BitDefender Vs Windows Defender: Which software & security suite is better?

Which antivirus do you think deserves to live in your Personal Computer (PC)? Does it have to be BitDefender or you think that should be Windows Defender? If you think that you’ve come unglued, you aren’t the only person on earth who is going through this situation. Insofar the head-to-head comparison between “BitDefender Vs Windows Defender” matters, you cannot let this matter rest because this is about the security of your personal data, connection and a lot more.

You may not know but the cybersecurity market is growing very quickly and speaking of annual revenue in the U.S., the number has reached $23 billion worldwide which is quite surprising, isn’t it? This is a huge step towards the security of your information so that you don’t have to become a victim and your information is kept private from being accessed by an attacker in the first place – that’s how you get peace of mind.

Coming to the “Data Breaches”, who do you guess should get the credit for breaching the data? Well, you’d be surprised to hear the name because it is “Yahoo!” and, according to statistics, River City Media gets the 2nd position and UIDAI comes on the 3rd place as far as data breaching is concerned. There are also other companies that are on the list like MySpace, Adobe, eBay, etc.

The cyberpunks are always on the go about creating something new by using clever and illegal ways so that they can design a program and inject it into your system with the wrong intention of breaching your privacy, emptying your bank account, and keeping an eye on your activities (to know your next move), and so forth.

They will keep attacking your systems until they can access to your files or information and when that happens, that will be the worst day of your life because you will lose grasps of all of the data that is stored into your device you are using currently.

Therefore, you will need to think of a greater idea so that all of their plans can come to an end. But how do you make this all go away? That’s a good question and that’s where the role of an “Antivirus Software” comes in. Undoubtedly, safeguarding the data and privacy is everything for the user and to make sure that no one gets access to it, the user has to purchase the best antivirus software for the machine the user is utilizing.

You won’t believe but AV-Test institute claims that they catch more than 300,000 new malware attacks every single day – that’s a whole lot of attacks. Some folks believe that surfing the Internet using a website that has an active padlock is all they should be worried about, but that’s not true.


Sometimes, the attackers are so smart that they are easy to find a loophole through the connection because you’re not using an Antivirus Software. What an Antivirus does is that it eliminates all of the possible get-outs and gives you peace of mind that you crave for. Check Bitdefender Vs Norton

In spite of being a most careful person, browsing the web, you are highly likely to become the next victim because no attacker is going to ask you who you are or where you live, they just choose you and you are done for. Hence, whether it is worm, spyware, virus, or ransomware, the solution to all threats is top-of-the-line antivirus software.

BitDefender Vs Windows Defender

BitDefender Pricing Model

It gets even more complicated when we bring two antivirus software together. I know that you’ve been dying to know which one is the best antivirus software, BitDefender or Windows Defender. Though we could tell you in a nutshell which one you should go with, we don’t want you to face trouble later and that why the best choice is to be acquainted with the features and then decide yourself which will fulfill the promises.

We’ve been reviewing the best antiviruses for a long time and have assisted thousands of people to choose the best software of their devices. If you’re a little bit confused, we can guide you so that you can confidently make a choice without having to regret later. After doing the extensive research, what we found out is that BitDefender is still is the #1 choice when it comes to picking up the best Antivirus software. Also, take a quick look at Bitdefender Vs McAfee

The BitDefender delivers excellent performance, can run on any OS, including Windows and macOS, Android, and iOS. Not just, you will get automatic updates so that you can continue doing your important work without having to be concerned about updating process. On top of that, you will get the free online support to keep you to the right track.

The reason why we believe that BitDefender is the best choice in this comparison is that it also lives in your Webcam, preventing different intrusions from entering into your system. Another cool thing that got the attention of this Antivirus is that it won’t slow down your system whatsoever, no matter what task you are performing.

Wouldn’t it be more than satisfying if you could use a single license with 5 devices? Is it even imaginable? Yes, with BitDefender, it is all possible because if you purchase it, you will get a license of this suite that will allow you to make use of the Antivirus software on 5 devices and they could either be computers or your hand-held devices. So, it is just a one-time purchase and all your problems will vanish for good.

Nevertheless, if you are on a budget, you could also qualify for alternative packages, but our recommendation is that you should purchase the “Total Security” package because that’s the “Best Value” and you shouldn’t miss out on that. The “Antivirus Plus” and “Internet Security” packages will allow you to use the license key (or the Antivirus Software) on 3 devices. Yes, it is limited to that.

Most of the time, Parental Control is the top priority of the guardians that feature is available in 2nd and 3rd package of the pricing model (not in 1st bundle). Therefore, while taking at all suites, be mindful of what you are going to get eventually. Another cool feature is the “Anti-theft” which is only available in the best-value bundle. It houses anti-theft and anti-loss tools that you can access remotely.

BitDefender or Windows Defender: Which one has better Features?

Though some features like “Real-time” protection can be found in both of the Antiviruses, the BitDefender is still ahead of the whole game. The Windows Defender comes preinstalled on the Windows 8 and Windows 10. The protection is taken over by another antivirus software like BitDefender once it is installed on the machine, and once it is removed from the system or platform, the Windows Defenders gets back on track, protecting you from that nasty malware.

