Windows Defender Vs Avast: Who Wins and Why?

Unquestionably, the Internet is crowded with loads of Antivirus software and therefore, it sometimes becomes a pain in the neck (especially for newbies) to make an informed decision for the best-fit antivirus for the protection of their highly valuable (or sensitive) information residing on their system (devices).

A little mistake can lead to an enormous digital disaster because, as a beginner, you may not have knowledge about the viruses or how they work as a knowledgeable person (an expert) does. And, believe us, your tiny mistake (which we believe is a blunder if committed) can make you compromise on data breaching, digital attack like spyware, malware, ransomware, and others, which will be a huge loss for you.

Though it may seem to you that all of the antiviruses are same, they’re not as you may think they are – they’re poles apart in with regard to the services (features) they offer, the protection they provide you with, and the impact they put on the system of yours. With that in mind, you will need data-driven research to decide on the best antivirus to meet your needs without having to break the bank.

So, does it mean that you have to spend your valuable time researching the out-of-this-world?

No, it’s not like that. How can we let you waste your most precious time in the research when we say that we’d do anything for your convenience?

That’s why we’ve already done a deep research for you on the ins and outs of these antivirus programs as far as this battle on “Windows Defender Vs Avast” matters.

Furthermore, you also need to understand the difference between a freeware (freemium) and a trial version. Well, the freeware is the software offered by the company to meet your particular need and you can make use of it without having to pay a penny – it can be used for free for good. As far as the trial version is considered, it is also free, but forever – i.e. you can only use it for 30 days (or other given time).  Once you have used it for 30 days, you will have to pay to use it further and if you don’t do that, the services will be terminated.

The malware attacks, in this day and age, are so common that statistics state that more than 10.52 billion malware attacks were spread by the hackers in 2018. And, this is not all, an increase of 117% for ransomware was noticed in the same year which put immense numbers of systems at risk and more and more people became the victims of these attacks.

We can’t promise that you won’t become the next victim if you don’t do something about the privacy of your data and the safety of your system (device) by investing in the tip-top antivirus. However, just for the sake of this article, we will be going over the nuts and bolts of Avast and Windows Defender (a.k.a. Windows Security Center) so that you could make your mind up for the ultimate antivirus selection.

Quick Reminder!

Although this editorial is regarding “Windows Defender versus Avast”, we’d like you to know that there’s an antivirus that effortlessly surpasses these programs in the first place.

So, what’s the name of that antivirus program?

Well, it goes by the name of “BitDefender” and it is highly capable of detecting even the most sophisticated virus and then removing it – i.e. if the software fails to do so, you will get your money back – that’s a 100% money-back guarantee that you will get in the package.

The BitDefender keeps your system monitored and protection all the time whether you run the software in the foreground or background and all of the virus, spyware, malware, ransomware definitions are always kept up to date. That means there’s no way a hacker can try to penetrate your device.

Even you can schedule your scans if you are busy doing something important at the moment or perhaps not because BitDefender is that software that puts almost no impact on the system, offering you the skyrocketing performance. Scan your system disks or perform the same action on the external devices – it’s all in your hands.

BitDefender is the only antivirus that gets the highest ‘scoring’ when tested in the AV-test and AV-comparative labs. On top of it, it offers a wide range of suites that will have your back whether you are an individual (use suites designed for individuals) or running a business (use business-specific solutions) or willing to protect every single member of your family or beloved ones (use Family Pack).

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However, for more comparisons we have the following:

Trend Micro vs Windows Defender

Windows Defender vs Norton

Windows Defender vs Kaspersky

Windows Defender vs AVG

Windows Defender vs Bitdefender

Windows Defender vs Avira

Avast vs Windows Defender: A Short Comparison

We’ll go over each category to get our head around the score that each software scores and then we will announce the “Winner” on the basis of this concise antivirus comparison.

  1. Features

The very first thing that a customer goes after is “Features” and if the software does not offer much of the substantial characteristics, it won’t have the attention of the customer.

Having compared both, we realized that it’s “Avast” that offers more and better features.

Winner: Avast

  1. Protection

Though it was a close call by Windows Defender (through independent test results), when it comes to advanced features like VPM and other ones, Avast is ahead of the race, offering ultimate protection from ransomware, malware, spyware, viruses, and other digital attacks/threats.

Winner: Avast

  1. Performance

Does the software you’re purchasing or paying for puts minimal impact on the system performance? If so, that’s a major issue and you cannot continue with that, could you?

Therefore, an antivirus should offer top-notch system performance. In this category, again, Avast has been the winner.

Winner: Avast

  1. Manageability

Which software is more user-friendly? Is it Avast or Windows Defender? While the user-interface of Windows Defender (WD) might need a little bit of improvement, when it comes to Avast, its UI is as good as it gets.

Winner: Avast

  1. Pricing

Which antivirus program is less expensive? That’s what you should be worried about? But since Windows Defender is a freeware and Avast is a paid software, we cannot compare them in this category – Pricing Model.

Winner: N/A

Short Conclusion!

