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7 Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming Reviews in 2023 | Boost Your Data Speed for Maximum Performance

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You may have picked high-end brands on every major part of your computer, but if you're still using Wireless connection or worse, a ratty old ethernet cable of the wired connection you've used for over a decade, then you're not maximizing your gaming consoles or computer rig's full potential. 

If you're shopping for the best ethernet cable for gaming, such as ethernet PS4 cable, I'm sure you're now overwhelmed by the numerous choices available to you.

With this guide on choosing the best ethernet cables (and a few recommendations if you're in a hurry to just buy one), you'll understand why cable matters. And learn how a simple ethernet cable could enhance the quality of data transfer, solve internet speed connection issues, improve your gaming performance, and give you an overall better PC or console gaming experience. But if you need something for surfing and streaming to boot, check out these top picks here.

3 Top Ethernet Cables for Gaming

1. [Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming


 Smolink Cat 8 25ft LAN Gaming Ethernet Cables


This Smolink Cat 8 LAN ethernet cable is designed to accommodate your computer, TV, networking system, printer, and PS3, PS4, Xbox, and so on. It is packed in 25-feet length (there are other cable lengths available). This is one of the perfect ethernet cable.

  • Cat 8 ethernet cable
  • 40 Gbps (Gigabit per second)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with a lifetime warranty


This high-quality Cat8 cable was constructed with only the best features, starting with a ground wire designed to reduce ESD and eliminate external interference signals. Inside the thick and durable PVC, two gold-plated RJ45 connectors on each end, and four pairs of 26AWG oxygen-free copper wires are entwined with foiled, STP type of cable that ensures efficient signal transmission.

  • Up to 2000Mhz  Maximum Bandwidth
  • Supports speeds of 40 Gbps (gigabit per second)
  • Comes with free bundled ties and clips


Smolink has a lot of gaming ethernet cables, but this one is for those who prefer flat cables with the same high performance cable as other Smolink cables. This model is designed as both an indoor and outdoor cable, letting users transmits all data without worrying about interference or cables getting wet or destroyed.

  • 11 feet length cable

  • Can transfer data at speeds of 40 gigabit/second
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and Lifetime warranty

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming: Buyer’s Guide

Most households can work with any Ethernet cable, especially if the people under these roofs only surf the web, watch YouTube, or use social media. But if you plan to play online games, then you should pick an Ethernet cable for gaming. Sounds like an easy task? Unfortunately, it isn't. For example, if you play on multiple devices, you'll need to read our ethernet splitter reviews, or if you are a Nintendo fan, too, look at our ethernet adapter for Switch reviews.

This buying guide should help brush up on what you need to know about the many cable offers today. Make sure to consider these factors when listing your personal 3 to 5 best ethernet cables.

Types of Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are not made equally. The types of ethernet are divided into several categories, each with different capabilities:

Cat 5  cables:

These ethernet cables are the oldest ones available. The Cat 5 cables work perfectly for ethernet connections up to 100 Mbps, while the Cat 5e ("e" for "enhanced") can accommodate up to 1 Gbps.  Both Cat5 and Cat 5e are rated  100 MHz. These are often used in households due to their cheap pricing, and often bundled up by ISP providers.

Cat 6 (Cat 6 cables and Cat6a cables) : 

Cat6 and Cat6a cables are used for commercial or professional installations because of the faster 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps data transmission speeds of ethernet connections, rated over 250 MHz and 500 MHz, respectively. This kind of cable is recommended for people who wish to install smart home devices, such as Alexa, Siri, and so on.

Cat 7 Ethernet cable (Cat 7 and Cat7a): 

As you can imagine, with 10 Gbps and 600 MHz max bandwidth rating provides faster data transfer speeds. But a cat 7 ethernet cable isn't necessarily better than Cat 6 cables, especially if your devices do not support it.


These cables are the newest ethernet cables around. Cat 8.1  can go up to 25 Gbps, while Cat 8.2 connects to up to 40Gbps. Both are rated 2000 MHz.

So which of these is the fastest? Technically, Cat 8 would be the most up-to-date and technologically advanced. But for now, Cat 7a ("a" for “augmented”) can accommodate most devices and components, so this cable is more recommended.

