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7 Best FreeSync Monitor Reviews of 2023 | Awesome Gaming & Viewing Experience

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If you’re a serious pc gamer, you definitely need a FreeSync monitor if you want to fully enjoy your experience. Monitors equipped with FreeSync technologies and software can improve your immersion tenfold. That’s because the best FreeSync monitor can match the rendered frames per second for whatever game you play with your monitor’s refresh rate.

In this guide, I’ll show you my favorite PC gaming monitors with this software. As for the size, you can opt for the best 32 inch gaming monitorWhile all of them will have FreeSync technology to some extent, some will be better for budget builds while others will be top of the line in every way. For AMD fans, we reviewed quality and affordable G-Sync monitors.

Getting the best gaming monitor is not an easy task. Especially if you take into consideration that there are curved monitors for gaming, too. Let’s dive into the best FreeSynch monitors on the market. Each of these will be a great choice in their own right, but some will be better for specific purposes. Whatever you choose, know that I found them all to be exceptional.

Top 3 FreeSync Monitor

Acer XFA240Acer XFA240

The Acer XFA240 is one high tech piece of equipment. I found it to be a top choice in both overall image quality and extra features. As an example, it uses highly specialized FreeSync technology to provide you with a tear-free experience any time you want to game in peace.

  • Fast response time
  • Nvidia G-Sync compatible
  • Good ports

ViewSonic VX2257-MHDViewSonic VX2257-MHD

The ViewSonic VX2257-MHD combines the high quality of a top-tier FreeSync monitor with excellent affordability. It’s arguably a great budget monitor all by itself.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Pre-set gaming settings
  • Affordable

Samsung C27F398Samsung C27F398

The Samsung C27F398 is one of the best curved monitors on the market, bar none. It makes my list here because it comes built with AMD FreeSync technology, doing the same stuttering and tearing reducing work that it does on all the others on this list.

  • Eye saver mode
  • Good size
  • Nice stand

Best FreeSync Monitor Reviews

The Acer XFA240 is one high tech piece of equipment. I found it to be a top choice in both overall quality and extra features. As an example, it uses highly specialized FreeSync technology to provide you with a tear-free experience any time you want to game in peace. 

It can also be combined with G-Sync software for even better results. When it comes to FreeSync vs G-Sync, both are great. It’s G-Sync software locks the frame rate to its maximum value.

Acer XFA240Acer XFA240

To make things even better, it has a 1ms response time, making it one of the best gaming monitors flat out. A high response time like this is necessary if you want to be competitive in any kind of serious gaming environment.

When push comes to shove, those with faster monitor response times will be better in competitions. I like this for my own gaining scenarios and can’t imagine anything slower. It also comes with a 144 Hz max refresh rate, which is excellent for improving immersion and visual fidelity.

This good monitor is equipped with two speakers, one on either side. I would still recommend getting dedicated speakers if you want to make the most of your gaming experiences, but these are great if you don’t already have speakers and need something to last for a little while.

The monitor’s packed with even more extra text to make it worthwhile. It’s built with a blue light filter and local dimming feature. This is great for protecting your eyes from harmful rays during nighttime gaming sessions. In terms of comfort, the monitor can also pivot up to 90° up and down or side to side. This allows you to customize the monitor’s position according to what works best for your unique set up. I like this because my position tends to change throughout longer gaming sessions.

It’s also a great monitor flat out in terms of general specs. It produces game displays in full HD 1920x1080 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s also got an HDMI 2.0 and DVI port, so you’ll be able to plug this monitor into several types of gaining setups or take it from station to station without too much trouble.

Acer XFA240 Pros

  • Protects eyes from blue light
  • Fast pixel response time
  • G-Sync compatible
  • Good ports

Acer XFA240 Cons

  • Not as large as some will like

The ViewSonic VX2257-MHD combines the high quality of a top-tier FreeSync monitor with excellent affordability. It’s arguably a great budget monitor all by itself. It depicts your gaming and other media with full HD 1080 P resolution, making it great for seeing all the detail and color you need from your favorite games and watching movies.

ViewSonic VX2257-MHDViewSonic VX2257-MHD

Of course, it’s also integrated with AMD FreeSync technology to reduce tearing and stuttering as you play complex games with VRR graphics.

Like the last choice on my list, it also has a blue light filter to improve your comfort all day long. This feature reduces your eyestrain not only during the night but also throughout the day, so your eyes will ache less (or not at all) after playing for many hours.

An additional Flicker-Free software boosts this element even further. I’d even say this is one of the more comfortable gaming monitors to use just because of these additional settings. But I was even further impressed because of the preset customizable visual modes.

