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Vipre Antivirus Review | Virus and Malware Protection For Home and Business Use

I am extremely excited to review this antivirus because it is worth your attention. It is a well-thought antivirus program that has proved itself by the tests that I conducted. It offers solutions for home and business use. 

It is one of the highest-rated protection and comes with basic and advanced features which I will discuss in this article.  In this Vipre antivirus review, I will also discuss its performance, detection ration, pricing, pros/cons, just to name a few. Also, you can look into this similar anti virus in our Spybot reviews, or in this article, where we reviewed Avira antivirus software.  We reviewed PC Matic antivirus, in addition, as one of the budget friendly options, as well.

Our recommendation: McAfee

With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent basis, McAfee’s ability to deal with malware attacks come unmatched! McAfee has a dedicated database that is adept to deal with all sorts of virus attacks whether they may be online or offline. To browse their programs, check out their programs here!

VIPRE Review - How Good Is This Antivirus Software?

For advanced security for your business, family, or personal PC, choose Vipre antivirus. It will safeguard your personal data; defend against emerging threats such as ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, viruses, spyware, etc.

Especially for gamers, we also reviewed best antivirus options separately.

It is easy to use and scheduling scans is simple. In case of any query that you might have, you can contact their US-based support and they will be ready to help.

Email Security

Vipre has the best email security.  It uses advanced technology to block threats in malicious links and infected attachments spread by email.

For Home and Business use

This online security company comes with advanced features to keep your business and home safe. It has solutions that will keep your business information safe from cybercriminals.

Portfolio of protection for Business of all sizes

  • Endpoint protection-uses advanced machine learning and threat intelligence network to keep your organization safe
  • Email protection-Defends network against spams, malicious links, and unsafe attachments
  • Network protection-identify and vulnerabilities that try to infiltrate your network
  • User and data protection-safeguards your business-sensitive information
  • Portfolio of protection for Home users

    • Real-time protection
    • Cloud-based security
    • Anti-spam protection
    • Automatic updates
    • Anti-threat protection
    • Firewall
    • Sensitive document audit
    • Webcam and microphone blocker
    • Dark web scanner
    • Unlimited VPN for all devices, etc.

    VIPRE Antivirus Download Requirements

    According to many VIPRE antivirus reviews, your PC needs to have 2GB hard drive space, 32 or 64-bit versions, Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, and Dual-core processor to run this antivirus. 

    Also check out our reviews dedicated to top-rated Windows 10 antivirus software.


    Vipre is a cyber-security product of j2 Global. It was founded in 2013 and is based in Clearwater, Florida, United States. Later in 2019, it merged with an email filtering brand to provide home and business protection.

    Currently, it has offices in the following places; Ireland United Kingdom, Washington, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, and Denmark.

    VIPRE antivirus free

    Before you invest in virus protection software, it is advisable to test it in order to determine if it will be suitable for your needs or not. The good news is, Vipre offers a 30 days free trial for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

    In this post you will find my review of the best Antivirus for Mac users.

    It comes with all Viper features and many of them are turned on by default when you download the antivirus.  Its pricing plans include the following:

    1. Antivirus Plus

    It costs $22.74 with a free trial

    2. Advanced Security

    It costs $35 and has a free trial

    3. Ultimate Security Bundle

    It costs $48.99

    VPN, Vipre android security, and Vipre Privacy shield are not offered for free. Internet Shield VPN is only offered in the ultimate security bundle for free. It will cost you $41.99. Vipre for android security costs $12.99 while Vipre privacy shield costs $19.49.
    We reviewed more trusted antivirus with VPN here.

    Features of Vipre Antivirus

    Vipre is a great alternative to renowned antiviruses due to its advanced security features. I downloaded Vipre advanced security and I was impressed by how it loads fast and how small the file it is.

    It comes with a portfolio of features to keep your business and home safe.