Most gamers would be happy with Cat 5e or Cat6 cables since they already offer up to 1 Gbps transmission speed (at 100 meters). Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 cables are recommended for heavy game files, or if the modem or device uses newer technologies best suited for the latest ethernet cables.

What Ethernet Cable Is Best For Gaming?

There are many Ethernet cables for gaming, but these 7 are our top recommendations:

[Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming Overall]


This Smolink Cat 8 LAN ethernet cable is designed to accommodate your computer, TV, networking system, printer, and PS3, PS4, Xbox, and so on. It is packed in 25-feet length (there are other lengths available).


  • Cat 8 ethernet cable
  • Shielded
  • 40 Gbps (Gigabit per second)
  • Supports 2000Mhz bandwidth
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with a lifetime warranty

Smolink is a trusted name, so you can expect a high-quality cable if you go with this. Design-wise, this cat8 cable is as sturdy as can be. Inside, it uses oxygen-free pure copper conductors, four pairs of 26WAG pure and thick shielded twisted pairs of copper wires, inner foil sheaths, braid, outer foil sheath, and gold-plated RJ45 connectors.

Outside, it is designed with a UV-resistant PVC jacket. This cable doesn’t just crack with age. It has been fluke-tested by professional cable analyzers and has been certified anti-aging. This Smolink ethernet cable is resistant to extreme cold, direct sunlight, hot weather, and humid conditions. 

The Smolink Cat 8 25ft LAN Ethernet Cables for Gaming is universally compatible with many devices, including networking switch, printers, TP-link, VoIP phones, hubs, smart TVs, ADSL, modems, router, IP cams, and other devices with RJ45 connectors.

Even if Cat8 is the latest ethernet cable, this Smolink is still backward compatible with Cat7 ethernet cable, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat 6 ethernet cable, and Cat6e.

What I love most about Smolink’s Cat8 cable is the snagless design, which makes it exceptionally easy to unplug/plug back. And unlike regular cables that become tangled immediately, this comes with molded strain relief to prevent pinching and snags. The outer cable design also serves as an anti-dust cover.

Smolink Cat 8 25ft LAN Ethernet Cables for Gaming Pros

  • Support bandwidth from 600 Mhz up to 2000MHZ
  • 40Gbps data transmitting speed
  • Signal strength is guaranteed because of the 50-micron gold plated contacts
  • Durable and fluke-tested
  • Excellent design
  • Guaranteed connectivity

Smolink Cat 8 25ft LAN Ethernet Cables for Gaming Cons

  • 25 feet length may not be enough for some users


If you love flat cables, the Zosion Cat8 gaming ethernet cable will be one of your favorite buys.

This high-quality Cat8 cable was constructed with only the best features, starting with a ground wire designed to reduce ESD and eliminate interference signals. Inside the thick and durable PVC, two gold-plated RJ45 connectors on each end, and four pairs of 26AWG oxygen-free copper wires are entwined with foiled, shielded twisted pair (STP) that ensures efficient signal transmission. There’s also double aluminum foil that keeps everything intact inside and prevents crosstalk noise.


  • Cat8 flat cable designs
  • Two feet length cable
  • Up to 2000Mhz Bandwidth
  • Supports speeds of 40 Gbps (gigabit per second)
  • Comes with free bundled ties and cable clips

Aside from the solidly-built components inside, .5mm-thick outer PVC wraps the copper wires for additional durability and toughness not found in other cables. All Zosion cables undergo strict industrial standard testing and have been certified by Fluke testers. By choosing this Cat8 cable, you’re guaranteed no near-end crosstalk, prorogation or skew delays, return loss, and other issues affecting cables from other brands.

When it comes to its performance, the Zosion Cat8 ethernet cable delivers 40Gbps data transmitting speed and supports bandwidth up to 2000MHZ. This is more than enough to connect your devices via LAN CABLE and enjoy high-speed internet.

This 26AWG standard cable is thicker and faster than Cat7, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat5 cables. Zosion’s cable is compatible with a wide range of electronics and applications, such as a modem, switch, router, laptop, smart TV, Xbox, PS3, PS4, and other devices with RJ45 connectors.

What makes this Zosion Cat8 ethernet cable a part of this best-of list is the flat design that allows users to run cables under rugs, pass through corners and other space-saving areas without making a mess from tangled cords. Zosion also included 5-pack cable ties and clips, so you could store the wires properly.

