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When I Work Reviews | Efficiently Scheduling Your Employees and Keeping Track of Labor Costs

Scheduling employees and keep track of labor cost or work cost is something that has to be done, but can end up taking way more time than it needs to. It can add additional stress to your life and keep you from managing and interacting with your team as much as you’d like to.

When I Work is an employee scheduling software tool designed to make scheduling a breeze. No matter how big your operation is, you can quickly build and release schedules and keep your team members organized all in one easy place. 

When I Work Reviews

Scheduling Resources Has Never Been Easier

Building a schedule can take hours, and sometimes days and very time consuming. Making sure it meets everyone’s availability and keeping track of how many hours you’re using can be very complicated and overwhelming. Among some of the the best time tracking software we reviewed here, When I Work was designed to make managing a schedule quick and easy with just a few clicks.

It’s real peace of mind knowing that all of your employees have easy accessibility to their schedules and quickly communicate any last-minute changes. When I Work provides helpful functions like Auto Scheduling, Messaging, Shift Swapping and more. 

You can easily see everyone’s availability in one place. This helps to prevent any scheduling mishaps that can lead to having to rearrange the entire schedule and potentially upsetting your employees. It also allows you to easily see which request that need to be accommodated.  


  • Easy for employees to use
  • Excellent interface & Customer support
  • Good for organizing projects & task management


  • Impossible to see the schedule of one single employee
  • Every small action sends out a notification
  • Removes employee time history

Once you’re able to visualize all of your available resources, you’ll be able to better forecast and see what just how much you’re business is capable of. Whether you’re needing to schedule for a small restaurant or a huge, multi-project job, When I Work allows you to easily see how much labor you’re using and where it’s going.

Once a schedule is ready to go, release it through When I Work and your employees can easily access it through their smartphones and submit shift swaps for your approval if needed. 


Software Features & User Interface

You don’t have to be a computer wiz to figure out this software. The interface is extremely straightforward and with ease of use. This means that you can start scheduling as soon as you get it, and won’t spend days just trying to figure out how to use it. You’ll be genuinely surprised just how much you’re able to get done with such a simple-to-use program.

The software uses a straightforward drag and drop interface and can be accessed anytime, anywhere with online access. 

The free, accompanying smartphone app is compatible with both Apple and Android, so you and your employees can easily interact using the texting, group messaging and email features. You can also easily keep track of time and attendance, manage payroll and forecast labor value.

One of the best functions of the When I Work Software is the Shift Trade feature. Things come up - sometimes employees aren’t able to make their scheduled and it needs to be covered. Once you have so many employees it can become overwhelming to have to constantly make switches and adjustments to the schedule. With Shift Trading, your employees can take their schedules into their own hands, so you can focus on business and other important matters.

Another great feature has to be that you can manage multiple locations all in one single account. Managing multiple locations is already stressful enough. When I Work, you’re able to keep different locations and teams organized and seamlessly switch between them.

Easy to Use Time Management Tool

Aside from just managing schedules, When I Work is a great platform for managing and tracking time just like the tool we covered in our Zoho Projects review. You can see exactly where your labor value are going and easily control it. It also have a built-in time clock and enables you to quickly export time sheets for seamless payroll.

You’re able to easily categorize and view time and labor value based on specific roles, tasks, and projects. This gives a glimpse into where exactly your resources are being used so you can better prioritize and adjust where needed. You might realize that you’re spending more than you realized on a particular project or that you can afford to schedule more resources for another.

Let’s say you do notice that you’re putting more of your resources toward a certain area or project. Now you can adjust the rate to the appropriate amount for the time. Billable time rate management lets you adjust rates for assignments, projects and more so you can easily see your limit for future scheduling. 

When I Work allows you to get down to the very fine details and see exactly how and when your employees and resources are being used - from breaks, meetings, time-off and more. With a day-off request, vacation availability changing all the time, having one single place where everything can be viewed gives you the power to stay ahead and adjust labor allocation.


Flexible Time Tracking

When part of your job is making sure your employees are happy and getting the work and time off they need, it's essential to track employee data and stay organized.

Forget sticky notes, spreadsheets, and lost emails. You can choose the way that your employees' clock in and out, such as from their workstation, mobile app or online. 

