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Trend Micro Review | Surprising Results Of Protection Efficiency Tests

In a cyber world where frauds are ever-increasing, online privacy has become a persistent concern even for average, day-to-day users. Although cybersecurity mechanisms are getting more impervious, hackers keep reinforcing their arsenals with malicious scripts to launch the next offensive.

I used to ignore the latter belief until I got stripped of my e-wallet by keyloggers. Soon after, TrendMicro’s artificial intelligence methodology has caught my attention to how impervious its  solid real-time protection stands. In this Trend Micro review, we’ll take you through how this suite operates and why it got featured in this article, a list of our favorite security software.  We also recommend our reviews of antivirus with VPN, or in case you want to prevent any eavesdropping , a reliable keylogger detector.

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showing some of the most popular anti virus choices for consumers

Our recommendation: McAfee

With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent basis, McAfee’s ability to deal with malware attacks come unmatched! McAfee has a dedicated database that is adept to deal with all sorts of virus attacks whether they may be online or offline. To browse their programs, check out their programs here!

Trend Micro Review: Antivirus Protection and Pricing Plans

Everybody has personal beliefs related to their favorite antivirus software. However, it’s a consensus that Trend Micro antivirus is a trailblazer in the realm of protection thanks to its AI-powered real-time protection and advanced anti-ransomware controls. That doesn't mean you shouldn't check out our ByteFence Antivirus review or Plumbytes Anti-malware and look for the better option for your needs.

Let's put that in perspective by looking at what the advanced controls are hiding. We get the machine-learning capability out of the box, giving an impression about how Trend Micro is concerned about 0-day threats. Also, it's relieving to see how the protection against unauthorized encryption is ticked from the get-go.

Trend Micro adopts a different stance as opposed to most antivirus software manufacturers since it offers an extensive range of protection solutions directed primarily at businesses and homes. So, you’ll sense a flexible pricing approach for their multitude of products.

For instance, TrendMicro's Maximum Security, the most advanced protection solution, is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, promising to protect up to five devices or even protect multiple devices(up to 10 devices). On the flip side, Trend Micro Internet Security and Antivirus+ run on fewer devices, and in turn, considerably cost less.

Overall, I found it great that Trend Micro strikes a balance between the numerous protection plans and the average pricing.

check trend micro antivirus

Trend Micro Security Features

Starting our Trend Micro antivirus review, I was tempted to visit the Settings gear to see how far the security features go, and I was glad that Trend Micro gave me the chance to control the protection level through 3 options: normal, automatic, and hypersensitive.

The latter allows Trend Micro to utilize its proprietary cloud-based AI technology to eliminate security threats constantly. However, it may cause your OS to stutter since Trend Micro will always be connected to the reference database.

Another thing I liked in the Trend Micro scan preferences is scanning downloaded files. By default, Trend Micro questions threats from the internet while downloading, saving, and executing. If it’s confirmed as a threat, the antivirus freezes the download process.

Trend Micro has 3 options for scanning, quick scan, full scan and custom scan. I let out a sigh of relief, knowing it features a quick scan option. Since Trend Micro doesn’t use file caching, the time elapsed for a full scan will be the same even after a first-time scan. 

Yet, I count that as a plus to Trend Micro since file caching skips system files that the antivirus software previously marks as safe, although these files may be susceptible to infection.

Trend Micro Privacy Tools

Expand the Privacy tab, and you’ll face intuitively laid privacy tools. Although the 4 options we have here are equally necessary, I deem the Privacy Scanner the most precious tool.

It works by collaborating with the Trend Micro Toolbar, which is an extension installed automatically after you finish the setup. This tool is compatible with most social media platforms and allows you to log in using Trend Micro to give you a report about your profile’s privacy posture. We reviewed antivirus software to protect your business separately.

Social networking Protection functions similarly to the tool above. I found it convenient as I scrolled down the news feed since it flagged many malicious hyperlinks I could’ve clicked. Additionally, this tool color-codes the safe websites you can proceed to in Google search queries.

I like how TrendMicro’s Pay Guard does a lot behind the scenes. This passive tool encrypts the lanes between your keyboard and payment processors, rendering keyloggers helpless.