Zosion 2ft Cat8 Gaming Ethernet Cable Pros

  • Impressive flat cable design
  • Gold plated connectors (RJ45 connectors)
  • Weatherproof and anti-UV
  • Additional shielding to prevent wire twisting and signal interference
  • Thick and wide jacket OD
  • Backward compatible with other cable categories
  • Lifetime warranty

Zosion 2ft Cat8 Gaming Ethernet Cable Cons

  • Cat8 cable has a maximum channel length of 30 meters (100 feet). 

Smolink has a lot of ethernet cables for gaming, but this one is for those who prefer flat cables with the same high performance as other Smolink cables. This model is designed as both an indoor and outdoor cable, letting users transmit data without worrying about interference or cables getting wet or destroyed.


  • High-speed flat wires 30AWG cables
  • Support bandwidth up to 2000MHZ
  • 11 feet length cable
  • Can transfer data at speeds of 40 gigabit/second
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and Lifetime warranty

Like other Smolink ethernet cabling products, this flat cat8 variation has undergone strict testing and certification. It is outdoor-rated, anti-aging certified, and UV resistant. It can also withstand direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions (may it be hot or cold).

The Smolink Flat Cat8 11ft Ethernet Cable is backward-compatible, which means it can connect to other older cable technologies like Cat5, Cat6, or Cat7 and still provide high-speed connections.

Designed specifically for durability and connectivity, this cat8 flat ethernet was made with 100% oxygen-free copper wires inside, high-quality rj45 connectors, 50-micron gold-plated contacts, and four pairs of 30WAG shielded twisted-pair copper wires.

Smolink also focused on keeping this cable free from snags, so try out how smooth it is to unplug and plug back the cable without a hint of tangled wires.

One touch of the TPE cable jacket and you will actually feel its robustness. What impresses me most about its construction is the combination of stranded twisted pairs, braid, inner foil sheaths, and bare copper conductors that ensure the components are all compact and secure.

When using this cabling for internet connection, you can expect it to accommodate a bandwidth of up to 2000MHZ and a data transmission speed of 40 gigabit/second. This cable is effective in streaming games from your PS3, PS4, Xbox, or other gaming consoles. It could also transmit data to and from router, internet modem, smart TV, TP-link, VoIP phones, your personal cloud, or any other device with RJ45 connectors.

Smolink Flat Cat8 11ft Ethernet Gaming Cable Pros

  • Shielded with UV-resistant PVC jacket
  • Fluke-tested to avoid cable interference
  • One of the best looking flat cables in the market
  • Flat cable design lets  you hide wires even in tight spots
  • Faster and more durable than older ethernet categories
  • Excellent warranty and money-back guarantee customer protection

Smolink Flat Cat8 11ft Ethernet Gaming Cable Cons

  • Some customers may not feel the difference in speed, since this Smolink flat Cat8 cable is ideal for fiber internet connections ranging between 25 to 40 gigabit/second

DbillionDa Cat8 Ethernet Cable falls under cable category 8, the latest ethernet technology beyond Cat5, Cat6, and Cat7 cables. While the transfer speeds and connection quality is definitely up a notch with cat 8, DbillionDa's ethernet cable was designed backward-compatible, so it could still work alongside older cables.


  • Cat 6 cable for gaming
  • 6-feet length cable
  • Increase the speed of data transfer rates up to 40Gbps
  • Supports bandwidth up to 2000MHz
  • Available in bigger lengths (from 50 feet to 150 feet)
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

This black-and-gold Cat 8 cable from DbillionDa is made with four shielded foiled twisted pair (S/FTP) and single-strand OFC wires. It was built to support a bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz and from 10 Gbps to 40gbps transfer speeds.

This shielded cable is perfect for customers who love streaming music, videos, and games. DbillionDa focused on improving connectivity quality and removing the occurrence of any signal interference, which makes it a good option for gaming since you’re guaranteed maximum download speed every time you connect.

DbillionDa designed this cable for AI use, so if you’re trying to bring smart connectivity into your home with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or other similar services, then you’re in for a treat. This cable provides fast and stable transfers needed in such a high-demand connection. And if you’re online gaming, you can say goodbye to pings and interference you’ve come to know in the past. 

