Front-runner Antivirus?

Who’s going to be the perfect option for you in 2020 as far as this wide-ranging comparison i.e. Kaspersky Vs ESET is considered? Obviously, features matter most when it comes to comparing two products or services, however, there’s more to that than just meets the eye – we’ll cover all such aspects in this thorough review guide.

We cannot judge the characteristics of the software hurriedly because doing so would not be wise; rather what we have done is that we have researched thoroughly and then came up with the decision. This is because we don’t want you to ruin yourself financially by purchasing an expensive antivirus.

FYI, this isn’t the first time we are reviewing Kaspersky or ESET – we have already reviewed and rated these programs earlier with other software.

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So, can Kaspersky be stacked up with ESET and win this race in the first place? It’s hard to judge the book by its cover for both of the software are great at protecting your system from malware and other types of viruses and delivering next-level system performance.

However, that’s not everything you should be looking out for – you must be mindful of (or consider) the UI offering, cost of the software, and most significantly, the features.

Quick Reminder for Kaspersky Vs ESET 2020

But before we begin, we’d like to have your attention towards the best-on-earth antivirus. What? Is there such an antivirus that can surpass the rest of the antivirus software available on the market in this day and age?

Well, in point of fact, there is! And, we believe that you have already heard of it. It’s “BitDefender”, the one and only antivirus that is capable of offering unmatched features or functionalities and not to mention that it’s reasonably priced which means you won’t be breaking the bank while you purchase your most favorite antivirus suite of BitDefender.

Currently, BitDefender is listed as #1 Antivirus Software because no other antivirus is as rich in features as it is, nor do they offer a discount to their first-time buyers as BitDefender does. On top of it, BitDefender brings different plans to the table for all platforms whether you’re on Windows, iOS, macOS, or Android.

We’ve reviewed more than fifty antivirus packages in our different comparison battles, but we could not stumble across any antivirus like BitDefender for it also offers 30-day money-back guarantee. That means if you don’t find yourself interested after within 30 days (from the date of purchase), you can get your 100% refund.

Kaspersky Vs ESET: A Short Antivirus Review

We know that we live in a digital era and not everyone has got time (since they’re pressed for time). If you’re one of those people who are running out of time but still would like to know which software is better – i.e. is it ESET or Kaspersky, then we’d welcome you to the subsequent short verdict that will have you as a well-informed person.

The supposed “digital freedom” doesn’t come for free – you’re supposed to pay for it (based on the suite you’re interested in). You will be more cautious than ever to know that hackers, nowadays, are targeting mobile users (those who smartphones). The reason behind this is that an American spends around 10 hours per day on a computer screen or a smartphone display.

On the one hand, the Internet is a great place to search anything, it, on the other hand, could be a dangerous place for those who are not serious about their online privacy and just post everything online without thinking about the consequences (or negative impacts) of it. That’s the reason the malware attacks are skyrocketing. According to the AV-test, an independent IT-security lab that conducts tests or evaluations on the IT-security products like antivirus, senses over 350,000 new malware samples on a daily basis Kaspersky Vs ESET.

Every time you browse the Internet, open an email, watch a video online, or download a file online, you’re giving the hacker an opportunity to penetrate into your system. That’s because you don’t have a high-end antivirus. Today, we will be comparing the ins and outs of both Kaspersky and ESET so that we could make an informed decision for you.

Now, let’s begin our short comparison:


Whether you purchase an antivirus or something else, since you’re paying for it, you need to make sure that you are getting advanced features. Having compared both ESET and Kaspersky, we found out Kaspersky brings better and more security-improving features to the table.

Winner: Kaspersky

Malware Protection

You might believe that the Internet is the safest place to share information, but numbers don’t lie – AV-test alone detects over 350,000 malware attacks every single day. With that in mind, next-level defense from malware and other attacks is extremely compulsory.

In this comparison, both software performs exceptionally well.

Winner: Both

System Performance

How much impact does the antivirus that you about to purchase puts on the system? An ideal antivirus program delivers exceptional system performance without causing the lagging issue. No matter if you run the antivirus in the background or in the foreground, it must not cause any sort of disturbance in the meantime.

Winner: Both

User Interface (UI):

What about the UI of the software? Is it user-friendly? Is the menu or navigation properly laid out? How many steps are you required to take to reach the destination source?

Good software will require minimal steps towards the action, making it super easy and time-saving for you to get the job done. In this category, Kaspersky is ahead of the race.

Winner: Kaspersky

Cost of Antivirus

Do you have to break the bank while investing in an antivirus? If you believe so (or someone tells you so), you’re mistaken. There’s no need to pay more than you actually need – i.e. only pay for what you’re in need of.

