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Wrike Review | Optimize Your Workflow, Project Management & Collaboration

Wrike is a powerful project management software and collaboration tool tailored for small and large businesses alike. It is a highly customizable resource management with features that are beneficial for all. Project managers will enjoy features like the Gantt charts, time management, and auto-assignment based on task status. 

There are a few pricing options available: Free version, Professional, Business, and Wrike for Marketers. Each has its perks, but what works best for you will depend on your business. Wrike  project management tool allows you to collaborate, manage projects, set up dashboards, and so much more. Find out what Wrike can do for you by reading on.

Wrike Review

Wrike for Professional Services 

Often mentioned in the best time tracking software reviews, Wrike for Professional services was developed to help grow or fully developed companies stay organized and collaborate easier. Professional companies deal with a lot of pressure from tight deadlines to budgets.

Wrike project management system balances internal processes making the workflow smoother and reducing challenges associated with unorganized workflows. 

wrike logo

Automation features like time tracking and billing save time and effort, opening up managers to be more available to employees or for other important tasks. This can be beneficial for the client and professional since it ensures that people are spending the right amount of time doing the right jobs. 

Job tracking and auto-assigning of assignments based on task completion streamline the workload. Tracks project status and what each team is working on, and where they are in the process on an easy to use user interface. Smooth use is beneficial with an unlimited number of various projects available to create.

Workflows can be customized with templates to automate certain processes to specific teams. You can even repeat these templates so you do not have to do this daily. Create new and multiple projects and assign tasks quickly and easily, so your team can keep their focus on what’s important – the client. 

Like we mentioned in our BQE Core Reviews, client portals and collaboration tools abound to help your business create an atmosphere that allows your team and business to focus on client relationships. One of the biggest advantages of Wrike is that it is available on mobile. Wrike's mobile apps are compatible with Android and IOS devices, enabling you and your team to manage their time and projects even when they are not at the office.

You will get full training and support through Write for each person who is getting permission to the app. A free trial is available for those who want to give it a test run before hopping on board right away. 


  • Keep track of the task status
  • Easy for teams to communicate
  • Intuitive interface
  • Variety of options for charts and reporting


  • Notification delays
  • Can't use it offline
  • A little pricey

Wrike is great to use overall. It's easy to use and really helps with collaboration. There are slight cons - the least convenient is the notification delays, but the other 2 are so minor I don't really see them as drawbacks. 1) since everybody is online 99% of the time and 2) because even though it's not the cheapest it's really an amazing tool that saves a LOT of time and headache.

Navigation and Interface 

As soon as you open up the app, you will see that the interface is clean and presented with a simplicity that looks appealing. All of your main tabs are located on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you can find your tab, team, shared, and projects. Access your inbox, track workload and project completion, dashboards, reports, and stream from the top of the screen. Easy access to your main tabs is convenient and cuts time clicking back and forth between windows.

One of the great things about Wrike is its customizability. You can change themes and color schemes within those themes. 

For those who want to brighten up their day, you can even add nice designs along the border. The main downside is that the default text size is quite small, but that can be adjusted as you get deeper into the settings within your login. 

Outside of the left and top sections that include your main tabs, you have a three-panel interface. Each affects the next one, so it is a conveyor belt-like system. 

Within the first panel, you will access your projects. Priority projects can be starred so you know to complete those first or to keep them easily accessible. Once you select a project, it will open up into the second panel. 

The tasks for that project appear in the second window, and you will click on the task you want. This opens in the third panel which shows you detailed information related to that task. 

Wrike Assist is Wrike’s help feature which you can use within the software to get a list of articles that assist with how to use the app. It is located at the bottom-right of the dashboard. You can also access Wrike’s live chat feature within Wrike Assist. 

Key Wrike Features

Wrike is full of helpful features that will help you and you become a more cohesive unit. 


Wrike helps you organize nearly every aspect of your work. With multiple dashboards available, you are able to customize your experience and tailor it to fit your project management, work management and task management needs. The dashboards tab is conveniently located along the top of the screen and it displays many helpful topics.

Within the dashboards tab, you can access all of your projects. This includes projects that are overdue, due in a week, or even projects that have not been started yet. More dashboards can be added as you see fit for you and your team for each project. 

There are public and private dashboards, so you can collaborate and allow people to edit and exchange projects that you want. Widgets can also be added to your dashboards. Widgets are intensely helpful. Choose from widgets that help with backlogs, overdue tasks, activity monitors, and so much more. 