With a pair of RJ45 connector (in gold) at both ends, this cable is completely compatible with router, modems, TP-link, Netgear, adapters, ADSL, switches, networking servers, laptop or desktop computers, Smart TVs, and other devices that require the same connection as these electronics.

This shielded cat 8 cable may boast of using the latest technology, but it can still connect to older cat 5,6,7, and devices with RJ45 connectors.

DbillionDa Cat8 6ft High-Speed Ethernet Cable Pros

  • Two-tone black and gold color looks classy
  • Waterproof, anti-corrosion, and UV-resistant
  • Excellent design and components
  • Successfully avoids cable interference like crosstalk
  • Heavy-duty design with anti-aging and Fluke certification
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty

DbillionDa Cat8 6ft High-Speed Ethernet Cable Cons

  • 6 feet length isn't too long ethernet cable (good thing you have other length choices with varying prices)

CableGeeker’s Cat 7 Shielded Ethernet Cable is one of the best cat7 cables for gaming. It was developed with four shielded twisted pairs (STP) of copper wire paired with golden plating contact pins on both RJ45 connectors. These components were chosen specifically because it provides resistance to noise and other kinds of interference.


  • Cat7 cable
  • Colorful cables (6 different colors in one pack)
  • Supports bandwidth of 600MHz high-speed transfer
  • Transmits at speeds up to 10,000 Mbps ethernet connection (or to 10gbps)
  • 8 wires Stranded Copper with shielding

In every pack, you get 1 black, 1 white, 1 sky blue, 1 green, 1 red, and 1 yellow cable. The color-coding lets you organize the cables and

Because this cat7 has a minimalist flat design, it is highly flexible and lets you work even in small spaces. Every pack of CableGeeker cable includes six 5-feet cables, you'd be able to set up your internet connection or networking devices properly.

CableGeeker claims that the cable is anti-wear and pull-resistant. You can even stretch it out, curve it into loops, hide it under the rug or door seams and step on it (with a maximum weight of 25 kilos). Look closely at the connector on each end and you'll see the double row stitching and other intricate details that all contribute to reducing cable interference.

This CableGeeker cat7 provides high-speed transfer ideal for cloud storage, server apps, HD video streaming, gaming, video chatting, and other online activities.

My favorite thing about the CableGeeker cables is their improved locking cable tips, which made it easier to keep the cables firmly secured to the respective devices they are connected to. It is also A LOT cheaper than other cables in the market – the price for this whole set is comparable to just 1 cable for other brands.

CableGeeker 5ft Cat 7 Shielded Ethernet Cable, 6-pack Pros

  • Best price for 6 cables
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Each pack comes in different colors
  • High quality Shielded RJ45 Connector
  • 10 Gbps (gigabit per second)
  • Uses bare copper conductors
  • Improved download and upload speeds
  • Also available in all-black or all-white packs of 5 cables

CableGeeker 5ft Cat 7 Shielded Ethernet Cable, 6-pack Cons

  • Doesn't come with clips or other accessories

You may think that this all-white, smooth cat7 ethernet cable brings nothing special to the table at the first look, but once you get closer to the details and the small components that make this product great, you'd see why it's the best choice for users who prefer functionality over design.

We've done several video reviews about Jadaol's ethernet cables- here's our most recent one (we love them all):


  • Cat7
  • Support bandwidth of up to 600 MHZ
  • Also supports gigabit ethernet, 10gigabit ethernet at max speeds
  • 1.5  feet length cable (available up to 150 feet)
  • Flat design
  • Fluke tested and certified

For example, the Jadaol cat7 cable supports a bandwidth of up to 600 MHz, but it could also be used for fast ethernet (10base-t 100base-tx), gigabit ethernet (1000base-t/1000base-tx), and 10-gigabit ethernet (10gbase-t) all at maximum speeds.

This cat7 has a slim and flat design, which is physically more stable and provides stable connection and reliable than the traditional rounded cables. Users can clip the cable onto any kind of surface, from rugs to ceilings, more flexibly.

It can even be tied into a loop to prevent it from sliding on a table and it won’t suffer from any kind of interference.

Jadaol created this 10 Gigabit triple shielded ethernet cable specifically to boost smooth gaming experience and increase online performance you didn’t know was possible.

