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5 Best Antivirus for Business of 2023 Reviews | Protect Your Company from Online Threats

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Do you remember what WannaCry malicious software did to companies back in 2017? Well, it infected Windows PCs and encrypted contents. After that, it demanded payments in hundreds of dollars. Instances like this are common, and investing in the best antivirus for business is the only way to protect your data from malicious software attacks.  We spent hours researching the available antivirus software.

We narrowed down to the top 5 softwares that we firmly believe your business cannot do without. We also have a buying guide for additional information regarding the antivirus application. If you spent a few minutes of your time reading this review, you would never make a grave purchase mistake! For Windows users, we recommend our windows  10 antivirus reviews.

Antivirus for Business - Why You Need a Reliable Software

The modern technology world has ‘bad guys.’ Every passing second, your crucial documents are exposed to cybersecurity threats, known and unknown. And since you are not safe even on your mobile devices, read our antivirus for android reviewsDetecting the online security threats isn’t an easy thing.

 You need reliable software to detect threats before the scan while scanning and after the scan. Not all software's can do the three concurrently, and this is why you need a reliable source for your software.

 Additionally, it is more costly to lose data than to prevent loss. Therefore, investing in software that will safeguard your information and keep it secure for you is critical and significant for your business. Unpredictable occurrences can mess you in case you don’t have good antivirus software. 

3 Top Antivirus for Business

norton logo

1. [Best Overall]

Norton Small Business


Norton gives you uninterrupted experience with outstanding data protection thanks to the exceptional security features incorporated in the system. It is a multi-device business  antivirus with ten device capacity. This makes it great for a small business owners to run on a single account.

  • Easy to install and renew the subscription

  • Great for more than five logins
  • Runs on most of your devices operating systems
top 1 mcafee

2. [Best For The Money] McAfee Total Protection 


McAfee Total Protection is intended to protect your business against impending attacks, viruses, malware, and other online threats that continue to bring companies down.

It is a light software that will not lag your device once it installs. This also improves the boot time of your device system resources.

  • Easy to download and install
  • Cost-effective
  • Protects against different web threats and attacks
top 2 bitdefender

3. [Best For Small Businesses] BitDefender Gravity Zone Business Security


BitDefender GravityZone Business security offers the highest levels of effectiveness when it comes to business security service. It excellently protects workstations and services, making it a reliable antivirus for your business security.


  • Offers real-time protection
  • Automatic updates and upgrades
  • Packed with sophisticated parental control

Importance of Antivirus Business Security Solutions

Even though modern devices come with built-in antivirus systems, this is not a guarantee that you will get the full cover from sophisticated cyber threats. You need a more advanced antivirus software for sure data protection.

You need the antivirus for ransomware protection. This anti malware protection freezes the PC completed and blocks access to your files. An antivirus will eliminate it quickly. For the best option, check our anti-malware software reviews.

Improved online presence security

Most of the businesses that run online are a significant risk of attacks. If you transact online, then your card information is at stake. An antivirus can easily detect the intruder and summon them to you for action.

Another reason you need the business antivirus is that it comes packed with extra features such as a VPN to hide your presence and give you the advanced security you want for confidentiality.

What to Look For In the Best Antivirus Software for Small Business

Reliable protection from malware, emerging threats, and hidden issues is critical. Severe threats and light threats are crucial, and software that protects your device from all the security risks is a must-have.

Performance implies the effect it has on the overall use of your device. It must be accurate and fast to detect online or offline threats; thus, a good antivirus software for business is a must.

Simplicity means ease of use. How fast do you download and install the software? The fewer the minutes and the less space it takes, the better for you.

Compatibility with your operating system is vital. Pick the antivirus compatible with Windows. Android, iOS, and  we also reviewed antivirus for Mac devices.

Plan and pricing are also vital since you want a good plan for one plus years, and it should accommodate more than one device. You can find a perfect free antivirus software to suit your business needs in this review.

Additional features such as VPN and trash removers are essential when you are making the purchase decision.

Larger Organizations with Cloud Infrastructure

Organizations that boast of cloud infrastructure are few. However, many large businesses are now adopting cloud infrastructure, and most are building customized cloud infrastructure. Some of the organizations with the cloud infrastructure include;

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Alibaba Cloud


 IBM Cloud




What Is a Hosted Endpoint Protection Solution?

This is a way in which a business-grade antivirus and anti-malware are hosted in the cloud. This platform allows admins to log into the cloud, perform scans, add users, remove users, and run daily tasks.

With a cloud security use, more possibilities are in place as an end-user will get updates on time, eliminating the challenging task for employees or users. The more problematic threats and advanced tasks are easy to work on through the cloud control and provide protection and the best computer security.

How We Test Hosted Endpoint Protection Solutions

There are several ways of testing Hosted Endpoint Protection Solutions. The ever-changing landscape of malware and cyber attacks requires more advanced ways to counter new and evolving malware.

