VeriClock Reviews | Employee Time and Location Tracking Solution

Are you searching for a time tracking software for your business? There is finally an answer. VeriClock is one of the best time and location software for your employees.

In this Vericlock Review, I will discuss its features, price, system overview, its pros and cons, and many more. If you are interested in other software to monitor your employees, check this one out.

VeriClock Reviews - Is it the Right Solution for You? 

This is a time and location tracking solution that would benefit many small and large companies. It comes with a powerful and easy to use interface to manage your clients effectively.

VeriClock is the right solution for you if you have remote workers, have mobile employees, hire part-time contract workers, deal with multiple pay rates plus have a large organization with many employees.

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  • It provides real-time data of when and where your employees are clocking in and out, much like Hubstaff which we also reviewed.
  • It is affordable. Price starts at $15 per month and comes with all the features required to monitor your employees. Do not forget that the company has a 1 month trial period.
  • Employees can clock in and out from any computer or phone using their app. They can also do this by using voice or text messages. It is suitable for remote workers that do not have smartphones or the internet.
  •  VeriClock has apps for both Android and iOS users.
  • It is a great solution for companies that want to save time wasted when using manual timesheets
  • It can integrate with QuickBooks or Sage
  • Using their phones or computers, managers and supervisors can seamlessly review past time cards then use digital signatures to approve them
  • VericCock employee monitoring software is an ideal solution for managers that want to receive real-time alerts for the clock in and out of their employees.
  • If you are looking for software that complies with labor regulations, then choose this company.
  • What exactly is VeriClock?

    This is a cloud-based time and location tracking software. It enables businesses of all sizes to view the working time and location of their employees in real-time. It also generates reports that can be imported into various accounting programs. For versatility comparison, check out our ActivTrak review.

    GPS location Tracking

    If you are looking for software to monitor the location of your employees, consider VeriClock. It has GPS location tracking for all devices connected to the software. Supervisors or managers will be able to pinpoint where your employee is working.

    Employee timekeeping is made Easy

    This is an affordable solution that enables employers to monitor and record employee work-related tasks. It will measure activity levels, productivity, and effectiveness.  

    By viewing and analyzing hours worked, business owners can be able to tell the most and less productive employees in their companies.  Start tracking time with a click in their iOS app, android, or website.

    Clock in and out from any Device

    With this app, your employees can clock in and out from any device, browser. This means you can use your browser, app, or tablet to clock in and out. Employees can also use text or voice messages to clock in and out.

    Cloud-based Time tracking software

    Vericlock is a cloud-based time tracking tool. What this means is that the software is accessed over the internet instead of the hard drive of your computer. Data is stored or accessed from the cloud.

    Its as simple as signing up for an account, adding employees to tasks, tracking time, and generating reports for time worked.

    Send automatic Alerts

    You can set to get automatic alerts when employees clock in and out. This will help to know employee attendance hours and will help solve common errors of forgetting to clock out.

    Work in Remote Places

    Say hello to the remote office. If you have employees working from home or from different locations, I would recommend using VeriClock.  With an effective time tracking tool, employees will be more productive than ever.

    VeriClock software features

    Do I need VeriClock and Why?

    Yes, you need VeriClock as it offers cloud-based time tracking solutions for employees and no need to worry about downloading or updating the software again. It can also work on any employee device such as smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

    VeriClock’s verification also guarantees transparency & integrity for employees. Timestamps and GPS geotagging guarantees that your employees’ clock in where they are supposed to be.

    With this, you can also set up real-time email notifications for all on and off activities for one or all your employees. This helps with transparency or detecting usual time tracking errors like if an employee forgets to clock out when the day ends.

    When an employee forgets to clock out, VeriClock’s TimeGuard function automatically clocks them out. With the TimeGuard feature, you can detect usual time tracking errors to guarantee accuracy and also save you time and money.

    VeriClock also enhances communication between employees and employers by:

    • Alleviate potential conflicts that are associated with forgetting to clock out of work
    • Have past time cards to refer later in case of conflicts
    • Send messages directly through the platform to facilitate communication
    • Utilize digital signatures for employers and employees for signing off time cards

    VeriClock Data Management

    Data management involves collecting, organizing, analyzing, and storing information. Data is extremely crucial for businesses because it helps them make important business decisions.

