Trend Micro Vs Webroot: Who is Better and Why?

Is it Trend Micro or Webroot that will be declared as the front-runner or the most preferred antivirus after this head-to-head antivirus battle is over? Do you think Webroot has the capability of surpassing Trend Micro in terms of detection (from digital threats) and removal of the same, exceptional system performance, user-friendliness, satisfaction, and a lot more?

Undoubtedly, the Internet or the IT market is overcrowded with the Anti-virus or Antivirus programs. Therefore, beginners get a pain in the neck every time they try to find out the best-on-earth antivirus. Plus, on the one hand, the so-called safe Internet might not be the safest place and, therefore, there is more risk of data-stealing than there has ever been.

Though so far we have assessed the ins and outs of a huge number of antiviruses available on the market, however, for this sake of this wide-ranging editorial, we’d be shedding light on the comparison of two famous antiviruses – Trend Micro and Webroot. If you’re here in search of knowing which one is good at offering out-of-this-world features and which antivirus brings better system performance to the table, just stay with us until the end of the short verdict or perhaps, you would like to see the final upshot.

While features play a huge role in the final selection, you cannot put too small a price on cost, and especially the impact that the software puts on the system while it runs in the background. We’ve seen some programs that perform worst even while running in the foreground. Since you’re investing in an antivirus i.e. you’re getting a paid product, you cannot (at any cost) get the software that slows your system down or puts too much impact on it.

But since it necessitates technical knowledge, we cannot declare the final winner taking just everything for granted. With that in mind, we have considered the “AV-test” and “AV-comparatives” so that we could finally. An antivirus that proactively detects and protects your system is exactly what you need to rely on, a freeware won’t do wonders because the hackers are evolving in this digital era.

You may not have any idea of what a hacker can do to your system or information that resides on it. Your tiny mistake will lead to a huge digital disaster and you won’t ever understand what just happened. You will wonder to know that smartphone users being targeted most by the cyberpunks in this day and age. Consequently, in our time, getting next-level protection from all digital attacks is not just important but necessary.

The goodness of antivirus is not limited to that, you can have it to enjoy a safer shopping experience online. While green padlock (i.e. presence of an SSL certificate) changes the game, it doesn’t mean that your system cannot be hacked or injected with malware by the hackers. Hackers are so smart that they can have you fooled by faking an SSL certificate.

Most importantly, don’t fall for a false sense of web safety. There’s more to evilness (spread by the wrong people, especially the cyberpunks or hackers) than what’s on the surface. You can easily be tricked by them in a way that would be pleasing to you and that’s why people get easily entrapped into the trap and then regret their actions or decisions later.

It doesn’t matter what device you’re on (smartphone or PC), making sure that your highly treasured images, files or any type of data is as safe and secured as it needs to be. There is no way to get rid of the digital threats these unless, of course, you pay for forward-thinking Antivirus software. Before doing into deep, let’s first have a short comparison battle and decide what comes out as the out-of-this-world security program.

Quick Note!

In our experience, we’ve reviewed and rated the more than fifty antivirus giants like McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Webroot, Avast, ESET and a lot more, but we could not find any antivirus better than BitDefender for it brings unmatched features to the table and gets ahead of the race when it comes to ultimate protection from Malware. Spyware, Keylogger, Ransomware, and other types of viruses.

On top of it, we’ve even dedicated some comparison guides to our visitors like

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If you need to keep an eye on all of the antivirus comparison battles, you can bookmark the page that goes by the name “Antivirus Comparison Battles”. That way, you won’t miss out on anything special nor will you be sacrificing the never-seen-before discount on your final purchase of the license.

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off on dissimilar antivirus suites. Be it Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows, you can take advantage of BitDefender’s high-end suites like a pro and take care of your devices or the data living in them. Likewise, BitDefender has brought a variety of suites to life, designed to meet everyone’s needs. Putting differently, whether you’re an individual, run a business or have a sweet family, BitDefender has got your back!

Think BitDefender isn’t the optimum choice? Don’t just take our word for it – as a matter of fact, BitDefender protects over 500 million digital devices at the moment and the number is going up and up. This states that BitDefender has taken their security measures to the next level and there’s no doubt in it.

There has been much research that every 14 seconds, there is a malware attack, making the Internet a highly vulnerable place. The worst type of digital attack is the zero-day attack that cannot be easily detected. According to a report, around 114.6 million record was leaked due to the absence of a top-notch antivirus.

