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Samsung LU32R590CWNXZA | A Curved 32 Inch Monitor That Ticks All the Right Boxes

Is Samsung LU32R590CWNXZA with Freesync technology, eco-saving plus Eye Saver Mode a good LED TFT LCD monitor to buy? This detailed review will definitely help you decide.

Investing in a huge curved monitor with full HD resolution (see 'Best Curved Monitor' review), excellent contrast ratio and a fast response time can make pretty much every experience feel exponentially more immersive. This counts double when you set your sights on a premium LED or LCD monitor from a brand like Samsung, which is famed for its advanced curved monitor technology and the performance of its display products in general.

However, you can’t help but feel a note of skepticism when you see a monitor product like the Samsung curved LU32R590CWNXZA available at such a low price. 

Samsung screen

On paper, this monitor seems to tick all the right boxes and then some. Outstanding gaming potential, all the viewing angles you could ever need, 2160p resolution, and of course, a sizable 32-inch curved screen (we also reviewed top console gaming monitors).

Skepticism emerges upon learning that this display sold for a price of just $399 when it launched, and the same item is often available today for closer to $350. For this, you get a 2160p, 60Hz monitor with a 1500R curvature across that massive 32-inch curved monitor, which is only 0.5-inch thin. Far more than just about any comparable item on Amazon and almost too good to be true.

Still, predominantly positive reviews suggest this really is a great monitor and one to make sure you take full advantage of. There are (of course) inevitable imperfections when shopping for monitors for such a low price, but there is really no question as to where the Samsung 32 LU32R590CWNXZA curved monitor stands in terms of overall value for money.

Samsung 32 Curved LU32R590CWNXZA: Samsung’s Word

The general overview from Samsung on the CF397’s primary selling points provides a pretty good summary of what makes this a solid contender within its price bracket:

  • Experience vibrant, stunningly vivid colors with Samsung's Active Crystal Color technology. The excellent 3000:1 contrast ratio delivers deep blacks and bright whites.
  • The 1800R curvature of the screen provides a truly immersive viewing experience that lets you enjoy big, bold, and stunning panoramic views while you work or play.
  • Featuring an ultra-slim and sleek profile the Samsung CF397 monitor measures less than 0.5inch thick. A widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, Brightness: 250 cd/m², Response Time 4ms, 60hz Refresh Rate.
  • Other features: MagicBright, Magic Upscale, Flicker-Free technology, FreeSync Technology, Eco Saving Plus, Eye Saver Mode, Mercury-free, Game Mode, TFT active matrix
  • Interfaces: HDMI, DisplayPort | Headphones
Samsung monitor features

Now, you will probably note a couple of minor to moderate discrepancies in the above, which I will be coming to in my hands-on overview. But it is worth pointing out once again at this stage that when you consider the purchase price of the Samsung Curved CF397 LED monitor, you can forgive its shortcomings.

Not that there are many of them worth taking the time to mention unless you are a habitual nitpicker.

The Samsung LU32R590CWNXZA Curved Monitor: Hands-On

The first thing you notice about this 32-inch new Samsung monitor right out of the box is just how heavy and imposing it is. If this Samsung 32-inch LCD is your first curved screen, you might be surprised just how heavy they are compared to a comparable display. Though if anything, this just gives the Samsung curved LU32R590CWNXZA a feeling of quality and durability - something that is often lacking with super-lightweight and seemingly flimsy monitors.

You will need a DisplayPort or HDMI socket to get your screen up and running, as there is no VGA inbuilt into this product. This product is apparently a sticking point in some customer reviews, though probably isn’t the end of the world for 99% of buyers.

The gorgeous glossy dark blue grey exterior of the Samsung curved LU32R590CWNXZA is an absolute joy to behold - I believe there was also a black version available at some point, but it may have been a slightly different model. In any case, this product brings elegance and sophistication to any desk or workstation it graces, with the look and feel of a monitor you would expect to pay at least twice this product amount for.

Samsung curved screen

Picture Quality and Clarity

Besides its 4K UHD 2160p resolution for stunning images with lifelike detail, it is worth remembering that this is a comparatively compact 32-inch curved monitor. Compact compared to some of today’s towering Samsung display panels, but still more than big enough to deliver fantastic gaming or productivity experience. In addition, check out these top-of-the-shelf gaming monitors.

In any case, cram full HD resolution into a screen of the size and you will find absolutely nothing to complain about. Color, contrast, clarity, and so on - all every bit as good as they need to be. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the standard 60hz refresh rate wouldn’t be up to par for high-end gaming (see the best 32 inch gaming monitors here), but you’d be surprised just how great this monitor gets the job done.

Oddly, I have seen some question the decision of Samsung to leave built-in speakers out of the equation. Odd because I’d estimate that at least 90% of gamers don’t use the speaker built into their monitors anyway. Nor does anyone watching movies or TV shows, as they have a tendency to be a little on the underwhelming side. This is therefore of no real consequence whatsoever.

Value for Money and Verdict

All in all, you cannot possibly knock what is on offer with this stunning curved LCD screen for the kind of cash it demands. If you want to pick fault, then yes - it’s only 32 inches in size and only boasts 2160p with a 60hz frame rate.

But seriously, no one in their right mind would expect to get more for this kind of price…would they?

Whichever way you look at it, the Samsung curved LU32R590CWNXZA is a great monitor and an item well worthy of its five-star rating. Whether being sold at its original purchase price or up for grabs closer to the $350 mark, there is almost nothing better for an affordable entry-point to the engaging and immersive world of curved monitor technology.


  • Fantastic picture quality
  • Gorgeous dark blue grey exterior design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Exceptional value for money


  • Absolutely none for this kind of price

Samsung curved LU32R590CWNXZA: Full Hardware and Specifications



Display Type

4K UHD curved monitor

Aspect Ratio



4K UHD 2160p at 60 Hz

Contrast Ratio


Color Support


Dimensions (WxDxH)

28.1" x 20.3" x 9.4" - with stand

Horizontal Viewing Angle


Vertical Viewing Angle


Viewable Size



250 cd/m²


  • DisplayPort
  • HDMI
  • Headphones

Nominal Voltage

AC 120/230 V

Power Consumption Operational

35 Watt

Power Consumption Stand by

0.3 Watt

Power Consumption (Off Mode)

0.3 Watt

Image Brightness

250 cd/m2

Image Contrast Ratio



 LCD monitor


Dark Blue Grey

OS Required

Windows 10

Tilt Angle



12.34 lbs

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