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McAfee Review | Features, Protection Performance and Pricing Plans

Looking for an honest McAfee Review? Learn more about its features, pricing, performance, pros/cons, and malware protection in this Mcafee antivirus review.

I love McAfee’s antivirus. I have used it for over 5 years and am always impressed by its performance. It always detects and safely removes malware from my hard drives and that’s the main reason I have been with the software for this long.

This McAfee review is based upon my experience with this amazing antivirus - you can read reviews in this article that compares it against our top choices as well.

Check out how McAfee compares with other antivirus software or software companies.

How good is McAfee Antivirus Software?

McAfee has been delivering great antivirus solutions for a long time now. A single subscription will cover all your devices such as personal laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

It is one of the affordable security solutions that I have reviewed so far. It's also my best antivirus with VPN.

Single Device

This license is good for one gadget and it protects up this device for one year. 

Notable features in this package is the ability to have your own Secure VPN which allows users to keep the device safe with bank-grade encryption for a secure, online browsing session. In addition to that, users get access to a password manager as well as a secure firewall to prevent hackers from accessing your home network! 

Stay connected with the McAfee team by having access to Mcafee support and technical assistance. 

Lastly, users get a McAfee File Shredder feature which deletes any sensitive files to prevent hackers from recreating their files.


This license is good for up to 5 devices and it protects up this gadget for one year. This package is multi-device compatible with Windows, Mac Operating System, iOS, and Android devices! And in case you need the best antivirus for iPhone, look here.

In addition to mentioned features in the Single Device package, users get access to the Identity Protection Essentials feature. With this feature, the user’s identity is protected and if anything goes wrong, there will be recovery tools available for use.


Rest assured we keep your family protected with this package, as it can handle up to 10 devices at a time for one year. This package is also cross-platform friendly with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, & Android devices. 

With this package, you get all the features mentioned prior with a new feature called Safe Family. With Safe Family, this feature allows the head user control web monitoring sessions on all connected devices. Basic controls like time management on devices, website blocking, and monitoring reports are available for use. With this feature, parents also have a locator where they can get access to gadget locations that their children may be using. Another aspect in this feature is the Family Request, which allows flexibility and negotiation on rules with children.


For the ultimate multi device protection, the Ultimate package provides online and offline protection! This license allows users to use this package on an UNLIMITED amount of devices for one year.  For comparison, check the options of a slightly inferior security suite like the one we covered in our Spectrum Security Suite review.

This package is multi-device compatibility with Windows user, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices! 

Users get all-around protection with the features mentioned in all the prior packages. But in addition to this, users get an extra layer of protection with Identity Protection PLUS‡, which has identity monitoring, credit monitoring, dedicated identity support team, and a $1M insurance.

McAfee Software Pricing Plans

McAfee Security Features

If you are planning on safeguarding your business or home against online threats, I would advise picking McAfee antivirus. You can protect as many devices as you want plus comes with great features and they include;