    Vipre for Home Security Features

    • Has the highest-rated decent protection against emerging and existing threats. It comes with ransomware protection, malware protection, and phishing attacks detection
    • It has webcam and Microphone blocker-By using the Vipre privacy shield, your external devices such as webcam will not be accessed by cybercriminals
    • Other features include real-time protection- this feature will run in the background along with other running programs checking and blocking malware in real-time.
    • Comes with cloud-enabled security-This is one of the best-advanced protection. Your computer will not host a large antivirus software solution hence it is light on your system and occupies a small space.
    • Has internet shield VPN; for unlimited online privacy or if you want to hide your identity online, use this feature.
    • It comes with a Vipre privacy shield; this will safeguard your data and other sensitive information on your home PC and devices.
    • Has mobile security; safeguard your android devices such as tablets and smartphones using VIPRE security for android.
    • You will get automatic security updates; it will automatically update so you can be safe from emerging threats. Also, it is one of the few anti-malware that updates popular programs on your PC.
    • Has advanced Email security; Scans and blocks malicious links and attachments in your email.
    • Has an advanced firewall protection; this will filter your incoming and outgoing traffic for any suspicious activity.
    • Features a social watch; you will find this feature useful if your kids spend so much of their time on social media.
    • Search Guard; browse and search safely knowing that Vipre search guard will keep you safe from cyberattacks that target web browsers.
    • It comes with Removable Device scanning; use this feature to deep scan your USB flash disks and external hard disks for any cyberattacks.
    • It is easy to use and install; it installs fast since it is cloud-based, it is easy to use since it allows customization and is a lightweight antivirus.
    • Has a history cleaner; It will clean all history of your browsing
    • Secure File Eraser; it deletes all traces  of a file

    As you can see from the list above, there are so many home security features that Vipre offers.

    Vipre for Business Security Features

    Whether you have a small, medium, or a large business, you will find Vipre for business extremely helpful. It will protect your business against all cyberattacks and will keep your business information safe from cybercriminals. Our lineup of the best antivirus software for business may also interest you.

    Its features include the following:

  • It comes with Endpoint protection; VIPRE endpoint security will secure your endpoints or end-user devices such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices that are connected on your network. It will block any attack path that might be discovered by cybercriminals.
  • Has an advanced Email Protection; your organization or employees need security from risky attachments and links that are delivered through email.
  • Comes with network Protection; your network will be kept safe from manipulation plus avoid data loss.
  • It features User and Data Protection; this is a useful feature that has the sole purpose of protecting your sensitive business information from falling into wrong hands of cybercriminals.
  • Uses Machine learning Technology

    It is one of the few antiviruses that use AI learning technology to detect and remove cyberattacks such as Trojans, spyware, ransomware, rootkits. viruses and malware. 

    Machine learning technology helps anti-malware detect new cyberattacks without relying on signatures, a contrast to traditional antiviruses that rely on them.

    Reliability and Security

    Vipre is a very reliable anti-malware. It uses AI learning and cloud-based technology to deliver robust protections for most users. It has over 20 years of experience in anti-virus solutions and it leads in offering an easy to use, fast to install security solution.

    This is unlike traditional antiviruses that are slow, unintelligent, and take forever to scan a computer. It is worth noting that Vipre was created by a top-rated security company and is certified by West Coast Labs and ICSA Labs.

    It has a high detection rate. Also, it scored high for its performance and usability in the AV test. I can therefore conclude that this is an antivirus that you can rely on and can use it for your device security.

    Vipre antivirus features

    VIPRE Performance

    Vipre has the best performance speed; this is according to an AV-Test that was conducted in October 2017. Also, it has earned an advanced rating from one of the trusted antivirus testing authority.

    These are very good scores from these independent testing labs. I did a test of my own and was satisfied with its results. Its good protection, usability, and performance are great. It did not flag legitimate antivirus programs in my PC, was able to detect and block the malware that I tested with, and did not cause my machine to slow down.

    To keep your digital life safe, you, therefore, need a top performance anti-virus like Vipre. It has been given an award and comes with free, good support team to answer all of your questions.

    Real-time protection

    This is an important feature that safeguards your PC and other devices in real-time. It runs in the background checking for suspicious activities. Make sure that this feature is always turned on for the best possible reliable protection.

    Malware Protection

    If you are in business, protecting your business from network security threats is extremely crucial. With new and sophisticated ransomware released every day, business owners cannot risk leaving their data and networks unsecured.