We know that Windows Defender is a good start to be familiar with the basic understanding of antivirus since it costs you nothing, but insofar the advanced features matter, you will only get them in the high-end suites. Also, Avast has won many rounds of the brief comparison we’ve given above, therefore, the overall winner is “Avast”.

Final Winner: Avast

So, do we recommend you to purchase Avast? Well, we’d definitely like you to do that as far as “Avast vs. Windows Defender” is concerned, however, if you want the best antivirus in the world, then our suggestion would be “BitDefender” as it is the tip-top antivirus that offers next-level features to meet your requirements.

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Windows Defender Vs Avast: An In-Depth Antivirus Battle

Since now we are talking about an all-inclusive comparison battle, we’ll be taking detailed or comprehensive analysis into consideration to reach the final outcome on the basis of different categories.

windows defender packages

Let’s begin with the Windows Defender (WD) first:

Speaking of Windows Defender (WD) a.k.a. Windows Defender Security Center, you’re to be offered the essentials features like malware and spyware protection from the hackers or cyberpunks and one-of-its-kind feature like “Find my device” to stay ahead of the hackers (however you’ve to be ready for that like you will need to allow access to your system and the internet should be on if you try to find a lost hand-held device about Windows Defender Vs Avast 2020).

Windows Defender is proactive in monitoring you and your loved ones from Trojans, malware, spyware, worms, viruses, etc., thanks to the exceptional firewall feature that consistently keeps track of all suspicious activities happening on your system so as to keep you as safe as possible. But you can only use Windows Defender on Windows and other Windows-specific hand-held devices.

The Windows Defender is getting better day by day as new features are being introduced. Though WD is only accessible on Windows-specific computers and hand-held devices, it’s better than having nothing at all. Another bang-up thing about Windows Defender is that you don’t have to update it again and again, just keep your device connected to the Internet and it will do the rest automatically for you.

The best thing about Windows Defender is that it is 100% free forever – i.e. you won’t be asked to get the paid version after 30 days whatsoever.

Avast’s Antivirus Suites

Avast Free Trial

Both Avast and Avira feature a free trial that gives you the opportunity of being familiar with the software and helps you make up your mind for the final purchase. However, the free trial is surpassed by the premium tiers/suites offered by both Avast and Avira Antivirus. Downloading the trial version of both of the software is very simple. All you have to do is click on the “Free Trial” button, run the Installer, confirm the installation and follow some instructions to finally install the free trial on your device, be it your PC or Mobile device.

Avira also offers a 30-day free trial for every single suite for those who choose the protection of their data using Avira’s suites. What it means is that if you are satisfied with the 30-day trial, you can continue using the software for the purchase which will be a great thing.

  • But if you don’t want to provide your credit card details, you can get a license for a 30-day trial using this link.

Speaking of the suites brought to life by Avast, there are three major protection plans: Pro Antivirus, Internet Security, and Premier (the best value). But, there’s more to Avast’s suites than just meets the eye – it also offers complete all-round protection for your PC. Whether you’re after the best-in-the-industry maintenance tools for security, you run a small or medium-sized business and crave for the protection for that, or you want all-inclusive protection for your home, Avast has got what you need in the first place.

Avast Protection for Home

This is divided into different segments as follows:

  1. Internet Security: This is considered as small protection for your PC and will allow you to connect only 1 device at the moment. Taking a look at the features of this package, we are enlightened that you are offered the features given via the link added above.
  2. Premier: According to this suite, you will be getting an advanced package as compared to the previous one we just discussed above. Again, this package is applicable to a single device and is billed annually. Take a glimpse at the above link to understand what this package has to offer you.
  3. SecureLine VPN: In aforesaid suites, you’ve been getting the services for one device, however, this suite will keep you satisfied in that area as you can use multiple devices if you consider purchasing this package for your protection.
  4. Avast Security for Mac: There needs to be more than just the essential Internet and Antivirus Protection. As the word suggests, this one has been designed with your OS i.e. Mac in mind – only Mac users need to pay attention to this suite. But this plan is limited to a single device only and the good news is that it is reasonably priced. Figure out what is more in this package using the link shown above:
  5. Ultimate: Here, you will get to save big and play big. The exceptional features of many suites have been added into this ultimate package like Premier, SecureLine VPN, Password Premium, and Cleanup Premium.

Avast for Business

If you’re willing to make use of Avast antivirus software for your business, then your requirements might be different than the needs when you are eager to purchase the license for personal use. That’s why your voice has been heard by the professional team of Avast and this is what lead to the evolution of “Business Antivirus Plans” for you about Windows Defender Vs Avast 2020.

