Avira vs Avast Antivirus – Free & Premium: Which is better in 2020?

Is it Avira or Avast that you should purchase for the definitive protection of your device (PC or Smartphone)?

I know it is hard to choose between two antivirus software when both deliver the top-notch features like real-time malware protection between Avast versus Avira.

That’s why we developed this unbiased, all-inclusive article with your convenience in mind so that you could make out which Antivirus software is going to be the best fit for your needs, by choosing between Avast and Avira antivirus.

Cybersecurity attacks vary in number, and people around the world are surrounded by them as this situation is taking the Internet by storm these days. That’s where the need for an Antivirus software comes in.

According to research, there has been a 50% increase in the cyber-attacks and people having smartphones have been targeted as compared with the previous year. This is because people tend to spend times on their hand-held devices, rather than on their PCs.

If you would like to be enlightened about the top 10 malware types, you could head over to this article which explains the activity of malware that has increased from time to time. Also, that will give you an idea of the most used malware type, which, as per the research, is Emotet.

The attackers are attacking the mobile users and we’ve already mentioned the reason why that is happening. What is even more heartbreaking is that the attackers are now coming up with the latest methodologies to break into your system or spy on your information or data.

Therefore, as the time changes, you will also need to evolve and that can only happen if you get your system protected by a world-class or tip-top antivirus program, speaking of which, we get our attention to our main attraction – Avira vs Avast.

But it could be distressing for you as you may be completely new to all of this – antivirus programs – and, choosing the best antivirus for your PC or mobile may have you all confused.

A good antivirus is the one that keeps the definitions updated all the time. There are some free antivirus programs that will have the definitions updated all the time (for this feature to work automatically, you will need to give your antivirus software the permission, and you will need to keep the device connected to the Internet).

You could make use of the free-trial of either Avira or Avast if you don’t want to pay anything in the beginning (could be helpful for those who don’t have any idea about the ins and outs of the antivirus software). However, if you are familiar with the antivirus software’s working, you can go on with the plan you’re interested in or which is better than avast.

But which antivirus software is the best choice using an in-depth comparison on “Avira vs Avast Antivirus”? This is critical because you can’t rely on free antivirus software (doesn’t matter even it if is a freemium one). That’s why we’ve decided to keep you at ease by providing you with this in-depth article on “Avira or Avast: which is better?” so that you could easily decide and go with that choice.

Giving you peace of mind and never-seen-before protection for all of your devices is my primary concern, and with that in mind, I’m going over these two best antivirus software: Avast and Avira.

Avira vs Avast

Let’s guide you through a quick analysis:

A Quick Comparison on “Avast vs Avira” Antivirus

If you don’t have time, it is time to have a brief comparison on both of these antiviruses underneath:


The prize goes to “Avast” as it features advanced and more miscellaneous features as part of its premium packages (plans). In some categories, the Avira lacks and that’s what we will talk about in the detailed analysis on this page.

Winner: Avast

Malware Protection

Defense from malware (different malware types) is the top concern of any antivirus program. Based on the independent tests evaluated all the way through AV-Test and AV-comparative, what we found out is that Avira has the upper hands over Avast in this area – i.e. malware protection.

Winner: Avira


Does your system lag when it is running antivirus software? If affirmative, it is not what is supposed to happen because a perfect-fit antivirus software doesn’t do that. In this area, both Avira and Avast antivirus software offers great system performance whether you use them on your PC or mobile.

Winner: Avast


Is the antivirus an easy-to-use program or does it make you have a pain in the neck when you use it? User-friendliness is also what you should be paying attention to while purchasing good antivirus software. Speaking of this, the user interface offered by Avira is more intuitive and simpler as compared to that of Avira’s.

Winner: Avast

Cost (Pricing)

How much does the antivirus that you’re willing to buy cost you? A perfect-fit antivirus should offer the bang for your bucks i.e. it should be breaking the bank as you don’t want that, do you? After doing analysis, we got to know that Avira offers a more reasonable pricing model than Avast’s.

Winner: Avira

Customer Satisfaction

Will be satisfied with the services offered by the antivirus company? That’s what you need to find out using the reviewing websites. We took BBB as an example and searched both Avira and Avast on the same. It turned out that Avast gets an A+ rating while Avira gets a C – it is all crystal clear.

Winner: Avast

Short Outcome!