The best thing about this ethernet cable is that it is 25 feet long – it’s perfect for commercial installations or when pairing with networking switches, router, ADSL, hubs, modems, patch panels, and adapters.

Of course, this is also compatible with your Xbox, PS3, PS4, computers, laptops, printers, VoIP devices, network media players, and most gaming devices and peripherals with RJ45 connectors.  With this 10GBASE-T equipment, you’d be able to set-up a reliable and high-performance local area network connection.

Jadaol Cat 7 25ft Shielded Ethernet Cable Pros

  • Has one of the best speeds on this list (definitely a must-see)
  • Uses 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper conductor, which is known for higher speed & conductivity, durability, and tensile strength
  • Affordable tag price (for its length and features)
  • Backward-compatible (can be used alongside cat 5, 5e, 6, and 6A cables)
  • This cable is fast (support bandwidth up to 600MHz and speeds of up to 10Gbps)
  • Flat shape makes it easy to clean, install quickly and hide under rugs, doors, and so on

Jadaol Cat 7 25ft Shielded Ethernet Cable Cons

  • A few customers complain of receiving a round cable instead of flat, which I think could be due to shipping/processing errors.

If you need 50 feet to 100 feet of ethernet cable, Ultra Clarity Cat6 Cables has a superb offer for you that I'm sure you can't refuse. When you buy one of these cables, you’ll get two 25-feet cables (one in black, one in blue) that you can use for setting up your smart home, internet connection, or small office networks.


  • Quality Cat6 cable
  • Features  8 solid copper conductors 24 AWG
  • Can transfer data at speeds of 10gbps
  • Support bandwidth frequencies of up to 500 MHz
  • Ideal for home use and office networks
  • Features nylon spline that eliminates crosstalk
  • Shorter lengths available (3, 6, 10, 12, 15, & 20 feet)

This Cat6 10 Gbps cable isn’t just for gaming (even though you can connect any gaming console you have with it). It is universally compatible with devices and components like computers, printers, servers, VoIP phones, routers, and switch boxes, among others.  

The Ultra Clarity Cables cat 6 is designed for durability and functionality. It is well-designed and solidly built with high-quality components inside and out. Everything from the RJ45 connectors with gold-plating to the sturdy outer PVC jacket is chosen specifically so it could provide corrosion-free connectivity for as long as possible.

These cables have the parts you find in high-quality ethernet cables, such as the flexible PVC jackets or the gold-plated contact pins and stranded twist pairs.

But what I like most about this is the extra-protection done to give the cable strain relief, and PE cross insulation that serves as anti-crosstalk or other interferences.  

Ultra Clarity Cables claims that each cable is rigorously tested to guarantee security, speed, and reliability. These cables are ETL-verified, RoHS compliant, and pass the TIA/EIA 568-C.2.

Ultra Clarity Cables Cat6 25ft Ethernet Cable, 2-pack Pros

  • Snagless design for easy and safe unplugging
  • Impressive speeds of 10gbps (10 gigabit/second or 10 Gbps) transmission
  • Get assistance more quickly thanks to its USA-based customer support
  • Works with a higher signal-to-noise ratio
  • Molded strain relief slows down daily wear and tear
  • Fully compatible with your existing cables and network (even if it uses older technology)
  • Low price for its quality
  • Legit anti-snag feature (say goodbye to cables' nest)

Ultra Clarity Cables Cat6 25ft Ethernet Cable, 2-pack Cons

  • A few customers received two 12-feet cables (instead of two 25-feet cables)

Ethernet Cable Length

The ethernet cable comes in different lengths. You’d think this factor wouldn’t be an issue until you’re trying to connect your PC, router, gaming console like the Xbox or PlayStation, or switches within your local area network and discover the cable isn’t long enough (or it’s too long).

Cable length is important because ethernet cables are limited by length and durability. If an ethernet cable for gaming is too long, it won’t be able to carry the good network signal quality required in streaming games or downloading updates.

Note that the longer your cable, the higher latency you experience. For games, this latency is commonly called "ping" time.

The good news is ethernet cables are available in various standard lengths. You can construct your own cables with an unshielded twisted pair patch cable, modular connectors (such as rj45 connectors), and a crimping tool. If you prefer, you can buy the best ethernet cables pre-made in standard lengths like 0.5, 1, 2, 10, 15 meters (50 feet) 20, 30 (100 feet), up to 75 meters.

