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Luminati Proxy Review | A Multitude of Reliable Residential Proxies and IPs at Your Disposal

If you're in the hunt for a reliable proxy network, this Luminati review not only introduces you to one of the world's most trusted proxy services, it should also help you decide if Luminati is the best fit for your company's needs. We also reviewed Oxylabs proxy service, known for being designed with businesses in mind.

Individuals and businesses use Luminati proxy networks and their exclusive IP addresses for the following reasons:

  • As a means to gather data and monitor prices from competitors in countries that they specifically target
  • As a tool to collect insights about the specific target markets
  • As an effective tool for ad verification and affiliate links' compliance, it is used to track Google and other search engines' international search engine results to increase their success rate.

Like any other proxy provider from around the world, Luminati is efficient, reliable, and fairly easy to set up. But since proxies are not created equal, follow us as we review Luminati more comprehensively, or compare it with Storm Proxies. We reviewed RSocks Proxy, too, and provide the best proxy server overall review, to boot.

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Luminati Proxy (now rebranded to Bright Data) Features

Here's a summary of what Luminati offers:

Number of Residential Proxies and Residential Internet Protocol address

According to Luminati, the company offers the world's largest network of rotating residential proxies in the world. Here are their numbers:

  • 72 million IPs with 99.99% network uptime and support
  • 85,000 static residential Internet Address
  • More than 40 million+ P2P residential IPs.
  • 750,000 data center IPs
  • Over 7,000,000 P2P mobile IPs available

This is unparalleled in the proxy world and is unrivaled among Luminati’s competitors, no one else has this many residential proxies and IPs at their disposal. 

it collects data
luminati data unblocker

Luminati Proxy Manager Interface

In its most basic setting, using the Luminati proxy manager is fairly easy. You do not need to have extensive knowledge of coding. If you ever accessed a similar commercial VPN before, you'll be able to use Luminati just as easily. 

The open-source, proxy manager interface is packed with excellent advanced features:

  • SSL decryption
  • Intelligent routing
  • Custom rules to reduce bandwidth use
  • Internet Protocol rotation
  • Integrated web scraping data abilities

To gain access to Luminati's proxies, customers must send in their phone numbers and email addresses for account creation. The set up takes a few seconds to finish before you get redirected to the web dashboard. 

At first glance, it might seem daunting, especially to proxy virgins. But don’t lose hope. 

We advise that you check out the sidebar first. This will help you easily navigate through the different areas:

  • Zones
  • Chrome extension
  • Proxy manager
  • API setup
  • Reports
  • Account settings
  • Billing 
  • And more
luminati manager

There are tons of tabs and areas to explore within the account manager and dashboard.  But you can begin by creating a zone. Your zone defines or directs how your requests will behave. For example, you can customize your rotating proxies or static by picking:

  • The IP types you'd like to use. (DataCenter Internet Protocol address, Residential IP, Static Residential IP, Mobile IP, or another Preferred IP type). Residential proxies are the most popular since they have faster response times than mobile, static proxies, or datacenter proxies.
  • Exclusive IP vs.  Shared IPs
  • Internet Protocol country, State, City
  • Carrier 

Other fields are highly customizable, which is always a good thing if you need to control how the proxies will work for you.

luminati data center

Decide on a residential network or a combination of both residential and mobile IPs for example. Defining these factors will provide the Luminati with a more succinct picture of what you are targeting and the information or data types you are looking for. 

Once you have installed the proxy's Chrome extension, you would want to use the proxy the same as using a VPN.  With almost similar steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Choose an internet address country
  • Click the OK button
  • Receive your new IP address based on your zone or location

You can then use this new IPs to access sites you want to monitor and verify if the content is what you might expect. You can dig deeper into the service’s capabilities and other features but this is the quickest way for you to start to play around with the Luminati and get a sneak peek at its potential. 

But be warned, keep tabs on your credit. While Luminati offers an initial $5 credit completely FREE, it won’t take that many tasks to use that up. You need to add more funds if you expect to do more with Luminati. 

Luminati (now Bright Data) Price and Pricing

The service also offers very flexible pricing and billing options to fit your budget and needs. 

By Bandwidth Cost

Pricing options for residential, data center, mobile, and static residential IPs depend on the bandwidth you require. As with any modern online service today, subscribing monthly usually means better deals and better perks.

For data centers IPs, there are “pay as you go” prices that start from $0.60 for each internet address and an additional $0.10 for each Gigabyte. For static residential IPs, prices start from $0.05 for each IP, plus $20 for each Gigabyte.   

yearly payment

Month to Month Pricing

If you're willing to jump on a minimum monthly commitment, you'll instantly get better deals (in terms of the traffic and proxies Luminati assigns to you).