Basically, this monitor is equipped with preset color and resolution settings for different kinds of gaming app. RTS, FPS, even MOBA: all are represented within these settings. This feature in particular marks this monitor is a piece of equipment dedicated to gamers specifically.

It's also one of the more flexible monitors in terms of connectivity options. You'll be able to easily plug it into different types of laptops, PCs, and Macs without too much trouble thanks to its myriad HDMI, VGA, and Display ports.

Finally, I’d be remiss to not mention the three-year warranty. This gives you access to a customer service team and covers you from manufacturer defects. It's excellent in terms of value for money, once again highlighting this monitor's excellent affordability and balance between budget and quality. 

ViewSonic VX2257-MHD Pros

  • 3-year warranty
  • Pre-set gaming settings
  • Affordable
  • Many ports for various setups

ViewSonic VX2257-MHD Cons

  • A little small for some

The Samsung C27F398 is one of the best curved monitors on the market, bar none. It makes my list here because it comes built with AMD FreeSync  premium pro technology, doing the same stuttering and tearing reducing work that it does on all the others on this list.

But you arguably haven’t even experienced the benefits of this technology fully until you see your favorite gaming app displayed on a curved monitor. Such a monitor wraps around your sight and blends your peripheral vision with what you see in front of you. The result is a truly immersive gaming and media viewing experience.

Samsung C27F398Samsung C27F398

It does have a slight downside in terms of a dedicated gaming display because its response time is only 4 ms. While this is great for general media viewing and is fine for some gaming app, it’s not the most competitive setting you can find, even on my list.

Still, it's suitable for gaming in general and the curved nature of the monitor makes this better as a single player display for the best-looking games on the market.

The screen is 27 inches across and has a simple circular stand that is both modern and aesthetically pleasing. The slim profile of the borders means that you won’t even notice the actual edge of the screen too often, especially because of its curved design. I think this is a top choice if you want to truly immerse yourself in the world of your favorite gaming app without worrying too much about hard-core specs or responsiveness.

This model also delivers excellent picture quality, with stunningly vivid and vibrant colors that benefit from a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Even blacks and whites are particularly vibrant and robust. You’ll be able to see clearly even in abnormally dark or bright environments, which is great for gaining and for viewing different types of media in general.

There’s an additional eye saver mode that I appreciated. Like the other monitors so far, this reduces blue light emissions and reduces eyestrain throughout the day. Finally, I found an eco-saving plus feature that reduces the peak brightness of the screen to save power. This is excellent if you’re environmentally conscious or just don’t see the need to burn tons of electricity for your display.

Samsung C27F398 Pros

  • Eye saver mode
  • Good size
  • Nice stand
  • Excellent color quality

Samsung C27F398 Cons

  • Only 4ms not fantastic response time


The Asus VG245H is another excellent choice of the best gaming monitor. Of particular note is the 1 ms response time, which is a big necessity if you want to remain competitive in a gaming environment. But it also includes a specialized feature called the ASUS Game Fast Input Tech. This specific feature minimizes the input lack from whatever control pad or keyboard you’re using. In other words, your actions will be registered and rendered on screen more snappily than with other monitors on the market.

Asus VG245HAsus VG245H

Besides that, the monitor benefits from smooth visuals that are bolstered by AMD Free-Sync. This makes any smooth gaming experience you use with this monitor excellent through and through. This monitor goes even further, though.

It uses technology exclusive to ASUS monitors to provide gaming enhancements. Specifically, the GamePlus hotkey function allows you to bind different keystrokes or commands in chains so you can react more quickly to situations and master your favorite games even more deeply. 

Even then, I found six preset display modes that optimize visuals across different kinds of games or content. These are great for maximizing color distribution or vibrancy for different types of gaming app or media.

Like many high-quality gaming monitors, this one comes with a low blue light filter. This can reduce your eyestrain and potential headaches if you are into gaming for many hours on end. Proprietary EyeCare tech reduces the flicker, or rapid changes in light intensity, that cause your people to contract or expand. Again, this reduces eye strain and potentially prevents you from getting a headache if you are playing games for lots of hours during the night or throughout the day. I thought the way this worked – with a smart dynamic backlight – was particularly clever.

In addition, the monitor as a whole is designed with an ergonomic stand that can be adjusted based on your comfort and which will require you to crane your neck too much to see the entire screen. It features dual HDMI ports to let you use the monitor smoothly with both PCs and console gamers or console players. Finally, I also liked its devotion to energy efficiency. This monitor is Energy-Star Certified, so it’s better for the environment and your wallet.