“Windows Protection”


Dependency is the foremost consideration you need to think of. What if an Antivirus only runs on a particular machine i.e. it is machine dependent? Will it purchase the license of the suite then? I know that the answer will be “NO” because you will be in need of running the software on different platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. So, if you are on the lookout for an Antivirus Software that is capable of running on all platforms, BitDefender is the winner because Windows Defender only runs on Windows.

Real-time Data Protection:

When it comes to “Real-time” protection, both of the software offer it for the ultimate safety of your data from the malware. Therefore, in this area, you are backed by the best-in-the-industry anti-malware solution in the first place – that’s the automatic protection we are talking about.

Advanced Defense:

The BitDefender offers a genuine and improved threat defense by using the behavior-based technology that will instantaneously block the threats and ransomware. Speaking of Windows Defender (WD), it uses cloud-delivered protection that keeps the threat definitions updated and also offers behavior detection from the cloud. To conclude, the WD offers is the acceptable performance, while the BitDefender is a game-changer.


This is an all-new feature added by BitDefender and therefore you are unlikely to see it in WD. What this feature does is that it keeps your browsing private so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands and also provide options to manage trackers that may collect your data. So, you’ve got the control. The Windows Defender doesn’t have any such option available on it.

Ransomware Protection:

Both BitDefender and Windows Defender (WD) fulfill your requirements if you are after the protection from ransomware, however, BitDefender offers a multi-layer Ransomware Protection which you won’t be getting in the Windows Defender suite if you decide to go with that free program. So, WD loses here as well.

Microphone Monitor:

This is another latest feature that has been added to the BitDefender’s characteristics (just like Anti-tracker feature). What it does is that it helps in regaining the control over your own device. This is very helpful in keeping track of the applications that have access to the device’s microphone and when they have that access. If you don’t want a specific application to have access to your phone’s mic, you can bring that to an end. There’s no such thing offered in Windows Defender (WD).

Web Attack Prevention:

While visiting a website, you should be aware of your safety first because if you don’t take proper steps towards the security of your data or your safety, odds are you’re highly likely to be tricked by the cyberpunks. So, with the help of this feature, you are kept safe from a harmful website. Again, it is a premium feature and doesn’t come with the Windows Defender suite which is very sad.

Safe Online Banking:

We all love online shopping and when that happens, we are required to pay. But when you pay online, you have to be very cautious because attackers are always trying to find unique ways to cheat on you and take you down by emptying your bank account. The “Safepay” provides safety from those attacks and is a dedicated browser that will offer tight security over your transactions happening. This feature has been improved in BitDefender and you won’t find this feature in the Windows Defender.

Password Manager:

Is it your tendency to store password (into the browsers) because you don’t want to have them in your memory all the time? If affirmative, the BitDefender is the next program you should bank upon because it has a feature that is known as “Password Manager” and what it does is that it allows the security for your passwords, credit card, debit card information, and other sensitive information every time you need them. In Windows Defender, you will miss out on this.

Vulnerability Assessment:

There is another benefit of using BitDefender and it is that you will get vulnerability assessment. In just a matter of time, you will be able to run a deep scan for security holes and vulnerabilities – all it takes is a single click and there you have it. Speaking of this feature in Windows Defender, you are deprived of it.

Webcam Protection:

Have you seen a person being spied through their webcam in a movie? Not just in movies, this can happen in reality as well because attackers might find a way to get into your Webcam and keep an eye on your activities. If this situation takes planer, you will get notified about it and the access to your webcam shall be blocked instantaneously. This feature is available in only two packages of BitDefender, but sadly, you won’t get it with Windows Defender.

Speeding up:

While you use the Antivirus Software, the system must not be slowed down because if that happens, you won’t be able to do your work at the same pace you have been looking forward to. But, you don’t have to worry about that because BitDefender has your back here too. It offers a one-click optimizer that will be helpful in improving the speed and performance of your device that you will be using. The WD doesn’t offer a speed-up solution in this area.

This is not a complete list of the features of BitDefender for the “Windows”, there are others that you can see with the help of the image shown above. We only covered the major aspects so that you could have an idea of why BitDefender is a better choice for you.

Now, let’s be familiar with what BitDefender has to offer for the macOS Protection below:

macOS Protection

Remember, the macOS Protection is only available in a single package i.e. “Total Security”, if you purchase the “Antivirus Plan” or “Internet Security”, you won’t get your hands to the macOS Protection whatsoever. That’s why the “Total Security” has been listed as the “Best Value” among all three packages.

This bundle also offers the “Real-time” protection from all types of malware attacks, be it Trojans, worms, ransomware, or viruses. There is no need to scan after you receive a file or document from another party, it will be automatically scanned as soon as it is retrieved. This will assist you in being sure that all of the files that you are handling are free from different types of malware.

