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myFICO Review | Credit Analysis, Monitoring and ID Anti-Theft Services

Getting your credit score higher has never been easy. You can’t do it alone, especially if you lack the necessary knowledge. The solution? Well, it’s to use a trusted credit monitoring service. Forget about searching for a good service provider on the web. Today, we’re going to present to you one of the best credit monitoring service – myFICO. You might be wondering what this company can do to your everyday life. Well, it has so many good things to offer. It’s time to discover what makes myFICO popular and worth considering in this article. We wrote thismyFICO review to tell you what we can say after a month of using this credit monitoring assistance.

myFICO Review

myFICO credit monitoring service is designed to help you earn a good credit score and even increase it further. If you would like to buy a home, finance a new car, apply for another credit card, or sign up for cable service, having a bad credit score will make you disqualified to avail loans or service and buy products.

Our credit score or fico score has a very crucial role in the interest rate that we pay to lenders. With a good credit score, we are more likely to get a lower interest rate that saves us hundreds to thousands of cash in the long run. It’s where myFICO can help.

myFico score features

myFICO Features

How accurate is myFICO? The plans offered will answer that question. We assure you that all myFICO accounts have amazing features and benefits. One is we get access to our credit scores (these are bureau generated credit scores that we can access based on our preferred plan).

Also, this credit monitoring assistance includes alerts to keep us updated about any unusual activity occurring in our credit reports. The plans also provide credit scoring for credit card and loan applications. Upon subscribing, we received $1 million ID theft insurance, non-stop ID theft protection, and quick access to the brand’s Interest Rate Estimator.

myFICO’s Score Simulator

Our credit score can be affected by numerous factors. One of these is when we apply for a loan, whether auto loan, home loan, payday, or personal loan. The Fico Score Simulator from myFICO has provided us the idea of how our credit score will suffer in case we make changes to our borrowing status.

For instance, our credit score may change when we take out new loans. myFICO is, no doubt, a good one. We’re thankful this useful tool is available in this credit monitoring provider.

What’s Helping and Hurting Your Scores

There’s one more thing that we love about this credit monitoring provider. my FICO score will show you which part of your credit history seems to be helpful for your credit score. Some of these are good payment history and reduced credit card use rates.

However, this will highlight areas that may significantly or negatively impact your credit score or fico score. These include having a higher credit card liability and opening 3 or more credit cards at the same time. Another one is getting many hard credit card pulls simultaneously.

Lost Wallet Protection

From now on, we don’t need to worry a lot if we lost our wallets since we subscribed to myFICO. The service has an extraordinary feature called Lost Wallet Protection. It will protect you against being liable for any incidence of unauthorized use of the credit or debit cards you had in your wallet.

Lost Wallet Protection will be so helpful once you accidentally lose your wallet. In this case, myFICO will connect you with agents who can help in getting new copies of those credit or debits cards you have lost.

myFICO Pricing Plans

myFICO offers as much as 5 different plans to choose from. 3 of them are FICO Basic, FICO Advanced, and FICO Premier. The costs of every plan start from $19.95 to as much as $49.95. the more features included in the plan, the more expensive it can be.

For instance, the most affordable plan offered by myFICO includes single-bureau monitoring combined with a credit report and fico score to be issued every month, like for car loan, myFICO mortgage, and credit cards. The next two involve tri-bureau credit monitoring.

FICO Basic                                            

This plan is giving access to our FICO scores and 1-bureau credit monitoring. You will get Experian and FICO credit details every month. These credit reports will be provided to you straight to your email address. You can also view it through your online account.

The Basic plan is already enough to receive protection for your credit report and fico score. If you need only a basic type of security, then you must consider this one. myFICO Basic plan costs only $19.95 per month.

FICO Advanced

This plan has 3- credit bureau credit score monitoring coupled with credit reports that myFICO will issue every quarter. These reports are all from the three credit bureaus.

The FICO Advanced has so much to offer. Aside from having the amazing features and benefits of the FICO Basic Plan, the FICO Advanced includes round-the-clock dark web checking and Identity monitoring.

As it comes with a few more benefits to offer, FICO Advanced is slightly expensive than the FICO Basic. This plan is available with a monthly subscription of $29.95.

