Is 200 Mbps Fast? | How’s Gaming, Streaming or Video Conferencing at This Speed?

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Are you looking for a suitable internet connection for your home or business? A 200 Mbps internet connection is more than enough for average households with around five people. At this performance, expect a smooth connection for various tasks like video streaming, web browsing, and online gaming. Moreover, for better PS4 gaming, check out the …

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How to Improve Upload Speed | Our Detailed Guide to Causes and Fixes

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If you’re having a difficult time uploading your documents, well, there is a good chance you can get faster internet services with just one click in the settings. With these steps, you will experience higher upload speeds, analyze and manage your documents in time. Check Your Router’s FirmwareIt is crucial to check your router’s firmware …

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Internet Speeds Explained | What Data And Measurements to Consider

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Apart from price, internet speed is an essential factor that consumers consider when shopping for internet providers. While the price is straightforward, download speed isn’t so here we wanted to offer this easy-to-follow article about internet speeds explained. The download and upload speeds goes beyond knowing the monthly charges and fitting it into your budget …

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Cell Phone Privacy Issues – Why It’s Impossible to Be Anonymous and Private on Cellular Networks

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This post will talk about using mobile cell phones and cellular networks for security, privacy & anonymity and why that can’t really happen. It is unfortunate that serious privacy and anonymity with modern smartphones using one of the popular operating systems on a mobile network is pretty much unattainable. The problem is everyone wants to …

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How to Access My Router? | Don’t Fret: We Have an Easy to Follow Guide

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Your wireless internet router stores the settings for your home or office Wi-Fi network. In order to change something on your Wi-Fi network, you must access the router by logging into your router’s software, also called router’s firmware. Once you are logged in, you can then customize and change settings to your wireless network account. …

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What Is a Worm? | All You Need to Know About This Type of Malware and Its Removal

what is a computer worm?

Has your computer system or have some tasks stopped operating? Is it possible that your computer is suffering from a worm infection? The term computer worm has been in use since 1975 when it was first used in the novel “The Shockwave Rider.” In the novel, the protagonist came up with a worm that would …

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Avira Review | Looking for Antivirus to Safeguard You From Threats?

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Are you searching for the best antivirus to safeguard you from online threats? How about one that runs your computer smoothly and manages to offer you protection, and privacy? Our recommendation: McAfee With so many antivirus products in the market, there is none that’s like McAfee. With over 18.9 billion devices protected on a consistent …

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Sophos Antivirus Review | A Plethora of Features to Safeguard Your Home or Business PCs

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Also, it is one of the few antiviruses that use artificial technology to detect and block malware.  In this Sophos antivirus review, I will discuss its main features, detection rate, performance, pricing so you can determine if it’s the right antivirus tool for you or not. Anyway, you can also check out our Spybot review, …

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What Is A Trojan Virus? | How to Get Rid of a Virus on Your PC or Phone!

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Have you ever downloaded and installed an application on a computer or mobile device that looks legitimate software but ended up being a problem?   A trojan is a type of application that disguises itself as legitimate, but it is not. Trojans are used by hackers, cyber thieves, and other cyber-criminals to take control of …

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