Viewsonic TD2230 Review | Full HD, 22-Inch Multi-Purpose Touch Screen Monitor

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I am a computer user and love to review the latest gadgets and technology. I have been using Viewsonic products for many years now, and they are one of my favorite.In this article, I will be reviewing the Viewsonic TD2230 monitor. I’ll share my honest opinion so you can decide if it’s the right choice …

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Asus PB278Q Review | Solid Specs for Various Purposes Plus Built-in Speakers


Asus pb278q review is an article for those who are thinking about buying an Asus pb278q monitor. I will clear out all your doubts about it by discussing its major features, pros, and cons and provide some buying advice.Here are areas that I will be focusing on; resolution, screen size, refresh rate, panel type, contrast …

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Dell u3818dw Review | A Great Curved Monitor With Speakers

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Dell has always been known for its quality hardware, and Dell u3818dw curved monitor is no exception.This is a large monitor designed for photo editors, graphic designers, professional photographers, entertainment enthusiasts, or anyone else who works with high-quality images on a regular basis. Read this Dell u3818w review to determine if this monitor is the right …

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Is HDR Worth It? | Should You Invest in High Dynamic Range Displays for More Realistic Images?

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If you are after the best image quality your monitor or screen can produce, then HDR is worth it.  Most high-end monitors support this technology. It improves the experience of a monitor; gives the optimal gaming and viewing experience.Is HDR display worth it?  I am sure you have seen this query on social media. I …

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Asus vn279ql Review | Excellent Pick for Gaming Enthusiasts, Avid Movie Lovers, and Business Purposes

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Do you wish to take your gaming experience, movie watching, and video conferencing to the next level?Well, what you need is a computer screen that will offer the best features in terms of image quality, sound, color contrast, flexibility, comfort, etc. If you are looking for a computer screen that offers the best features at …

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Laptop Screen Not Working but External Monitor Does | 6 Simple Steps to Fix This Issue

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So, your laptop screen is not working but the external monitor does? That is never a good thing.It means that your graphics card driver or monitor is bad, your LCD backlight bulbs have broken, etc. But after reading this guide, you’ll be able to diagnose and fix this problem in 10 minutes or less. Laptop …

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3 Monitor Setup | A Great Investment if You Want to Increase Your Productivity

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If you often feel inconvenienced by your two-monitor setup, then 3 monitor setup is just the solution for you. This post will share with you the details of using three monitors in a more productive way, show how to set up multiple monitors, and manage them. What Is A Triple Monitor Setup?A three monitor set-up is, …

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How to Overclock a Monitor | Increase the Performance of Your CPU or Graphics

how to overclock your monitor

As you may already know, you can increase the performance of your CPU or graphics cards by overclocking. Many CPU manufacturers advertise their CPU or processor as “overclocking ready.” But have you ever heard of monitor overclocking? If you have, do you know how it is safely done? Overclocking may involve a lot of alterations, …

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How to Buy a PC Monitor: What To Look For When Choosing A Monitor

What To Look For When Choosing A Monitor A Complete Handbook

Introduction: A Window To Your PC   Whether you’re building or buying, there’s a lot of specs that you need to sort through when getting a PC. Paying attention to the performance & ergonomic features of your desktop rig is important, but you don’t want to neglect the other pieces of equipment you’ll need. This includes your …

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