  • Protection features. This antivirus comes with virus and spyware protection, web and email protection, data protection and backup network protection and phishing protection.  These antivirus protection features will identify and block ransomware, viruses, spyware, and phishing sites on your devices. For lost data recovery, we recommend a specialized service, iBeesoft Data Recovery.
  • McAfee comes with parental controls; enables you to control what your kids see on the internet. It comes with tools to block inappropriate websites, keep them safe, and manage their time on their devices.
  • PC optimization-will improve the performance of your devices by deleting unnecessary documents.
  • Comes with a secure VPN to protect your privacy online. This security company uses bank-grade encryption to hide online activity plus your transactions from malicious people.
  • McAfee gamer security. If you are a passionate gamer, you will find this feature helpful. It will help you achieve a quieter, smoother, faster, and safer gaming experience.
  • It offers a 30 days trial. Use this opportunity to see if it is worth your money
  • Tune up your PC; is your PC slow? purchase McAfee taskmaster to remove unwanted programs that are slowing your machine, optimize browser settings for faster browsing, put to sleep programs that are not in use, schedule automatic updates so your machine can run efficiently, etc.
  • McAfee mobile Security; This security company offers protection for your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • ID theft protection; there are many identity thieves online who have a mission of stealing credit card information, social security numbers,  contact information, just to mention a few.  This feature will come in handy in keeping an eye on your information so you can take action before you become a victim of fraud.
  • Password manager; if you have a lot of logins to manage, use their password manager feature. It’s a secure place to store your passwords and other sensitive information such as bank cards.
  • It can help you to create strong passwords, stores them, and automatically inputs them when logging on your online accounts.
  • McAfee Shredder; This tool lets you permanently delete documents, images, or any sensitive information that you are not using on your device. It will safely dispose of your documents in such a way they cannot be recovered by malicious people.
  • Scan features; The scan options that are offered by this security company include a full scan that has the option of scanning your full computer, quick scan that only scans some parts of your devices, and custom scan that allows you to choose what you want to scan.
  • Web advisor; browse confidently and safely with this tool. It will notify you when you are about to visit a phishing website, block malware, alert if you type a URL incorrectly, scan your download, and check if your antivirus is activated before you browse online.

Virus Scan Feature

This is an extremely important feature of an antivirus. It scans devices for any threats or malware. Use this feature to scan and detect all types of threats such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, rootkits that change files of windows to escape detection, adware, dialers, malware detection and many more.

It comes with several options to scan your devices and they include;

Full scan: scans everything that is in your gadgets such as documents, programs, images

Custom scan: gives you the freedom to choose what you want to be scanned

Quick scan: scans specific parts of your gadgets

Performing a scan with McAfee is not a long process. After installing the software, right-click its icon and select scan. You will have 3 options; quick scan, full scan, and custom scan.

Select the option that best suits your needs. When the scan has completed, make sure to view the results.  If your computer was infected with malware, you will be informed that it has been cleaned.

Custom scan options

When you want to scan specific areas of your PC like the desktop, critical system files or program files, choose this scan option. It allows you to check places where most viruses, tracking cookies, and spyware is detected.

Vulnerability Scanner — Keep Programs Updated 

I know you are wondering what a vulnerability scanner is. This is a tool in McAfee that manages your computer’s updates.  Vulnerability is a weakness that malicious people use to infect computers with malware.

Software developers always produce updates to fix these vulnerabilities as soon as possible. By installing the latest updates, you will have improved the security of your machine and attackers cannot find a way of attacking you.

Vulnerability scanner will play a big role in ensuring that you are always protected with the latest updates.

  • This tool will show you the apps that have updates
  • It will allow you to select the updates that you want to install

If you want to use this tool, go to McAfee antivirus and click open. Click PC, Home Network tools, and then vulnerability scanner. Click scan. You will see the list of apps or software with updates.

Choose the updates that you want to install. If you have any questions relating to this tool, contact their support on chat messenger, live chat, or send a direct message on twitter. There is always online support to answer any query pertaining to their products.

McAfee software running

Quick Clean — Delete Unnecessary Files

This feature is great for people like us who are not savvy enough to clean the hard disk using sophisticated software. McAfee Quick will clean or delete all unnecessary or junk files in your hard disk.

This improves the performance of a machine by deleting files that slows down it.  Deleting emails, junk, or unnecessary files also creates space. Quick clean will give you the opportunity to specify areas of your computer that would like to be deleted. Examples are:

System files

  • Lost file fragments
  • Recycle bin files
  • Temporary files
  • Flash cookies
  • ActiveX installers
  • Old shortcuts
  • Old registry keys and many more


  • Outlook express deleted items
  • Outlook express sent items

Browser Files

  • Browser cache files
  • Browser history
  • Cookies
McAfee software capture

How to run Quick Clean

Follow these steps to successfully run quick clean on McAfee internet security. You will be required to choose the files that you wanted to be deleted.