However, sometimes, things go against the wishes of yours and the antivirus that you believe would be inexpensive turns out to be an expensive one. But that’s not in case of Kaspersky as it is less expensive as compared to ESET.

Winner: Kaspersky


If an antivirus software has been offering good services to the customers, it’s definite that it’d be popular among people and that’s what we have to figure out in this category.

Having gone through the statistics (reports), ESET turned out to be more popular than Kaspersky.

Winner: ESET

Short Verdict for Kaspersky Vs ESET 2020

As a result, everything is now clear that Kaspersky has won more rounds than ESET. ESET is a good software but not doesn’t ring a bell when compared with Kaspersky. In terms of protection and system performance, both software has made it to an exceptional level, however, speaking of the reasonability, Kaspersky is a better option to consider in 2020.

Overall Winner: Kaspersky

Our Recommendation!

What if you could get the top-most protection from a company that is currently protecting over 500 million devices all around the world? Wouldn’t it be amazing? Yes, it would be for the fact that you will be getting the never-seen-before features and security-enhancing add-ons!

We believe if you’re protection is limited to only 5 devices, then BitDefender’s “Total Security” would be the perfect-fit option for you and the good news is that you can get it at 50% off its list price. However, if you believe in protecting every single member of your family (i.e. if you have a family), they cannot suggest you any better suite than “Family Pack” that will let you protect up to 15 people per household.

The cool thing about BitDefender is that it not only presents suites for Windows-specific devices but also for Mac and other platforms. It means you can get along with the software with just a single license, there is no need to purchase separate suites to make sure the ultimate protection i.e. to get the peace of mind.

BitDefender has always been striving for quality and being unique when it comes to unparalleled features. That’s why it also brings a 30-day money-back guarantee to the table that you can avail yourself of to get the peace of mind for sure.

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Kaspersky Vs ESET: Who Wins the Final Antivirus Battle?

Thought, in the aforesaid (brief comparison), it was a close call by ESET, it still had to stay behind Kaspersky. This highly thorough comparison, however, will consider the nuts and bolts information of both the software.

At first, we will take the barebones or nub of high-end plans into consideration – the freeware and free trials of both Kaspersky and ESET to see what comes fee (i.e. without any cost).

Let’s begin with Kaspersky:

kasperskys antivirus suites

Kaspersky’s Free Edition:

If you’re on the lookout for rigorous protection, high performance, and simplicity (software that is easy to manage), Kaspersky’s freeware (free edition) can do wonders for your device in that area. However, since it is free, it won’t be bringing next-level features to the table, unfortunately.

However, if you need the basic protection for your needs, this is a good way to get started. It comes free of cost and can be utilized on 1 to 3 devices and is valid for 1 year. With the help of free edition, you will be protected from ransomware, spyware, malware and other digital threats.

Download Now

Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus:

This is an entry-level antivirus suite offered by Kaspersky. With this suite, there’s a lot that you can do, such as you can effortlessly block all of the viruses, crypto locker, spyware, and other digital threats. The real-time protection is always on and gives you peace of mind that your data is 100% secure and safe.

Say ‘NO’ to crypto mining and give your system the skyrocketing speed so that it can process in the same way it’s designed for. This suite shows the reassuring message on the front (after it’s opened) – “Your protection is live now” and there’re 4 tabs on the welcoming screen – “Scan”, “Database Update”, “Reports”, and “On-screen Keyboard”.

You can purchase this package for 3 and 5 devices for 1, 2 and 3 years online easily.

Learn More | Buy Now

Kaspersky’s Internet Security:

This is another level-up antivirus package on behalf of Kaspersky. This one brings some great features to the table like blocking unauthorized to your webcam. With the help of “Bank-grade” encryption, you can protect all of your online payments like a pro.

Not just like, the VPN has also been equipped, allowing you to filter the incoming and outgoing traffic by encrypting it for safety purposes. This suite is only accessible on PC and Mac device or one a couple of features work on mobiles. If you want to protect your Android or iOS device completely, you will need to jump to the higher plan.

You can save up to 60% off on “Internet Security” and steal the deal for Kaspersky Vs ESET.

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Kaspersky’s Total Security:

This is the company’s full-fledged antivirus suite that allows you to keep an eye on your children’s activity – i.e. which applications they are using on their smartphones, which websites they are visiting, etc. In addition to that, a new feature a.k.a. Password Manager has been equipped in this suite. This allows you to easily store your passwords in an online vault so that you could access them anywhere, anytime.

This suite can be run on your PC, Mac, and Mobile. You will get a pack full of around 87 technologies in a single license that will make your day like never before. This package is highly rated by certified buyers/customers. Furthermore, it also offers a “File Protection” feature that takes the backup of your precious files, including photos, music, etc., on your PC and restores them when you need to do so.

