Trend Micro Vs Windows Defender Antivirus: Pros and Cons (in 2021)

trend micro vs windows defender

Picking the right anti virus software is no easy task. If you’re at this stage you’re probably aware that both are great choices, and fortunately for you we have the ultimate comparison in this heavy-weight fight. Key TakeawaysBoth providers offer antivirus and malware protection but the independent lab tests results had Trend Micro as a …

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Kaspersky vs Windows Defender: Which Software is Better for Digital Security and Protection?

kaspersky vs windows defender

Is it Kaspersky or Windows Defender that will be declared the winner at the end of this highly comprehensive head-to-head battle of 2020? Is Kaspersky strong enough to surpass the built-in, free option for Windows – i.e. Windows Defender in 2020? Is it worth paying for Kaspersky’s numerous feautres? Read out the ins and outs of both …

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Avira vs Windows Defender: Which Antivirus is Better in 2021?

avira vs windows defender

Which is the ultimate choice – Avira or Windows Defender? Can both of the software live up to your expectations or one is better than the other? It’s time for you to learn for yourself by understanding every single aspect as we’ll go in-depth about both choices and will make our recommendations along the way. …

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Is it safe to use free Proxy Servers?

diagram of how proxy works example

Many people use free proxies that are harvested from the Internet, in fact probably most people who use proxies use free proxies. Proxies are popular ways to hide your IP and are available on boh Mac, Windows, and various Linux flavors. And gamers, we got you covered with a Proxy Server for PS4. This site …

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What is Mbps? | How Many Mega Bits per Second Is Enough for Fast Surfing and Downloading?

internet speed in mbps

What is Mbps? Many have seen this abbreviation when selecting internet plans or comparing speeds, but I’m sure many are curious to know what it actually means. How are you supposed to figure out which internet plan is best for you if speeds are listed in a measurement you don’t understand? More is better, yes, …

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How to Check Internet Speed | For Quality Performance of Your Connection

a person working on laptop

Internet speeds tend to be a controversial subject. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like to advertise speeds that they can get in a narrow area under specific circumstances and then guarantee that they can deliver that speed anywhere without actually being capable of backing that up. Providers are known to deliberately slowing your speed down, as …

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How to Reduce Latency on Satellite Internet | Actionable Tips to Speed Up Your Connection

what does slow down satellite internet

Gamer’s on PC and consoles to a lesser extent, will be very familiar with computer latency. Below I’ll explain satellite internet and how to reduce latency on satellite internet in detail. One of the best ways to reduce latency is to ensure you are using the most reliable internet provider. Key Takeaways An acceptable latency …

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