There are overall 5 packages available for businesses:

  1. Business Antivirus: Speaking of usability, you can get the best of this plan on Windows, Servers, and Macs. This suite is applicable to only one device and keep you safe from threats, offers you a firewall without any obstruction or slow-down in the process. Furthermore, there is a management console equipped with this plan and another cool feature called “Cyber capture” will just make your day.
  2. Business Antivirus Pro: If you’re considering antivirus options for your business needs, you can also think of this buying this bundle that comes packed for only 1 device. Since it offers multiplatform protection, you can make use of it on Windows, Mac, or Server. Further enlightening features include “Data Shredder”, “Behavioral Shield”, “SharePoint Protection”, “Software Defender”, etc.
  3. Business Antivirus Pro Plus: This is a great suite for the businesses as it offers a wide range of never-seen-before features like VPN, WebCam Shield, Browser Cleanup, etc. On top of that, remember password is a big deal and not everyone is good at it, but why would you worry when you could make use of “Master Password” to handle all of the usernames and passwords of different applications you use.
  4. Avast Business Antivirus for Linux: Available for 1 device, this suite is a great choice for the Linux lovers (users). It features “Core Scanner” that offers an on-demand antivirus scan that will come into existence with a command-line utility. Moreover, it boasts a “File Server Shield”. Also, there are distribution packages. To find out more, please click the link above now.
  5. Avast Business Patch Management: This is the final package that is listed on the “Business Suites” list. It has the ability to automatically fixes when used on Windows OS and thousands of 3-party applications. The dashboard that is boasted in this package is highly intuitive. There’s also a “Local Patch Agent” included in this suite. This plan is inexpensive and allows it to be consumed on a single device only.

Avast Maintenance Tools

If you are trying to have a next-level experience, you should think about the “Maintenance Tools” brought into life by the world-famous antivirus – Avast. In this area, we have the following maintenance tools and you can get up to 25% to get exceptional speed, tuning, and online freedom:

After purchasing any of aforesaid products, if you are not satisfied, you can get your refund as you are backed by the “30-day money-back guarantee” and this could be the reason why most of the. Avast serves more than 400 million people worldwide. That’s why you can become one of them and earn their trust.

All Computer Security (Avast)

Purchase Now

avast all suite

Compare Packages (Avast)

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Winner: Avast

Which Software Offers Better Malware Protection?

It’s crystal clear that Avast is a front-runner antivirus when it comes to the advanced features to meet your requirements. What about malware protection? Does it also beat Windows Defender in that category? Well, let’s find out what the reality is!

Avast’s Score:

avast protection

WD’s Score:

windows defender protection chart

Winner: Draw

Which Antivirus Software has Minimal Impact on System?

While protection from malware is a major concern, you cannot neglect the performance of your system that gets affected when an antivirus runs either in the foreground or background.

No, you just can’t!

An ideal antivirus brings supreme performance to the table which increases the efficiency of the system and skyrockets its battery power as well as if there’s less impact on the system performance, it will consume less energy.

Let’s see what the scores say:

Avast’s Score:

Avast performance in charts

WD’s Score:

windows defender performance

Winner: Avast

Which Software is More User-friendly?

User-friendliness plays a vital role in maintaining a good relationship with the customer and to avoid futuristic issues. The problem, however, is that some companies pay no attention to the UI of the software that they produce and think that feature is all customers are after. Well, that’s not true. This is because a user can’t use the antivirus properly if he/she cannot understand the user interface or the theme of the software Windows Defender Vs Avast 2020.

Avast’s Score:

Avast user interface showing icons

WD’s Score:

windows defender user interface screen

Winner: Avast

Which Software is Less Expensive?

Does the antivirus program you’re enthusiastic to purchase require you to break the bank?

Remember, even if you’re considering the high-end suites, it doesn’t always mean that you have to pay more than you actually need. In this category, we cannot Windows Defender with Avast as the former antivirus is freeware and the latter one is a paid one.

Subsequently, Avast’s free edition is similar to Windows Defender, which is also free. The problem with freeware is that they do not offer much of the next-level features which we need in this day and age. This is because the hackers are using sophisticated algorithms to inject the victim’s device.

Let’s be more specific by taking a look at the pricing model of Avast. Unfortunately, we cannot do so in the case of WD.

Avast Antivirus Suites Prices
Avast Pro Antivirus Latest Price
Avast Internet Security Latest Price
Avast Premier Latest Price
Avast Ultimate Latest Price
Avast Security for Mac Latest Price
Avast Business Products Latest Range

Winner: N/A

Windows Defender Vs Avast: Final Thoughts!

It’s not hard for an up-to-date person to decide between Avast and Windows Defender, but since you asked us (and you don’t know much of the antiviruses), we’ve covered all of the main points that you can think of while choosing the best option for the supreme security of your device and safety of the data residing in it. Therefore, the reward goes to “Avast” in this head-to-head antivirus battle (comparison).

However, if you’d like to be acquainted with the A-one antivirus that offers the out-of-this-world features and unparalleled protection from malware, spyware, and other digital threats, then we’d like to have your attention towards our experts’ suggestion – “BitDefender”.

On top of that, BitDefender can be made use of on any platform (OS), including Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS as well. Some people, especially the beginners, hesitate to purchase the antivirus’ license because they believe that they won’t be getting the service they crave for. But, there’s no need to be concerned about that, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee for the Windows Defender Vs Avast 2020.

There’s something else that will make you float on cloud nine. Yes, we’re talking about suites that have been designed for individuals, businesses, and family as well.

Our Recommendation!

(Ultimate Winner)


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