Regarding online payments, Trend Micro doesn’t suffice with stopping hackers from stealing your credentials—we’re talking about Data Theft Prevention. I appreciate how Trend Micro doesn’t want you to enter your sensitive files or personal data. Instead, it lets you give it a hint by entering a portion of it so that it can block the connection once a match is detected.

Secure Erase

Another feature in Trend Micro that caught my eyes is Secure Erase since many antivirus software seldom support inbuilt data shredding. But, why should you use it?

When you delete an infected file, it won’t completely be removed from your storage drive since the operating system merely marks it as invisible, and it’s possible for the file to be retrieved later on. So, in the long run, you may find tons of file-based malware lurking around behind your back.

I found Secure Erase particularly useful when I decided to sell my laptop as it guaranteed me peace of mind knowing nobody will be able to retrieve the data I wiped off of my storage drive.

Secure Erase is TrendMicro’s relentless data shredder, and what it does is overwrite the directory you want to render unreadable multiple times until it gets obliterated.

You can access this tool through the Data tab on the homepage, and it presents 2 solutions: a quick erase option that overwrites the target directory once, and the glorious permanent erase option, which overwrites the deleted data 7 times until it irrevocably fades into oblivion.

Parental Controls

Making my computer kid-friendly was a few minutes away with Trend Micro. Even if your kid is an innate geek, Trend Micro allows you to encrypt the controls with a password.

Trend Micro automatically predetermines the parental control parameters based on the age group you select. Alternatively, it lets you customize them as you see fit. 

Parental Controls work in 3 stages, the most important of which is the website filter rules that allow you to apply restrictions to the illegal websites your child is prone to visiting and to filter inappropriate images that may appear while surfing. You can even choose to block access to search engines altogether.

Afterward, you set an around-the-clock schedule for the time your child spends browsing. Scheduling is so user-friendly that you merely click on the hour you want to block. I personally use the simple schedule option to set the blocked hours on weekdays and weekends.

A major plus to Trend Micro is that it provides an app lock so that children won’t access unauthorized programs they’re not supposed to in blocked hours. Bear in mind that you can open these apps anytime by providing your master password.

parental control on trend micro

Mute Mode

Apart from Trend Micro security features, Mute Mode is the perk I’d consider most convenient since the annoying interactive pop-ups are what encourages people to turn off real-time protection in antivirus software.

So far, Mute Mode has delayed all the marginalized security notifications to keep my workflow or gaming sessions uninterrupted. Unlike antivirus software with similar modes, Trend Micro allows you to set a timer so that you don’t miss anything critical after the time’s up.

Alternatively, you can automatically turn on this mode for full-screen apps. Moreover, Mute Mode disables any incoming Windows updates while you’re working. But, you wouldn’t want to turn that option on frequently since an outdated OS leaves you vulnerable to 0-day threats.

You can also devise a “blacklist” of the programs you want to terminate when this mode kicks in. I found this exceptionally handy when I used Mute Mode for gaming, and asked it to kill the processes of work-related programs.

However, Mute Mode doesn’t cut down the power-hungry operation of Trend Micro. Still, TrendMicro’s thirst for power is justified due to its AI-based methodology.

Other Features

Your mileage from Trend Micro could be different from mine—that’s why I couldn’t resist providing a rundown of the hidden features of this antivirus suite.

 Folder Shield

Besides Trend Micro online scan, family options, and file shredding, Trend Micro offers key options for your day-to-day privacy posture, including the Folder Shield, which triggers Trend Micro to be more alert regarding your sensitive directories’ vulnerability to ransomware.

By default, Trend Micro protects cloud-based files (like Dropbox and OneDrive) from unauthorized encryption and notifies you whenever something abnormal hits these files.

 Password Manager

It’s daunting to remember passwords, especially if you tend to assign a different passphrase for every account like me. You can get around this problem with the Password Manager, which lets you create a master password to access a safe haven where your credentials are secured.


