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Trend Micro Maximum Security Review | Top Protection for All Your Devices and Needs

Hunting for the best antivirus? I would recommend Trend Micro Maximum Security.  It provides comprehensive protection for your Mac, iOS, Windows, Chromebook, and Android devices. In addition, we also give you a separate look at the best antivirus for mac options and recommend these antiviruses to protect your Android cell.

When I last tested Trend Micro, it achieved 100% percent protection in my malware test. This is because it is a smart antivirus product that uses cloud-based AI technology to detect and remove even advanced malware.

Read the entire Trend Micro Maximum Security Review to learn about its performance, pricing, features, pros, and cons, just to name a few.

Best Security Software

Enjoy your digital life safely with the best security program; Trend Micro Maximum Security. It is very advanced; uses cloud-based AI technology to block new, existing & very latest malware.

What this means is that Trend Micro software is one of the antivirus programs that store information about known malware variants in the cloud, rather than a user device. By storing it in the cloud or on its own hard drive, the system performance of your device will not be affected.

TM Security features

Trend Micro Maximum Security Features at a Glance

  • Trend Micro comes with parental control features
  • It offers malware protection. It will detect and block any program that looks suspicious
  • Trend Micro has ransomware and phishing sites protection 
  • Has a pay guard to secure your transactions
  • Installing Trend Micro is so easy
  • It optimizes system performance by fixing common problems of a device
  • Comes with a privacy scanner
  • Trend Micro has a folder shield to protect your valuable folders and documents
  • It offers web monitoring and protection
  • Trend Micro  secure erase to permanently delete data making it inaccessible by cybercriminals
  • Trend micro’s antivirus protection will keep all your devices safe such as Mac, laptop, tablet, Windows computers , and other mobile devices; both Android and iOS.
  • It is a great security suite that uses AI technology to protect you from unknown, advanced, new, and existing malware.
  • Various security features include an ad blocker, Wi-Fi checker, can help locate your  lost phone using Wi-Fi and GPS, has a secure QR code scanner and monitors data usage
  • This security suite provides protection for small and big businesses. It will safeguard your endpoints, computer systems, and network.
  • Trend Micro secures your privacy on social media. It will ensure that your social network is always protected.

With all these advanced features, Trend Trend Micro Maximum Security can compete with bigger industry names and the best network security software out  there.

It is worth noting that its updates are pushed to your security program remotely via the cloud and any device using it. This will ensure that you are protected always.

Malware Protection

Trend Micro is a security company that is protecting over 1,500,000 organizations and individuals. It safeguards against viruses, Trojans, ransomware, phishing attacks, spyware, adware, malicious URL blocking, etc.

You can depend on Trend Micro Maximum Security to keep all devices such as PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones safe from attacks.

Ransomware Protection

Stop ransomware attacks with Trend Micro antivirus security. Ransomware is a type of harmful file that encrypts victim’s files. It holds files to ransom and only releases them when a certain amount of money is paid.

This premium security safeguards your valuable documents even on cloud-synced folders like Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.  It comes with a folder shield for the same purpose. This tool adds an extra layer of defense to limit access to your folders and files in your online accounts and device.

This means that ransomware will not be able to hold ransom your files.

White devices on the desk

Setting up Folder Shield

Setting it up is not difficult.

  • Open your Trend Micro premium security app or Trend Micro. You can do this by double-clicking on its icon on your desktop or phone.
  • Next step, click data
  • Click configures for folder shield and from there, a window will open. Click ok to enable it.
  • Choose the folders and documents that you want to be protected. Do not forget to click okay.

Phishing Protection

Avoid fraud and scams. after Trend Micro installed on you device,  it will offer protection against phishing websites and phishing emails. Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain personal data such as credit card details, login information, social security number, etc.

Cybercriminals use deceptive emails and websites to scam people or steal their private data. They often pose as legitimate websites so as to lure people into entering their details.

Unsuspecting people will often click a link that will redirect them to a malicious site and this is where they will give their information. The data obtained will either be sold into the dark web to the highest bidder, used to commit other crimes, or steal money from you.

Do not be a victim of phishers. Install Trend Micro Maximum security and you will browse online safely.

Social Media Privacy

Trend Micro antivirus products are one of the few software that comes with social networking protection & privacy. It has a privacy scanner that detects and blocks any app or malware that can steal your data on social networking platforms.

