AVG Ultimate vs. Internet Security | A Detailed Comparison Between the Two Suites

AVG antivirus comes with packs of features such as the AVG secure browser that offer the best protection. It is an excellent option, especially when you require enhanced security and safety for your internet-enabled device.

AVG, which is now owned by Avast, offers various payment packages that come with multiple security features. The security suites protect against various cyber threats such as spyware, ransomware attacks, adware, etc. However, Panda Security, for example, offers you more payment options and offers more licences with one subscribtion.

AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate are the company's paid versions. So, which one is your best choice depending on your budget and the security features you are looking for? In this AVG antivirus review, we'll have a deep comparison of the two security suites and what they offer. To your convenience, we compared AVG and Bitdefender s well.

Our recommendation: McAfee

We want to make sure you are receiving the best protection in the market, so you should know about McAfee too! McAfee is a leading antivirus company that has an extensive product line of security packages tailored to detect and delete any threat that may come across your device. Whether your device is a PC, Chromebook, Mac, tablet, or a phone McAfee fully has you covered. With over 18.9 billion devices connected to this program, it’s no wonder that McAfee is a popular choice amongst others.

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How Effective is the AVG Free Security Suite?

You can download the AVG Free Security suite for free and enjoy surfing the internet with confidence. The free version is available for both macOS and Windows devices (see also AVG and Windows Defender comparison). The free antivirus software offers various security features, including protection against phishing sites, ransomware attacks, malware protection, and other essential protection features.

It also offers email protection by scanning all incoming and outgoing mail to ensure they are free of virus attacks. It also blocks unsafe downloads and links and scans your device for any performance issues.

However, the free antivirus program doesn't offer advanced security features such as webcam protection, enhanced firewall, etc. If you want to enjoy the advanced security features, you have to upgrade to paid AVG products.

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Is AVG Free Internet Security a Good Option?

The AVG free internet security is an excellent option if you are looking for basic protection features for your device as we already concluded in our Lookout vs AVG review here. The free anti-virus software is available for various devices, including Android devices, iPhones, macs, etc.

The free program offers various security features, including detection against ransomware, phishing attacks, fake websites, etc. It is lightweight software that has little impact on your device's performance, even when running in the background.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come with advanced protection features, where, for example, Kaspersky excells with more comprehensive features. For instance, you may not enjoy the file shredder feature that enables you to get rid of all sensitive data in your system without leaving a trace that hackers can use.

Is AVG Internet Security Similar to the AVG Antivirus Free?

AVG's free antivirus is an excellent option if you are looking for essential protection for your device. The free internet software offers you real-time protection against malware, adware, spyware, and other types of cyber threats. The AVG free software is available for both macOS (AVG antivirus free for Mac) and AVG antivirus free for Windows.

The free version is also available for Android devices, where it offers an antivirus and anti-theft feature. For iOS devices, the package includes a password leak monitor, WiFi network analysis, and secure photo storage features.

The AVG internet security comes with a user interface that looks similar to the free anti-virus software, but is, frankly, not on par with attractive interface from Norton, for example. The interface has a dark background with white and mint green text. It also consists of various panels marked as basic protection and advanced protection. The advanced protection panels include privacy, hacker attacks, and payments meant for the AVG Internet Security suite.

The AVG smart scan helps you to do a quick scan for any active malware in your device. It also helps to check any performance problems with your device, unsecured browser add-ons, and files that contain exposed sensitive data.

The security suite builds on the capabilities of the free antivirus software. It offers all the features of the free software, including checking your system's performance. The security suite ensures that you enjoy enhanced computer speed as you perform other tasks such as downloading files, etc.

Additionally, it offers other advanced security features, including an enhanced firewall and antispam. The enhanced email protection features ensure the antivirus checks all your incoming and outgoing emails to ensure they are safe.

Unfortunately, the security suite doesn't come with a parental control feature. It helps you regulate what your kids can access online, how much time they spend on the internet, etc. The webcam protection that malicious hackers cannot access your live feed and the contents shared online.