If I talk about Avira vs Avast, I believe you’ve already gone through the brief comparison give above which concludes that Avast gets the upper hands over Avira in terms of security-related features. Furthermore, Avast antivirus is so light that you won’t even notice it is running in the background, meaning it doesn’t put an impact on the performance of your system. On the other hand, if we consider “Malware Protection”, Avira gets ahead of Avast in that zone.

What is our Recommendation?

If you’re after the world’s best antivirus software for the next-level protection from malware, great system performance, and excellent user satisfaction, our experts’ recommendation is that you should purchase “BitDefender’s Suite” based on your requirements.

BitDefender is an antivirus that protects more than 500 million systems worldwide. Hence, it is the best option because it is capable of protecting your highly valuable data on all of the platforms, be it your PC, macOS, Android).

There are different suites brought to you by BitDefender that vary based on the total no. of devices you’re using. Let’s assume, you want to use BitDefender on more than 5 devices, then you’d be in need of getting a “Family Pack” because it’d be the best option.

So, if nothing comes to mind after seeing the head-to-head battle between Avira and Avast, I highly suggest you buy the license of BitDefender because that’s what will give you the peace of mind in that case.

An in-depth analysis of Avira vs Avast Antivirus

Some of you might be wondering why I’ve not provided you with a detailed guide to make the comparison crystal clear. Don’t worry, I’m going to help you with that too. I needed to layout a short verdict first because there are people who don’t have time to read out the detailed analysis.

Let’s begin with the first characteristic by diving a little bit deeper:


I know that you’re dying to know which Antivirus software offers more features comparatively, but you need to slow down, tiger as I’m doing to help you with the same (that you’re craving for).

Features are the important aspect while considering the best antivirus software for the safety or your device and protection of your information residing in it. A good antivirus not only offers great features but also strengthens the digital security of your device you’re using, not to mention the advanced utility features that change the whole game.

Avast Free Trial

Both Avast and Avira feature a free trial that gives you the opportunity of being familiar with the software and helps you make up your mind for the final purchase. However, the free trial is surpassed by the premium tiers/suites offered by both Avast and Avira Antivirus. Downloading the trial version of both of the software is very simple. All you have to do is click on the “Free Trial” button, run the Installer, confirm the installation and follow some instruction to finally install the free trial on your device, be it your PC or Mobile device.

The Avira also offers a 30-day free trial for every single suite for those who choose the protection of their data using Avira’s suites. What it means is that if you are satisfied with the 30-day trial, you can continue using the software for the purchase which will be a great thing.

  • But if you don’t want to provide your credit card details, you can get a license for a 30-day trial using this link.

Speaking of the suites brought to life by Avast, there are three major protection plans: Pro Antivirus, Internet Security, and Premier (the best value). But, there’s more to Avast’s suites than just meets the eye – it also offers complete all-round protection for your PC. Whether you’re after the best-in-the-industry maintenance tools for security, you run a small or medium-sized business and crave for the protection for that, or you want an all-inclusive protection for your home, Avast has got what you need in the first place.

Avast Protection for Home

This is divided into different segments as follows:

  1. Internet Security: This is considered as small protection for your PC and will allow you to connect only 1 device at the moment. Taking a look at the features of this package, we are enlightened that you are offered the features given via the link added above.
  2. Premier: According to this suite, you will be getting an advanced package as compared to the previous one we just discussed above. Again, this package is applicable to a single device and is billed annually. Take a glimpse at the above link to understand what this package has to offer you.
  3. SecureLine VPN: In aforesaid suites, you’ve been getting the services for one device, however, this suite will keep you satisfied in that area as you can use multiple device if you consider purchasing this package for your protection.
  4. Avast Security for Mac: There needs to be more than just the essential Internet and Antivirus Protection. As the word suggests, this one has been designed with your OS i.e. Mac in mind – only Mac users need to pay attention to this suite. But this plan is limited to a single device only and the good news is that it is reasonably priced. Figure out what is more in this package using the link shown above:
  5. Ultimate: Here, you will get to save big and play big. The exceptional features of many suites have been added into this ultimate package like Premier, SecureLine VPN, Password Premium, and Cleanup Premium.

Avast for Business

If you’re willing to make use of Avast antivirus software for your business, then your requirements might be different than the needs when you are eager to purchase the license for personal use. That’s why your voice has been heard by the professional team of Avast and this is what lead to the evolution of “Business Antivirus Plans” for you.