    VeriClock is also a data management tool. All the data that the system collects such as clock in and out of your employees, customers, phone caller ID, location of your staff, etc. are stored and can be accessed anytime that you want.

    work setup with software logo

    Deployment and Training

    VeriClock is a cloud-based software hence it is easy to set up. You don't need to go through the hustle of downloading or purchasing any software, nor need to purchase extra hardware such as card readers, punch clocks, or sensing devices.

    It is simple to use. If you are having difficulty getting started, you can contact their customer support at any time.

    I would recommend starting by going through their quick start guide to help you set up VeriClock properly.

    Getting started

    To begin, sign up for an account. Fill the required fields and you will have your account in a matter of minutes. Remember your login credentials because you will need them all the time when accessing the system.

    Adding users

    Once you have logged into your account, the next step is to add employees to your system.

    • Select “Add Employee” from the menu
    • Select an Employee ID e.g. “345” or email address
    • Followed by a * then enter an identifier number like 7 to complete your user entry. The employee will enter this number”345*7” every time they clock in and out.
    • The only other details that you are required to fill about your employees is their names.  

    Clocking in and clocking out

    Before a user can clock in or out, they will need to have login credentials which will be provided by the Administrator. If for some reason their password is not known, it is easy to reset them.

    A user can clock in and out using a mobile app, web browser, text message, or a phone call but will depend on what works best for your employer.

    VeriClock Features

    Check-In/Out from Multi-Devices

    VeriClock gives employees a variety of options to punch in/out of work. If there’s no internet connection, remote or field workers can use a mobile, landline, or normal touch-tone phones to clock in and out of their jobs.

    Employees input their employee ID, and other pre-configured data like service item codes, job codes, and custom numerical data by dialing a toll-free number.

    Payroll made easy

    VeriClock easily integrates with Online Quickbooks, Sage 50 Canada and US, and Quickbooks desktop versions to help companies ease their payroll functions and get accurate data.

    Custom Reporting

    Other than real-time access to employee location and work time data, VeriClock enables administrators to understand their data through reports. With payroll reports, you can immediately visualize your past and present payroll obligations. Also, with real-time job costing reports, managers can track their project budgets.

    If there are insufficient Vericlock’s reports, you can request custom reports which will be produced according to your requirements.

    Data Collecting

    Besides tracking time for your employees, companies can use VeriClock to collect data that can be used for more in-depth monitoring and reporting.

    The data can be used to compare the number of tasks completed by certain employees in a certain shift, employee meal recess, time taken to travel from point A to B, and many more.

    Employee Time Tracking

    Employee time tracking is very crucial.  When you have eyes and ears on them, you can be able to spot productive and unproductive employees, improve and fix their mistakes, spot employees who like to violate company policies, and increase their efficiency.

    Increase Employee Efficiency

    VeriClock can help you achieve the same. With its time tracking feature, you will increase your employee efficiency in your company because they will know they are being monitored.

    When the management monitors their time, employees tend to be less distracted in their work and focus more which increases the productivity of the company.

    Manual timesheets lead to issues such as excessive overtime, and time theft.  This software will alleviate these problems.

    Handle Budgets and time better

    Sometimes it is not easy to foretell the money and time needed to complete a given project. With a time tracking software like this, managers can see how time and money is spent to complete tasks.

    This data helps in the allocation of funds and time accordingly. In other words, due to time tracking, managers can see clearly how money and time are spent on various activities. Using the VeriClock time tracking solution, you can monitor project budgets and priorities to make sure everything is working as planned.

    Easy Supervision

    VeriClock has improved the way companies manage their staff and tasks. For instance, managers can tell employees who clock in late and those who clock out early.  

    Work Remotely

    This is a perfect tool for companies that have remote workers or employees working in homes.  Monitoring these kinds of workers is hard and is almost an impossible thing unless you have time and location software like VeriClock.

    With this software, you will be able to tell when your employees report to work.

    Communicate project progress

    Communication is vital to maintaining a successful business relationship not only for your team but also for your clientele. You can use VeriClock reports to know the progress of a project and also keep open communication between teams and their managers.