When I Work lets you keep track of each employee and view all of their information in one place.

You’ll be able to make sure everyone is being scheduled the appropriate amount of hours or hours worked, getting the days off they need, and staying aware of time and attendance patterns. If you’re not able to be onsite often, it can be difficult to keep track of day-to-day habits and activities. Although there’s a lot more to running a business than keeping track of time, just being able to see time punches at a glance helps you stay aware of things like time theft, tardiness, missed punches and who might have the potential for promotion.

The Geofencing tool is one way of eliminating things like buddy-punching (clocking in for another employee) and time theft. This tool builds a kind of clock-in forcefield around the worksite, allowing employees to only clock-in once they’re actually in that area.

In addition to holding your employees accountable for their attendance, efficiently being able to track and monitor time helps you avoid payroll discrepancies and having to make retroactive adjustments. When I Work gives you the power to do it this effortlessly. 

When I Work Will Keep You Working

When you already have so much on your plate, you don’t want scheduling, time tracking, and budgeting to take up work hours and hours of your week, every week. Having a streamlined, easy-to-navigate system on one screen is going to allow you to be the most efficient in the smallest amount of time. 

You can expect to complete about 90% of most of your management tasks in this one click scheduling tool, including finishing a schedule is just minutes with comprehensive schedule templates. Being able to get so much done in so little time, will give the time and freedom to interact and supervise your team. 

You’ll spend less time printing, emailing and distributing schedules, because they are quickly released through When I Work for your employees to access their When I Work apps. 

There, they will receive reminders and notifications of upcoming shifts, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ve gotten their schedules and if they’re going to show up for their shifts. 

System administrators can design When I Work settings so that workers can accept available shifts for which they are eligible, decline shifts, or swap shifts with other employees—all with or without their boss's consent. Employees will also get to requesting time off through the app.

In addition to your current workforce management, you can also utilize it When I Work in the hiring process. Through third-party integration, you can find candidates by posting on sites like Indeed and Facebook and streamline hiring through When I Work is an applicant tracking tool. This will allow you to automatically add new hires into the new schedule. 

Training Needed and Support Provided 

Learning how to navigate and utilize all of the features of new software can seem overwhelming at first. Although When I Work offers so many features, it’s very simple to use and When I Work has so many great tutorials and resources that allow you quickly learn and begin taking advantage of all of them. They also have an excellent support team to contact if there is a problem.

When you’re just getting started, you’ll be guided by the When I Work setup wizard and be walked through everything from creating shift blocks, add employees, and releasing your first schedule. This will help you get going immediately so you can start becoming more familiar with the software.

Through the When I Work website, you have access to so many in-depth tutorial pages with tips, tricks, and advice on making the most out of everything the software has to offer. Some resources cater to all different learning styles. 

If you prefer to watch and listen to videos, there are pages of videos for both employees and management that teach you the ins and outs of everything you need to know.

If you feel like you need a little more personalized and in-depth instruction, you can set a free 15-minute consultation call with a When I Work representative that can answer any questions or issues you might be having. Even without all of these resource options, the software itself is extremely super easy to use and easy to figure out. 

When I Work Pricing Overview 

When it comes to running small businesses, it can be hard to justify adding another expense into the equation, no matter how helpful it would be. However,

When I Work is quite reasonably priced and you have several different subscription and pricing options, you can personalize the company size and the features that matter most to your business.

Starting, there’s a limited time Free Trial plan that you can sign up for just to get a feel for what the software is like and what kind of features it offers. Once your free trial is over, you can check out the subscription options and see if one is ideal for you.

If you have less than 75 employees, you’re eligible for the Scheduling Free plan. This plan includes basic scheduling features. You’re able to create schedules for a single location or team and manage the employee availability and request. There’s also the shift trading feature, and group chats feature through the iPhone or Android apps.

The next option is Scheduling Basic. This plan is just $1.50 per user/month and offers additional features that aren’t available in the free version. You can schedule more than 75 employees at multiple locations. The version also offers payroll integrations, shift acknowledgment and over 10-day scheduling. Attendance tracking features can also be added for an additional $1.30.