You can apply the ML algorithms to pick up issues and problems. Most importantly, users get cautioned against handing over crucial information to distrustful sites.

We test the phish tank to find out the sites that try to get information from you via email.

We also get a test system, then drop a malicious  malware attack to the operating system and see how the endpoint protection software reacts to it.

Best Antivirus for Business Reviews

1. [Best Overall]

Norton Small Business


Norton gives you uninterrupted experience with outstanding and complete protection thanks to the exceptional advanced features incorporated in the system. It is a multi-device antivirus program with ten device capacity. This makes it great for a small-scale business to run on a single account.

norton logo

When your subscription is almost expiring, you get timely reminders for an automatic subscription.

This allows you to continue using the system for reliable protection without the worry of silent expiry, as seen in other competitors.

This business antivirus solution is packed with VPN, PC Cloud Backup & Dark Web Monitoring Powered by Life Lock, and thus offers the best seal for online threats and protects your online presence from endpoint detection using the VPN. Therefore browsing on public WI-FI is still safe.

Additionally, the antivirus is perfect for all your devices running on Android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. This is advantageous to you since you will add the available devices without worry about the operating system as the ones accepted are necessary and always available.

Installation is also a breeze, and once you install it on your device, you get a card with a product key code emailed to you. This ensures your installation process is completed in less time, making it useful instantly.

This antivirus solution also supports real-time protection and guards the system against threats, existing malware, and viruses plus additional threats that might risk your devices. As much as the antivirus handles various threats on your connected devices, it won’t slow its operation.

It is easy to navigate through this cloud-based device management platform. This simplicity ensures you have full control of your antivirus and can add devices or remove them without ease. Plus, your employees can easily register via email, eliminating plenty of follow-ups when it comes to login issues.

Dark web monitoring is also another crucial addition to this antivirus. Unlike other competitors that don’t notify you when your information is on the dark web, this is up to date with every occurrence on the dark web and is brought to your attention.


The system also has a password manager where you create and store your password without the worry of access by unauthorized individuals. This means that your credit card credentials plus other online information are secure and safe.

Additionally, your webcam safety is secure, thanks to the PC SafeCam webcam protection feature. You will get notifications when cyber criminals gain access to your webcam. The system will block them instantly and thus protect devices and your online presence.

The system also features 75GB secure PC cloud backup storage where you safeguard essential files in case of data loss. This allows you to access the data in case your device is stolen or damaged.

As much as the renewal of your subscription is smooth, we didn’t like the idea that your card information is gathered for payment. However, you will still get excellent services and timely renewal of your plan to keep you protected.

Finally, this antivirus comes with reliable customer support making it the best anti-virus for small businesses.

Key Features

Supports up to ten devices, thus reliable

 Multiple protection hence excellent if you need to get Antispyware , Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware protection in one software.

Features 75GB PC cloud backup for securing your documents

Features password manager to enable your remember passwords easily

 Has parental controls to ensure the devices are safe for minors to use

Norton Small Business Pros

  • Easy to install and renew the subscription
  • Great for more than five logins
  • Runs on most of your devices operating systems

Norton Small Business Cons

  • Collects card information for the renewal of your subscription

2. [Best For The Money] McAfee Total Protection 


McAfee Total Protection is intended to protect your business against impending attacks, viruses, malware, and other online threats that continue to bring companies down.

top 1 mcafee

It is a light software that will not lag your device once it installs. This also improves the boot time of your device system. 

By taking little space, you are certain to use it promptly as it opens fast and scans. The real-time defense is also another gain this best business antivirus software has for you. 

The protection offers a 24-hour guard for your files and other online stuff so worry little when your internet goes off as the system will still work offline to detect and block malware.

Moreover, McAfee small-scale business security has a timer where you can schedule the scanning time and start the scan when no one uses it. This is an advantage since you run your daily errands uninterruptedly.

Once the scan is complete, McAfee Endpoint security gives you a detailed report of the issues detected on your device. This helps you to fix them instantly and run your device safely.

Furthermore, the McAfee Endpoint security software is easy to download and compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, Mac OS X, Android devices, and iOS. This expands the use.


Another essential feature of this antivirus is the ability to manage your passwords and ensure a safe login. The browser-based password manager memorizes the login password and gives you a warning to the insecure sites.

It also supports file lock, making it a privilege for you if you prefer safety file locking. This is also backed with the 256-bit disk encryption for added security.

Unlike other Antivirus units that limit you to several devices, this offers unlimited device use even though you can still choose the limited number unit and still get the best protection.

The safe family parental controls ensure your kids grow up knowing the good digital habits. This promotes secure browsing for the entire family and the small business.