    Improves transparency

    Through constant supervision, VeriClock improves transparency in the workplace which helps managers to keep their team members accountable. This will come in handy especially if you are a large organization with lots of employees.

    You will be able to catch the guilty employees and can warn not to repeat the mistakes or enforce disciplinary measures.

    Reduced errors

    VeriClock has most of its tasks automated, therefore you are likely to make little to no mistakes such as forgetting to clock out, misplacing items, or not following some instructions.

    Comply with laws

    This is a time and location tracking software. No information is gathered when employees visit bathrooms or when they visit personal sites such as banks etc. There are laws that prohibit employers from monitoring their employees everywhere. Check with your state what data is supposed to be taken from your employees to avoid lawsuits.

    This information is always found in an employee privacy policy

    Attendance Tracking

    Attendance management helps to keep track of all of your employees’ working hours.

    VeriClock offers a cloud-based employee tracker solution; you will never have to worry again about employee attendance issues such as employees going on sick leave, reporting to work late, or overtime claims.

    VeriClock saves you the hassle of dealing with these issues hence can concentrate more on running your business.

    Checking punctuality and lateness

    VeriClock comes in handy especially if you have hourly employees. The system enables you to calculate wages and overtime claims for hourly employees. For salaried employees, you can see how many hours they have worked and also the days that they didn’t work.

    Using attendance tracking, you can identify employees who are reporting to work on time and also identify patterns of lateness from others. This is especially made easy by the VeriClock attendance tracking features that allow employees to clock in when arriving to work and clock out after a working day.

    Linking attendance with payroll

    VeriClock interface is easy to use. Employees can easily input their sick day and vacation time. This will boost their morale when they know they don’t have to go to supervisors or from department to another to ask for a leave.

    Moreover, VeriClock software integrates with payroll software such as quick books, so once a manager approves employee time records, the information is then transferred to the payroll software.

    The payroll software will then calculate the employees’ wages making payroll simple and efficient.

    VeriClock Employee Monitoring

    It’s a well-known fact that an employee monitoring software is crucial for your business especially if you have employees working in different locations, are working from home, or are mobile workers.

    With VeriClock, you will be able to know how your employees spend their working time, which sites or apps they visit plus how many hours they have worked in their shift.

    Track your employee Location

    You will get accurate information from the fields where your employees are working. By tracking the location of your employees, you will know whether they are where they are supposed to be or not.

    You will also be able to see the distance traveled by your employees, receive notifications in case of accidents or anomalous behavior of your drivers.  VeriClock will replace all the paperwork that is used to record time and distance traveled by your employees.

    Helpful for Companies that want time Tracking

    VeriClock is very helpful for companies that have mobile workers, employees working at home, just to name a few. It would benefit a lot of construction companies, cleaning businesses, etc.

    If you are still using paper timesheets, switching to a tool will save you time spent manually tracking the time of your employees.

    What’s more, it is cloud-based hence no downloading or updating it since everything is managed in the cloud. It can be accessed from any device or computer. This is due to the fact that it has an app for both android and iOS users.

    Sending automatic Alerts

    With this software, be sure to get automatic alerts when your employees clock in and out from their shifts. Alerts are extremely useful for securing the company’s data. Alerts will also eliminate errors such as forgetting to clock out, etc.

    Task Management

    With an employee monitoring tool like this one, you will be able to tell at what level is your staff at regarding a certain task, what they are working on, who has worked overtime, and many more.

    Do not forget that the tool has digital signatures that can be used by both employees and employers to sign off time cards.  

    Remote Work

    Are you worried whether your remote workforce is working or not? Worry no more! Because VeriClock will keep track of your remote workforce on your behave.

     It will monitor their GPS location, movement, and how much time a remote worker spends on a specific task.  This gives you an idea of what they are up to during working hours.

    Here are some of the benefits you get by deploying VeriClock to monitor your remote workforce;

  • VeriClock features allow employees to clock in work using a phone app or text message, this way you can gauge their punctuality and have their accurate working hours.
  • It reduces the need for office space because employees can work anywhere
  • It saves you the time you would have otherwise spent monitoring and supervising employees.
  • Your remote workforce knows they will be held accountable for their output each day, this ensures that they are motivated enough to produce results regularly.
  • With Vericlock, you don’t have to worry about payroll processing; the system is automatically linked with payroll software and will do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Data from a remote employee is captured in real-time helping managers assess project costs and completion time.
  • VeriClock Time Clock

    If you run a small to mid-size business, managing your employees' working hours is a full-time job. It is especially harder when your employees are mobile, contract workers, or part-time workers.