Some stuff is better reserved to be confidential, and that’s what TrendMicro’s Vault has to bring to the table. It’s a heavily encrypted Windows folder where you can store high-priority classified data. What left me impressed is that when you report your machine lost, nobody can access Vault even if they know the passphrase.

trend micro logo

Built-in PC Health Checkup

Robust antivirus programs like Trend Micro always does a myriad of protection measures you’re not aware of behind the scenes, like process evaluation based on the reputation samples on the cloud, background scans, and don’t forget that the real-time protection is always on in case a malicious activity is detected. While this irrefutably accounts for a heavy system impact, it’s thoughtful of Trend Micro to reinforce its antivirus with an onboard PC health checkup toolkit, accessible in the “Device” tab. On triggering this tool, it starts a preliminary check to get an idea about how well-optimized your PC is. Afterward, it displays a set of results comprising the solutions to neutralizing the problems that may cause your OS to slow down, like security vulnerabilities, disk space, privacy data, and startup time.

Trend Micro Plans and Pricing

I like how Trend Micro takes into account its pricing strategy with a feature-to-price ratio in mind, considering that its essential product, Antivirus+ Security, is considered affordable and on par with other antivirus software.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security presents the basic protection you’ll need against ransomware, malware, phishing scams, and web exploits. I’d say this package is targeted at the average user who doesn’t do anything grave while surfing. Additionally, it still features my all-time favorite Pay Guard function.

Halfway between the essential and top-tier packages lies Trend Micro powerful internet security suite, offering more advanced functions for power users and tech-heavy households. I personally regard this as TrendMicro’s bang for the buck.

Then comes the feature-packed Trend Micro Maximum Security. As the name implies, this package offers extended multiplatform security with tools for impermeable data encryption, AI-powered PC optimization, and relatively low demand for power to increase productivity.

My bottom line on pricing: consumer-friendly. Trend Micro is reasonably priced with 3 packages for every type of user. The generous money-back guarantee is also an indicator of TrendMicro’s confidence in its 3 main products.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security (Windows Only)

The Antivirus+ Security package from Trend Micro covers what everyday users aim for protection against known malware and ransomware and secure online banking. This solution is spaced to block more than 250 million threats per day.

Unlike Maximum Security, this package doesn’t support multiplatform compatibility. Instead, it’s available for Windows users only, and I found this quite restricting when I wanted to buy this package for my Macbook.

This package can be installed only for 1 year on a single PC. It’s worth noting that Trend Micro has auto-renewal enabled by default. I’d recommend disabling it to avoid missing their weekly offers that can go up to 32% off.

I believe it’s thoughtful of Trend Micro to price the Antivirus+ Security package far more affordably than competitors that offer entry-level packages with equivalent protection features, especially when you consider that it still supports TrendMicro’s innovative AI protection.

Trend Micro Internet Security (Windows Only)

The Internet Security package stands in the middle of TrendMicro’s protection spectrum with an improved anti-phishing engine, web filtering or malicious URL blocking, and security add-ons for your web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

This solution boasts TrendMicro’s advanced parental controls explained above, ensuring safe web experience for your kids. Moreover, it features a fraud buster, an additional line of defense against phishing scams.

Trend Micro doesn’t give up on Pay Guard in this one either. Pay Guard is even more advanced here with script-based threat protection against keyloggers who exploit Windows PowerShell vulnerabilities.

I deem the Internet Security package as the best value for money you can get from Trend Micro, considering that you can install it on 2 PCs with a license lasting up to 2 years. Similar to the Antivirus+ Security solution, this one is still reserved for Windows users.

trend micro internet security

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

I used to think I was safe and happy because I owned a macOS device, but when I understood that Apple’s T2 security chips offer basic built-in protection, I didn’t give my machine the chance to be exposed to malware. Bear in mind that Mac-based malware can effortlessly bypass the secure boots these chips achieve.

This package can protect 1 Mac device with a 1-year license, and it includes all the comprehensive security features like fraud busting, Pay Guard, and social media privacy protection.

I decided to test this package by throwing 83 samples of macOS malware at it in the form of Mach-O executable files, and I noticed that Trend Micro detected the fair majority. Still, it didn’t destroy a portion of them. 

So, I’d say that Trend Micro prioritizes malware detection over removal because when I presumed to open the executable files, it blocked me from doing so.

Trend Micro Maximum Security

The Maximum Security package is TrendMicro’s cream of the crop in both hypersensitive and real-time protection, and it bears the feature-packed approach of the Internet Security package. So, what’s new about it?