The rest of the features have been taken from the above-mentioned suite – Internet Security. To find out more, please jump to the links below:

Learn More | Buy Now

Kaspersky’s Security Cloud:

There’s a new adaptive technology called Security Cloud by Kaspersky. It has newly been added to the house. It will deliver never-seen-before performance – i.e. it will put the minimal impact on the system performance, giving you a skyrocketing speed. You will be able to get best-on-earth apps and features to count on under a single account – open the world of hundreds of features via a single account.

It doesn’t matter whether you own an Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows-specific device, you can take advantage of the ultimate protection on all of the devices without any glitch. If you’re not sure about the purchase, you can try a 30-day trial for free.

Again, this suite has been further divided into two – Personal and Family. So, if you are an individual, you can purchase the “Personal” plan (which gives you the freedom to use from 3 or 5 devices, otherwise, you could go with the “Family” plan that will allow you to protect up to 20 devices.

Learn More | Buy Now

Now, let’s talk about ESET’s antivirus programs (suites/packages):

eset packages

ESET’s Free Trial:

Like other software companies, ESET doesn’t offer freeware, however, it does bring a 30-day free trial to the table which should give you the basic familiarity of what ESET can do for your device’s protection or the data living inside it. From the date of download, you can try the free trial for 30 days and, there won’t be any commitment not will there be any requirement of the credit card.

Try Free Trial

ESET’s NOD32 Antivirus:

This is an entry-level offering – i.e. it’s simple enough for a newbie to understand. It can be made use of on up to 5 devices only and can be billed yearly or for 2 or 3 years.

No matter what type of work you’re currently engaged with, there will be no slowdowns, offering you a light or minimal impact on computer resources. It’s been 30+ since NOD32 technology has been rocketing it. Get never-ending gaming and video experience and float on cloud seven.

It offers one-click installation, saving you tons of time. If something needs a little bit of customization, you can do that as per your needs by going to the “Settings” tab. You will also other amazing and never-seen-before features like getting cloud-powered scanning, anti-phishing, exploit blocker, advanced memory scanner, idle state scanner, and so on Kaspersky Vs ESET 2020.

To make sure if this is the ultimate choice for you, consider the detailed information given underneath:

Learn More | Buy Now

ESET’s Internet Security:

It’s no doubt that we are living in an Internet era and relying on cyberspace has become our tendency and it’s hard to get rid of it as you can easily find anything you want on the Internet. You can protect up to a maximum of 10 devices with this module.

The 2020th edition of Internet Security will help you make sure that you get peace of mind – a next-level safety from all cyberattacks, security for your online banking, the ultimate protection for your IoT and webcam, and not to mention the multi-platform (multi-device) protection.

It uses legendary antivirus technology that will ensure protection from malware, spyware, ransomware, and other nasty digital threats. The “Anti-theft” has also been included in the package using which you can locate your lost or stolen device using your laptop’s built-in camera. Be more amazed at the features – see more using the links below.

Learn More | Buy Now

ESET’s Smart Security Premium:

In this suite, the previous unpackaged i.e. “Internet Security” has been taken to the next level, offering top-of-the-line security.

While doing online banking with all safety is a big deal, features like
Password Manager has been added to this suite. On top of that, no algorithm designed to inject your system with “Botnet” can reach near you because a next-level security layer for Botnet protection has also be deployed into this special suite.

The one-of-its-kind “Parental control” feature is what this suite has been equipped with. Say goodbye to spamming, phishing, penetration via webcam, data breaching, password stealing; rather stop all hackers from getting into your system via the webcam of your device. The “Anti-theft” feature lets you find the lost or stolen devices intelligently.

Play your most favorite videos game or stream your much-loved movie online without getting the interruption, thanks to the “Gamer mode”.

Learn More | Buy Now

ESET’s Multi-platform Security:

If there are many devices in your family, odds are you will need a suite that offers multi-device protection and the good news is that there is one offered by ESET.

Yes, we are talking about comprehensive multi-device security for all of your devices, be it PC, Android, or Mac. The total number of devices that can be guarded with this suite is 10.

With this suite, you can install any of the given combinations (see via the link below). Even there is the availability of protection for Linux. This is a best-value package and hands over you the complete control over the devices.

To see more of what this plan can do for you, follow the link:

Learn More | Buy Now

If this doesn’t fit your needs, you can consider BitDefender’s “Family Pack” that is capable of surpassing all of the suites offered by ESET. We’ve already talked about BitDefender i.e. why it is considered to best-on-earth antivirus software.

Kaspersky or ESET: Which Antivirus offers Better Malware Protection?

Which antivirus, between ESET and Kaspersky, offers the better protection from malware?

