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Plumbytes Anti Malware Review | Let’s See Why It’s Been So Popular Lately!

Online safety is vital. Hackers are still on the lookout for personal information and if you are not protected from malware, your online security can be compromised.

Do not wait until your identity is stolen and used to commit crimes, usernames and passwords have been hijacked, money has been stolen from your account, and your credit has been ruined. Act now and install Plumbytes antimalware.

Our recommendation: McAfee

With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent basis, McAfee’s ability to deal with malware attacks come unmatched! McAfee has a dedicated database that is adept to deal with all sorts of virus attacks whether they may be online or offline. To browse their programs, check out their programs here!

Plumbytes is one of the best antiviruses that detects and removes malware. With its many advanced features, it will make sure that you are constantly protected.

Keep reading this Plumbytes anti malware review to learn about its performance, pricing, security threat detection rate, features, and suitability for business, just to name a few. More anti malware software here.

Plumbytes Review

I have actually just done a test of Plumbytes on my HP computer, and I was impressed by its performance. It does not have only basic security threat detection but a high one; it was able to pick all viruses that was on my PC.

Since I had installed its paid version, all the potentially unwanted programs were removed. According to my test, I loved how it detected and removed viruses. Its main products are:

  • Plumbytes Anti-Malware
  • Plumbytes Anti-Adware
  • Plumbytes Ad-blocker
  • Plumbytes VPN secured connection
  • Plunbytes software logo

    It was developed by Plumbytes LTD, a British Company that is located in Ste 1, 4 Queen St, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE, United Kingdom.  

    What is Plumbytes Anti-Malware?

    This is a special program that is designed to detect and remove malware such as Trojans, spyware, ransomware, worms, key loggers, and other malware threats. It also comes with an adware blocker tool that is a great tool to get rid of annoying ads.

    This will protect your privacy, increase your site load, and block trackers that send ads depending on what you browse on the internet.

    It also features web browser anti-hijack protection. This is a helpful feature that will prevent your homepage from being hijacked.

    These programs that you download unknowingly and not from official website can either hijack your computer or cause more damage to your machine. This anti-malware tool will be useful if you like testing free programs on the internet.

    How Plumbytes protection works

    Plumbytes Anti Malware Software free

    This online security company offers a free and paid anti-malware version. Download its free version on their official site. It scans a PC for viruses but cannot remove them unless you purchase their full version.

    Plumbytes Pricing plans

    Plumbytes has 3 pricing plans and they include:

    • Essential anti-malware
    • Pro anti-malware
    • Ultimate anti-malware

     Essential Anti-Malware

    This is one of their affordable plans and costs 19.95 USD for 1 license. You will get the following features with this plan;

    • Virus protection
    • Advanced ransomware protection
    • Real-time security tool updates
    • Phishing scam protection
    • Web browsers cleaner
    • Free up computer system space
    • Remote firewall protection
    • Web shield extension
    • Real-time antivirus protection
    • Optimization tools and PC performance
    • 30 days money guarantee

    With its 2 way firewall, it will ensure that your sensitive information is protected. Also, it enhances system performance by removing programs and errors that slow down a machine.

    With this plan, your browsing experience will also be enhanced.

    Plumbytes protection

    Pro Anti-Malware

    This plan costs 39.95 USD for 3 licenses. Apparently, it is the most popular plan among the 3 I have mentioned here. It comes with all the Essential Anti-malware features plus automatic tuning updates.

    Ultimate Anti-Malware

    For complete real-time protection, purchase this plan. It costs 59.95 USD for 5 licenses. It comes with essential anti-malware and pro-anti-malware features plus the following;

    • 24/7 fast remote assistance support
    • Webcam spying protection
    • Block malicious downloads and links
    Plumbytes features

    System Requirements

    The system requirement for Plumbytes anti-malware is PC with Windows 7,8,8.1, 10, Vista, XP, SP3(32 or 64 bit). Ram needs to be at least 1.24 GB and hard disk with a space of 0.8 GB.

    Is Plumbytes Anti-Malware Safe?

    Is Plumbytes safe? This is a frequently asked question by people who want to install this antivirus for their first time. It is very safe to use as it does not contain any bugs. It is also light hence will not slow down your system when you install it. Additionally, it has a more user friendly interface than other application that is very convenient and easy to use.

    Plumbytes Anti-Malware Features

    Plumbytes antimalware comes with a lot of features that you will find useful. They include:

    • Plumbytes VPN secured connection-it will protect your privacy online by hiding your IP. Your Wi-Fi connection will also be secured, and you do not have to worry anymore about online trackers.
    • Plumbytes anti-adware- if you are always bothered by annoying ads while browsing online, you will find this feature useful. It will block tracking requests, block ads, increase website load, and protect your privacy.
    • Malware detection and malware removal tool; this antivirus uses cutting edge technology to detect threats and remove adware, ransomware, viruses, Trojans, key loggers, and other threats. We reviewed specialized Windows 10 antivirus tools here.

    With this computer protection, you can safely browse the internet.