    Using the VeriClock solution, workers can clock in and out from any computer or smartphone device using a VeriClock mobile app, text, web browser, or through a voice call.

    Monitor Employees

    VeriClock solution allows Managers to easily monitor employees working hours by tracking and approving employee’s clock in, overtime claim, and clock out time with less dispute or confusion.

    VeriClock keeps improving its features such as employee verification, time tracking, and GPS geotagging to meet customer’s needs.

    Every employee and Job project has a unique code identifier that ensures employees are clocking into their job posts when and where they are required. 

    Real-Time Alert Emails

    System admins can set up real-time email alerts for all clock in and clock out activity for one or all employees.

    These mail alerts will come in handy when correcting some mistakes such as someone forgetting to clock out at the end of a working day.

    Even more, the VeriClock platform enables employees and employers to sign off using digital signatures. This feature will benefit companies that require their staff to sign off on their timesheet before payment is made.

    VeriClock Pricing Overview

    VeriClock has the most affordable rates I have seen for a time tracking app, considering its robust features and user-friendly interface. It is pocket friendly even for startup companies.

     I would recommend the tool to any business owner looking for a system that is easy to monitor their workers. This software makes payroll processing extremely easier compared to old times when payroll took almost a day to complete.

    To begin with, VeriClock has a monthly cost of $5 per user together with a $10 monthly account fee, so a total of $15 per month for one user.

    Their subscription-based pricing does not change regardless of how many users you have working in the system. Employees who opt to clock in via voice call or text message pay an extra $3 per month for each user. Every user signed into the VeriClock time tracking solution has access to these amazing features;

  • An app that supports both Android and iOS
  • In-app signature
  • Cloud-based management and reporting
  • Free support by chat/phone/e-mail
  • Employee Onboarding assistance
  • Geofences
  • GPS tagged clock in /clock out and continuous tracking
  • Configurable email alerts
  • Auto clock-out employees with time guard
  • Group clock in capability
  • Multiple export formats including CSV, XLS, PDF
  • Customizable, exportable reports for payroll and more
  • Customizable job and service codes
  • Multiple overtime rules and calculation
  • Using VeriClock amazing features and functionality, management can flag out employees who seem to be developing a pattern of clocking in late.

    If they have a good reason for coming to work late, then the management can adjust their working hours to have them start late and end the day after everyone else.

    Compared to other time tracking solutions out there, VeriClock is very affordable and has a free trial for you to test it.

    VeriClock Customer Support

    VeriClock has good customer care support. If you have any questions concerning their software such as installation, price, features, etc., you can always reach them through their phone number, email, and even Contact US page.

    The customer care always answers their phone plus respond to chats.

    Canada & US: 1.800.379.2001

    International: 1.778.785.6018


    Contact US Page:

    Physical Address

    301 – 7 West 7th Ave

    Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L4

    There is also a chat feature in their official site. It is worth noting that VeriClock was founded in 2010 and is located in Canada.


    •  VeriClock is very affordable. Small and large companies can subscribe to their services.
    • It generates important reports that aid in decision making.
    • It has a wide variety of features that are easy to implement.
    • VeriClock has excellent customer support that is ready to assist anytime.
    • Using its great tracking feature, VeriClock has assisted me to discover employees who were stealing from the company by clocking in the system earlier only to show up later in the site.
    • Its integration with quick books is fantastic, it has reduced the time taken to process payroll.
    • VeriClock's GPS is very accurate and has enabled the company to keep track of all its workers, ensuring everyone is where they are supposed to be.
    • It has helped us keep track of company expenses thus saving money that can later be used in company projects.


    • It might seem frustrating to use the program in the beginning. However, it becomes easier once you start using it.
    • We experienced GPS tracking problems from workers with old phones but after upgrading them to a smartphone, the problem was fixed.

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