Malware is a serious issue these days and more and more folks are becoming the victims of these attacks, especially the smartphone users being targeted by the cyberpunks.

Basically, there are two types of malware attacks: known and unknown. Now, it’s easy to detect and prevent the “known” malware from happening in our system using the signature-based scanner, whereas, the “unknown”, on the other hand, could become a pain in the neck as signature-based scanning doesn’t work on the latter type of malware a.k.a. zero-day attacks.

But, the modern antivirus can both detect and remove the zero-day attacks like a charm and give you peace of mind. Therefore, to see which one offers better safeguarding from malware, we will be taking a look at the results of the test conducted by AV-test.


kasperskys malware protection



Eset Protection chart

Winner: Kaspersky

Kaspersky or ESET: Which Antivirus puts Minimal Impact on System?

In this category, our job is to find out which antivirus is lightweight i.e. which one is less resource-hungry and doesn’t slow down the system or device or offers astonishing speed.

To reach the conclusion in this area (category – performance), we’ve considered the AV-test results in which measurement of each contributing antivirus has been done while performing a set of activities like visiting a website, downloading files, installing apps, copying files and more.

Below is the scoring that has been laid out for both software. As you can see ESET could not perform well in this category and Kaspersky got 6.0 out of 6.0 – the perfect rating/scoring.


kasperskys performance chart


Eset performance chart

Winner: Kaspersky

ESET versus Kaspersky: Which Antivirus is more User-friendly?

Some folks may not take it as a major aspect, but user-friendliness also plays a huge role in offering a simple and attractive interaction with the software. There are many considerations that come into play in this area, such as color, background color, navigation (menu) layout, font, space (or padding), and call-to-actions.

Good software requires a minimum number of steps to reach the destination. Furthermore, it must not look over-crowded or you will be confused.

Kaspersky’s UI:

When you open Kaspersky’s UI, on the top you will see a comforting message – “Your computer is protected”. That’ll only happen as long as your PC or device is out of danger, otherwise, the display will turn to red instead of green.

kaspersky user interface

You can see the type of suite currently running on the system on the left-hand side of the title bar of the software window. Depending on the type of suite you’ve purchased, you will see different tabs present on the welcoming screen i.e. below the status of the device.

Take a look above.


Unlike Kaspersky’s UI, the user interface of ESET will require you to click several times to go to a particular endpoint. Furthermore, it takes more space on the computer screen than Kaspersky does. Though it offers an easy-to-use UI, it could require a little knowledge if a beginner is using it for the very first time.

Eset user interface

But we don’t think that it should be a problem even if you are a newcomer.

Now, take a look at the UI offered by ESET and decide if it’d be a great choice:

Kaspersky Vs ESET Antivirus: Who’s Less Expensive?

If an antivirus requires you to break the bank, it’s not worth paying the bucks. Getting a top-of-the-line or high-end suite is a different thing (since that’s what most of the people crave for based on their needs), but you don’t want to pay for something you don’t even need, do you?

Let’s see whose antivirus suites are less expensive.

First, we will begin with Kaspersky:

Kaspersky Antivirus Suites Price
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Latest Price
Kaspersky Internet Security Latest Price
Kaspersky Total Security Latest Price
Kaspersky Small Office Security Latest Price
Kaspersky Business Products Latest Price

Now, check out ESET’s packages:

ESET Antivirus Suites Price
ESET NOD32 Antivirus Latest Price
ESET Smart Security Premium Latest Price
ESET Internet Security Latest Price
ESET Multi-device Security Latest Price
ESET Cyber Security (Mac) Latest Price
ESET Business Products Full Range

Which Antivirus Software is More Popular among Users?

Which antivirus do you think will dominate in terms of popularity?

To conclude this, we took the latest study done by OPSWAT, a popular security firm, into consideration and we could not believe what we came up with.

Yes, ESET sits on the top of the list, leaving everything else behind. It means ESET has 13.1% market share and Kaspersky could only make it to 8.44%. This result has been drawn on the most recent statistics in September month of this year i.e. 2020.

See image for more reference:

antivirus popularity

OPSWAT September Report: Source

Winner: ESET

Overall Winner: Kaspersky

Kaspersky Vs ESET: Final Word!

While the overall front-runner of this head-to-head comparison battle is “Kaspersky”, if you are curious to know the name of best-on-earth antivirus, then it would be “BitDefender”.

It’s no surprise that BitDefender offers next-level protection from all digital threats, and offers a variety of antivirus suites to meet our needs in the first place. The good news is that you can grab up to 50% off on different products (if you purchase via links on this page).

Above all, the 30-day money-back guarantee is what gives the users complete peace of mind. It, therefore, gets nothing better than utilizing the out-of-this-world functionalities brought to life by BitDefender against Kaspersky Vs ESET 2020.

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