FICO Identity Ultimate 3B

If you’re looking for a plan that can provide more than what the myFICO Advanced can offer, then FICO Identity Ultimate 3B could be the right choice for you. Of course, with this plan, you will get access to quarterly 3- credit bureau credit reports and Full-Service 24 /7 identity restoration If an identity thief has abused your personal information,

The myFICO Identity Ultimate 3B has a one-time identity evaluation report that will help you determine if you’re recently experiencing fraud or identity issues. The plan also includes an SS monitoring service designed to ensure all transactions made using your SS number are true. This plan costs $29.95/month.

FICO Premier

With the myFICO Premier, you can enjoy the benefits available in both Advanced and Basic plans. Also, you will get access to credit reports issued every month from the major credit offices. The biggest difference is you will gain access to your credit reports every month from the three bureaus.

That makes myFICO Premier is a better and more appealing option than myFICO Advanced Plan. Moreover, this plan is $10 more expensive than FICO Identity Ultimate 3B. myFICO Premier costs $39.90/month.

myFICO Family Advanced Plan

As its name suggests, this plan from myFICO is a great option to keep your family protected against ID theft. This plan can cover you, your partner or spouse, and a maximum of 10 kids. Priced at $49.95/month, myFICO Family Advanced Plan includes credit reports score generated by 3 major credit bureaus that you will receive every quarter.

Kids who are below 18 years old will qualify for 24/7 ID theft monitoring plus fraud resolution. The monthly charge already covers the 2nd adult and the ID theft protection you want for the kids.

myFICO Security

We highly recommend myFICO to anyone whose main priority is the security of his personal information. With this credit monitoring assistance, rest assured your personal information is in good hands.

myFICO is using 128-bit encryption in transmitting your personal information to myFICO. It is one of the highest data encryption levels used by various financial institutions.

Your security is 100% guaranteed in case you got involved in an identity theft or fraud case. The services of myFICO will keep you safe and sound and will give you a solid identity theft protection.

Customer Service and Support

myFICO also assures that they are available to assist their customers, even in the most unexpected times of the day. The website has an FAQ section that covers all common concerns like your real FICO score and the corresponding answers.

For other concerns that the FAQ section can’t resolve, you can find the telephone number on the contact page. This page also serves as a source of useful information. You will find a collection of articles talking about common questions like how often FICO changes and how one can cancel his membership.


  • myFICO lets you see what the lenders can see in your credit report. It may somehow help you learn to increase your credit score.
  • Whatever type of plan you choose, rest assured it will provide you access to identity theft insurance or Identity Theft Ultimate Plan.
  • Also, myFICO can provide comprehensive and in-depth credit analysis


  • Unfortunately, the plans offered by myFICO seems expensive than their competitors’ offerings.
  • One can get his credit report for free only once every year
  • myFICO focuses on monitoring credit, excluding public databases


1. Is myFICO com legit?

myFico paid service report, and scores are 100 per cent accurate because they are obtained directly from the respective credit reporting agencies (TransUnion and Equifax). Additionally, the score provided is a legitimate FICO score. This is the only other source for accurate reports and valid FICO scores besides transunioncs.com or equifax.com directly.

2. Is myFICO worth the cost?

We strongly advise anyone whose primary concern is the security of his or her personal information to use myFICO. You can rest assured that your personal data is safe with this credit monitoring provider.
myFICO transmits your personal information to FICO using 128-bit encryption. It is one of the highest levels of data encryption available to financial institutions.

3. Does myFICO hurt credit?

Checking your credit report will have no effect on your FICO Scores as long as you order it directly from the credit reporting agency or an organization authorized to provide consumer credit reports, such as myFICO.

4. Which myFICO plan is best?

For $39.95 per month, myFICO's Premier plan is the best value. It includes monthly three-bureau credit monitoring and reports.  myFICO is the company's official consumer division. FICO is the inventor of the FICO credit score.

5. Is it easy to cancel myFICO?

You can cancel online via the My Subscriptions page, or via the iOS or Android app's Subscription screen (from the "More" tab). Additionally, you may contact us at 1-800-319-4433. (Monday - Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT or Saturday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM PT).

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