Input Signal Out of Range Error | Common Causes & Fixes

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Does your monitor keep alerting you that the input signal is out of range? How do you fix the error?The input signal out-of-range error is common among many monitor users. The error shows an issue between the video signal and the signal compatibility with the monitor. Your monitor is unable to display the video signal.What …

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How to Get Rid of Broken Registry Items | Various Effective Methods Explained


You can get rid of broken registry items in either of the following ways.Doing a disk clean-upRunning DISM command as provided in the command prompt. Refreshing your computerHow to get rid of Broken Registry Items by Disk Clean-UpYou can get rid of broken registry items from your computer by disk clean-up using the following set of …

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Internet Keeps Disconnecting | Troubleshooting Guide & How To Fix the Issue

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Are you tired of the internet keeps disconnecting at home or at the office? It might be time to switch internet service providers.If your internet keeps disconnecting with a notification on your computer about your wifi router or internet connection, make sure that the issue is not your internet service provider (ISP). There may be …

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What is Backlight Bleed? | Prevent Light Leaking Around the Edges of Your Screen

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If you have seen backlight leaking around the edges of your screen, this is backlight bleeding.  Backlight bleeding is also known as flashlighting.This problem is common with plasma and CRT monitors, or basically, on monitors under $200. People like video editors, who will most certainly find this problem annoying, can look into more suitable monitors with …

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How to Fix Unable to Connect to the Proxy Server | Our Super-Easy Troubleshooting Guide

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It is very distressing to get an error proxy server message like this when you’re trying to access the internet.If your web browsers will display “unable to connect to the proxy server”, any website that you will try to access will also bring the same error proxy server message.   Key TakeawaysReasons that could lead …

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How to Fix Screen Tearing | Gamers Will Appreciate Our Guide With Actionable Tips to Solve This Issue

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Have you experienced screen tearing while playing a video game?Screen tearing is a common issue that occurs when your GPU display shows data from multiple frames from a single screen draw. It occurs when your monitor’s refresh rate and GPU’s frame rate are not synchronized. We already talked about it in our ‘What Is Screen …

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How To Connect a Monitor To a Laptop | Get More Screen Real Estate With the Help of Our Guide

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Would you wish to see more on screen real estate for your laptop?A laptop or desktop computer is a powerful tool whether you use it for work or entertainment. It is popular due to its portability.  As long as you have a reliable battery, you can expect to use your laptop for hours, even in …

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