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StaffCop | Get More Data on the Work Efficiency of Your Employees

Do you want to know how your employees working hours are spent? Use the best employee monitoring software like StaffCop. It is a modern software solution that will provide you with a large amount of data on the work and employee efficiency.

Its main features include social media and instant message, as well as insider activity monitoring, abnormal behavior, audio and video recording, reporting, remote desktop control, and many more which I will discuss in this article.

Keep reading to learn more about StaffCop such as its price, pros and cons, integrations, etc. Here are more top-performing tools that you can use to track your employees.

StaffCop Employees Tracking and Home Application

StaffCop logo

This is one of the best employee tracking software tools on the market right now. It records every detail. It can also be used at home. Its monitoring computer activities features include:

  • Social media and messages monitoring
  • Website and app activity monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Video and audio recording
  • Remote desktop control
  • File and document track
  • Screen capture
  • Track network connections

Screen monitoring software

This is a simple and powerful software that will capture and record videos of the desktops of your employees. You can see in real-time the websites they are visiting etc. To compare other services, you can take a look at ActivTrak which we reviewed in this post.

Instant messages monitoring

StaffCop monitors messages sent by your employees on these platforms: Skype, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, Telegram Desktop, etc. It will show you the content of the messages sent, time sent, contact info of parties.

Instant messaging monitoring is crucial as it can prevent data leaks. By monitoring messages sent, it will make your business safe and secure.

What is StaffCop Enterprise?

Computer Monitoring Software

This is a computer monitoring software designed to monitor the activities of employees. With this tool, you can tell how your employees working hours are spent, which web sites or sites are visited, which files or messages are shared, etc.

You can set alerts with StaffCop to be notified of suspicious employee activities. This will help protect against insider threats.

It was founded in 2001 as Atom Security Inc.  This is a security software company headquartered in St. Petersburg in Russia. However, it has many regional offices in countries such as Ukraine, the USA, Spain, Australia, and Latvia.

Also, it has over 30 certified IT professionals and is Microsoft certified.

StaffCop Home Edition

Home edition capture

It is worth noting that StaffCop has a home edition that is designed to protect your kids from internet predators.  It has parental control features to block certain inappropriate web sites such as porn sites, show time spent on a computer, captures the screen, social networks monitoring, etc.

It runs in stealth mode hence will not be detected by your children.

How to get started with StaffCop

Keep in mind that the setup of StaffCop consists of 2 parts- installing server part and endpoint agents on your computers.  

Server fitting requirements are:

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • CPU: 2 Cores
  •  Disk space:25 GB

Computer Requirements for endpoint agents are:

  • RAM: 2GB and above
  • OS: Windows 7 and above, Linux/GNU
  • Disk Space: 5 GB and above
  • CPU: Intel Core2Duo 2,2 GHz

Overview of StaffCop Enterprise Benefits

This employee productivity tracking software comes with a bucketful of benefits.  I tested StaffCop enterprise and it worked surprisingly well for me. The feature that I loved most about this tool is its capturing of the screen. I also compared it with Veriato which I reviewed here.

It was able to take screenshots of the entire remote desktop of the computers of my employees and I could see in real-time websites visited, how employees are interacting with customers and how efficiently they are using working time.

Employee computer monitoring

I cannot stress enough how StaffCop is a great employee monitoring software.  When employees know that they are being monitored, they increase their productivity instantly.

It will prevent your staff from misusing working time by playing games, watching movies, or visiting inappropriate websites.

Protect your Company

Protect your company from suspicious activities by installing this software. With its employee monitoring features such as capturing of the screen, website activity monitoring, file document track, you will be able to detect and stop insider threats.

Employees often have access to important information about your company which they might be tempted to sell to a third party. With real-time monitoring, you will see instantly what emails are being exchanged and block if there is any threat.

Overview of StaffCop Enterprise Features

Monitor Employees’ Activities

StaffCop logo

StaffCop enterprise is an amazing computer tracking software. Its monitoring features include:

  • Document and file tracking
  • App and website monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Instant messages monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • It is able to take screenshots

Sends Alerts

This monitoring software lets you set alerts and notifications that automatically notify you of suspicious inside activities.

Home edition

It has a home edition with parental control features. Use it to protect your kids against visiting inappropriate sites and spending too much time playing games.

StaffCop has remarkable features that can be customized to meet the needs of both small and large businesses. This tool will ensure your business is getting the most out of your investment.