    The same applies to your devices at home. You do not want to fall prey to cybercriminals who can empty your bank account, steal your login credentials, and sensitive data through your devices.

    Prevention is better than cure, many VIPRE reviews have warned about this.  Invest in a robust malware solution that will safeguard your business and home computers. Malware such as Trojan, worms, ransomware, spyware, and viruses will be detected and blocked before they have a chance of infecting your machines.

    Easy to use

    Vipre products are easy to use.  Quickly select the type of system scan that you want to conduct; there are full, custom, and quick scans. Its malware detection score is great. There is also a real-time scan that runs in the background protecting you from email and web threats.

    Advanced Malware Protection

    Keep in mind that Vipre uses advanced AI learning and threat intelligence to prevent virus. This type of technology helps an anti-virus detect new threats without relying on signatures.

    It is more effective than traditional antiviruses and will block new malware before it has a chance of infecting a device.  

    Vipre antivirus features

    Ransomware Detection

    Ransomware is a malicious code that encrypts a victim’s files. In other words, it holds hostage files of a victim and prevents access until a ransom is paid. This is a serious threat since the ransomware is extremely damaging.

    It can scramble or even delete all data until a specified amount of cash is paid. It has the capacity of crippling your business’s network and causes other serious damage.

    It spreads automatically across the internet mostly through malicious links, email attachments. Once downloaded, it takes over the victim’s computer.

    Advanced Ransomware Protection

    How can you keep your business and family safe from ransomware? Employ a strong defense such as viper that has advanced ransomware protection. This online security company uses artificial (AI) learning technology to detect and remove these types of security threats.

    Other ways that you can prevent ransomware attacks is by:

    • Never click unverified or unofficial links
    • Do not open email attachments that you are not familiar with
    • Avoid using unfamiliar USBs
    • Do not download programs or media documents from unknown sites.
    • Do not give out personal data and lastly, ensure that your antivirus is always updated

    All Vipre pricing packages; Vipre antivirus plus, Vipre advanced security, and Vipre ultimate security bundle have ransomware defends. Also, bad website blocker feature will safeguard against sites that harbor cyberattacks.

    You will be getting software security updates to security vulnerabilities that malware uses to infect a computer. Moreover, Vipre features advanced email security to block ransomware spread through email attachments and malicious URL links.

    Vipre has a social watch to monitor your social sites for any bad links that could infect your computer and devices with ransomware.  Its Search guard browser extension or VIPRE internet security will safeguard your browsers to ensure that you do not download any virus.

    Phishing Detection

    Phishing is a type of online scam that cybercriminals employ to steal personal information such as passwords, emails, usernames, social security number, bank details, and other valuable information.

    Phishers use deceptive links and emails. Most often, these malicious people will impersonate a legitimate business or organization and will trick you to open their link or give your personal information.

    Employees in your company can be targeted in order to access secured information about your business. This information is always sold top dollar in dark markets.

    Vipre Advanced Threat Protection

    The last thing you want is a hacker stealing your business’s financial information or your client’s personal information. PayPal and eBay accounts that have good transactional history often sell well on the dark cyberspace.

    Vipre has high phishing detection. Its bad website blocker will block instantly malicious sites that phishers use to collect data of its victims.  In its portfolio of features, this online security company has an important feature; spam filter to block suspicious and unwanted emails from hitting your inbox.

    This tool will also warn you if you are visiting a malicious site plus safeguard you from phishing scams. It is an all in one PC security to detect and remove malware that is spread by phishers to collect data.

    It also has one of the best-advanced threat protection. Like I mentioned before, it uses AI learning technology to protect your data online.

    Its email safety feature is a very useful tool that will block malware that comes with attachments and links spread by email. It has 6 levels of filtering emerging threats, uses powerful artificial intelligence to identify and block suspicious attachments.

    Vipre security features

    Ease of Use

    Vipre is easy to use software with a simple user interface. This is due to the fact that it is cloud-based. It works in the cloud, and updates are pushed to your antivirus remotely via the cloud.

    A small client program will be installed in your PC taking up less space. It is light on your system and completes scans faster. By being simple to use, you can manage your device easily on a single platform.