There are overall 5 packages available for businesses:

  1. Business Antivirus: Speaking of usability, you can get the best of this plan on Windows, Servers, and Macs. This suite is applicable to only one device and keep you safe from threats, offers you a firewall without any obstruction or slow-down in the process. Furthermore, there is a management console equipped with this plan and another cool feature called “Cybercapture” will just make your day.
  2. Business Antivirus Pro: If you’re considering antivirus options for your business needs, you can also think of this buying this bundle that comes packed for only 1 device. Since it offers multiplatform protection, you can make use of it on Windows, Mac, or Server. Further enlightening features include “Data Shredder”, “Behavioral Shield”, “SharePoint Protection”, “Software Defender”, etc.
  3. Business Antivirus Pro Plus: This is a great suite for the businesses as it offers a wide range of never-seen-before features like VPN, WebCam Shield, Browser Cleanup, etc. On top of that, remember password is a big deal and not everyone is good at it, but why would you worry when you could make use of “Master Password” to handle all of the usernames and passwords of different applications you use.
  4. Avast Business Antivirus for Linux: Available for 1 device, this suite is a great choice for the Linux lovers (users). It features “Core Scanner” that offers an on-demand antivirus scan that will come into existence with a command-line utility. Moreover, it boasts a “File Server Shield”. Also, there are distribution packages. To find out more, please click the link above now.
  5. Avast Business Patch Management: This is the final package that is listed on the “Business Suites” list. It has the ability for automatically fixes when used on Windows OS and thousands of 3-party applications. The dashboard that is boasted in this package is highly intuitive. There’s also a “Local Patch Agent” included in this suite. This plan is inexpensive and allows to be consumed on a single device only.

Avast Maintenance Tools

If you are trying to have a next-level experience, you should think about the “Maintenance Tools” brought into life by the world-famous antivirus – Avast. In this area, we have the following maintenance tools and you can get up to 25% to get exceptional speed, tuning, and online freedom:

After purchasing any of aforesaid products, if you are not satisfied, you can get your refund as you are backed by the “30-day money-back guarantee” and this could be the reason why most of the. Avast serves more than 400 million people worldwide. That’s why you can become one of them and earn their trust.

All Computer Security (Avast)

Purchase Now

Compare Packages (Avast)

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Avira Antivirus Suites

Avast All Suites and package options

Now, let’s figure out what Avira has to offer in its suites/packages:

avira all packages

Avira’s Free Antivirus:

Let’s first talk about the Avira’s Free Antivirus (available only for PCs). It is a premium antivirus from the company offered to the people willing to get their head around the usage of the software. Though we can’t compare the freemium suite with the premium suite, it is still a good option as it will protect your system or the data residing in it from the common malware attacks.

Note: The free trial for Avira is only available for PC users. But you do have to enter your “Email”, “Phone”, and other personal details like address and organization size.

There’s no doubt that Avira has won a huge number of awards and certifications. On top of that, it gets a 4.5 rating on a top reviewing website called TrustPilot. If Avira has caught your eye, you should be comparing its different award-winning premium solutions to see which one will fit your needs in the first place.

Avira’s Pro Antivirus:

This package is going to keep you protected from all types of ransomware all the time (gives real-time protection i.e. as soon as the Antivirus is running). You will get a complete device control – you will be able to scan removable disks using this suite. Your identity and data will be completely safe from falling into the wrong hands – i.e. hackers or impersonators. You can also beat botnets and hackers via this suite by getting a secured home network. Although it is a great plan for you to consider, you won’t be getting any feature for the speed-up or tune-up of your system (PC), nor will you be provided a VPN.

Avira’s Internet Security:

The newly-introduced “Internet Security” is another suite that just came into existence. It offers the bang for your bucks as the features that it lays out are going to keep you more than satisfied and you will confidently say “I’m protected now”. Whether you’re concerned about the safety of your passwords, PC, or the application software you’re using, this suite will make sure that you get peace of mind.

You can use this package for 1, 3 or 5 devices at the same time. The number of overall devices also changes the pricing range for this model. It comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee which the bucks that you spend will be safe, just in case. Get next-level antivirus protection from different ransomware, secure your passwords with the password manager, no need to do anything, the software gets updated automatically.

Get notified when visiting an unsafe (infected) site, block all types of annoying ads and get rid of the tracking algorithms trying to take advantage of your information.

Avira’s Total Security Suite:

Eventually, there you have it – Avira’s one-of-its-kind, all-embracing package – “Total Security” suite. It will have your back in all areas, including giving you the ultimate protection from all types of malware attacks, the never-seen-before high speed and tuning for your PC or any device that you use.

