BitDefender vs Webroot – Which Antivirus Software is Better?

bitdefender vs webroot

BitDefender or Webroot. Which antivirus is the ultimate choice for you? We created this ultimate guide on Bitdefender vs Webroot to help you make an informed decision on which is a better fit for your personal security and data protection.Malware Attack TrendsAccording to this report, malware attacks spiked by 34 percent to 10.5 billion which …

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Webroot Antivirus Review | What Level Of Protection Can You Expect?

woman with mobile phone and laptop

Webroot holds a unique position in the consumer antivirus market. It comes with a decent antivirus set of features at a competitive price that undercuts all the big names in the antivirus space. However, for everything good Webroot delivers, there is some roughness around the edges, which caused it to not make our list of …

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AVG Secure VPN Review | What Level of Anonymity and Safety When Browsing Can You Expect?

check out our review about avg vpn

This AVG Secure VPN review discusses everything you need to know about the VPN plans offered by AVG Technologies, another renowned name in antivirus and cyber security technologies. This is the same Avast subsidiary that has been providing premium antivirus software for Windows operating system, macOS and Android since the late 90s. If you’re trying to …

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Does Linux Need Antivirus? | Is Your OS 100% Safe From Cyberattacks?

linux screen

Linux systems have gained a reputation for being resistant to many malware. This is because they are securely designed and maintained hence are safer than other operating systems such as windows.So, does Linux need antivirus? Not really though you should know that malware for Linux does exist. For more information on why Linux is resistant …

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Kaspersky Review | Our Take on Probably the Most Well Known Antivirus Suite

woman with laptop

If you are looking for an antivirus that you can rely on, choose Kaspersky. This is one of the renowned security companies trusted by millions of people. It has a powerful defense system against all sorts of threats.In this free Kaspersky anti-virus review, I will discuss its pros/cons, pricing features so you can decide if …

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Bitdefender vs Kaspersky | Head to Head Comparison of the Two Antivirus Solutions

Bitdefender and Kaspersky logos

Bitdefender vs Kaspersky – which of the two is the best antivirus package for you? Internet security software is playing an increasingly important role in safeguarding businesses and households alike from a long list of potential threats. We’ve long since passed the point where Internet protection can be taken for granted – it’s now a case of …

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Comodo Antivirus Review | Pick the Best Plan For Ultimate Virus, Malware & Ransomware Protection

two persons on the meeting

Choosing an antivirus software to protect your sensitive data is no easy task. Some may think that a free antivirus software like Comodo may not offer enough protection for their computers. In contrast, others believe that free antiviruses are just as good as premium ones. When it comes to basic protection, they’re more or less the …

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Norton Antivirus Review | Your Friendly 24/7 Anti-Malware Protector

Norton logo on the screen

A day online brings the risk of subjecting your device to malicious software, being tracked and facing digital surveillance, or even identity theft. The scary part is that it is almost impossible to even tell if such malware is running in the background without the use of 3rd party tools.Norton, with all its expertise in …

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Is Avast Good for Windows? | How Effective is This Antivirus, Antimalware & Antyspyware?

check out if avast is any good for windows

Windows Defender is the free antivirus app built into Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.  Offering a fair amount of protection and security from malware and viruses in real time, it’s trusted by millions to protect their devices from harm.But does this mean that Windows Defender from Microsoft alone provides enough local and Internet security to …

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Bitdefender vs Avast | Which One to Get for Ultimate Antivirus Protection?

Woman drinking coffee at her laptop

Both Avast antivirus and Bitdefender antivirus are ranked among the most capable and feature-packed protective software suites available. Hence, settling the Bitdefender vs Avast debate means comparing the two like for like, in terms of both performance and overall value for money. Is paying for Avast worth it? Does the Bitdefender’s free edition cover everything you …

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