LC32f397FWNXZA Review | A Premium Samsung 32 Inches Curved Monitor

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When you set your sights on a generously sized curved LED display from Samsung, you more or less expect a fairly pricey product. Particularly in the case of a premium Samsung 32 inches curved display that has earned 5 stars from almost every customer, as is the case with the LC32F397FWNXZA.One look and you know …

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How to Check Hz on Monitor | When Should You Go for a Higher Refresh Rate?

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When using Windows 10, right-click to open the display settings. Proceed to advanced display settings, select the monitor display adapter properties, and a pop screen appears. Navigate to the monitor window tab and click OK; a drop-down menu will appear to select your screen refresh rate. The monitor will display the refresh rate and desktop …

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VA vs IPS | Which Display to Pick for Gaming, Photo Editing, Work and Watching Movies?

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Whether to pick a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel or IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel depends on your intent. These two panels have two primary differences. VA offers a high contrast ratio with limited viewing angles, while IPS comes with a lower contrast but wider viewing angles.Both these panels have their highs and letdowns. The most straightforward …

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What Is Screen Tearing? | A Detailed Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve This Issue!

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Screen tearing means experiencing a technical problem whereby multiple images show in your video display from different frames within one screen draw. A screen tearing happens where the video feed fails to sync with the monitor’s refresh rate.That failure by the non-matching rate of refresh plus the line of tear moves as phase difference changes …

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Monitor Panel Types | TN, IPS, VA Pros and Cons Explained – Pick the Right Display Technology!

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Choosing between the three-panel types can be quite a hassle. Thankfully, this guide covers the advantages and disadvantages of each panel to help you select what panel technology should be on your next screen.There are three-panel types:Twisted nematic (TN) is the oldest panel typeIPS (In-plane switching)- the same panel technology that LG. Samsung calls PLS …

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How to Mount a Monitor | 3 Most Common Types of Mounting Explained in Simple Steps

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How to Mount a Monitor in 7 Steps If you’re looking to provide more versatility to your desktop setup, mounting your PC monitor could certainly do the trick. A mounted monitor will enable you to keep your display in a safe and convenient location suited to your specific needs.It will also enable you to make …

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Computer Turns On But No Signal to Monitor – We Have the Solution in Simple Steps

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Whether you have a top-rated budget monitor or premium display, everyone knows the feeling of sitting down in our computer to do work or play a game only for the monitor to display a frustrating message: no signal to monitor. This is incredibly frustrating and it’s one of the harder technical difficulties to solve. Without …

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