100 meters (about 328 feet long) is the recommended length for Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7a cables. If you go beyond 100 meters, you’ll risk experiencing signal loss. The idea is to keep the length of your ethernet cables as short as possible, but also keep in mind where you'll run the cable during installation.

Device Compatibility

If you’ll just follow the recommendations of your gamer friends and choose (for example), the gamer-favorite Cat6 cable and didn’t check for device compatibility, you’ll soon realize that the upgrade won’t work.

You have to make sure that all the cables in your network are Cat6. If not, instead of receiving high-speed transfers, the mismatched cables could actually slow down your entire system. 

Other tips about compatibility:

  • Check speeds: An ethernet cable is not only backward-compatible, it is also interchangeable with other types of cables. You’d be impressed because even if the cables don’t match, they will work. However, it may not give you the high speed you’re looking for and could give you the opposite results. 
  • Stick to the same brand: This isn’t a requirement but highly recommended. Choosing the same brand of ethernet cables prevents possible issues in the future since manufacturers most likely test their own products comprehensively. 
  • Devices: Are you on the hunt for an ethernet cable to connect to your ethernet ports, routers, modem, or Xbox and other consoles? Check if your chosen cables support your existing devices as well.

Ethernet Cable Color, Design, and Shielding

The color of ethernet cables aren’t as important as length, but if your household already has a TON of cables installed, assigning a color to a particular cable could do wonders for organizing and ensuring the cables are always connected to the right spot.

Ethernet cables come in round and flat design. Round cables are quick to install, durable, and make it super-easy to fit even in tight spaces. On the other hand, flat cables are high maintenance and easier to heat up.

Another design consideration is unshielded vs. shielded cables. When you see the term “shielded cable” or shield twisted pair (STP) cable, it means the cable is designed with an outer layer of conductive material protecting the internal conductors. Examples of shielded cables include newer categories like Cat 8, Cat 7, and Cat 6a.

Unshielded cables (also called unshielded twisted pair UTP cable) refer to cables like Cat5 and Cat5e that come without extra shielding such as aluminum foil or bare copper. As such, they are lighter and cheaper.

Cable Matters: Have You Found the Best Ethernet Cable for You Yet?

In the gaming world, every millisecond counts.  As you can see from this buying guide, picking the best ethernet cable matters and could mean being one step ahead of your competition.

If you’re having issues with your broadband connection or data transfer, but it isn’t related to your provider, maybe it’s time to update your ethernet cable with the best ethernet cable for gaming.

I promise you, the time you spent finding the right ethernet cable for gaming will be worth it once your gaming goes to the next level.

Ethernet Cables for Gaming FAQs

Still unsure what ethernet cable to buy? Let's answer some of the most common FAQs about ethernet cable for gaming:

Does It Matter What Cat Ethernet Cable I Use?

Yes, you should find a high-quality ethernet cable based on your devices, existing cables, and the speed of your web connection. Those with 1Gbps internet will suffer from slow speeds if they stick with old cables. Choose a Cat5 cable or newer if your internet speeds is 10 to 20 megabits per second.

Are Cat 7 Cables Worth It?

The cat7 ethernet cable is one of the most expensive cables of the bunch, but they are also the most durable. Furthermore, because cat7 ethernet cable has a longer lifespan, the return on investment is quite good; therefore, this is a good ethernet cable.

Is Cat 8 Ethernet Cable Good For Gaming?

Gamers have regarded cat6 as the gold standard of online gaming. However, cat8 is the fastest Ethernet cable around, with a data transfer connection speed of up to 40 Gbps (that’s 4x faster than Cat6a). So does this mean cat 8 should replace cat6? Not yet. While cat8 is indeed faster, you have to take note of device compatibility first before jumping the bandwagon.       

Does Ethernet Cable Make Ps4 Or Xbox Faster?

All wired connection to your PS4, Xbox or other gaming consoles is better than Wi-FI (see also WiFi extender for gaming). The stability an ethernet cable or lan network cable could give you is worth the switch. Using a high-quality ethernet cable means less cable interference (such as crosstalk of twisted-pair cabling) and signal disruptions that could affect internet connectivity or data transfer speed. 

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