As a result, you need to get an A-one antivirus that can beat all of the hacking attempts by those nasty people – hackers. Therefore, we’re having this one-on-one antivirus comparison below (a short one and a detailed one).

Let’s get started!

Trend Micro Vs Webroot: A Short Review (Comparison)

We’ll be shedding light on the major aspects (categories) one by one and then we will come up with the short verdict.

1. Features

Insofar the features as considered, it came to our knowledge that Trend Micro is ahead of the game when it comes to unmatched and better security features – the security-enhancing ones. On top of that, you would be getting some next-level add-ons that will make your day for sure.

Winner: Trend Micro

2. Malware Protection

Malware has been a severe issue in a couple of years. Even a company had to pay $300k as a ransom just because of malware. Among other attacks, Houston County also had to face one as well.

Having compared both software in terms of malware detection and removal, we got our head around the fact that Trend Micro is still the winner in this category.

Winner: Trend Micro

3. System Performance

Getting software that slows your system down wouldn’t be a wise decision, especially when you’re paying for a paid (premium) software like Trend Micro or Webroot.

In accordance with the results shared by independent labs (see what AV-test is below), Trend Micro, again, turned out to be a front-runner in this competition.

Winner: Trend Micro

4. User Interface

Does the user interface (UI) brought to life by the antivirus matter? Well, it may not matter to the person who has heard of it (or doesn’t use the software), but it’s the soul of the software and therefore matters a lot to the user who buys it.

An ambiguous software is what a customer hesitates to purchase. Therefore, while looking for the best alternatives, hunt for a user-friendly antivirus that requires minimum efforts (or no. of steps) for the completion of a task assigned to it.

Winner: Trend Micro

5. Cost (Price)

Is the cost of the antivirus way too high? If that’s the situation, don’t go for that software. But that doesn’t mean that you will be getting everything for free. The best way to find out the reasonable product is to compare the available suites (antivirus packages) of two or more products (that catch your eye) and then make up your mind.

In this comparison, Trend Micro offers a less expensive set of suites as compared to that of Webroot.

Winner: Trend Micro

6. Popularity

Which antivirus is more popular among people? Is it Trend Micro or Webroot that has won the hearts of the people? Well, according to the most recent statistics shared by OPSWAT, Webroot has gained more popularity than Trend Micro as Webroot holds a 5.66% mark sheet share as compared to others.

This is the only category where Webroot has got an upper hand over Trend Micro.

Winner: Webroot

Short Conclusion!

It’s crystal clear that Trend Micro has won many or almost all rounds of this short comparison battle held above. It must be in your knowledge now that Trend Micro is the winner.

It’s apparent that Trend Micro gets the upper hand over Webroot in this antivirus comparison, but is it better than BitDefender, the antivirus giant?

Well, it has been a close call by Trend Micro, however, BitDefender is the daddy of all of the antivirus software obtainable on the antivirus market today as far as the BitDefender Vs Trend Micro antivirus comparison is taken into account. As a matter of fact, BitDefender boasts unparalleled features and out-of-this-world performance that will skyrocket the speed of your computer or any device you’re using with BitDefender.

Worried about security? Well, at present, BitDefender protects up to 500 million devices and the good thing is that you can effortlessly save up to 50% off on the products brought to life by BitDefender based on your requirements – individual, business, or familial.

Still not surprised?

BitDefender’s single package (family pack) houses everything that you need to make sure the protection of the device of each member of your family. The family package allows you to enjoy the all-in-one experience on up to 15 devices per household (family).

Isn’t it reassuring?

Yes, we know it is!

However, if your intention is to get the most out of the next-level protection on only up to 5 devices, we strongly recommend you to purchase “Total Security”, courtesy of BitDefender.

Trend Micro Vs Webroot: A Detailed Comparison

Now, let’s have a detailed antivirus comparison between Trend Micro and Webroot to figure out which one is ahead of this head-to-head antivirus battle.

We’ll begin with Trend Micro’s antivirus suites:

trend micro packages

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security:

The very first or the entry-level antivirus suite brought to the table by Trend Micro is known as “Antivirus+ Security”, so, it’d be highly suitable for first-time users. It has been designed for the Windows users (i.e. it cannot be run on a Mac machine whatsoever). Only 1 PC is only what can protect with this model and get rid of all types of digital threats like ransomware.

The advanced AI learning has been added to this next-level suite. You can either join the subscription for this suite for 1 year or 2 years. There’s no need to be afraid of anything since Trend Micro gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t find it useful or in accordance with your needs.