  • Month to month plan: The Residential Production Plan starts at $1,000 per month and allows you 100 Gigabytes worth of traffic. Which comes up to $10 for each Gigabyte. 
  • Custom cost: For users with a lower or higher budget every month, use the Luminati pricing calculator. It lets you pick a plan by mixing-and-matching the number of IPs and traffic you require. From this simple tool, you'll be able to find the cost you're comfortable paying every month.
monthly subscription

Not convinced yet? You can use their 7-day free trial for both residential proxies and commercial IPs. 

It is also worth mentioning that by signing up to the website, you will receive $5 worth of credit. This isn't a LOT of money, but users can grab this freebie to play with the interface, test-out services like Exclusive IPs, or just check if Luminati's datacenter is what you're looking for.

Pros and Cons of Luminati Proxy

So is Luminati (recently under the new name of Bright Data) the solution for you? Can it support your needs for rotating residential proxy? Here are the strengths and weakness of this proxy provider:


  • Easy to use interface: If you have used other proxies in the past, you will have no problem with navigating this tool. It is set up similar to interfaces of most proxies. For beginners, once you get around the initial overwhelming feeling of “what is this?!”, *(aka the learning curve), the Luminati interface is relatively easy to use.
  • Flexible prices: Pay as you go pricing options and a wide range of plans that you can choose from.
  • High-quality proxies and geo-targeting: The proxies are fast, accurate, and very dependable. 
  • Good customer support: Ask anything about Luminati's proxies on social media and you'll get an answer almost instantly. Their chat and email support have been quick to get back at us as well.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) system: If you need clean and dependable proxies, you'll be glad that Luminati's KYC system (wherein new account holders are asked to provide a government-issued ID and mobile number) weeds out shady users who could bring the entire network down.


  • Luminati is pricey for the average person, from $500 a month for a Starter plan to a whopping $30,000 a month for Enterprise plans. However, if the month to month cost isn't an issue, privacy can be your next biggest concern since Luminati's KYC system strips off privacies from account holders right off the bat.
  • Also, the only extension Luminati provides right now is for Google Chrome. This might change in the future and other versions for other browsers might get released but at the moment Chrome is all we have. 

Luminati Proxy Review: Is Luminati Proxy safe?

The company proudly states on its website that it is impossible for anyone to trace your online movement and internet address using Luminati service. 

This is made possible thanks to “Super Proxy,” a powerful server service that cleans any information to unidentifiable data that is then sent out randomly to a single residential proxy of the millions that is connected to the network of Luminati.  

That residential proxy belongs to another Luminati customer and has its own geotag and custom ISP that the customer has also chosen for themselves. If anyone tries to trace those IPs, it would just be tangled in all of the custom settings and would not be traceable to the Super proxy or to the customer. It would be impossible for the target websites to trace your internet address back to you. 

luminati has a mobile version

Verdict: Should You Go for Luminati?

This Luminati review hasn't even touched ALL other features of this provider but with the superb user experience and unmatched quality of proxies, we highly recommend  Luminati for serious users.

Luminati really has the biggest residential proxy network in the world, with the largest proxies in US datacenter (3 million) and UK datacenter (2 million).  The company has an advanced mobile household proxy service (3G/4G mobile IPs), which boasts mobile proxies in every country/city with unlimited concurrent sessions.

Its price tag might be more expensive than other alternatives but it comes with the best tools and customizable options not found in other providers. Plus, the organization guarantees a 100% success rate on any requests you send (IPs, headers, cookies, etc.) with dependable support.

Simply put, nothing comes close to the level of service Luminati can deliver.


1. What is Luminati proxy?

Luminati is a proxy service that provides users with a secure and private way to access the internet. Luminati's proxy network is made up of thousands of residential and business proxies from all over the world. This allows users to connect to the internet from anywhere in the world without having to worry about their privacy or security.

2. How does luminati get residential IPs?

Luminati, a proxy network made up of tens of millions of IPs derived from personal devices (residential IPs), eliminates these issues and guarantees 100 percent accuracy. Your requests are routed through genuine residential IPs on the Luminati peer-to-peer network.

3. What is paid proxy?

Paid proxy is used in order to mask the true identity of the user. This is often done in order to bypass geographical restrictions or to hide the user's location. Paid proxies are a more reliable and secure option than free proxies, as they are less likely to be blocked or monitored.

4. What is a residential proxy?

Residential proxies are IPs given to households by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). A household proxy is an Internet address that is linked to a physical address. Household proxy is popular because of its excellent anonymity and low block rate.

5. What is an elite proxy?

An elite proxy is a type of internet service that provides customers with the ability to surf anonymously, encrypt their data and unblock websites. Proxies are also beneficial when trying to bypass censorship or region restrictions online. 

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