The Maximum Security adopts the features essential for power users and enterprise-grade entities, including prominent security controls like Vault, a highly secured folder for classified data. Additionally, it integrates a Password Manager, where you can store credentials for online transactions and cloud-powered services.

Furthermore, Trend Micro makes the Folder Shield exclusive to this package, reinforcing its anti-ransomware shield for the sensitive directories assignable beforehand. 

What makes this package stand out is the multiplatform compatibility, promising to protect five device antivirus subscription up to 10 devices with a 2-year license, and it’s available for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. I’d say that Trend Micro left Linux users untended with no support for even famous Linux distros.

Another unique aspect of this package is that it comes in two versions: a premium service bundle and an ultimate service bundle. Despite offering the same protection measures, they part ways in terms of customer support.

trend micro maximum security

Trend Micro Maximum Security — Premium Service Bundle

Being an avid user of Trend Micro, I felt how high-quality remote help was with the Trend Micro Premium Security Bundle. It boasts the same features as the high-tier Maximum Security, but with TrendMicro’s pros at your disposal for remote desktop support.

When you subscribe to this bundle, you’ll have access to TrendMicro’s 24/7 emergency assistance, including virus and spyware removal service, PC security checkup service, and comprehensive diagnosis of your device’s security posture. 

If you own the traditional Maximum Security package with 2 devices protected, this bundle allows for up to 5 protected devices plus the previously mentioned remote help privileges.

Regarding persistent malware removal, this bundle is limited only to 1 incident. So, if you call for help to eliminate virus infestations, you won’t be able to do that again. However, the 24/7 fast diagnosis feature is always available as long as you’re subscribed.

Trend Micro plan for Maximum Security — Ultimate Service Bundle

Similar to the Premium Service Bundle, the Ultimate version presents the same multiplatform compatibility for up to 5 devices. What’s new here is the enhanced hands-free approach through the unlimited incidents you can ask to be resolved by TrendMicro’s team.

Besides malware removal, PC security checkup, and system diagnosis, you get an all-around aid from Trend Micro—from basic tasks like expert product installation all the way to helping you upgrade Windows 10.

The best thing about the Ultimate version is TrendMicro’s Security Advisor, which involves real human beings informing you on the vulnerabilities your system is exposed to, then eliminating those weak points through remote support.

Alternatively, you can opt for TrendMicro’s stand-alone bundles for premium installation, PC health checkup, PC tune-up (to speed up your system), and spyware removal. However, I’d recommend sticking to either the Premium or Ultimate bundles since they’re more cost-effective in the long run.

Trend Micro Ease of Use and Setup

Despite being business-oriented in the first place, TrendMicro’s installation has been the most painless process I’ve come across so far. For instance, it didn’t ask me to set up tons of add-ons in a custom installation. Except for offering to activate the Folder Shield, TrendMicro’s setup is straightforward.

Similarly, TrendMicro’s UI is user-friendly with a minimalistic console that doesn’t submerge you in unnecessary buttons. In the middle, you have the colossal Scan button with a color-coded ring indicating your overall security stance.

Choose how Trend Micro scans your device using the drop-down list attached to the Scan button. Besides, you get two buttons for advanced settings and security reports. I like how Trend Micro requires you to enter the master password to access reports.

On top of the console, you’ll find 4 sizable buttons to monitor every protection aspect. For instance, the Device button leads you to real-time defense settings and quick diagnosis, while the Data button takes you to the measures you can take to render your files secured, including data encryption and password management.

trend micro ease of use

Trend Micro Mobile Security

On installing TrendMicro on my device, it displayed an interactive pop-up for me to scan a QR code to download its app for smartphones, promising to deliver monthly reports on my phone’s security.

Trend Micro for Android shields you against malicious APK executables if you tend to install apps from unknown sources since it conducts a pre-install scan for every program.

Also, it features the same web filtering engine as Trend Micro for Mac users and Windows. The integrated Web Guard allows for worry-free web surfing, knowing that it’ll block uncharted websites that may potentially be a breeding ground for phishing scams.