  • Open your antivirus software
  • Expand PC and home network tools
  • Click settings and select the files or items that you would like to be erased. You can choose registry keys that are no longer used by programs, items in the recycle bin, shortcuts for programs that are no longer there, songs or documents that you no longer listen to or use, error reports, tracking cookies, and many more.
  • After selecting all these, click apply and the list will be deleted.
  • When the process is finished, click done.  By erasing all these junk files, you will have improved the performance of your machine thereby increasing its speed.

Please note that this feature allows you to schedule quick clean scans. You can be cleaning your computer every week, after 2 weeks, the last week of the month or every month.

App Boost and McAfee Web Boost- Keep Apps and Browsers Running Fast

One of the ways you can enhance the performance of your machine is by speeding up your web browsing and running of your apps.

Web Boost

Web boosts feature is available as an extension for Google chrome. Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows 10.x and 8.x. Today, many people have no patience for sites that load poorly.

Use a web improvement to force your web pages to load fast. It works by stopping videos from auto-playing when you visit sites and make sites load faster.

App Boost

This is a feature in your antivirus that will help your apps to run faster and efficiently. This will boost the performance of your mobile devices. More processing system resources are given to browser apps, video editing apps, social media apps, etc. to open them faster.

Password Manager (True Key)

Say goodbye to the hassle of logins with a password manager. It is designed for those people who have a problem remembering their passwords plus would like to securely store their sensitive data such as bank cards, documents, etc.

This security company has a true key password manager and it works across Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS. Its features include the following;

  • Multi-device sync
  • Multiple sign-ins
  • Password auto-save
  • 2 factor authentication (2FA)
  • A password generator
McAfee features

Different ways that you can sign in

True key from McAfee provides various ways that you can sign in your password manager account. You can use a master password, face recognition, trusted gadget, fingerprint, Windows Hello, or email.

Password auto-save

The primary use of a password manager is to store your login information for all the sites that you use, generate stronger logins, and protect passwords with encryption.

Anytime you login to a site with your login credentials, a true key password manager from this security company will save this info so you can use it later. There will always be a pop up asking if you want to save login information on a site or not.

Password generator

If you are not good at creating strong passwords for your accounts, the true key will generate strong logins for you.  It will let you customize passwords and can have a length of up to 30 characters and even more.

McAfee Web Advisor

This is a great feature for the people who spend most of their time browsing online, shopping, or banking online. McAfee’s web advisor lets you search confidently and browse safely without the worry of online threats.

McAfee features

This is a free version tool that will warn you if you happen to visit risky websites or download malicious files.  This tool will also learn about your search behavior plus sites that you browse.

It will use this information to improve their services to you.

It comes with the following features:

Misclick protection

If you happen to click on malicious links, this tool will block the sites for you before they open. This is a great companion that will help you stay away from sites that contain online threats.

Typo Protection

Did you know that a typing mistake can cost your internet security? Typing the URL of a website wrong can take you to a malicious website. Attackers take advantage of this and build websites that could be mistakenly be typed by people.

They make sure that the phishing sites have the same design and feel in order to dupe users.  If you will not be able to identify the difference, your sensitive information such as credit card, emails will be stolen.

McAfee already protects its users against phishers. It will inform if you have typed an URL wrongly plus block a malicious site from opening.

Safer Downloads

People love free downloads. Downloading things from the internet is a great way for people to enjoy new music, movies, games, the information in the form of PDF, word documents, and even get periodical updates for software or apps in your gadgets.

The problem is, some of these free downloads come with malware that will either enable annoying popup advertisements or viruses that will enable attackers to steal your sensitive information. There are other solid anti-malware options, like Hitman Pro.

For safe downloading, ensure you have an effective antivirus like McAfee internet security that will alert you if you are downloading a dangerous file.

McAfee features

McAfee Theft Protection (the US only)

Cyber Monitoring

Over the past 30 years, McAfee has expanded and strengthened its cybersecurity intelligence network to comprehend and foresee threats before they happen. McAfee can identify threats more efficiently by recognizing their patterns and vulnerability areas.

For this reason, they have powerful monitoring capabilities over black markets and the Dark Web, so that your data never gets into the hands of hackers. McAfee prevents your data from being sold on various marketplaces online.