Task Assignments

Assigning tasks is easy and time-saving, especially for specific tasks with recurring dates. For teams who work on smaller projects or have fast turnaround times, you may find it limiting that you cannot set a specific time for a due date. You might check our TSheets review for a software with more features.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts within Wrike are interactive and intuitive. They are smooth and work with a simple drag and drop navigation. Drag and drop to change things like duration and dependencies or even things like reordering tasks. 


Collaborate with team members and during conferences with things like real-time editing, task management, and project management solutions. Calendar information can be shared and edited across a team so everyone is up-to-date on due dates or meetings. Wrike’s brainstorming feature is beneficial for team meetings. 

Time Tracking 

One of the most innovative features of Wrike is its time track feature. There are a couple of ways that time tracking can be done with this software.

The first method of the time track feature is done by assigning an employee a task with a due date added and start the counter after.

The second method of time tracking simply involves adding in time to the tracker whenever you do not have an opportunity to check in life. 

The tracking time that it takes to complete a task will help with scheduling workloads in the future. Having an average of how long tasks tend to take will be beneficial in time crunches. Tracking time also helps with watching the distribution of work through your team. This can boost productivity by helping you find your employees’ strengths and weaknesses and making sure that you assign work appropriately. 

Employees can manage their vacation and leave time through Wrike. Timesheets can also be managed, which is beneficial for traveling employees since the app will let them make changes to their times as needed.

If you download the Wrike app on your phone, you can easily record and track time online and offline. When working offline, the app will automatically update the recorded hours next time you are connected to the internet or data. 

Time Tracking & Reports

As assignments collect data, they will send it to a time log. Slogging through the report filters can be a bit tedious, so be careful to double-check each screen before moving on. You want to make sure that you are selecting the correct data to view so that the report comes out properly. 

Drag and drop functionalities work with these reports, making it easy to quickly look through data. 

How Does Wrike Perform?

Wrike gives your creative teams a way to collaborate in a sort of digital workplace. By using a simple, yet comprehensive interface, people can access any necessary aspect of a task. 

Folders are the main building blocks of Wrike and form the main space where projects are segmented into more detailed tasks with additional information. Project managers can also create subfolders to further organize their project. Each team member has a personalized dashboard complete with a messaging inbox, calendar, tasks, and even analytics views. 

From the folders, team members have access to the next level of organization, the project. The project has critical details and dates and may be assigned to a single user, or many. Within the project is the third organization level, tasks. Tasks can also be assigned to groups or individuals. Tasks function as supporting actions in pursuit of achieving the larger project goals within the folder.

It's really a fully developed management software integrated with a digital workplace that supports a high level of communication between all team members. People can leave comments either general or specific (by means of using an @ mention) on any level of the project, whether it's in the general folder or on a specific individual task in their queue. 

Along with this, a user gets a wide range of ways to view the project's status and keep track of important deadlines. Visual tracking methods even include the popular Gantt charts and classic tracking methods like spreadsheets and progress lists.

Wrike Training and Support

Even with user-friendly software like Wrike, it's essential to encourage employees to use it to take advantage of the training and support. Not only does it ensure a smooth transition (if any previous software or system was used), but it also allows a team member to get the full benefits of the software. Often, there are functions and shortcuts that may not appear immediately; users often stumble upon these after using the software for an extended time. By using training and support, employees get ahead of the curve and learn these tips right away.

Wrike offers a unique way of familiarizing users with their software; their support does a 'training call' to ensure everything goes smoothly. However, before the call begins, they request users to review some basic information. Don't worry, they provide it all in their User Training, and it's fairly basic information.

You'll learn how to set up profiles for all your team members; before the training call even takes place everybody will have their own profile and a basic idea of how to navigate the most important functions therein.

You'll go over the Dashboard, where you can find all your top priorities and notifications. Users can see upcoming deadlines as well as past due items and communications from their personal dashboard. 

Your team will also look at functions within the My Work view, where they'll see more detailed information about all the tasks on their plate. Of course, getting acquainted with the Tasks function is a staple of the beginner's tutorial, and the everyday use of the software.

Wrike Pricing

Wrike has a few different pricing models, based primarily on the size of your company or users you need to give access to. Of course, they're flexible too; so if you have a larger team than any of their packages accommodate you. can request a quote for their Enterprise service. These prices are all custom, so you'll need to contact Wrike for details.

