Wise System Monitor – Fully Functional Free Tool With Simple Interface!


Wise System Monitor is a system monitoring tool Windows free and easy to use to help you track and manage processes, hardware, network traffic, memory and many other useful information on PC and its personnel. Learn more about Wise System Monitor below.What Is a Wise System Monitor?Wise System Monitor is designed with a simple user …

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How to Use Hit Scraper | MTurk Human Intelligence Tasks Extraction

a prson touching the screen with icons

HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) are daily tasks posted on the Mturk website. Human intelligence workers undertake the tasks and, in return, get paid. There may be a need to access and extract resourceful HIT data from the Mturk database. Extracting this data manually is tiresome and takes time to complete. However, a web scraper can simplify …

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Web Scraper Firefox | Extension Which Extracts Data From Dynamic Websites

firefox logo on the screen

Mozilla Firefox, an old but reliable web browser, supports several extensions. One of the popular extensions this browser supports is web scrapers. There are several options to choose from, but we shall discuss the best ones.Web scraper firefox uses bots alias web crawlers to extract data from websites. They do so by following URL links …

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What is Terms of Service? | Purpose, Benefits & Legalities Explained!

letters TOS on wooden cubes

Creating terms of service is quite a process. It can be intimidating, not to mention full of difficult jargon. This is why some companies often decide to forego this vital legal document altogether.But is that an acceptable option? This article covers all the intricacies of terms of service, its benefits, legal purposes, major elements, and …

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What Is Considered Personal Information? | Examples & Prevention of Abuse

personal information under magnifying glass

Personal information helps identify an individual and can be anything from a person’s full name, address, and contact number, to mention a few. Other elements that constitute personal information include details like a person’s age, gender, and occupation.Some states have laws that make it illegal to disclose sensitive personal information, such as medical records or …

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How to Scrape Google Search Results | Explore SERPs the Right Way!

a person using Google searh on the phone

High Google rankings improve credibility and customer trust. This feature can significantly impact your customers’ decisions. One way to ensure a higher ranking is ensuring you get positive Google Reviews and ratings.Once in a while, you’ll need to scrape Google. Although it’s not legal, there are no aspects to show it is illegal. There are …

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Scrape Twitter the Right Way! | Get Valuable Insights Into Public Opinions

twitter bird icon

Twitter has a small structured format that makes it straightforward to scrap. You can scrape twitter to get user sentiments, trends, and opinions.Extracting and manipulating data from tweets will help you gain valuable insights into public conversations.According to Twitter’s terms of service, you can use the Twitter API to read and write Twitter data instead …

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