Social Security Number Trace

Employers utilize your social security number to check your background and lenders use it to look at your credit history.

Such necessary data need protection, and McAfee will keep your SSN safe. If a person uses your SSN for malicious activity, McAfee will notify you so that you can catch them before they open a new credit account.

Credit Monitoring

Depending on the selected plan, McAfee tracks your credit in 1 to 3 credit bureaus to protect your creditworthiness. With McAfee credit monitoring, you will know where your credit stands so you can keep it safe.

Change of Address

It will inform you if someone attempts to alter your registered mailing address.

Sex Offender Monitoring

This feature reports every registered sex offender living near the user.

Plans and Mcafee Pricing

This company offers attractive pricing.  Its pricing packages include McAfee total protection, McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee LiveSafe, and McAfee Internet Security.

McAfee Total Protection

Enjoy full protection features like ID theft protection, scan and block malware, web protection, ransomware  protection and password manager. These are the plans and pricing Mcafee offers.

Single Device

Individual or Couples



It costs $29.99 every year

Costs $34.99 annually

Costs $39.99 for one year

Costs $59.99 per annum

It can be used by 1 device only

5 devices

10 devices

Limitless devices

It has a secure VPN and comprises 1 license

Has Secure VPN and includes 5 licenses

Has Secure VPN comprising 5 licenses

Has Secure VPN with 5 included licenses

Optimized performance (It can block videos that play automatically on websites and reduce bandwidth usage)

Offers Performance optimization

Offers Performance optimization

Offers performance optimization

Comes with Online support and Security Experts

Security Professionals and Online Support

Security Experts and Online Backup

Security Experts and Online Support

Manages logins (stores and handles all your logins online in one location)

Has Password Manager

Has Password Manager

Can store and manage logins

Secure Web Browsing (you can browse with confidence as dangerous sites are blocked)

Web browsing is secure

Has Safe web browsing

You can browse the web safely

It has a McAfee Shredder (you can delete confidential files completely with no traces left)

Comes with a McAfee Shredder

Has a McAfee Shredder

Has a McAfee Shredder

The storage is encrypted

Has encrypted storage

The storage is encrypted

Comes with an Encrypted storage

Has no identity theft protection

It has the Identity Theft Protection

Has Identity Protection

It has the Identity Theft Protection



Safe Family (safeguards the entire household with only one subscription and, therefore your children are protected when online)

Will protect your family

McAfee Antivirus Plus

This package offers protection against malware for your android and iOS devices plus personal computers. Its features include file shredding, True Key password manager, a system optimizer, web advisor, and crypto-jacking defense.

It costs $60 for up to 10 gadgets.

McAfee LiveSafe

Safeguards your smartphones, Mac, tablets, iPad, and personal computers. Mcafee cost $39.99 per year. It will defend you against malware plus your Wi-Fi connection.  If you will auto-renew the package, you will gain access to their VPN.

McAfee Internet Security

This is one of the costly packages offered by this company. It costs $90 for 10 gadgets. With this package, you will get a True Key password manager and malware protection. It does not have parental control features.

McAfee features

McAfee antivirus free

This security company also gives a 30 days trial so you can test its products and decide if they are worth your money.

No credit card information will be required and during this time, you will get total protection against malware, enjoy the services of a password manager, VPN, and get encrypted storage, and many more. 

McAfee Ease of Use and Setup

Whether you are planning on protecting your home or as an antivirus for business, the McAfee antivirus is your best pick. McAfee is certainly one of the user-friendliest antiviruses today, and for a good reason. This antivirus is easy to install, configure, and use.

The main window shows all the important information, keeping the user up to date on current PC security status. McAfee antivirus protects every device you own for a price that’s far more affordable.

Whether you are planning on protecting your home or business, the McAfee antivirus is your best pick. McAfee is certainly one of the user-friendliest antiviruses today, and for a good reason. This antivirus is easy to install, configure, and use.

The main window shows all the important information, keeping the user up to date on current computer status. McAfee antivirus protects every device you own for a price that’s far more affordable.