As much as this is a 29-time winner antivirus, you will still feel the pain of subscription since it is expensive but accessible online.

Finally, you get free access to customer care support with your annual subscription. This allows you to get issues resolved with ease hence a reliable business internet security.

Key Features

Unlimited access, making it great for all your devices

First time purchase and installation is cost-effective

Works with primary OS including Windows and Mac

Offers real-time defense and good time responses

Light software thus takes little space on your disc

Has parental controls to safeguard kids usage

Award-winning software, therefore, tested and proven to be legit

McAfee Total Protection Pros

  • Easy to download and install
  • Cost-effective
  • Protects against different threats and attacks
  • Offers unlimited use on devices

McAfee Total Protection Cons

  • Small viruses can still have their way into your computer, but it defends the significant threats well

3. [Best For Small Business] BitDefender Gravity Zone Business Security


BitDefender GravityZone business security offers the highest levels of effectiveness when it comes to business security suites. It excellently protects workstations and services, making it a reliable antivirus for your small business security.

top 2 bitdefender

During your initial installation, you get a full free trial. With this, you can monitor the effectiveness of this antivirus then choose to purchase it.

The Defender offers comprehensive security protection from malware to ransomware, threats to delays, and other random security issues such as phishing sites or scams. This keeps your business protected all through.

The five device subscription for this antivirus runs you through one year while the ten device subscription gets you through two years. This allows you to choose the right package for your business.

Bitdefender endpoint security is speed optimized and offers threat protection across all your devices with operating systems on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. This is an advantage as the systems are basic and readily available on your devices.

There is a new microphone monitor feature on this antivirus. It lets you know when apps have access to your device. Besides, an anti-tracker is tasked to keep your browsing data private and keep safe sites for secure browsing without harming your device.

This improved antivirus features parental controls making it secure enough for children browsing as you can filter data and limit screen time. Besides, you can easily track the location.

This antivirus also supports safe online banking and will never leak your pin or security password to your safe. This keeps the business transactions from access by unauthorized users.

The antivirus also uses smart behavioral detection technology for advanced threat defense. This monitors apps in real-time and delivers reports instantly.


Also, it has an advanced features like the WI-FI security advisor so you can easily access your WI-FI from any location and thus easy to monitor your business remotely. This feature is excellent for travelers and out of office workers.

Despite the advanced features, we still found the support system worse in reviewing the support ticket. This slows the process when responding to urgent matters.

In general, this antivirus offers comprehensive threat protection and privacy. Therefore, you can bank on it if you are set for the best small business antivirus.

Key Features

Multi-device support to accommodate up to ten devices

Uses the smart behavior technology for advanced threat defense

Has Wi-Fi security advisor for remote access

Effective anti-theft protection and anti-loss tools for maximum protection

Compatible with Mac computers, iOS, Android, and Windows systems for wide use

BitDefender Gravity Zone Business Security Pros

  • Offers real-time protection
  • Automatic updates and upgrades
  • Packed with sophisticated parental control
  • Easy to install and use

BitDefender Gravity Zone Business Security Cons

  • The cost increases depending on the number of users

We included Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus on our list since it has had a successful run for the last 30 years as the best firewall protection for business. With continued innovation and advancement in technology, most enterprises are trusting in the way this antivirus protects online and offline presence.

avast for business

The award-winning antivirus is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS systems. This makes Avast for business premium endpoint security the best on the market.

 Additionally, this antivirus detects and blocks malware and other threats in real-time. This keeps your data safe and secure. Besides, it delivers reposts instantly so that you can analyze and resolve the issues on your devices.

Also, it scans for WI-FI security weaknesses and finds intruders to your corporate network. This eliminates the ease of hacking by the intruders. It is a great way to avoid fake shopping sites that trick you into losses.

Furthermore, the antivirus is packed with Avast SecureLine VPN. This hides your presence online and keeps all your plans private. The plan is available for PC only.

The antivirus has a password notification so that you get information in case your password data leaks. This protects your information from unauthorized access.

It also has the permanent data shredder system where you delete files so that nobody recovers them. This ensures the sensitive documents are out of reach.

All the protocols on this antivirus software run on artificial intelligence technology that quickly identifies, destroys any threat & predicts future ones. This keeps you secure all the time.

The cloud-based serve means that you can get the required protection anywhere since everything is online. Plus, there is additional cloud storage so that you don’t lose the crucial information in case your device gets lost or damaged.



Installing the software on your device is a breeze. Once you have downloaded it, you will get a code sent to your email. You can input the code and run the software for instant use.

As much as the business edition is excellent for your devices, it still limits the number of all the devices you can use. The higher the number, the more you will pay for the plan. However, this is still an advantage for you to secure up to 25 users’ entire business.

Finally, this antivirus software is the best business security service if you are set for an excellent protection system against all types of threats and malware. It is cost-effective, thus, a great deal for your business.