The third crucial stage is the WiFi Checker, ensuring that your device remains encrypted against hackers that may intercept your credentials in unsecured public WiFi connections. On top of that, you get the valuable Pay Guard for online transactions and even TrendMicro’s parental controls! This one, on the other hand, utilizes your default browser security settings. Pay Guard is simple to use and configured to automatically start whenever you browse and access sensitive sites, such as your online banking. It has useful security benefits, including the ability to open in a private browser window with no extensions installed — thereby erasing all traces of your transactions once closed.

TrendMicro for iOS presents the same features, which are more advanced than what competitors bring for iOS devices. However, I’d say it’s a little pricey compared to apps in the same App Store niche.

trend micro mobile security

Trend Micro Customer Support

To complement your experience, Trend Micro offers a responsive customer support team ready to resolve any shenanigans that may arise. Owing to the many contact options like FAQs, email and phone support, and community forums, TrendMicro is apparently keen on improving its after-sales service.

I tried out the phone support, and I expected to be put on hold for ages, but that didn’t happen since the customer service agents were ready to pick up any urgent phone calls, especially if you’re using TrendMicro’s premium support, available 24/7. 

On the other hand, you can resort to the standard phone support available from Monday to Friday according to your region’s timezone. You can fetch the numbers assigned to your region in the Contact Support section. 

Alternatively, I’d use a hard-and-fast option like TrendMicro’s live chat on Facebook Messenger, codenamed Vanessa of TrendMicro. 

For me, this live chat has been very supportive, and it even asks me to provide screenshots for the bugs I’ve stumbled upon. I remember being informed that some of the bugs I reported turned out to be global, and they thanked me!


  • AI-powered protection
  • Cross-platform operation
  • Average pricing
  • Updated cloud-based malware database for 0-day threats
  • Anti-ransomware protection w/ Folder Shield and Vault
  • Permanent Erase data shredder complies with US data security standards
  • Advanced Pay Guard for safe transactions
  • Top-notch customer support


  • High demand for power even when Mute Mode is activated
  • Hefty price tag for the iOS app
  • No support for Linux distros

Bottom Line

From a state-of-art AI technology to a compact, easy-to-use user interface, the 3 packages that TrendMicro provides are undoubtedly a cut above competitors in terms of both the basic real-time defense and the impenetrable anti-ransomware capability.

In our Trend Micro review, we’ve highlighted the high-frequency specs that most users look for. Apart from the adequate security features, I’m pleased with how satisfactory and reliable the antivirus itself was

I personally wouldn’t refuse the icing on the cake (as in Vault and Secure Erase) that TrendMicro presents since I happened to be in need of those in later stages of my tech life.

Our Editor's Choice 

Our recommendation: McAfee

Although the product we talked about are notable in the market, it doesn’t come close to McAfee. McAfee is a leading antivirus company in the cybersecurity industry due to its unique line-up of programs catered to dealing with malware and antivirus attacks. No wonder over 18.9 billion devices are protected using McAfee! Check out their security programs here!


1. Is Trend Micro a good antivirus?

TrendMicro antivirus software performed admirably in our tests and is extremely effective in recognizing, blocking, and eradicating threats while having little impact on overall system performance.

2. Is Trend Micro better than Norton?

Norton and Trend Micro Security Suites are comparable in terms of pricing and feature set. They are both reliable antivirus protection. Both have equally impressive malware protection. However, Norton's antivirus is compatible with most operating systems, but TrendMicro is only compatible with Windows (unless you purchase the most expensive plan). At the moment, user reviews place Norton slightly ahead of Trend Micro.

3. Does Trend micro offers webcam protection?

No. On the negative side, Trend Micro does not offer webcam protection for Windows machines or family subscriptions with unlimited data. In addition, although TrendMicro's scans are quick, its malware protection lags below Norton and Kaspersky, two of the finest antivirus brands.

4. Is Trend Micro better than Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes and TrendMicro are both excellent antivirus software products that offer a variety of protection options. If you wish to take an active role in your cybersecurity, Malwarebytes offers extensive customization. TrendMicro can be configured to run in the background and continue to protect against a broad range of threats.

5. Does Trend Micro slow down computer?

TrendMicro offers excellent malware protection and a slew of useful extra features, but it has a tendency to generate a high number of false positives in some lab tests and can cause systems to slow down during scans.

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