For $2.25 per user/month, you can subscribe to the Scheduling Pro Plan. This includes all of the features of the Scheduling Basic plan and more. The pro plan allows you to manage a task by monitoring progress and assigning them to specific teams. You can also leave open shifts available for your team to pick up as they please.

The next option would be the Enterprise Plan. The price for this subscription is varied and is only available by quote. It features a much more advanced scheduling tool, enhanced messaging, remote job sites, a dedicated account manager, global privacy settings and more. 


  • Employee Self-Service

    Keeping track of each employee can be difficult. When I Work, you don’t have to. Employees can easily use the self-service tool to adjust their availability and enter time-off requests, so you can easily schedule everyone appropriately and keep your employees satisfied and happy. Your employees will no longer stress about when they’ll be able to see their schedules or have to call in to see when they work next. The mobile app has everything they need right in their pocket. They can view their schedules, make requests, acknowledge shifts and more.  In addition to requests and availability, your employees will also be able to initiate shift trades and pick-ups easily. You’re able to view and approve these at a time that’s convenient for you. 
  • User-Friendly Interface & Support

    You don’t have to be a genius to figure out this software. It uses a very simple drag and drop system that is easy to learn. When you’re first getting started, the setup wizard prompts you so that you can learn exactly what to do to start making your first schedule. If you need further assistance you can check out all of the helpful videos on the When I Work website or set-up a free consultation call. 
  • Organize Projects & Tasks

    When you have a lot of different projects and tasks going on, it can be difficult to understand exactly how much labor and man-power are going into each one. When I Work makes it easy to visualize how much labor you’re putting into each area so you can make adjustments accordingly and assign people to new things as needed. You’re able to decide exactly how to allocate your resources and their time.  When I work is an employee scheduling solution that puts the essentials in a central, organized location.


  • Loading Saved Shift Templates

    If your schedule isn’t going to change much from a previous week, but you still need to make a minor change, you cannot do so using when I work mobile app. You will need to get on a computer to load that template and make those adjustments. 
  • Editing Individual Employee Schedules

    There is no way to look at the schedule of just one single employee, you can only view the entire schedule. Although the employee themselves can view this from their end on the mobile app if a manager needed to go in and change some dates or view that employees scheduled shift all at once it is impossible. 
  • Excessive Notifications and Emails 

    When employees do things such as “drop a shift” alerts are sent out to everyone. Every small action sends out a notification and they can become annoying over time. Instead of individual notifications, a single daily digest would be more ideal. This way, employees would be able to go and check it once daily. Having so many coming in throughout the day can lead to missing one that might be relevant or interesting to them. 
  • Removes Employee Time History

    Once employees work no longer there, their history and information are gone as well. If they could be archived, it would make it much easier to go back to view their time and attendance in the future should they decide to return to the company. This would help determine with they are reliable or not. 


1. How does when I work work?

When I Work enables users to manage work schedules and track their time on the go via native and browser-based mobile apps. An employee can receive mobile notifications when work schedule changes and can use the app to request shift changes or time off. When employees submit time-off requests, upper management or store managers are notified and can approve them online. When I Work makes it simple for employers to schedule their hourly employees, monitor their time and attendance, and interact with them.

2. Does it cost money when you work?

What is the cost of When I Work? When I Work offers a 14-day free trial that includes all functions. The Small Business plan is available for as little as $2 per user per month. If you pay monthly, you have the option of changing your plan at any time. When I Work is an excellent option for anyone that wants to schedule employees or fill open positions.

3. How do I sign up when I work?

Create an account with When I Work.
- Download the When I Work app on your Android phone.
- Launch the When I Work application.
- To create an account, tap Sign up.
- Enter your name, email address, mobile phone number, and new password in the fields provided.
- Select Sign Up.

4. Is there a free version of When I work?

There is a free trial for When I Work. You can use the software for 14 days to see if it is a good fit for your business. The trial allows you to add employees, track time, and create reports.

5. What is the When I Work App?

The When I Work App is a computer application that allows employees to view their work schedules and to submit time off requests from their mobile devices. The app also provides managers with the ability to approve or deny time off requests, and to view employee work schedules.

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