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Oxylabs Review | Ip Blocking, Web Data Scraping, Crawling, Market Research, or Simple Brand Protection

Oxylabs has been providing reliable business tools and proxies for over a decade, but is that enough to choose them as a proxy provider? This Oxylabs review should help you decide if the company is the right fit for your needs of IP blocking, web data scraping or crawling, market research, or simple brand protection. And, why not find out how it stacks against other top proxies in this review.

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Oxylabs Products and Services

Like most and best proxy providers today, Oxylabs caters to a wide range of professionals and businesses. However, the main difference is that Oxylabs built its roster of tools for large-scale use.

1. Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are available as both static residential proxies and residential rotating proxies. While it may not be true that their Oxylabs proxies are from "every city," their residential proxy networks are pretty impressive with over 70 million. Compare it with other top providers such as Luminati Proxy, Storm Proxies, or RSocks Proxy Service

Note that Oxylabs residence proxies do not have SOCKS5 (only HTTP & HTTPS), which means some use cases like gaming or torrents are not possible

However, these proxies provide customers with the ability to filter a residential proxy by ASN. And because these premium proxies are P2P residential IPs, they are shared. Users can choose to rotate an Oxylabs residential proxy every 10 minutes through every 30 minutes. These proxies are renowned by most Internet Service providers.

Or they can choose static residential proxy (Oxylabs has around 100k of these) that do not have to rotate.

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2. Datacenter Proxies

If you're looking to use Oxylabs residential proxies for torrents or gaming, then the data centers counterpart should be your solution. Oxylabs has the biggest network of IP addresses and provides the most unlimited concurrent sessions.

The data center Oxylabs proxies are over 2 million, spread across 7,850 subnets. The data center proxies are not shared, so if your business needed a thousand IPs, you can choose from a range of 1 to 1,000 subnets - each of which considered a dedicated account since you won't be sharing the service with any other business.

  • SOCKS5 Proxy: Unlike residential proxies, Oxylabs offer, the data center IP and proxies support all three main protocols
  • Proxy Rotator: This add-on service allows you to set up the proxies to rotate.
  • Targeting locations: Datacenter proxies are from more than 80 locations around the world, which gives data extraction a higher success rate since it allows account-holders to use the IPs and scrape from various locales.

All datacenter proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and support whitelisted IP authorization. You can whitelist as many IP addresses as you need via the dashboard.

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3. Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Oxylabs offers next-gen residential proxies, which are similar to any traditional residential IPs, except it combines AI (artificial intelligence) with the proxy service.

Unheard of in other proxy providers, these next-gen residential IPs were surely made to impress with their machine learning features, such as dynamic fingerprinting, adaptive parsing, or rendering large-scale JS-heavy sites, among many others planned.

4. Scraper APIs

This web scraping tool is the biggest edge of Oxylabs over other proxy providers. The Scraper APIs tool collects data almost automatically - you'll just need to set up your web scraping target and the tool will get you the data in either JSON or HTML format.

Businesses use this scraper tool in conjunction with Oxylabs. They're especially useful for search engines and e-commerce websites that use advanced anti-captcha and other security mechanisms.

The best thing about this tool is that you only pay if it returns data successfully. But since it is an add-on service on top of your Oxylabs proxy needs, be sure to be on top of your usage since each data you get quickly adds up.

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Note-Worthy Oxylabs Features

Global Coverage

Oxylabs maintain over 1.5 million dedicated proxies and 30 million residential proxies across 180 countries. The city level to country-level proxy network allows its users to conceal their identities while using the web.

Faster Servers and Uptime

The company uses Squid Proxy servers, which are known in the industry for their stability and speed. These servers run at a speed of 1000 mb/s with a claimed 99.9% uptime. If for any reason the server speed goes down, Oxylabs does keep updates of possible issues on their website.

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Oxylabs dashboard

The Oxylabs interface has four big sections where you can see proxy usage statistics, create sub-users, add whitelist IPs, or check your billing information.

You'll set up proxies from here, but the process depends on the proxy types you're working on:

  • Data center IPs: To download the list of proxies (datacenter), you must authenticate your proxies first via the dashboard. You can do this with your IP or credentials.
  • Residential IPs: Residential proxies start with back-connect gateway servers (via hostname:port). This process is a bit trickier if you're new to IPs, but the good news if Oxylabs has a very in-depth knowledgebase and API documentation if you're feeling lost in the process. You can also get enterprise level support from your account manager if you can't do it by yourself.  Oxylabs also has an API only for residential proxies, but users can use it to get proxies, assign traffic and manage their limits, create sub-users, and so on.
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Designed as Business solutions

As mentioned earlier, Oxylabs is a legitimate b2b provider and you can definitely see this in how the company presents its services to businesses. Here are several examples:

  • VIP treatment: Individuals go through a typical registration process, but businesses could directly contact sales to sign up. Note that a customer support team representative would get in touch with you and get your business name, business email, phone number, the industry your business belongs in, and payment (credit card details, etc.).
  • White hat: One of the common issues with datacenter or residential proxies is that such services fall in the gray-hat area. Any Oxylabs proxy or IPs are guaranteed to operate strictly in white-hat zones.
  • Insurance policy: All Oxylabs residential IP, IP address, and other products are insured (via Llyod's insurance).