Trend Micro secures your privacy on social media sites; these include Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook, and Quora.

lock in a circle

Parental Controls

If you are looking for antivirus software or an app with parental controls, choose Trend Micro. Parental control Trend Micro’s feature is extremely crucial since it will enable your children to explore the web pages safely.

If you have internet in the house, then your kids are constantly visiting various sites. If your app does not have parental controls, your kids will be exposed to all types of content, even pornography, hate, and violence.

Do not forget that there are malware attacks, cyberbullying, pedophiles, social networks scams that are targeting innocent kids like yours. With parent controls, you can do the following:

Parental control icon
  • Use Trend Micro’s parental controls to block offensive content such as pornography, hate, and violent acts
  • Help your kids spend time constructively- Limit their time on the web so they can concentrate on their homework and assignments. It will also prevent them from becoming web addicts
  • It will block internet threats such as malware, pedophiles, cyberbullies, etc. These security threats are hidden everywhere on the web. You can deny access to dark websites, spam sites, sites with illegal apps and software so as to minimize risks.

Password Manager

Manage your passwords with ease with Trend Micro’s password manager. This program stores and manages passwords that you have for various online accounts. It stores them using a high-level file encryption format, making it hard for a hacker to steal them.

By storing the passwords for you, a password manager will remove the hustle of remembering multiple passwords for your favorite accounts.

Trend Micro Maximum security will even help you to create complex passwords. It also has an automatic form filling where it will enter login information in particular websites thus reducing errors and keyloggers from stealing your passwords.

TrandMicro Password Manager logo

Security Trend Micro Pay Guard

This is a protected web browser that you will find quite helpful when making an online purchase. Trend Micro's pay guard safeguards online payments. It does not support browser extensions, requires encrypted connections, and is capable of recognizing financial websites. When shopping or online banking & other financial sites, it protects all your data including personal and credit card information. 

Please note that this tool supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Chrome.  Pay guard is free of charge hence it will be included in your subscription.

Uses AI Technology

Trend micro internet security has very advanced protection. It uses cloud-based AI technology and machine learning to detect and remove known and unknown malware without signatures.

As malware continues to be sophisticated, you need powerful and advanced antimalware like Trend Micro Maximum Security. Cybercriminals are also coming up with new attack techniques and automated tools, making it hard for traditional antiviruses to detect them.

Sophisticated data theft prevention and threat in today’s world requires an antivirus that works smarter, not harder, just like Trend Micro.

TrendMicro solutions

Uses Cloud-Based Technology

What are the benefits of an antivirus that uses cloud-based technology like Trend Micro? It is very light on your computer since it only installs a small client program. Trend Micro analyzes files in the cloud rather than on your computer and this consumes less processing power of your machines, unlike traditional antiviruses.

Mute Mode

Trend Micro includes some cool additional features such as mute mode. This is a feature that you will find quite helpful when working with your computers. It temporarily stops non-critical notifications from disturbing you while working, gaming, or browsing the web.

It is easy to turn on mute mode. As usual, open the trend micro icon on your desktop or phone. Go to the system tray menu, so as to select this feature. Trend Micro does not recommend disabling mute mode for a long time since your device may be exposed to threats

The mute mode gives you the freedom to choose programs that will be stopped from sending notifications to minimize disturbance and prevent your brand new or old device from slowing down.

Trend Micro Scan Options

Trend Micro comes with the following scan options;

  • Full scan
  • Quick scan
  • Custom scan
  • Privacy scan

Full Scan

TrandMicro features

This is a type of scan that checks all your documents, and every area of your computer. This includes hard drives, external devices such as USB, and memory. Its main goal is to maintain PC health checkup.  It will check for security risks and remove old infections.

Since it scans everything, it may take some time to complete though this will depend on your device’s hardware specifications and documents to scan. Press the scan button to launch it.

Trend Micro’s Quick Scan

TrendMicro features

If you want to check areas targeted by threats such as hard drives and memory, choose Trend Micro quick scan. It takes less time to complete. To run a quick scan, open Trend micro internet security.

Open Trend Micro security and choose quick scan. Press its scan button to start the process.

Custom Scan

TrendMicro features

This option will let you scan folders and documents of your choice. You can check your desktop, program files, or system documents. It takes less time to complete. If you suspect a certain area of your computer or certain documents is infected, use this option.