  • It allows admins to immediately detect insider threats. Any attempt to copy or share company information will be flagged or blocked.
  • StaffCop will enable management to keep track of employees’ activities; this will prevent them from taking advantage of company resources and time.
  • StaffCop makes it easy to manage remote workers
  • The data generated by this tool helps in the decision making process.
  • StaffCop will be able to distinguish for you productive and unproductive employees.
  • You will be able to get real-time data from your employees.  Use the data to spot and fix mistakes. You will know which websites, apps they have visited, and for how long. Data analysis software can help medium and large companies better sift through the noise.
  • Awards & Quality

    Since its inception, StaffCop has continuously shown its commitment and dedication to provide solutions such as insider threat detection, improve employee productivity, document tracking, and many more.

    StaffCop commitment to providing quality solutions tailored to organization standards has made it to be recognized and crowned with the Rising Star 2019 Award, together with the Premium Usability 2019 Award, awarded by FinancesOnline.


    StaffCop Enterprise Position in Our Categories

    With StaffCop, you get everything under one roof. It monitors PC activity, captures screenshots, tracks documents sent and received, analyzes data, prevents data loss, just to name a few.

    When it comes to installation, StaffCop Enterprise is a lightweight time tracking tool and installation takes a few minutes. Even for a novice PC user, it is easy to set up and run StaffCop.

    It ensures employees are following corporate rules and are spending company time more efficiently.

    Moreover, employees will be motivated to improve their work performance when they know that their activities are being monitored.

    This software has a wide range of features that keep businesses safe and secure.  They reduce the risk of data leakage and improve transparency in the remote work.

    How Much Does StaffCop Enterprise Cost?

    Are you looking for an affordable fully integrated solution to monitor your employees’ activities?  Look no more! StaffCop offers various affordable plans to suit your needs.

    Every customer pays a one-time license fee with free software updates for a year. However, updates are optional and licenses are valid for a lifetime.

    It offers its remote users 3 StaffCop pricing plans to choose from. The StaffCop pricing is based on the number of users in your organization. These plans include the standard edition, StaffCop enterprise, and home edition.

    Standard costs $43 per one workstation and they offer discounts starting from 2 workstations.

    Standard edition pricing plans

    Enterprise Edition:

    • 3 month license  $175 per 5 users
    • Annual license $350/5 users
    • Has a free plan
    Enterprise pricing plans

    Home Edition costs $33 for 1 computer

    StaffCop Home edition price

    StaffCop also offer discounts for these governmental organizations;

    • Charity funds
    • Hospitals
    • Public libraries
    • Public museums
    • Universities and schools

    It also offers a 14 days free trial.

    Also, they offer a 40% migration discount for users already using monitoring software from StaffCop. However, you are required to provide proof of purchase for the previous software to be eligible for a 40% upgrade discount.

    User Satisfaction

    Before buying software, it is crucial to check how experts and clients evaluate it. In other words, find out if they are actually satisfied with it or not.

    StaffCop does not violate employees’ rights to personal privacy. It is also easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. All the data received from a particular PC is displayed into different categories making it easy for analysis and reporting.

    StaffCop currently has a rating of 4.5 in most online review sites. It is also praised as being one of the best employee monitoring software solutions available.


    There are many StaffCop enterprise review videos online. It has been labeled as the top software for employee monitoring with many reviewing it as simple to use and great at data leakage prevention.

    Technical details

    StaffCop is software-based on a client-server architecture. They offer on-premise deployment solutions but don't have cloud-based technology. It can be supported by the following operating systems; Windows, Mac, Linux, web-based.

    StaffCop is an on-premise software that will require you to have a server to run the software and then install the client application at every employee workstation.

    Server fitting requirements are:

    • RAM: 2 GB
    • CPU: 2 Cores
    • Disk space:25 GB

    Computer Requirements for endpoint agents are:

    • RAM: 2GB and above
    • OS: Windows 7 and above, Linux/GNU
    • Disk Space: 5 GB and above
    • CPU: Intel Core2Duo 2,2 GHz
    computer setup graphic icon

    What Support Does This Vendor Offer

    They have an excellent technical support team that will gladly assist you in case you have a question. You can as well contact them through:

    • Email

     [email protected]

    • Chats
    • Postal address:

    901 N Pitt St.

    Suite 325

    Alexandria, VA 22314

    United States

    Info service graphic icon

    If you want to ask a question, please remember to provide as much information as possible concerning your problem.

    You can also use their chat feature or leave a message and support will get back to you within 24hours.

    Popular StaffCop Enterprise Alternatives

    There are many popular StaffCop enterprise alternatives. They include:

    • Teramind
    • VeriClock
    • Hubstaff

    Employees monitoring software

    They are all employee monitoring software with 1 goal; to help businesses know how employees spend their working time. This helps increase productivity, security, and run a business smoothly.