Asus VG245H Pros

  • Ergonomic design
  • Hotkey functions
  • Six preset modes
  • Faster Input tech

Asus VG245H Cons

  • Borders are a touch too thick for some

The Sceptre C275B-144MN is a pricey but a great gaming monitor and well worth it across the board. For starters, it’s 27 inches across and is another curved variant, so it’s already good for immersive gaming experience. Seeing your favorite digital worlds won’t ever be more thrilling. It also displays said worlds in full HD 1920x1080p resolution.

Sceptre C275B-144MNSceptre C275B-144MN

Of course, it uses AMD Free-Sync tech to reduce tearing and stuttering even with variable refresh rates. It can provide a refresh rate up to 144 Hz, allowing frames to transition instantly and giving you a full advantage in any competitive gaming environment.

It has a decent response time or 2-3 ms depending on your settings, which I found was great for most gaming needs even if it isn’t the best of the best.

It also uses anti-flicker tech to reduce eyestrain and your potential for headaches. The only downside I could find was a lack of a low blue light filter, which is basically a standard feature in most top-tier gaming monitors. Instead, it has an anti-glare SVA panel that reduces glare from the sun. This rare feature is quite nice, as it prevents the sun from compromising your play if it slides through the window at an inopportune moment.

In terms of ports, this monitor is as good as you’d expect. It comes with ports for HDMI, DVI, and Display cables, so it’s got lots of options. The stand is another thing that people will either love or hate. It features a forked design that keeps it relatively stable but isn’t particularly good for preventing it from falling over if the desk shakes.

Sceptre C275B-144MN Pros

  • Variable ports
  • Excellent refresh rate
  • Anti-glare SVA panel
  • Good size and shape

Sceptre C275B-144MN Cons

  • No blue light filter


The Dell S2719DGF is a massive monitor designed to deliver high-quality gaming visuals. At 27 inches across, it can provide you with refresh rates up to 155 Hz if overclocked. This is above and beyond what most other gaming monitors can provide, and I’d recommend it if you want top visuals overall. When combined with AMD Free-Sync tech, it does a phenomenal job of rendering smooth digital environments regardless of complexity.

Dell S2719DGFDell S2719DGF

To make things even better, it’s built with a fast 1 ms response time. So you'll be able to use this monitor for competitive gaming experiences environments without losing any fluidity or reaction time.

The display is again phenomenal, with 3.68 million pixels that deliver nearly two times more color than full HD.

Video games and any digital environments hardly ever look better. I found the razor-thin side frame to make its display excellence even better. If the visuals aren’t quite right, you’ll be able to mess with three preset gaming profiles that change color and high resolution according to the gaming type you’re currently using.

Finally, I have to mention the excellent ergonomics. The monitor is made with a durable and stable base stand. But you can tilt the monitor left or right or up or down to customize its position and height adjustment for an ideal viewing position. Gaming comfortably for long hours is therefore very achievable. It’s pricey, but arguably one of the more comfortable gaming monitors you’ll find in any market.

Dell S2719DGF Pros

  • Very ergonomic design features
  • Fantastic color
  • Very thin frame
  • Phenomenal refresh rate

Dell S2719DGF Cons

  • A bit pricy


The LG 34UC79G-B is an even bigger choice, and one perfect for most gamers that want maximum immersion. It’s 34 inches across with an aspect ratio of 21:9. In short, it blasts worlds across your line of sight. It does this phenomenally well for video games, too, with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. You’ll be able to play games casually or competitively and enjoy excellent environments and visuals alike.

LG 34UC79G-BLG 34UC79G-B

When combined with AMD Free-Sync tech, the results are unbelievable. I also notice the presence of motion blur reduction software. This might be the difference between victory or defeat in video games multiplayer match.

Additionally, an extra crosshair feature is included within the monitor’s software. This lets you customize a separate crosshair on the screen that's separate from any gaming client, which can be helpful if you want something more visible or tailored to your liking. 

It has lots of extra features to make it worth the hefty asking price. You’ll be able to customize its settings, like changing its color distribution, or use a Black Stabilizer to reveal extra detail in dark environments. Or you can take advantage of the Gaming Mode which fixes color distribution across the spectrum.

All in all, it’s the best choice if you want a big, but still responsive, gaming monitor.