Privacy Scanner

TrendMicro features

Trend Micro Antivirus is one of the very few security suites that offer a Privacy scanner. This is a tool that checks your Google Chrome, Facebook, Google Chrome privacy settings to make sure that your sensitive files & information stays safe.

It is worth noting that Trend Micro can scan hidden folders.  Make sure you allow this so its scanners can detect and remove threats in hidden documents and folders. Compressed documents and OLE objects are also scanned.

The boot area is also scanned for infections during scheduled and manual scans. It features a real-time scan that will automatically scan a USB or external storage device once they are plugged into your computer.

Threats are quarantined once they are detected in memory.

The System Requirements of Trend Micro Antivirus

Android OS

Android 4.1 and above

Windows OS

Windows 7, all versions of Windows 8, Windows 10

Chrome OS

Chrome OS 79 and above

iOS Operating System

The iOS supported by Trend Micro Maximum Security is iOS 9 and above.

Mac OS

Apple macOS 10.14 and above

Get Protection for up to 10 Devices

Laptop, notebook and cellphone

If you are looking for protection for yourself and your family, choose Trend Micro. It protects up to 10 devices and they include:

  • Computer and other devices that uses Windows
  • Chromebook devices
  • iOS gadgets such as Mac
  • Android devices

Trend Micro offers comprehensive protection for your tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops, Mac users, and Chromebook devices. It is my top choice as “best for many devices”. Trend Micro recognizes that a single household can have multiple devices with different operating systems.

With a security app like this, no need to purchase multiple antivirus subscriptions for your family members.

Mobile Security

Trend Micro’s mobile security provides 99.99% protection against malware no matter where you are. It provides security solutions for both your android and iOS devices.

Best Mobile Security App

I have used the Trend Micro security app for more than 4 years and I love it. It comes with many features that I find very useful in keeping my sensitive data and my device safe. Trend Micro app is user-friendly, and its online support is great.

You can get the app on the Apple store for your iPad and iPhone and Playstore if you have a device.

Trend Micro’s phone security comes with the following features:

  • Privacy and Web Protection; safeguards your privacy on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Use any web browsers app with no worry since you will be warned if about to visit fraudulent and sensitive sites
  • Secure QR code scanner; it scans code safely and quickly so you can download an app or visit a site. With this feature, you will be directed to a safe site that is free of viruses, Trojans, ads, and scams. If the tool detects danger along the way, it will be blocked instantly.
  • Trend Micro Wi-Fi Checker; it has an inbuilt Wi-Fi checker that will alert you in case of network risks
  • Has an iMessage protection; if you receive a text with a malicious link, it will be isolated in a junk folder, and be warned about it.
  • App blocker; it blocks instantly, annoying and malicious apps or unauthorized programs from loading. This will help you enjoy your digital life.
  • Trend Micro's  Secure Erase; use this tool to completely wipe clean all off your data. It is a permanent solution hence your data cannot be retrieved, making it an important tool for erasing your sensitive data.
  • This mobile maximum security can help you locate your phone. It will make use of cell towers, Wi-Fi, and GPS. It also has lost device protection to wipe data in case you have sensitive information that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Trend Micro App manager; this is a helpful feature or tool that will give you updates on your phone health. It will also free up device space and fix bugs.
TM on mobile phones

A good antivirus will give you the chance to test it for 30 or 60 days. Trend Micro offers a free trial to mobile users to test all its premium features. Take advantage of their 30 days free trial to check if the antivirus will meet your needs or not.

The free trial has the same software features as the premium one hence you will get access to complete protection during the trial period. It is completely free.

Trend Micro Pricing Plans

Trend Micro internet security comes with various pricing options to suit all categories of people. They include the following;

  • Premium Security Suite
  • Maximum Security
  • Internet security
Pricing chart

Before I discuss the pricing plans, please note that Trend Micro offers a 30-day free trial.

1. Premium Security Suite

This is powerful protection for you and your family. It can cover up to 10 devices and this includes your Mac, iPad, Windows, and Android gadgets. Its price is $69.95 for 1 year.