The Mcafee interface is simple to navigate, and you can easily access its additional features such as parental control, anti-spam, settings, and firewall. The setup method for McAfee products, such as McAfee LiveSafe or McAfee total protection varies depending on the device.

  1. Before you begin its installation, check its minimum requirements. McAfee security software installs and runs on the systems that meet the minimum requirements shown on Mcafee website customer products homepage.
  2. Go to home.McAfee.com
  3. Log in with your email address and password.
  4. Choose a product that you want to install then click download.
  5. Read the license agreement, then proceed to click Agree and download.
  6. Double click on the downloaded file to begin the installation.
  7. Restart your PC or any other device and you’re good to go!

McAfee Mobile App

In the past, hackers focused mostly on hacking desktop computers and laptops. With the increased usage of mobile operations for banking, social media, and online shopping, it’s not a surprise that cyber-criminals have shifted their interest onto mobile phones and tablets.

Android devices are widely used on a global scale. Due to their popularity, cybercriminals have gained interest in android devices to figure out its vulnerabilities, making android users more likely to become a victim of malware and viruses.

McAfee is the best mobile security app that offers remarkable security to make your online habits protected, including features like Wi-Fi security and anti-theft that provide exceptional protection.

Mobile app features
  • Malware protection scans detect, blocks viruses, spyware, and Trojan effectively and quickly from your mobile device. It also automatically updates security features to make sure you are always protected.
  • Anti-theft protects your device if it’s lost or stolen and prevents unauthorized access to your personal data. Its portal is simple, you can remotely wipe data from your device, locate your device, trigger an alarm, lock your device, and take pictures of intruder or thief.
  • Memory booster will improve the performance of your device by putting to sleep background apps that you aren’t using.
  • My watch feature allows you to synchronize your smartphone with a Wear OS smartwatch. The smartwatch enables you to control your device and run commands as well. McAfee's application will let you know when your smartwatch is not within the phone’s connection range.
  • Safe Wi-Fi browsing automatically scans your WiFi network for malicious activity. It will also send security alerts if the WiFi network has been compromised.
  • App lock safeguards apps against unauthorized access. This feature locks apps that you don't want to be accessed when you give your mobile device.
  • Guest mode allows users to create a guest Mcafee account and select apps that can be accessed by third parties. It comes in handy when giving someone else your phone like children, partners, or colleagues.
  • McAfee VPN; protect your privacy online with this VPN. It allows you to access the public and shared network without the worry of prying eyes.

McAfee Customer Support

Get help for your product from McAfee’s customer support. Every package comes with online consumer support that is ready to answer any question plus show how to use their products.

Contact information

Corporate Headquarters

2821 Mission College Blvd

Santa Clara, CA 95054


Enterprise Technical Support

Enterprise Support Website: https://support.mcafee.com

Tel: 1-800-937-2237

Customer Support icon

If you need help with download and install, renewal, request a refund, product installation, or billing, you can contact McAfee customer service or visit their contact us page on McAfee.com.

McAfee customer service can help with non-technical questions such as product activations, licensing, grant numbers, entitlements, and service portal password resets. Their technical support provides a 24-hour service to customers who require product assistance and troubleshooting.

If your organization has subscribed to enterprise support, you will receive personalized technical management to assist you with your immediate and long-term security needs. No matter which product you have selected, you don’t have to miss any important information about your product.

To get automatic product news, changes, and critical security alerts by email, subscribe to the support notification service (SNS). Find the SNS subscription link on the service portal’s main page.

McAfee Community

a person using laptop and cellphone

If you would like to learn more about their products, join the McAfee community where you’ll benefit from the knowledge of other users and experts. You can also download their user guide which has all the information you need.

McAfee professionals occasionally make webinars where they demonstrate the use of different tools related to McAfee virus protection. They will share with you different tips on how to get the most out of your McAfee products.

Is “Total Protection” Worth the Price?