Key Features

Real-time protection to guard against threats and malware

Multi-device for massive business use up to 25 users

Uses artificial intelligence to detect and destroy threats faster

Offers end to end protection for all in one protection

Compatible with Windows 10 / 8 / 7, Mac OS X for expanded use

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus Pros

  • Easy to download the software and install
  • Takes little space less than 7 MB
  • Easy to renew with the affordable subscription

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus Cons

  • The cost goes high as the number of users increases

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard is an antivirus software solution that helps businesses protect against something they have never seen before. Plus, it is prompt and blocks any malware without waiting for the next update.

eset top 5

The antivirus software provides you with a free 30-day business trial before purchase and allows you to test how it works before you invest in it. It is easy to install and runs smoothly without interfering with the speeds of your devices.

Once you’ve installed the software, there is no need for additional software or hardware. Run it and experience real-time protection.

It boasts of very accurate malware detection, low false positives, and lightweight footprints. Therefore, when in use, you are sure to enjoy a smooth run despite the heavy work the software is doing to protect your data.

Additionally, this antivirus software enables secure access on your web browser from anywhere. This allows you to protect your data regardless of your location.

The antivirus never exhausts the hardware since it needs no upgrades on your data before the scan. This allows you to use it with old files and still get the results from your scans.

Another feature of the best anti-virus software is the multilayered defense system. Previously, small  and medium businesses relied on a single layer defense, which exposed them to known and unknown threats after a scan. With this multilayered system, pre and post-scan threats are easy to detect and eliminate.

This is also the best intelligent firewall and internet protection for small businesses when it comes to remote network management so that you can run your system without worry of location. The ESET Endpoint Security Management Center manages all the endpoint protection products.



This antivirus software is also compatible with Linux, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 7 systems. This makes it perfect for your business protection.

It also uses the advanced memory scanner to store unknown threats and eliminate them quickly when they present themselves. This helps you to address the most critical issues in your system without affecting your system performance.

There is also the in-product sandbox feature to help you identify the real behavior hidden in the malware.

Key Features

Prevent zero-day malware attacks and data breaches

 Perfect for remote network management

Low system demand for easy operations for other uses

Multilayered deference for deep threat identification

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard Pros

  • Best for remote management of your systems
  • Comes with a reasonable price point
  • Excellent in detecting issues
  • Exceptional anti-phishing support system

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard Cons

  • The download and installation take some time but will work well after installation


If you are planning to protect your business from threats, malware attacks, and other issues that you are not aware of, then the right way is to get the Best Anti-virus for Business. The evolving business world is exposed to unknown threats, and picking a random antivirus software isn’t a sure way to protect the business.

We have shared the in-depth review of the best business antivirus software with you plus a guide to making your work easier. Our recommended products have been tried and tested to work flawlessly. You can try one from the list and let us know how it worked for your business.

showing some of the most popular anti virus choices for consumers


1. What antivirus do companies use?

These are the Top 3 Antivirus for Business that we tested and recommended.

1. Norton Small Business -
Norton gives you an uninterrupted experience with outstanding protection thanks to the exceptional features incorporated in the system. It is a multi-device antivirus with ten device capacity. This makes it great for a small business to run on a single account.
2. McAfee Total Protection -
McAfee Total Protection is intended to protect your business against impending attacks, viruses, malware, and other online threats that continue to bring companies down. It is a light software that will not lag your device once it installs. This also improves the boot time of your device system.
3. BitDefender Gravity Zone Business Security - 
BitDefender Gravity Zone offers the highest levels of effectiveness when it comes to business security service. It excellently protects workstations and services, making it a reliable antivirus for your small business security.

2. Should I buy virus protection?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. You should always have virus protection on your computer, whether it be a software or hardware solution. Viruses can wreak havoc on your computer, causing it to run slowly or even crash. They can also steal your personal information or delete important files.

There are many different types of virus protection available, so you should shop around and find the one that best meets your needs. There are free solutions available, but they may not offer the same level of protection as paid options. It is important to keep your virus protection up-to-date, as new viruses are created all the time.

3. How much does antivirus software cost for a business?

The cost of antivirus software for a business can vary depending on the size of the business and the features that are needed. Typically, businesses will pay a subscription fee for updates and support, as well as for licenses to install the software on all of their devices.

4. Do antivirus companies create viruses?

Not at all. Antivirus companies are well aware of the dangers of computer viruses and the potential threats of viruses escaping into the wild. Antivirus companies creating viruses as a whole is a myth, urban legend, and conspiracy theory.

5. Is Norton a good antivirus?

Norton antivirus software is effective and earned a high rating in our testing. It has several advantages over a large number of its antivirus competitors. To begin, Norton's LifeLock identity and theft protection provides comprehensive anti protection against identity theft.

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