It comes with the following features:

  • It offers malware protection for your windows and Mac and comes with 24/7 support. It will secure your online shopping and banking with its cloud-based AI technology
  • Comes with phone security; for both your android and iOS gadgets. It will safeguard your phones against unwanted access
  • Has a password manager to ensure password safety plus to generate secure passwords
  • Comes with Wi-Fi protection-has a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your identity online. It also comes with a personal data search that will alert you in case your data is found online
  • Provides dark web monitoring with ID security
TM protection option

2. Maximum Security

Get protection for up to 5 gadgets with Trend Micro antivirus’s maximum security.  It costs $39.95 for a whole year. It has a free trial so you can try it out for 30 days. It comes with the following features:

TM protection option
  • Has parent control feature to safeguard your kids online. Your kids can now browse the web safely without worry
  • Protect all your windows, iOS, and Chromebook machines against ransomware and other web threats
  •  Has a password manager to create and manage complex passwords
  • Comes with a web shield to block malicious websites
  • You will get a pay guard that will secure your online transactions
  • It will optimize your machine performance by fixing common security issues

3. Trend Micro’s Internet Security

Trend Micro’s internet Security gives advanced threat protection for up to 3 PCs for 1 year for $39.95. This pricing package comes with the following features:

  • It blocks web threats; has real-time defense to protect your PCs against all types of invasions plus online scams
  • VPN; has a VPN that hides your online identity
  • Has parental control features; Trend Micro’s will safeguard your kids against offensive content and predators online
  • Protect your Email; guards your emails against tech support scams
  • Optimizes your machine performance; it quickly fixes various problems of your PC for faster and smoother performance
  • Secures your privacy on social media so as to socialize safely
TM protection option

Is Trend Micro Maximum Security any Good?

Yes, this antivirus review has proved that. Trend Micro is one of the security programs that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to constantly analyze the behavior of machines in order to block anything that acts suspicious. 

Your computers could see a significant impact on performance with Trend Micro installed.

  • It offers comprehensive antivirus protection for all of your tablets, smartphones, computers, and laptops. With 1 year subscription, no need to worry about new and existing ransomware, spyware, and viruses.
  • It is lightweight hence takes fewer resources of your machines
  • It is easy to download and use and this antivirus review has shown that
  • It shields your privacy-you will get a VPN that will keep you anonymous online hence making it hard to be tracked by your IP provider, online trackers, and cybercriminals
  • Comes with parental controls to safeguard your kids. With this tool, you can control what your kids watch online and sites that they visit hence keeping them safe from predators and online criminals
  • Optimizes your machine performance; fixes common problems of your PCs and laptops so they can run at top speed
  • Uses advanced technology-AI and machine learning to guard you against online threats
  • ID security; performs data search to see if your personal information has been leaked on the dark web
  • It comes with phone security to protect you against harmful apps. It has protection for both android and iOS mobile gadgets.
  • You will get a premium service; their online support is available 24/7 and offers emergency assistance and technical support
  • None that I know of


1. Is Trend Micro Maximum Security any good?

Yes, Trend Micro provides reliable anti-virus shields, Windows protection & Mac computers. It's an excellent complement to Apple's built-in security tools, providing robust real-time protection against Mac-based malware. In addition, trend Micro's Antivirus for Mac and Windows is sufficient to safeguard one Mac computer & Windows OS.

2. What does Trend Micro Maximum Security do?

It safeguards up to five devices against ransomware and potentially harmful websites, allowing you to bank and shop safely online, and it guards against potential hackers. Trend Micro Maximum Security software assists in optimizing the performance of your computer for faster navigation.

3. How much does Trend Micro Maximum Security cost?

Trend Micro Maximum Security Costs How Much? The annual subscription fee of $39.95 These licenses are compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

4. Does Trend Micro slow down computer?

The antivirus offers excellent malware protection and a slew of useful extra features, but it has a tendency to generate a high number of false positives in some independent testing labs and can cause systems to slow down during scans.

5. Does Trend Micro remove viruses?

Trend Micro Maximum Security protects your computer in real-time, eliminating the need for manual virus removal. If your computer is performing poorly as a result of an infection, you can run a scan at any time.

6. Does Trend Micro Maximum security have webcam protection?

No. While Trend Micro provides good detection rates and anti-ransomware protection, it lacks key features that a security suite should have (firewall, webcam protection, backup), and the provided tools are sometimes insufficient.

7. Does Trend Micro Maximum Security have a firewall?

Although Trend Micro does not provide a standalone firewall to replace the one included with Windows 10, their Firewall Booster analyzes data traffic for signs of infiltration and botnets.

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