RAM DDR3 vs DDR4 | Memory Speed, Performance & Power Consumption Compared

a stack of RAM sticks

When you are choosing your next computer, you might wonder what would be better, ram ddr3 or ram ddr4.Sometimes people tend to think that they are identical, that is not entirely right. They have major differences that might have a dramatic impact on how your pc runs.If you have decided to build your pc, this …

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How to Disable Laptop Keyboard | Simple Tips You Should Know

Stop sign on a keyboard

Using laptops too frequently might be the cause of broken keyboards, especially gamers. No one wants that to happen to his or her laptop, especially the new expensive ones. In this situation, people would think about buying a new laptop, fixing their keyboard, or learning how to disable laptop keyboard whether you have a normal …

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HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM Review | A Solid Laptop for the Price!

HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM laptop

You are wondering if HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM is a good laptop? Is it suitable for programmers, designers, producers, or students? You are still in the dark about this product, aren’t you? Don’t worry. All answers you are searching for lie right here in this article. With the advent of laptops – portable and very convenient devices, it …

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HP Pavilion 15 Review | Will This Touchscreen Notebook Meet Your Needs?

HP Notebook 15.6” Touchscreen Premium Laptop PC

The HP Notebook 15.6 is a user-friendly device that comes integrated with superior features, including a high-resolution display, the latest Intel Core i7-7100 processor and an intuitive detailing that makes it one of the best laptops for stock trading, and many other purposes that require power, efficiency and reliability. For its price, it’s a very affordable …

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How Long Do Laptop Batteries Last? | What are the Costs of a Replacement?

There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of power at the worst possible time. But how long do laptop batteries last, in terms of their overall lifespan?  How many years does a laptop battery last on average, and how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery when that time comes? As you’d expect, there …

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How to Improve Gaming Performance on Laptop? | Make It Run Faster With Our Tips!

woman in the dark with her laptop

Desktop PCs are great for gaming. But let’s face it, many of us prefer the cool, compact portability of laptops. If you use the latter to play games, you’ve likely pondered how to improve gaming performance on your laptop.Well, ponder no more. There are actually several quick and effortless ways in which you can see …

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