Blocking all of the web threats, such as ransomware or others, has never been easier – thanks to the advanced detection and removal of Trend Micro. Browse safely and put a stop to all of the online frauds and scams. Don’t let anybody steal your information while you log on to a website, get real-time notifications about all of the malicious activities detected by the engine.

Learn More | Buy Now

Trend Micro Internet Security:

The level-up is “Internet Security” that encompasses all of the features of the aforesaid antivirus package. Here, not just 1 but you have the ability to safeguard up to 3 PCs simultaneously against ransomware, malware, and other types of threats.

Shopping online using your much-loved e-commerce website has never been easier – Trend Micro’s “Pay Guard” keeps all of your online transactions as safe as they could get, making zero probability for any hacker to do any sort of wrongdoing in the time being.

While “Internet Security” validates that you are far away from all those junks and spam emails, it also helps you keep your children under your shadowing so that you could be aware of your child’s activity like what apps are installed on their phones and which website they visit on a regular basis. In addition to that, this module can help you secure your Social Medial privacy.

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Trend Micro Maximum Security:

If your intention is to look out for a full-fledged antivirus suite, “Maximum Security” is exactly what you need to pay attention to. Gone is the time when you could only protect your Windows-specific device, the Maximum Security gives you the freedom to make use of the software on all of the platforms, including iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows-based devices.

Get highly powerful protection from all types of digital dangers on up to 5 devices through only 1 subscription. You can also increase the total number of applicable devices (i.e. from 5 to 10 devices) and make your mind up for the subscription term i.e. 1 year or 2 years.

Forget all of your worries of remembering your most important passwords, again and again, thanks to the “Password Manager” that allows you to save all of your passwords in the safest online vault so that you can easily access them easily. Ensure the legitimacy of financial sites with the help of “Pay Guard” and float on cloud nine. Get the highest speed of your device as imaginable while the system is running in the background or foreground.

Furthermore, if you have to create a strong password and don’t have any idea about what to do, the password manager will create the most complex password pattern that no one would be able to break.

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Trend Micro Antivirus Security for Mac®:

If you’re not a Windows user, you might be looking out for the options for Mac device. Luckily, there is essential protection offered by Trend Micro for Mac users as well.

This suite consists of all of the functionalities that you get in the entry-level package – i.e. Antivirus+. You can learn more about it using the links given underneath:

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And, now is the perfect time to shed light on different antivirus packages provided by Webroot to see if it will live up to your expectations in the first place.

Webroot Free Trial:

It’s a good idea to consider the 14-day free trial offered by Webroot so as to have familiarity with the software usage. It’s free for 14 days and the good news is that your credit card won’t be required. The trial version is the application to all of the suites available on the list.

Start Free Trial

Webroot Antivirus (PC/Mac):

This is an entry-level antivirus that brings full-scale features to the table at a reasonable price – i.e. you won’t have to break the bank. Still, it’s limited to only 3 PCs or Macs. So, ‘NO’ to identity theft and live courageously.

There is no much of the time taken by the software updater nor will it slow your system down – i.e. there won’t be any hiccups in the middle of the process. Webroot only takes 20 seconds to make sure that your system is out of danger (malware) i.e. you will get 60 times faster experience than the average scan time taken by the competitor antivirus programs.

An average antivirus takes around 516 MB to be installed on your system while Webroot only takes 15 MB and does the same job. If you don’t want to miss out on the lightning-fast scans, this is the ultimate choice.

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Webroot Internet Security Plus (PC, Mac, Tablet, and Smartphones*):

Webroot’s next level-up is “Internet Security Plus” that houses every single feature that you came across in the aforesaid suit. No matter where you live or what device you’re on, there could always be a new cybersecurity threat, weighing you down badly Trend Micro Vs Webroot 2020.

Almost half of the Internet consumers have been the victims of cybercrimes and if you don’t do something about the advanced safety of your device, you could also be the next victim. Webroot is capable of scouring all URLs, Apps, Files, etc., online so that you could have a sigh of relief and get your work done.

Be amazed by browsing all of the unmatched features brought to the table by Webroot in this suite underneath:

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Webroot Internet Security Complete (PC, Tab, Mac, and Smartphone* +25GB Storage):

Didn’t get enough of the “Internet Security”? If so, you may not be alone – millions of people would like to have a wide-ranging set of features to meet their requirements.

The Internet Security (Complete) is a full-blown suite that protects up to 5 devices at one fell swoop. But if your desire is beyond 5 devices, the “Family Pack” is there waiting for you. You will get proven security by the numbers.