How Much Does the AVG Internet Security Suite Cost? 

The AVG Internet Security will cost you $69.99 per year. This subscription will offer you a single license that covers one macOS and Windows device. If you want to install protection on more devices, you have to upgrade to the AVG Internet Security that costs $89.99. The payment plan offers protection for up to 10 devices.

This tier also includes other features such as the pro-version of AVG's mobile security app for Android, AVG's mobile protection products, and the antivirus pro for Android.

What Does AVG Ultimate Security Suite Cover?

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The AVG Ultimate security suite is an excellent option for users looking for antivirus programs to cover multiple devices. It offers value for money as it can cover all members of a household with a single subscription. However, the security suite doesn't cover a large number of iOS devices.

If yours is an old PC, the AVG Ultimate is a perfect pick. It combines the AVG tuneup with internet security which helps to boost your system performance. It makes your device capable of dealing with current system problems and makes it more resilient to malware attacks.

One downside with the AVG Ultimate security suite is that you must purchase the driver updater, password manager, and VPN separately.

In terms of protection, the AVG product features various file and behavior shields. The file shield will help to scan all files when any program attempts to open them. On the other hand, the behavior shield scans any program and blocks any program that acts maliciously or suspiciously.

Other additional features of the AVG Ultimate security suite include the web shields that scan that block known web attacks. It also scans all the files you download from the internet to ensure they are safe. There is also the email shield feature that ensures your device is free from unsafe email attachments.

The plan also comes with an enhanced built-in firewall that offers an enhanced layer of defense against online threats. The firewall enables you to see all the connections from your device in real-time. Additionally, you get a ransomware protection module with a smart mode that helps you decide which programs you can trust with your sensitive files.

The strict mode also requires you to agree to changes or delete files in your protected folders. The module enables you to scan for sensitive files that you need to add to the protected folder's list.

What's more?

The cover also entails the data safe where you can put your sensitive files. The data safe is encrypted with 256-bit AES technology that ensures that security services can check your files without a key.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, the last thing you want are popups that distract your gaming activities. The AVG Ultimate security scan ensures you enjoy your gaming by blocking all intrusive popups. The Do Not Disturb settings also delays any Windows update until when it is convenient.

Additionally, the fake website shield by AVG Ultimate keeps you safe from unsafe and bogus websites when shopping online or accessing your bank. Other additional security features include the sensitive data shield, etc.

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How Much Does the AVG Ultimate Suite Cost?

The AVG Ultimate security suite goes for $77.88 for the first year, or you can pay $6.49 per year. The package covers up to 10 devices, which makes it an excellent choice for a household. The AVG products also come with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

The premium AVG product offers exciting features, including WiFi network security, performance scan, secure VPN, etc.

Does the AVG Ultimate Suite Include the AVG Internet Security?

The AVG Ultimate security suite is the premium security plan by the AVG company. It comes with advanced security features, including the Do Not Disturb settings, secure VPN, password manager, etc. It also covers more devices as a single subscription covers up to 10 devices.

Being the AVG company premium suite, the AVG Ultimate suite includes all the Internet Security package features. Thus, it contains all the security features in the internet security suite, including protection against phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, performance scans, etc. One downside of the Internet Security feature compared to the AVG Ultimate feature is that a single subscription covers a single device.

Our recommendation: McAfee

Overall, the antivirus we mentioned in this article are decent, but you should know that there is a far more formidable option available on the market. That option is McAfee, with over 18.9 billion devices connected to this program, you can infer it’s quite a popular choice as an antivirus for business and work among other things. Used all over the world, having a complex security system has never been easier.

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Which is the better security suite between AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate antivirus products? The choice between the two depends on what you are looking for. If you want to cover more devices and enjoy premium features, The AVG Ultimate is the best choice. 

However, it is the most expensive package from the AVG company, which means you'll pay more. On the other hand, the AVG Internet Security suite comes with additional tools than the free program. However, a single subscription offers a single license, and you'll have to pay more to cover more devices.

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