Oxylabs promotes its services for use cases like brand protection, data collecting, ad verification, and so on.

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Oxylabs Pricing

The cost of Oxylabs can be surprising for most people since it is quite expensive at first look. However, the pricing actually gets cheaper with the volume of IPs or length of commitment.

  • Datacenter proxies start from $180/month that includes 100 IP addresses (ending up with $1.8 per IP address). Bigger companies would save more (from $1.8/IP to $1.2/IP) if they get a 5000-IP address plan monthly for $6000.
  • Residential proxy plans begin at $300/month with 20GB bandwidth. Enterprise-level can go as high as $5,000/month for 1TB bandwidth.
  • Nextgen residential proxies start from $360/month
  • The Scraper APIs add-on is $99/month (or higher depending on needs)

Of course, the pricing goes down much more if you're willing to pay on a yearly basis.

Regardless of proxy type, those interested in Oxylabs proxy can directly try out the 3 cheapest plans starter, business, corporate) from the website, but enterprise plans must go through dedicated account managers.


Pros and Cons of Oxylabs


  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS 4/5 protocols.
  • High-quality, large-scale IPs (advertised as available in "every city")
  • Real IP addresses (over 30 million) run from high-speed servers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • High-speed non-rotating residential IP
  • Unique Scraper APIs tool not found in any other competing company


  • No plan for particular use case proxies (such as mobile proxies, Craigslist proxies, Amazon proxies, and so on)
  • Not the cheapest provider around
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Does Oxylabs Provide the Best Proxy or Web Scraping Service?

The Lithuania-based company will impress you because it isn't just a trustworthy proxy provider - it is actually a business-to-business (b2b) provider. Using Oxylabs means it could support proxy and web scraping needs of professionals to enterprise-level companies.

While it isn't true that the residential proxies offered come from every city in the world (that's quite an exaggeration), the company's professional proxy services are highly recommended. You definitely can get proxies from all the major cities and servers with a speed of 1000 MB/s. Plus, the scraping tools can be a powerful tool to jumpstart lead generation or marketing campaigns if used right.

Oxylabs proxy covers what you expect from a datacenter or residential proxy. However, what they're offering isn't the cheapest in the industry, but they're reasonable priced for large-scale data scraping tasks. The organization has designed its products and services specifically for businesses, but this doesn't mean individuals and SMBs couldn't take advantage of the high-quality proxies. 

If you're going to need safe, high-speed, white-hat, and reliable proxies for a long-term, the amount you're going to pay Oxylabs won't go to waste. The organization will definitely deliver for as long as you need Oxylabs' services. 


1. What is Oxylabs?

Oxylabs is the cheapest residential proxy provider company. For over a decade, Oxylabs has provided dependable business tools and access to premium proxies. Oxylabs, like the majority of proxy providers today, caters to a diverse range of professionals and businesses. However, the primary distinction is that Oxylabs developed its toolkit for enterprise use. 

Oxylabs provides Private Proxies, Residential Proxies for Commercial Use SOCKS5 Proxy Servers. Select the proxy locations and the number of IP addresses.

2. What is the purpose of proxy?

Proxy servers serve as a firewall and web filter, sharing network connections, and caching data to access and accelerate common requests. In addition, a good proxy server protects users and the internal network from the dangers of the wild internet.

3. Are residential proxies legal?

Proxies for residential purposes are entirely legal. Indeed, they are necessary if you wish to remain secure online. If you want the best residential  IP provider? We recommend Oxylabs. In addition, Oxylabs claim to provide a 99.9% uptime to their customer.

4. How much do residential proxies cost?

The average price of a residential proxy server is around $200, but this price varies according to the amount of GB purchased. Luminati offers the most expensive proxy packages. Their entry-level price is $500 per month, which may be prohibitively expensive for individual Internet users.

5. Can proxies be traced?

Proxy servers can be traced by their IP addresses, which can be used to identify the computer or server that is being used as a proxy. However, if the proxy is using a secure connection (HTTPS), the IP address will not be visible, and the proxy server will be more difficult to trace.

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