It doesn’t matter which threat or digital attack is being a pain in the neck for you (be it phishing attack, malware, ransomware, spyware, rootkit, or something else), Webroot’s top-of-the-line or high-end package will always have your back.

This suite features a one-click optimizer to help you get rid of all of the junk files, furthermore, mobile security will help you make the most out of continuous (uninterrupted) without battery drain. Via this package, your system’s webcam will also be safe i.e. no one can spy on you using your computer’s webcam.

Over and above, the automatic backup facility won’t ever let you down – protect all of your digital media with a 25GB online backup storage (also the part of the family pack).

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Which Antivirus Software Brings Better Malware Protection to Table?

While features matter a lot, you cannot undervalue “Malware Protection” housed in your favorite antivirus suite you’re willing to purchase. Malware acknowledgment and removal of the same is highly necessary and if an antivirus doesn’t offer next-level malware protection for Trend Micro Vs Webroot.

Gone are the days when malware detection used to be rocket science, with a modern antivirus program, it has become super easy to find the malware and dispose of it.

The old-fashioned antiviruses use traditional signature-based i.e. they bring suspicious activity to the comparison table where the code is measured and compared with the virus definition, whereas, a heuristic anti-virus program works based on on the behavior of the mistrustful code or threat and then deal with it accordingly.

However, there are times where it is not easy to get the solution using the signature-based antivirus since some hackers don’t leave the signature. This type of digital attack is known as an unknown or zero-day attack. You can find out how an Antivirus works for your knowledge.

Let’s get to know which antivirus is better in terms of offering malware protection:

Trend Micro:

Trend Micros Protection


webroots malware protection chart

Winner: Trend Micro

Which Antivirus Software Puts less Impact on the System Performance?

There’s no doubt that malware protection is a big deal, but you don’t want to miss out on “System Performance”. That’s you have to figure out that the software that you’re investing in is not slowing down your computer or other devices you’re using the antivirus on, such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

An ideal antivirus offers faster system performance. But to conclude this, we have well-thought-out about the AV-test and AV-comparatives so that you could easily make up your mind towards the final decision. To get our head around the best-performing antivirus, we have taken different actions into account, such as visiting a website, downloading files from the Internet, installing an application, and using multiple applications at the same time.

It’s definite that AV-test uses a scoring method that awards the antivirus the score based on its performance. The score ranges from 1 to 6, with 1 being the worst and 6 being the best score.

Let’s figure out which antivirus surpasses another one in this comparison:

Trend Micro:

trend micros performance charts



It did not participate in the performance category.

As you can see that Trend Micro is so good at performance offering that we don’t even have to consider AV-comparatives to take it further deeper.

Winner: Trend Micro

Which Antivirus Software is Less Expensive?

While a high-end software definitely gives you a next-level experience, you don’t want to break the bank, do you?

The cost of the software should be one of the main concerns or considerations while purchasing a perfect-fit antivirus. Apparently, Trend Micro is having the upper hand over Webroot, does it bring less expensive suites to the table?

To make it super easy for you, we have considered the different antivirus suites of both of the software so that you could effortlessly come up with a well-informed decision for Trend Micro Vs Webroot.

We’re not saying that you should not purchase the top-of-the-line suites, what we are saying is that you need to make a choice for the inexpensive suite (if possible).

Let’s see which antivirus is more reasonable:

Trend Micro’s Pricing Model:

Suites Price
Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security Latest Price
Trend Micro Internet Security Latest Price
Trend Micro Maximum Security Latest Price
Trend Micro Premium Security Latest Price
Trend Micro Business Products Latest Price

Webroot’s Pricing Model:

Webroot Antivirus Suites Prices
Webroot Antivirus $29.99/annum
Webroot Internet Security Plus $44.99/annum
Webroot Internet Security Complete $59.99/annum
Webroot Business Products Full Range

Which Antivirus Software is More Popular?

Which one between Trend Micro vs Webroot has gained more popularity? Do you think it is Trend Micro or is it Webroot?

To find out who is more widely held with regard to the admiration, we will be taking the statistics of OPSWAT for granted.

According to the most recent statistics of September, Trend Micro has achieved no place on the list, whereas, Webroot has a 5.65% market share.

antivirus popularity

Trend Micro Vs Webroot: Final Thoughts!

It’s crystal clear that Trend Micro gets the upper hand over Webroot in almost every category we considered above, the only area where it could not get ahead is the popularity. But, that’s not a big deal. Therefore, Trend Micro is the front-runner antivirus in this head-to-head battle.

Final Winner

Trend Micro

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