McAfee total protection provides a complete security solution for all your gadgets. It protects against ransomware, phishing attacks and other malware attacks, keeping you and your family safe from phishing websites.

McAfee antivirus plus and McAfee total protection earned perfect scores for scanning, detecting, and blocking malicious content when I tested these pricing packages. I was also pleased because they didn't slow down my machine after running some computer scans.

Total protection provides a wide range of features such as:

  • McAfee safe browsing VPN. Use a VPN to keep your data safe.  All network data is encrypted plus will keep your browsing safe. 
  •  Password managers save you from the hassle of having to remember every password for your accounts. True key securely auto-saves and enters your logins when logging in your online accounts.
  • File encryption storage prevents unauthorized persons from accessing files that are stored on your machine. Endpoint encryption for files and folders allows only authorized users to access data.
  • Home Network Security provides security for your home wireless network by scanning all traffic passing in and out of your home network, blocks hacking attempts, and web threats as well as protecting your family's privacy.
  • PC performance optimization we all know how frustrating it can get when our PC runs slow and takes very long to complete simple tasks. A slow computer ends up wasting your time, effort, and money in the long run. You can optimize the speed at which your computer runs by changing the startup settings in your McAfee product.
  • Multi-device compatibility allows you to install the product on more than one computer or device. Total protection is available in 4 packages; single device, individual or couples, family, and the ultimate package. McAfee will run on any device, including Mac Operating System, Windows PCs, iOS, and android.
McAfee Total Protection features

Frequently Asked Questions about McAfee Total Protection

1. Is it ok to disable McAfee?

When installing a program, sometimes the McAfee antivirus may block a clean file thinking it has a virus. Turn it off until you are done downloading your file. To temporarily disable the antivirus, open its control panel.

Go to its navigation center, and click real-time scanning to view various options of the antivirus.  Click Turn off the window. You will be asked the time that you want to resume it. There are options for 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.  A warning that your device or PC is at risk will be displayed.

 This will indicate that you have successfully disabled your antivirus temporarily. You can now install your program.

 Do not turn it off for a long time because your system will be completely unprotected and vulnerable to virus attacks when it is not on.

2. Is McAfee good?

MacAfee is a good antivirus program available in the market right now that will give you real-time protection and block phishing attempts. It is designed with excellent security characteristics and customizable settings.  When I tested McAfee Total protection, it blocked all the malware samples that I used to test it.

It provides an in-browser report that gives detailed information about the threats found. These reports include the type of threat, the risk it possesses, and the IP address connected with the threat. With this information, users are aware of which sites to avoid and can flag these suspicious addresses.

3. Do I need McAfee if I have Windows Defender?

Windows Microsoft Defender provides basic protection for windows 8 and 10. However, it will not safeguard from today’s malware because today’s cybercriminals are producing sophisticated malware that window defenders cannot handle.

If you spend most of your time shopping, banking online, or even surfing the web, you need extra security or the best antivirus to protect you against cybercriminals. An antivirus will provide another line of defense from online threats.

4. Will McAfee remove malware?

Malicious computer software is a general term for intrusive software that is designed to cause damage or steal data. It’s a collective name for viruses, Trojans, spyware, ransomware, just to name a few.

If your computer is running slower than usual, freeze or crash frequently, chances are, it is infected with virus.  Remove this virus with the best antivirus on the market, McAfee security scan plus.

Does McAfee work on Mac?

Yes, McAfee works very well on Mac Operating System. Mac computers have long enjoyed a reputation for being secured from viruses and other types of malware. Although they have shown resistance to threats compared to window operating systems, Macs are still vulnerable to viruses and other virus.

Mac Devices are still vulnerable to Malware-According to Experts.

Macs are not immune to virus, although their inbuilt safety does a good job of keeping virus at bay. The fact is; Mac-targeted attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent. When virus attacks apple products, their goal is to collect sensitive data or destroy your machine.

Computer security is extremely important no matter what operating system you are using. Equip yourself with a security solution such as McAfee Total Protection that’s made for your Mac.

There is virus that is specifically targeted for Mac Users.