    VIPRE Interface

    Vipre cloud’s dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to the antivirus. It is the platform where you will get a quick picture of your antivirus status. It will indicate your computer is safe and protected when it is on.

    It is all about keeping your computer and devices safe with multiple levels of protection displayed on its dashboard such as:

    • Antivirus-It will show info of the last scan when it was performed and its duration
    • Updates-for keeping you updated on the latest cyberattacks
    • Firewall-provide firewall for incoming and outgoing traffic
    V logo

    On its dashboard, you can run a scan or schedule one. You may choose which items to scan, including active applications, the Windows registry, cookies, rootkits, and archived and compressed files.

    There are 3 types of scans that Vipre offers. They include quick, full and custom and all are accessible via the dashboard. It also comes with a menu that is located on the top.

    It has MyVIPRE, account, and Manage sections. MyVIPRE section contains some of the major areas and functions of the antivirus. These are areas that will either require immediate action or just provide insight about particular protection.

    Account section shows the status of your antivirus as either on trial, plan that you have paid plus show your product activation key.

    The manage section contains all quarantined files. These are suspicious files that will be put in one folder then sealed off from infecting your devices or PC. Use this section to manage these documents.

    Decide what you want to do with these documents. If they are documents or cyberattacks that can harm your computer, choose delete and if the documents are safe, choose keep. On the Vipre dashboard, you have the option of turning on or off advanced active protection.

    This will scan your computer and other devices in real-time.  It will also be scanning documents when they are downloaded, copied, or opened and block any threat on the process.

    Scanning Options

    The scanning options offered by Vipre are quick scan, full scan, and custom scans. It is a handy and easy to scan tool. By default, Vipre is set to do an automatic full scan after a certain period of time.

    However, you can schedule scans to occur when you want. You can set Monday through Friday at 10 am. Set it when it is most suitable for you depending on your schedule and how often you use your machine.

    To maintain the health of your machines, set up scheduled scans. I love the fact that there is a centralized platform to select the scans that I want.

    Vipre features

    Full scan

    This is a type of scan that checks all the areas of a computer such as hard drives, memory, and external devices. Since it is a complete scan, it takes some time to complete. This is not the case with Vipre.

    Since it is cloud-based, scanning takes less time to complete. I would recommend running a complete scanning at least once per week and a quick scan every day. If you want to manually perform a complete scan, follow these steps. 

    1. Open Vipre
    2. Its dashboard will open. You will see the scan option, hover on it and you will see a drop-down option with complete scan, click on it.
    3. After clicking a full scan, it will start running. It is the most thorough type of scanning.

    Quick Scan

    This will check essential areas of a computer that are always infected by malware such as windows registry keys, documents, and folders, windows system files. It takes less time to complete. To maintain the health of your machines, a quick scan should be part of your regular scan schedule.

    Custom Scan

    This is a type of scan that allows you to select documents and folders to scan. You can choose to focus on the most vulnerable areas of your devices.  It also takes less time to scan since it checks specific documents that you have selected.

    Vipre offers a custom scan that allows you to choose specific scan locations.

    Available Package and Extras

    This is a great security company to work with, they offer affordable packages and their software is continuously updated.

    The available packages are Antivirus Plus that costs $22.74, Advanced Security that costs $35.74, and Ultimate Security Bundle that costs $48.99. Other extra packages are:

    • Internet Shield VPN that will hide your identity online. It costs $41.99
    • Vipre android app security for your mobile devices. It costs $12.99
    • Vipre Privacy shield to safeguard your information online. It costs $19.49

    VIPRE Pricing

    Vipre offers affordable packages and trial versions so you can test and see which advanced security package is suitable for you. There are 3 pricing plans to choose from and they are:

    1. Antivirus Plus

    This plan costs $22.74 and comes with the following features;

    • Advanced active protection
    • Cloud-enabled security
    • Free, US-based support
    • Ransomware protection
    • Real-time protection
    • 30 days money-back guarantee
    • Automatic updates
    • Anti-threat protection

    This package has a free trial version.

    2. Advanced Security

    This plan costs $35.74 and it comes with all the features that you might need in an antivirus; essential and advanced features. You will get features offered in the Antivirus Plus package and the following;

    • Application patching
    • Firewall
    • Anti-spam protection

    This pricing plan has a free trial.

