What is Motion Blur Reduction? | Where Is This Feature Beneficial?

Running girl motion blur

Motion blur reduction (MBR) is a feature that automatically reduces or eliminates the blurring effect of moving objects in a display. It is sometimes referred to as anti-blur technology.This guide will explain what motion blur reduction technology is, how it works, and enable it.Why does it matter?Motion blur can negatively affect the quality of your …

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What Does HD Mean? | Benefits Which Enhance the Viewing Experience

HD monitor cartooned black

HD means High Definition? How many pixels does the high definition resolution have in width and height, and how does it affect the image quality?Before you can purchase a display, it’ll be best to consider the resolution it offers. The resolution will determine the quality of the images on the screen, allowing you to enjoy …

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Best Size Monitor for Gaming | The Ideal Width and Aspect Ratio

Monitor on a yellow background

When looking for a gaming monitor, most people look for manufacturers’ buzzwords for gaming monitors. Such words include high refresh rates, low input lag, a wider field of view, and high resolution. However, one essential feature of a gaming monitor that gaming enthusiasts overlook is the size of the screen.The screen real estate is an …

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What Does UHD Mean? | How Does It Provide a More Immersive Watching Experience?


When you want to purchase a monitor or a TV screen, the minimum resolution is an essential factor to consider. TV resolution has seen tremendous growth from HD TV resolution to UHD and 4K resolution TV screens. High resolutions mean better quality images that ensure an incredible watching experience.However, the many types of resolutions in …

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What Is the Best Monitor Size? | For Different Resolutions and Purposes

Guy with headphones on a monitor

Screen resolution is how clear the images and graphics generated appear on the display interface. High resolutions make images and graphics look sharper. They also make images and graphics smaller so that the screen can accommodate more content. A low-resolution monitor displays larger but fewer contents on the screen. The monitor size is the dimension …

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HDR10 vs. Dolby Vision | Which Has a Better Color Gamut, Richer Blacks, and Better Contrast?

Dual monitor setup with a camera on the table

Consumer demand for high-resolution, vivid colors and lifelike imagery has grown dramatically in the past few years. High dynamic range (HDR) has changed the digital entertainment landscape, particularly with its adoption by home entertainment systems like UHD Blu-ray players, 4K TVs, and computer monitors.However, there are still plenty of uncertainties surrounding HDR formats. One of …

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What is VSync? | What are the Advantages & Why Use Vertical Synhcing?

a girl playing a game

VSync or vertical Sync was the initial syncing technology for GPUs, games, and computer monitors. It synchronizes a game’s framerate with that of your monitor. GPU manufacturers established it but later replaced it with more advanced technologies like FreeSync and G-Sync. The function of the VSync is to eliminate screen tearing, an issue that occurs …

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