LG 34UC79G-B Pros

  • Very large screen
  • Good response time
  • Additional separate crosshair
  • Motion blur reduction

LG 34UC79G-B Cons

  • Pricy compared to others

What to Look For in a FreeSync Monitor

Even if you already have some experience with the best FreeSync monitors, you should focus on the following factors carefully before making a final purchase. Not all monitors are built alike, and some will be better for your needs than others. Overall, you should always focus on the best FreeSync monitor that best serves you regardless of the price tag. Don't just pick the most expensive thing you can find.

What is VRR?

VRR stands for variable refresh rate. It’s a general term for a refresh rate on a display or monitor that can seamlessly and continuously change on the fly. In other words, VRR monitors work fluidly with different frame rate requirements to keep things looking smooth and immersive in your favorite video games.

Typically, monitors or gaming displays that support variable refresh rates usually support a predetermined range of rates rather than all rates across the spectrum. A good example would be 30 Hz to 144 Hz. This is called the variable refresh rate range. It defines where the refresh rate can vary seamlessly for the monitor in question.

What are FreeSync Monitors?

FreeSync monitors are displayed that utilize the aforementioned tech. FreeSync, then, is an adaptive and synchronizing technology used in LCD screens. They support the dynamic refresh rate or VRR described earlier. This reduces stuttering and tearing when your games and monitor are misaligned in terms of frame rate.

It's all a bit technical, but variable frame rates happen when your regular GPU loads occur as a computer renders complex gaming content or environments. Basically, as your gaming PC tries to render video games frame, it can hiccup and have difficulty keeping things smooth if the monitor refresh rate is a little different. FreeSynch monitors sort of “paint over” and this effect and make the monitor image look clear and smooth the whole way through.

Do monitors with native FreeSync support work with Nvidia graphics cards? Only some. The Nvidia g-sync monitors need to be certified to pass certain gaming performance metrics and have adaptive Nvidia GPUs.

Performance and Resolution

Like with any monitor you would purchase, you should always look for the performance and higher resolution that best suits your needs. You’ll definitely want an AMD Free-Sync monitor that doesn’t draw too heavily on your power supply and one that’s easy to customize to your liking. Investigate a monitor’s color balance and available customization options so you can fine-tune it to your favorite gaming experiences.

When it comes to resolution, try to match your resolution with how far you sit from the screen and your screen size. Ideally, monitors with 1920 x 1080 resolution  are good for monitors up to 24 inches across for a higher pixel density, while 1440p are better for 27-inch monitors and up. 4k resolution is even better for larger monitors. Follow this basic formula when you select your screen.

Size & Design

Of course, you can’t discount the size and design of FreeSync monitors. Size, as I mentioned, matters to the ideal resolution you should aim for. Size also matters if you want to consider gaining responsiveness and your own reaction time. When looking the best monitors, larger screen are better for more breathtaking immersive views and screen real estate. But they make your eye travel farther across the screen to receive information.

You should also make sure that the monitor with a good resolution is designed properly for your needs. Find something sleek and easy to control, as well as something that gels well with your overall gaining setup’s aesthetic.


1. Which is the best freesync monitor?

Here are the FreeSync Monitors that we can recommend.

1. Acer XFA240 - The Acer XFA240 is one high tech piece of equipment. I found it to be a top choice in both overall quality and extra features. As an example, it uses highly specialized FreeSync technology to provide you with a screen tear free experience any time you want PC gamers game in peace.

2. ViewSonic VX2257-MHD - The ViewSonic VX2257-MHD combines the high quality of a top-tier FreeSync monitor with excellent affordability. It’s arguably a great budget monitor all by itself.

3. Samsung C27F398 - The Samsung C27F398 is one of the best curved monitors available on the market, bar none. It makes my list here because it comes built with AMD Free-Sync technology, doing the same stuttering and tearing reducing work that it does on all the others on this list.

2. Is FreeSync good on a monitor?

Yes, FreeSync is good on a monitor. It helps to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, which can cause problems when playing games or watching videos.

3. Is FreeSync better than 144Hz?

Yes, 144hz refresh rate or higher refresh rates are preferable. Freesync enables the monitor to dynamically adjust its refresh rate, minimizing stagger step changes and thus smoothing out game play. The higher refresh rate of 144 hz enables the display of more frames, providing the player with more opportunities to interact with the game.

4. Does FreeSync replace Hz?

No, Hz and FreeSync are two different things. Hz is the number of times a screen refreshes per second, while FreeSync is a technology that allows for smoother gameplay by syncing the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rate of the graphics card.

5. What is better FreeSync or G-Sync?

I would say that it depends on your needs. If you are looking for the best gaming experience and don't mind spending a little extra money, then G-Sync is the better option. However, if you are on a budget or don't mind some screen tearing, then FreeSync is a good choice.

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