    Teramind logo


    This is one of the popular advanced employee tracking tools. It shows employees who are online, help identify suspicious activities, it sends automated threats, can block certain apps or websites, record high-quality videos of remote desktop activity, track internet and application usage, etc.

    However, it is costly when compared to StaffCop of Hubstaff. Teramind starter package costs $44 monthly for 10 users. StaffCop costs $39 for 2 to 20 computers and it is a 1-time price.

    Graphic design of VeriClock logo


    This is a time and location tracking software. It is an ideal fully integrated solution for large companies that have remote workers, freelancers, part-time contract workers, or mobile employees. It will provide info on where and when your staff clock in and out.

    It is pocket friendly; costs $15 per month.  It is not a powerful employee monitoring software when compared to StaffCop or Teramind.  

    Hubstaff logo


    This is another time and location tracking tool.  It provides online timesheets, takes screenshots, offers reports, employers can use desktop or phone to clock in and out, offers staff scheduling, etc.

    It is an affordable solution; its basic plan costs $7 per month. It also comes with a free plan though with limited features. It is not that powerful in employee monitoring when compared to StaffCop.

    Top Competitors to StaffCop Enterprise by Price

    Top competitors to StaffCop enterprise by price include large enterprises such as Hubstaff, TimeCamp, and VeriClock.  Hubstaff costs start at $7 per month for its basic plan.  The premium plan costs $10 per month while StaffCop enterprise plan costs $20 per month.

    It is worth noting that Hubstaff offers a 14 days free trial for all its plans plus a free plan.  This is way more affordable when compared to StaffCop which starts at $43 per 1 employee's workstation.

    TimeCamp is also an affordable fully integrated solution for improving your team productivity. Its basic plan starts from $5.25/ user per month, its PRO plan costs $7.50/user per month. It has a 14 days free trial and a free plan.

    VeriClock has one of the most affordable rates when compared to StaffCop.  Its price starts at $15 per month for a single user.

    Trending Employee Monitoring Software Reviews

    We all know that employee monitoring softwares are crucial. They are important to businesses that want to know how working hours are spent especially by remote workers and freelancers.

    There are several employee monitoring software that have been trending due to the benefits they offer.  They include StaffCop, TimeCamp, and VeriClock. Not only are they great at tracking employee computer activities but are affordable and have trials so you can test them.

    StaffCop Enterprise Comparisons







    It starts at $43 per 1 workstation. It is a 1-time price.

    Starts at $7 per month

    Price starts at $15 per month


    -Social media and messages monitoring

    - Website and app activity monitoring

    -Has Screenshots

    - File operations and document track

    - Video and audio recording





    -It is a time and Location software


    -Online Timesheets

    - Easy staff scheduling


    - Provides payroll processes

    -It is a time and location software

    -Sends real-time alerts

    - Integrate with QuickBooks or Sage

    - Employees can clock in and out from any device



    -It will help improve employee productivity

    -It protects companies from fraudulent activities

    -Comes with an edition for home to protect kids from internet predators

    -It is very affordable

    -Have a great Customer support

    -Improves transparency in job

    -It is affordable

    -Payroll is made easy with integrations

    -Helps companies stay and secure


    What are the StaffCop Enterprise pricing details?

    StaffCop has 3 editions:

    • Standard
    • Enterprise
    • Home Edition

    StaffCop Standard edition starts with $43 per 1 workstation. It is $39 for 2 to 20 computers. This is a 1-time price. The company gives discounts to prisons, schools, governmental organizations, etc.

    Enterprise Edition:

    • 3 month license  $175 per 5 users
    • Annual license $350/5 users
    • Has a free plan

    Home Edition costs $33 for 1 computer.


    What integrations are available for StaffCop Enterprise?

    The following apps or software can be integrated with StaffCop Enterprise:

    • Facebook
    • StaffCop API
    • Database Connection
    • Skype


    • It effectively tracks all activities of employees
    • It protects companies from fraudulent activities. You can keep your business safe and secure because you will be able to detect any threat earlier and have time to stop before it escalates to a big problem.
    • It is easy to use
    • It will help improve employee productivity
    • Comes with an edition for your home to protect kids from internet predators. It has control features designed to block kids from visiting inappropriate websites.
    • It also monitors websites, apps and social media sites visited by your staff
    • It can block particular websites, applications, and flash drives
    • Contain advanced analytics of employee performance. This information can be used to tell productive and unproductive employees etc.


    • It does not use cloud technologies. This is not a big issue because the software is able to monitor employee actions, detect information leak plus conduct remote administration very well without cloud technology.
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