    3. Ultimate Security Bundle

    This plan gives you the advanced security bundled with additional tools to keep your computers and gadgets safe. It comes with Antivirus Plus and Advanced Security plans features plus the following;

    • Microphone and Webcam blocker
    • Personal Profile Protection
    • Dark Web Scanner
    • Anti-Tracking
    • Unlimited VPN for all gadgets
    • 10 gadgets complete protection

    Extra Plans

    There are other bestselling software that you can purchase to provide extra layers of security such as Internet shield VPN, VIPRE for android Security, and Vipre privacy shield. Internet shield VPN is a fast and easy tool that will protect your activity online.

    It will hide your IP address and your identity so hackers can have a hard time tracking you. Some plans do not include Vipre for android security hence you will be needed to purchase it separately.

    Safeguard your smartphones, tablets with Vipre for mobile devices. If you are worried about your privacy online, purchase the Vipre Privacy protection. It will keep your information safe from cybercriminals.

    VIPRE rescue

    Just as its name suggests, Vipre rescue was designed to clean infected computers or gadgets. It’s a separate tool that costs $29.99.

    Vipre Support and Customer Service

    You can contact the sales department for purchases, renewals, and even upgrade. If you have any questions concerning Vipre installation process, software updates, contact technical support.

    Here are their contacts:


    The United States and Canada

    Tel: +1 855-885-5566

    Vipre’s customer Support

    The United States & Canada


    Phone no: +1 877-757-4094


    • It provides advanced defense against all types of malware such as Trojan, spyware, viruses, rootkits, spyware, just to name a few.
    • It offers free trials so you choose the best plan that suits your needs
    • It is easy to set up
    • It offers several scanning options such as quick, full, and custom plus you can schedule a scan
    • Comes with advanced features to keep your business and home safes such as VIPRE Wi-Fi shield, data protection, endpoint protection, email protection, and Webcam and microphone protection.
    • It is cloud-based security hence it is easy to install, is lightweight on a computer, and takes less space when installed.
    • Has automatic updates and offers real-time protection
    • Uses AI learning technology to detect and block malware


    • It does not offer live help-this is something that support should improve on. However, you can contact them through email and phone no.

    Our recommendation: McAfee

    Although the product we talked about are notable in the market, it doesn’t come close to McAfee. McAfee is a leading antivirus company in the cybersecurity industry due to its unique line-up of programs catered to dealing with malware and antivirus attacks. No wonder over 18.9 billion devices are protected using McAfee! Check out their security programs here!


    1. Is Vipre Antivirus any good?

    Yes, Vipre Antivirus is a good antivirus software. It has been rated highly by independent review sites and has a good track record of protecting users from malware and other online threats.

    2. Does Vipre slow computer?

    No, Vipre does not slow computer. In fact, it is designed to be light on system resources so that it does not affect performance.

    3. Does Vipre remove malware?

    Yes. VIPRE Security is an antivirus software company that specializes in providing the best protection possible against malware and ransomware. Their products protect personal data and business networks on PCs, Macs, and other gadgets from dangerous cyberattacks.

    4. Is Vipre Antivirus compatible with Windows 10?

    Yes. VIPRE Endpoint Security, VIPRE Business Premium, and VIPRE Antivirus Business now support the Anniversary Edition of Windows® 10. Follow the prompts in your management console to update VIPRE to the latest version.

    5. How much RAM does Vipre use?

    Windows users will require a PC-compatible computer with at least 512MB of RAM that is capable of running either 32- or 64-bit versions of the following: Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

    6. Who makes VIPRE?

    Software developed by GFI
    Following the transaction, Fusemail was rebranded as VIPRE, and the two brands merged. Sunbelt Software was created in 1994 and was bought by GFI Software in 2010. Prior to rebranding as VIPRE, they marketed goods under the name ThreatTrack Security.

    7. Is VIPRE good for Mac?

    Yes, it is. VIPRE Advanced Security now has a macOS version. Also, it will work on Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. It provides a user-friendly interface for detecting and blocking ransomware, trojans, malware, and infections.

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