The other custom pricing tier Wrike offers is for marketers. This plan offer Wrike for marketers tool that are especially helpful to their business, with add-ons targeted to improve productivity. You'll get things like Wrike Proof and Wrike Publish to help push content projects through to publishing.

There's a free Wrike plan, and while you can have unlimited collaborators viewing projects, only up to five users can contribute to the software. You get some of the main functions, with the exceptions of dashboards, subtasks, charts, some task actions, and limited storage.

The Professional plan ranges in cost from $588 to $1,176 annually. The price difference comes from the number of users, which can range from five to 10 or 15. Dashboards are included and can be shared, along with Gantt charts. Wrike for Professional Services  performance is pre-configured with the Wrike Resource app and 50 GB of storage. 

The Business plan has a minimum of five users at a price of $1,488. You can accommodate up to 200 users, and pricing structure is better calculated on a per-person basis (naturally, the more people you add, the better rate you get per person).


  • Efficiency

    Teams can delegate every aspect of project tasks and keep track of the task status. This creates a higher level of efficiency and ensures nothing falls through the cracks and ends up delaying completion of a project. Wrike is a great way for businesses to rethink and revamp their project execution status from start to finish.  
  • Transparency

    Wrike makes it easy for teams to communicate clearly; the transparency that the software lends to campaign prevents miscommunication and allows project managers to oversee any areas that might need future attention.
  • User-friendly

    It's easy to start using Wrike, and it features a simple, intuitive interface. They make it even easier by providing great support and start-up tutorials for new users. Rather than searching for a task that might pertain to two campaign or categories, you'll find it appears in both to minimize confusion. Users can quickly schedule tasks and alter project objectives with mass updates.
  • Charts and Reporting

    Wrike offers users a wide variety of options for charts and advanced reporting. You can choose different ways to get a visual aid to demonstrate project status, or even generate custom reports for individual users. You can look at timelines to get a look at the overall scope of the project, and even share your reports with important project stakeholders. In particular, the Gantt charts are a huge benefit to teams working on complex, detailed campaign with several steps and tasks necessary to their success.


  • Slow Notifications

    When using Wrike, users can direct their comments to another person with an @ mention. While this is a really useful feature, you don't always get the mention as quickly as you need it. Wrike sends an email to notify you, but there's a significant delay between the initial mention and when you get the email. Unless you have the software up and active, you won't see the mention for a while.
  • Small Limitations

    Wrike works pretty much entirely online. While that can be a benefit and save you storage space on your devices, it also means you can't access it or work on it offline. For some companies, this won't ever come up as an issue, for others, it could be a pain to deal with. Another limitation some users notice is the lack of a spell check feature. There is a beta version available, but each user has to sign up for the beta version on their own and install the feature separately. Unfortunately, there currently isn't a way to do a mass update to get the feature for all your users at once.
  • Wrike Pricing

    Depending on the size of your business, the price can seem a little up there. However, per person pricing does lower as you add more persons to your audience. It's not terrible, but it's not the most affordable solution.


Wrike is a new software helping businesses change the way they tackle campaign. Most people have found that it increases their efficiency, clears up communication, and makes the overall team process much better. 

However, if you're looking at using Wrike to manage your time and campaign better, we suggest using some of the company's resources to acquaint yourself with the software; it's extremely feature-rich, and by going through a few tutorials, you can make sure you're really getting the most out of it.


1. Is Wrike any good?

Contrast Wrike's features with those of the industry's best project management software.

Additionally, Wrike project management software is an ideal choice for large firms looking to use it across multiple departments due to its versatility. While Wrike is a well-known and reputable project management tool, it did not make our top rankings for this area.

2. What is Wrike used for?

Wrike is a project management solution that combines a basic user experience and design with enough depth for power end-user.

3. Is Wrike expensive?

When compared to other project management services, Wrike appears to be on the expensive side. While Wrike is extremely versatile and adaptable, businesses must pay $9.80 per user each month to fully utilize its project planning, collaboration tools and project management tools.

4. What does Wrike cost?

The price of Wrike begins at $9.80 per feature per month. However, there is a no-cost version available. In addition, Wrike provides a risk-free trial. For additional pricing and other information, please contact Wrike directly with one of their sales rep.

5. Is wrike secure?

The ISO accreditation, Wrike Lock, and all of our planned security features highlight our dedication to making Wrike the most secure CWM platform available, and we will continue to invest in our services' security to exceed industry standards.”

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