Avira Review | Looking for Antivirus to Safeguard You From Threats?

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Are you searching for the best antivirus to safeguard you from online threats? How about one that runs your computer smoothly and manages to offer you protection, and privacy? Our recommendation: McAfee With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent …

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Sophos Antivirus Review | A Plethora of Features to Safeguard Your Home or Business PCs

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Also, it is one of the few antiviruses that use artificial technology to detect and block malware.  In this Sophos antivirus review, I will discuss its main features, detection rate, performance, pricing so you can determine if it’s the right antivirus tool for you or not. Anyway, you can also check out our Spybot review, …

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AVG Antivirus Review | Our Take On The Protection Performance of This Famous Antivirus Tool

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Out of all the antivirus suites out there, the AVG Antivirus suite offers a lot for being a free anti-virus. But is AVG enough? We wouldn’t know until we tried it ourselves. What we have here is a straight-to-the-point AVG Antivirus review that can help you determine whether you should rely on it for protecting …

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Is McAfee Safe? | Can You Trust This Antivirus Protection Efficiency?

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McAfee has lent its name to some of the most popular computer security software suites over the years.  Combining all the usual ransomware protection essentials with outstanding McAfee support team and a competitive subscription price, McAfee is the virus protection package of choice for millions.But to what extent does McAfee’s Total Protection genuinely provide total …

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ESET Antivirus Review | What Level of Network and Data Protection Can You Expect?

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People think that inbuilt virus protection is adequate to keep their machines safe from malicious software activity. I know that because I’ve been there – until my computer got submerged in viruses and tempering’s with the registry log.You probably don’t want ransomware asking for money to decrypt your data, or it’ll be cast irrevocably into …

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Trend Micro Review | Surprising Results Of Protection Efficiency Tests

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In a cyber world where frauds are ever-increasing, online privacy has become a persistent concern even for average, day-to-day users. Although cybersecurity mechanisms are getting more impervious, hackers keep reinforcing their arsenals with malicious scripts to launch the next offensive.I used to ignore the latter belief until I got stripped of my e-wallet by keyloggers. …

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be Using an Antivirus | Online Protection is a Must!

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Even as new web browsers and operating systems have a better ability to stop viruses, cybercriminals have equally devised new forms of attacks. Cybercriminals currently use sophisticated malware to counter advanced browsers and exploit undiscovered vulnerabilities. As such, your business isn’t safe with the basic protection offered by web browsers and operating systems without the …

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Trend Micro Maximum Security Review | Top Protection for All Your Devices and Needs

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Hunting for the best antivirus? I would recommend Trend Micro Maximum Security.  It provides comprehensive protection for your Mac, iOS, Windows, Chromebook, and Android devices. In addition, we also give you a separate look at the best antivirus for mac options and recommend these antiviruses to protect your Android cell. When I last tested Trend Micro, …

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Does Linux Need Antivirus? | Is Your OS 100% Safe From Cyberattacks?

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Linux systems have gained a reputation for being resistant to many malware. This is because they are securely designed and maintained hence are safer than other operating systems such as windows. So, does Linux need antivirus? Not really though you should know that malware for Linux does exist. For more information on why Linux is …

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Is Avast Antivirus Safe? | Can You Rely On It For Total Protection From PC Viruses?

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Our recommendation: McAfee Before we talk about the following product, there is an antivirus that continues to skillfully take care of new threats everyday! That antivirus program is McAfee! McAfee is an extensive antivirus program that has a dedicated database of over 49 billion threat queries, making this well-versed in dealing with all sorts of …

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