This suite also features useful add-ons like you can make your Mac adware-free and get rid of unwanted toolbars, hijackers programs, and other issues that can give you a heart attack. The scanning that you will get in this suite is Ultra-fast which will keep your floating on the cloud nine and you will always be satisfied with the exceptional services of this package – Total Security.

While you use the Antivirus Software on your Mac device, all of the files will be 100% safe and away from the reach of any attacker or impersonator trying to be other than what that person is. This suite also features a BitDefender VPN which will be highly useful in protecting your online presence by encoding all your Internet traffic so that hacker can’t understand what it is.

Android Protection

How can we forget “Android”? The BitDefender provides award-winning security for your Android device, whether you are using a Smartphone or Tablet. The BitDefender works internally and automatically on your Android and if there is any that poses a threat to your device, it will instantly inform you about that so that that danger can be removed for your safety and security of your data. That’s why there is also an “On-demand and On-install Scan” feature available with it.

Just like above-mentioned packages, you also have a “VPN” that encrypts all the Internet traffic. Furthermore, it has a never-seen-before feature called “Battery & Performance Saver” that can reduce the performance of your phone when it is not in use and save battery so that you can continue your work longer than you could imagine. It also offers the Privacy for all of your accounts associated with your device so that you could get to know if there is any data breach among them.

Most of the people are accustomed to using “App Lock” and guess what, you will get exactly the same in the Android protection. Use App Lock on different applications the way you like. Either set a password or pattern. If your smartphone supports a Fingerprint sensor, you can also use that to unlock the applications. There’s another cool feature called “WearON” which comes into play for the connected smartwatches.

iOS Protection

The features presented for the iOS platform are quite similar to what we have discussed in the Android segment. So, we can say that it is worth paying for the BitDefender because it is going to have your back ultimately and you will feel much safer than you might have felt before in 2020.

Hope you’ve got a clearer picture of the features that BitDefender offers more than what you get with the Windows Defender. Some folks believe that BitDefender doesn’t offer a freeware, and that’s where they are wrong because just like Windows Defender, there is also a free version presented by the BitDefender because not every person is after the premium suite – some prefer to understand the ins and outs of the premium plan using the freeware first.

Hence, the BitDefender is a complete Lifesaver as it offers out-of-this-world features that you will hardly get in any other Antivirus software. We know there is other premium software, but none of them can be compared with BitDefender because it is ahead of the whole race.

Everything can be done without the hassle and like a pro using BitDefender and if your requirements are to use more than 5 devices at the same time, you can consider the “Family Pack” of BitDefender and be at ease. But we don’t want you to break the bank, therefore, go through our referral link and save flat 50% to make it value for money.

The BitDefender’s Family Pack will allow you to use up to 15 devices per household (billed annually). Putting different, not only you but every single person (member) of your family can feel safely while browsing the Internet or using their hand-held devices and their safety should be your topmost priority.

BitDefender Vs. Windows Defender: Which Antivirus Software Should You Buy?

It is important to figure out the working behind each software that you are comparing in order to reach out to the final decision. An Antivirus Software must be equipped with the improved functionality so that what has been used in the past can be taken to the next level for an added security and safety of your information and you could finally get peace of mind.

Though it is all clear that BitDefender wins, since you are paying for what you will get – i.e. BitDefender, we want you to understand the technical information so that you don’t have to regret your decision. For the final conclusion, we will be using “AV-TEST”, an independent IT organization from Germany and run by the specialists. They have hands-on experience of more than 15 years. What they specialize in is the provision of relevant IT security analyses according to the state of the art in technology.

The tests that we are stating underneath were conducted in May-June of this year i.e. 2020. We will be drawing results based on different categories for you like “Protection”, “Performance”, and “Usability”.

For BitDefender:

  • Protection:

Bitdefender Protection chart

  • Performance:

Bitdefender Performance chart

  • Usability:

bitdefender usability

For Windows Defender:

  • Protection:

windows defender protection chart

  • Performance:

windows defender performance

  • Usability:

BitDefender Plans (Pricing Model)

Products Pricing
BitDefender Antivirus Plus Latest Price
BitDefender Internet Security Latest Price
BitDefender Total Security Latest Price
BitDefender Family Pack Latest Price
BitDefender Antivirus for Mac Latest Price
BitDefender Small Office Security Latest Price
BitDefender GravityZone Business Latest Price

BitDefender Vs Windows Defender Final Words

We believe this all-inclusive article has helped you get your head around the fact that BitDefender should be your top priority when it comes to choosing the best Antivirus Software for all your needs. It gets nothing better than making the most out of unmatched features of BitDefender and the good news is that you can choose from different packages (whichever you see perfect-fit). The overall user interface (UI) of BitDefender is also better than that of Windows Defender. However, there are more options available. We do more reviews and comparisons for Windows Defender here:

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More Bitdefender comparisons:

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Furthermore, don’t just visit the website of BitDefender Vs Windows Defender and purchase the license at once because doing so won’t allow you to save up to 50%. That is why we strongly suggest you get the best of our referral link so that you can make the most out of the offer and save yourself from breaking the bank. We’d highly appreciate your efforts. FYI, the BitDefender also provides premium customer support, not to mention the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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