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The reason we're able to use the web and why you're even on the site. Being connected to the internet in a fast and consistent manner is a must nowadays - how else could we have survived quarantine during COVID-19. Even though things are opening up again having a slow or unreliable internet connection can be extremly frustrating. Whether you are gaming, using wi-fi, or just looking for some ethernet cables we have you covered with our product reviews that you absolutely must read before making a purchase.

We've all had a number of internet connections - ComCast, Verizon, Google, Spectrum, and more on a variety of plans and in a variety of locations. While not all regions have all providers, you always want to get the best provider in your region if you like having a strong internet - whether it's for gaming, streaming movies, downloading files, or uploading your own videos. It's extremely frustrating to lag or to be constantly disconnected which is why we we are reviewing these products below. Additionally, we have articles that will help give you tips about internet and answer other questions related to wi-fi or internet speed in general.

Monitor Reviews

Whether you absolutely need a monitor for your PC  or if you are just looking for a secondary monitor, we have you covered. While most of our team members run dual monitor setups, there are a few of us with triple monitor setups! We cover a number of monitors for everybody. From those on a budget, to gamers, to those professionals looking for monitors for their specific career, we have you covered. You'll find our comprehensive reviews helpful as we have reviewed dozens so that our readers can be sure that they are buying a monitor they can trust with confidence.

Why trust us? Well, our team has tested dozens. We've been using monitors for 25+ years (though many of those would be considered antiques now) and have a lot of insight about them. It's frustrating when you buy a glitchy monitor or one that stops working after just having it for a few weeks no matter how much you spend - $50, $100, and of course, $500. Regardless of how much you buy a monitor for you expect it to work for at least a few years and you expect it to work well. Our monitors are reviewed for a number of people and we base our reviews on a number of factors - input time, reliability, quality, color accuracy, and more.

Of course, the intent of the monitor matters as well. If you're looking for a gaming monitor then we prioritize quality and input time of course. If you're looking for a monitor to edit videos or photos then color accuracy becomes a priority. Years of experience and common sense have allowed us to create these awesome guides to help you better pick what monitor you want.

Enterprise Software

We understand companies need products and software as well. Below are our most popular reviews around b2b software. If you're looking for some great software recommendations for your company then consider taking a look at these. While not all of these are applicable to all companies, network security software is underused for many companies. Take security seriously so that your company's network can remain secure... or risk leaking customer data and trade secrets.

Our leadership team has 40+ years of professional experience working at enterprise companies, and our writing team has much more than that. It's what happens when you work at large companies and work with Fortune 500 companies. You get a lot of exposure to important software and see first hand what companies enjoy. We bring our experience and expertise to pass this knowledge on to these reviews to help decision makers choose software for the companies they run or manage. This ensures  team members are enabled and the software will fit one's needs to help grow and scale the business.

Most of our enterprise software reviews are very technical in nature at the moment such as hardware monitoring and data analysis, but we'll branch out to other things such as email marketing, and more so that our reviews can help more and more businesses.

Antivirus Reviews

Protect your device and personal information by making sure that you have the right programs and software to prevent viruses, malware, worms, and more. We have done extensive testing to make sure that your computers and phones are safe and secure. We have a number of reviews to make sure you get the protection you need - whether you need an anti-virus for business, one with a VPN, or for a particular operating system - we got you covered.

Each anti-virus company offers a number of plans with varying degrees of protection and devices protected (to help both individuals and families). We do our best to cover each extensively, and run personal tests along with using public data to help us rank and evaluate various security programs.

It's not fun having your personal information hacked. Dusan, our founder, has had his email hacked and had his credit card information due to what he believes was keylogger malware. It created a headache, surprise, and some time to get his credit card back. Although ultimately nothing bad really happened, it's annoying and stressful. It also makes you feel vulnerable and you get paranoid when you use your computer. Of course, that changed when he decided dto actually invest in anti-virus software to better protect his data and that of his family's. Now that he uses what he considers the best for himself (McAfee), he no longer needs to be stressed about having his data hacked - he feels safe and protected and can now browse the internet and download things in confidence.

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