Hackers view Mac Operating System as a challenge for them to overcome, and finding a vulnerability will make them proud. That’s another reason to safeguard your Mac with McAfee antivirus.

It has powerful tools to fight against virus.

Run a full scan to remove virus if you suspect your gadgets are infected

To remove virus, run a full scan. It will check your entire PC for threats. There are also scheduled scans that will regularly check your PC for viruses and other threats. All these scans are important for the safety and health of your computer.

McAfee also performs automatic scans at least once a week, but you can customize it to fit your requirements. The time it will take to scan will depend on your computer memory size plus its processor.

Like I mentioned before, this antivirus is great at detecting and blocking virus before it infects your PC. Using a custom scan, you can run specific scans on files and folders that you suspect to have been infected.

The antivirus software has a personal firewall, a password manager, and parental controls, plus it scans your social media pages for threats.

Will McAfee protect my iPhone or Android device?

As threats to mobile devices sharply increase, investing in a good security app can make a huge difference. There’re a lot of security apps out there that can help protect your mobile devices from hackers but none do it like McAfee mobile security.

McAfee mobile security for Android and IOS does not only provide comprehensive protection for your mobile gadgets but also keeps your sensitive data, account information, online transactions private and protects you when surfing the internet.

McAfee mobile safety comes with several features to safeguard iPhone and android devices and they include;

  1. Scan for threats is the best way to know if your device has virus. Don't let your mobile device get infected. McAfee mobile security plus auto-scans, identify and remove viruses and other virus.
  2. Protect your privacy cyber-criminals can access your data without your knowledge. They can retrieve login information for various websites or commit other crimes such as tax fraud with your identity. If you have this antivirus installed in your mobile devices, you can browse using public hotspots, and carry out bank transactions online with confidence knowing that you are safe. You don't have to worry about identity theft or someone eavesdropping on your network traffic.
  3. Recover lost devices will help to track the stolen phone. Should you lose your phone, the McAfee portal will display a map of your phone's location. You can customize a message to anyone who finds your missing phone or device, so they can be able to bring it back to you.
McAfee mobile app features

Another step you can take is to lock it and remotely wipe data so that your personal information does not fall in the wrong hands.

Finally, McAfee gives a free 7-day trial with 30 day money back guarantee so you can enjoy their premium mobile security features. It is worth noting that they have different subscription plans; starter which is free, standard that costs $42.99 for 1 year, and McAfee mobile security plus that costs $114.99 for 1 year.

  • Is McAfee good? This is an award-winning McAfee total protection. This means that it offers an effective safety solution. One of its awards includes the 2019 Security Excellence Award.
  • It is trusted by many. It has over 500 million protected gadgets.
  • It offers several options to scan your gadgets like quick scan, full scan, and custom scan.
  • It will protect your gadgets against viruses, Trojan, ransomware, spyware, and many more. It will alert you when you are about to download a dangerous file or visit a malicious site.
  • It offers a lot of privacy protection. Its file shredder ensures that deleted files cannot be recovered by data hackers.Say goodbye to the hassle of logins with McAfee password manager. It stores, and protects your password by scrambling them with the strongest defense.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of logins with McAfee password manager. It stores, and protects your password by scrambling them with the strongest safety.
  • It comes with parental controls. If you are worried about your child’s safety when browsing online, take advantage of this feature. It will block offensive sites, offer safe searching, and gives you the ability to set time limits if your kid spends too much time online. 
  • It comes with a VPN to protect your privacy online.  It will help keep your information safe from cybercriminals. It hides the IP address hence your physical location is kept private.
  •  It offers a 30 days trial
  • It features a web advisor. This is also another important tool that will keep you safe when browsing online.  It warns you when you are about to enter a risky site, blocks malicious sites, alerts you if you type a web address wrongly, and scans your downloads for any virus.
  • A single subscription will cover all your gadgets.
  • It improves the performance of a machine by deleting junk files, putting to sleep files that are not running, just to name a few.
  • VPN services are sold separately. Do not fret about this because this is a very affordable service.
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