Get a next-level optimization for the extended battery life of your PC. Make use of file encryption for your important files. What is surprising is that it also has the “VPN” feature that delivers the encrypted traffic – i.e. all of your communication will be highly secured. Get your hands to all types of geo-restricted data like sports, TV shows or your favorite videos.

Most importantly, it can be used on all devices, be it Windows, Android, Mac, iOS or Chrome. The Prime suite allows you to use the antivirus software up to 25 devices which is why it is a preferred choice for the family protection.

2. Malware Protection

A next-level (basic won’t be a thing since you’re paying) is required in the antivirus software you purchase. If an antivirus doesn’t offer you the “Malware Protection”, you should not purchase its license. After all, protection from different types of malware should be the top priority of yours when looking for the best antivirus program.

Which antivirus software offers great protection from malware attacks? Is it Avira or Avast? To get the answer to this question, we used the tests run by the top IT security independent firms i.e. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives and then the final scores were quite surprising.

See them below:

Avira Protection:

avira protection

Avast Protection:

avast protection

Winner: Avira

3. System Performance

Will your system lag after you install the Antivirus program on it? This is a serious issue that you may have to deal with, however, that’s not always the case because there is some good antivirus software that will keep you at ease in this area.

We used the results of the live test conducted in April month of this year i.e. 2020 and the platform used for the test was Windows. So, in the performance category, the Avira got 5.5 out of 6 scores and Avast got 6 out of 6 which is pretty awe-inspiring.

Have a glimpse at the below-settled evaluations to see how the performance of the system is affected during different tasks performed:

Avira Performance:

avira performance

Avast Performance:

Avast performance in charts

Winner: Avast

4. Usability

What is the status of the software when it comes to providing quality services to the customers? Do both of the software offer great usability? Well, that’s for you to find out in this comprehensive segment that is all about “Usability”.

The results we have predicted below show some values. Higher values mean worse results and lower values mean the opposite i.e. better results. The overall usability score of both of the software is same i.e. both Avira and Avast get the same score which is 6 out of 6.

See the sample details underneath to find out more about it:

Avira Usability:

Avira Usability

Avast Usability:

avast usability chart

Winner: Tie

5. Accessibility

Which software is more user-friendly? One that is having user-friendliness is the one you should opt for certainly. We’ve learned about the malware protection above, but that is a different story. I’m talking about the user interface (UI) offered by each of the software.

Both of the software offers a highly intuitive and elegant design or theme that any beginners can understand and then use the software like a pro. Like most of the antivirus software, the menu has been situated to the left-hand side, making it super easy for the user to find all options.

Do you love customizations? I know you do! That’s the good news because you can add a little bit of customization to get an easy and effective experience while using the software. Just go to the settings and change in accordance with your requirements.

Winner: Tie

6. Pricing

What is the pricing model laid out by each of the software companies? Do both of the companies offer the bang for your bucks or they are just making it super expensive for you? That’s is a real issue you could face and to make sure that you are breaking the bank, you have to consider the pricing of each plan offered by each company.

Compare the pricing of each package below to get your head around the facts and then decide which one is less expensive:

Avast Pricing Model:

Avast Antivirus Suites Prices
Avast Pro Antivirus Latest Price
Avast Internet Security Latest Price
Avast Premier Latest Price
Avast Ultimate Latest Price
Avast Security for Mac Latest Price
Avast Business Products Latest Range

Avira’s Pricing Model:

Avast Antivirus Suites Prices
Avira Antivirus Pro Latest Price
Avira Internet Security Latest Price
Avira Optimization Suite Latest Price
Avira Total Security Suite Latest Price
Avira Business Products Latest Range

Winner: Avira

For more comparisons check out:

Avira vs Windows Defender

Final Words:

In some categories, Avira performs well if we consider malware detection and removal. On the other hand, Avast is ahead of Avira in terms of more security-related features and utilities and has a minimal impact on the overall performance of the system. Speaking of customer satisfaction, Avast gets an A+ rating on BBB while Avira only makes it to C which makes everything crystal clear.

If you want to see our experts’ recommendation on this, it would definitely be “BitDefender – a real game-changer”. BitDefender has been in the game for a long time and currently, it protects more than 500 million of the system around the world. Good news is that you could use BitDefender on any system you prefer – it could be your PC, Smartphone, or Tablet (all Operation Systems are included).

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