    Plumbytes features
    • Dedicated support; this security company has the support that is always ready to answer any technical question that you have.
    • Updates their malware database; Plumbytes always updates its virus database so you can be protected from new online threats.
    • Restores browser; if your browser has been hijacked, Plumbytes will restore it. It achieves this by restoring your personal settings. Browser hijackers take over your search engine, homepage in order to inject annoying ads, etc. Protect your browser with this anti-malware tool.
    • Comprehensive and fast scan- Scanning is a useful feature as it is able to identify any viruses that is present in your machine. Plumbytes offer comprehensive and fast scan to keep your PC running safely.
    Plumbytes-Anti-Malware package

    Comprehensive Scanning

    If you suspect that your computer is infected and is behaving suspiciously, I would recommend performing Plumbytes Comprehensive or full scanning.  These scan types will clean up a wide variety of infections and scan every file in every folder.

    In other words, it will do a thorough check of the whole system of your PC.

    Fantastic Technical Support

    Technical support is available only to people with paid plans. Plumbytes provides 24/7 fast support. For advice or if you have any technical question, here is how to contact them;

    Their physical address is; Ste 1, 4 Queen St, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE, United Kingdom

    Phone number; +44 131 608 0405

    Email;[email protected], [email protected]

    There is a contact us page that you can use to reach them if you have any queries about their license, renewal, software usage, order, just to name a few. Their support also has top frequently asked questions with their answers which you can find useful.

    Contact us page

    There is a question and answer about how to;

    • Install Plumbytes anti-malware software
    • How to renew your license
    • How to uninstall Plumbytes anti-malware
    • How to receive an order confirmation
    • How to obtain a license key

    Quick Updates for New Threats

    If you are a Plumbytes user, you will be getting regular updates. The company keeps updating its malware database so you are safeguarded from new threats that are designed every day by cybercriminals.

    It is very important that your antivirus be able to handle old and new threats. The updates contain signature files that contain the latest list of malware. In order to be fully protected, make sure that you have set your antivirus to be updated automatically.

    Easy On Hardware

    This is a light antivirus hence it will not slow down your machine when you install it. This is unlike its competitors which cause system slowdown due to how they overuse a computer’s hardware.  

    Also, other Plumbytes anti-malware reviews have praised how Plumbytes is easy on hardware.


    From any of the links on this Plumbytes anti-malware review, you can download this utility. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are compatible with this program. If you don't specify otherwise, it will automatically execute when installation is complete and find any dangerous files on your system.

    You must decide whether the tool is right for you after the scan is complete based on the results.

    Easy To Use

    Feedback on system performance has been overwhelmingly favorable. Over the course of a week, I utilized this tool and discovered that it functions flawlessly and consumes very little system resources.

    One of the best features of this utility is how little hard drive space it takes up, how simple it is to use, and how well it integrates with your existing antivirus program to serve as the more effective tool for finding and eradicating infections.


    • It is affordable : this is one of the affordable antiviruses in the market right now.  Its cheapest plan costs 19.95 USD for a lifetime. Do not forget that it also comes with a free version.
    • Has a high malware and spyware detection speed: Plumbytes uses advanced technology to detect and remove malware, hijackers, suspicious toolbars, and extensions.
    • Virus database is always up-to-date to identify new threats

    • Comes with a VPN to protect your identity online

    • It comes with anti-adware to block annoying ads

    • It has dedicated support to answer all of your questions and offer technical support

    • It restores a hijacked browser


    • Its pop up informing you to update your antivirus can be annoying. Just set this to automatic so you can be fully protected against online threats.

    Our recommendation: McAfee

    Although the product we talked about are notable in the market, it doesn’t come close to McAfee. McAfee is a leading antivirus company in the cybersecurity industry due to its unique line-up of programs catered to dealing with malware and antivirus attacks. No wonder over 18.9 billion devices are protected using McAfee! Check out their security programs here!


    1. Is Anti-malware useful?

    Yes, anti-malware is useful. It can help protect your computer from malware infections, and it can also help remove any malware that may have already infected your computer.

    2. Does anti-malware protect against viruses?

    Yes, anti-malware software protects against viruses by identifying and removing malware from your computer. However, it is important to keep your anti-malware software up to date, as new viruses are created all the time.

    3. Do you need both anti malware and antivirus?

    Yes, you need both anti malware and antivirus. Antivirus software is designed to protect your computer from being infected by specific types of malware, while anti malware software is designed to protect your computer from all types of malware.

    4. What are the anti malware techniques?

    There are a variety of anti malware techniques that can be used to protect your computer from malware. Some of these techniques include using antivirus software, firewalls, and malware removal tools. You can also protect your computer by keeping your software up to date, being careful about what websites you visit, and avoiding email attachments.

    5. What are two types of anti malware?

    There are two types of anti malware: signature-based and heuristic. Signature-based anti malware uses a database of known malware signatures to identify and block malicious files. Heuristic anti malware uses algorithms to identify suspicious behavior, which can then be used to block malicious files.

    6. Is Plumbytes Anti Malware Legit?

    Like other anti-malware applications, Plumbytes anti-malware is a legitimate anti-virus program with an easy to use user interface. Due to the fact that Plumbytes is a new piece of computer security software, certain computer security researchers are skeptical about it. Plumbytes anti-malware is used by millions of computer users, and they say it is simple to use and receive positive reviews from their experiences. The software also have high detection rate of detecting potentially unwanted program.

    7. Is Plumbytes a UK-based company?

    Yes, this program was designed by a UK-based company. With Plumbytes Anti-Malware (see also Zemana antimalware and Malwarebytes), you will be able to detect and remove any infection quickly, easily, and effectively. One of the features of the program that makes it suitable for inexperienced users is its minimalistic functionality. 

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