What Kind of Laptop Do I Have? | Learn How to Find Your Brand, Model and Number

laptop with a bridge as a wallpaper

If you’ve ever needed to download or install a new program or game, you’ve likely asked the question, “What kind of laptop do I have?” It’s necessary information if you want to make sure that something is going to run properly on your system, no matter whether you have an expensive $3000 laptop like the …

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Humanscale Monitor Arm Review | A Sleek, Modern, and Compact Design

a monitor fixed with an arm

The Humanscale Monitor arm is designed to match the speed and flexibility required in a modern workstation.The Humanscale’s monitor arms are different from others due to their aesthetic look and functionality. They have a sleek, modern, and compact design that makes them a perfect fit for your workstation. They also boast a heavy-duty construction that …

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Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand Review | For Perfect Viewing Angle on Each Screen

Huanuo monitor mount

If you’re like most people, you spend hours each day in front of your computer. You probably also realize that having two monitors is incredibly useful for maximizing productivity. Why not make the most of that time using a dual monitor arm? But buying a double monitor stand can be expensive. So, is the Huanuo …

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How to Tell if Monitor Is VESA Compatible | This is a Must Read to Choose the Right Mount or Stand for Your Display

monitor, keyboard and mouse on the desk

Placing monitors on mounting stands or arms is common for most modern workspaces. The monitor mounts help save a lot of valuable space on your desk that you can use to put other stuff, such as your coffee cup or family pictures.Mounting your monitor also allows you to adjust the height and viewing angles to …

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